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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear family & friends in Christ,

It is with great joy that we bring you this exciting report of the amazing miracles that God did on the recent Catch The Fire Ministries trip to Israel as  Pr Daniel, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, led a team of around 75 people to the Holy Land.

Later this week, we will also give you an update of the amazing miracles of God on the Sri Lanka tour.  So much happened on the tour that we will try our best to share it with you in point form.

1) On 22nd June the Malaysian Airlines flight left Melbourne airport carrying around 70 prayer warriors. Once the plane was up in the sky, there was an announcement on every TV screen on every seat, “Pr Daniel’s team pray for Australia”. Just then, all who were on tour started praying, while we knew that thousands more were praying on the ground right across our nation. It was so great to cover Australia in prayer!

2) After a 24 hour transit in Sri Lanka at a hotel on the beach, the team came to the airport to take the next flight to Jordan, but the flight was delayed by 90 minutes. Just then, the Lord spoke to Pr Daniel to call the team together at the International Terminal in the Sri Lanka airport and pray for Sri Lanka. Soon the whole team was on their knees worshipping and singing ‘He is Lord’. The presence of God was so great. Many at the airport were shocked to see us worship. Then Pr Daniel called out for anyone who wanted prayer to come forward. Just then, a Hindu man came out and gave his life to Jesus at the airport! Also another young woman of around 25, who was on tour, came up for prayer. She was mightily touched by God and healed instantly! She no longer needed any medication, which she had to take for her sickness.

3) Another young woman, who had come on the trip with her father, was not a believer in Jesus. In fact, she wanted to go back to Australia, as she did not expect the tour to be full on worship, praise and rejoicing. But glory to God, the presence of God showed up at the house of Mary, Martha & Lazarus in Israel, as Pr Daniel led worship and preached the Word. This young lady, with tears streaming down her cheeks, gave her life to Jesus! There was also a tremendous restoration with her father. At the end of the tour, this young lady did not want to leave the team. What a mighty God we serve!

4) The Sea of Galilee was amazing. As we took the boat ride, we started worshipping the Lord. Pr Daniel shared the Word, then everyone started dancing and prasing God. The joy of the Lord just absolutely filled the boat, as we sang, “Praise Him, praise Him, praise Him in the morning and praise Him at the noon time…” Then we stretched are hands to the north, south, east and west and prayed for the nations to rise up in Jesus Name!

5) On the Jordanian flight, Pr Daniel asked the whole team to stand up and pray over the Middle East. He had already received permission to do so. Everyone on the team stood up while the plane was flying, lifted their hands and sang “He is Lord”, then prayed for the Middle East. Many passengers were touched by the presence of God and gave their lives to Jesus!

6) On this flight, Pr Daniel was upgraded to business class, but gave his seat to one of the members on his team who was not feeling well.  This resulted in him sitting next to a Muslim man. Glory to God, 45 min into the flight, after asking many questions, the Muslim man gave his life to Jesus!

7) At Cana in Galilee where Jesus performed his first miracle and manifested His glory to His disciples by turning water into wine at the wedding, many team members decided to renew their marriage vows! This was so awesome. Around 15 couples did so. We even had the wedding march played, and it was captured on video. Many of them were in tears.

8) At the River Jordan, Pr Daniel baptised around 50 people with the help of Pr Gordon, who was on the tour. This was great to see all dressed in white as they all looked like angels!

9) Right throughout the whole trip on the streets of Israel, the CTFM tour group in both buses just worshipped, praised, prayed and shared miraculous testimonies of God’s amazing goodness, faithfulness, provision, love and power! It was absolutely amazing.

10) Praise God for the tremendous unity in the team. Even though people came from all across Australia, the Lord really bonded our hearts together in prayer and unity. Everyone who came on the tour, went back with a great joy, passion and a deep desire to serve the Lord!

11) As we did in 2010, we were once again at the same spot facing the Eastern Gate around the walls of Jerusalem. We once again lifted our hands facing the Eastern Gate, interceded for Jerusalem and prayerfully welcomed the return of Jesus as reigning King of kings and LORD of lords!

12) We thank God that when someone needed help, others stepped to pray and help each other out. There was a tremendous team spirit, right through out the whole trip. So much so, it was very sad when we had to say goodbye. Every one was so blessed. People were amazed at the quality of the tour, food, accommodation, etc.

13) We entered the Upper Room where the Holy Spirit first fell on the disciples. There were many people in there, but it was quite. We worshipped the Lord and then Pr Daniel spoke on the importance of speaking in tongues and then prayed for people for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Glory to God 12 people who went on the tour prayed in tongues for the very first time in their life right in the Upper Room!

14) It was so great to enter the place where Jesus taught His disciples to pray. We all joined together and prayed the ‘Lord’s Prayer’. Reading the bible will no longer be the same for all of us, as we will remember every single place we visited. Oh glory to God!

15) At the Garden Tomb, the place where the body of Jesus was kept, on the big rock we saw the writing, “He is risen”! Then we sang ‘Oh, the blood of Jesus’ and took communion. It was such a great moment.

Pr Daniel stated, “I am so glad that I was able to lead this tour, along with my whole family. All on tour received more than what they expected. We as a family were tremendousley blessed. I am sure everyone who went on the tour would say the same. We thank God for Israel. Please pray for the Salvation of the Jews, Muslims and Christians who are living there. We have all come back with a greater love for the people in the Middle East and definitely a greater appreciation for our nation Australia. I want to thank all who went on tour for being such a great team. You guys are just fantastic. We love you all very much!”

Do not miss this Sunday 29th July 9:30am & 6:30pm worship services at CTFM at 23 Melverton Dr in Hallam as many who went on the CTFM trip to Israel will be sharing their exciting testimonies.  Pr Daniel will be preaching the prophetic Word of God in the miracle working power of the Holy Spirit and praying for people.

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Pr Geraldine Roelink


12 Responses to “Israel Trip Report of God’s Amazing Miracles / Do not miss Israel tour testimonies on Sun 29th July”

  1. 1 Anne

    Dear Geraldine,

    Thank you for this accurate report of our encounters during the Holy Land trip. What an amazing testimonies.

    Hope you are well. Love to all at church who were in the tour.

    Love and Blessings


  2. 2 Tricia

    Your report of Israel trip made me ‘bawl my eyes out!

    Love, Tricia

  3. 3 Maree

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Just an email to thank you and your beautiful wife of everything you have done for us on this amazing trip to Israel, it was not long enough.

    And to you lovely home town in Sri Lanka… it has truly be a very blessed experience I must say!

    It was lovely to met your family, what beautiful kids with such huge callings like their dad:)

    It really humbled me to see you, such a mighty man of God, so humbled and down to earth at our level, i learnt alot…

    I hope my daughter can come next time?

    We are in great days ahead of us! Amen!!!

    And I look forward to where God takes me with rise up Australia party…Taking Australia for Jesus!!!

    God bless you,



  4. 4 Kay

    Dear folks,

    Great to hear that you all had such a Spirit filled trip to Israel.

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!


  5. 5 Arlene

    Full of fire! I cried all the way thru reading this email, thanks for sharing Gods amazing goodness!


  6. 6 Sharon


    I have been battling depression for all of my adulthood. I was raised in a Christian family and have always been a believer in Jesus Christ and worshipped Him. My own personal journey with Jesus started when I read the whole bible at 16 years old. So how could a Christian be suffering depression to the extent of being suicidal?? I knew it was not right to want to die or to commit suicide [and it was only God that saved me from doing this] but I couldn’t seem to help the way I was feeling – I was convinced that death was the only way out and only option for my torment to stop. It was like I didn’t have control over my mind or feelings, and I was a professional at distancing myself from people so no one really knew what was going on. I went on the CTFM Israel/Sri Lanka 2012 tour. We all had an amazing time in Israel but I still was suffering and fighting the severe symptoms of depression. I knew in my heart I had to get total healing and freedom from this debilitating illness on this tour or otherwise I would not be able to face going home. I had the opportunity to sit with Geraldine on the bus and I hesitantly asked her about prayer and healing ministry. Now that Geraldine knew my needs she wasted no time in organising for me to have prayer and healing ministry in Sri Lanka. The day before this was to happen I was having a really bad day and Geraldine sensed this and unbeknown to me she was praying for me and knew that I was going to be healed the next day. The next day came and praise to our great God that through Geraldine’s wonderful leadership of the prayer and healing session my healing had begun. I had a vision of a bright white cloak in a room in front of a window which was such wonderful confirmation that Jesus was there with me in my childhood and youth and then after prayer and forgiveness I soon began to cough up several demons including the demon of death. Hallelujah and glory to God I was now healed and free from this dreadful demonised bondage. I immediately stopped taking my anti depressant medication and my mind is clear – no confusion – unreal! It use to be a daily occurrence that I would wish and pray to God that he kill me and put me out of my misery. Praise Jesus I have not done this since the demon of death left in Sri Lanka. My first night home from the tour I had a dream that I was fencing on our farm and there were 6 snakes in the neighbour’s paddock that were trying to bite and attack me and our neighbour came along and killed them all. I woke up comforted by this knowing that I was healed and the demons were really gone! Once it was an unbearable thought and effort to get out of bed in the mornings. Now it is a truly amazing experience to wake up singing Gods praises and to be excited about the day!! Thank you Lord Jesus!


  7. 7 Hazel

    Hi Geraldine,

    This email blows my mind and heart with joy! I was so blessed with Daniel giving up his Business seat only to sit next to a Muslim and then lead him to Christ! Thats amazing! my Pastor son is greatly impressed with the news!

    Makes me want to go next year!

    Thank you for taking care of my dear friend. She is over the moon about the ‘memorable’ experience and sharing with all.

    Do you think that Daniel will be leading the trip again next year with the elections looming in the background? John and I are thinking of investing in our son to take the trip only if Daniel is the Leader because we believe Daniel can be of greater influence to Steven.

    Love in Christ,


  8. 8 Jeyaraj and Anne

    Dear Danny & Maryse.

    Hope you had a relaxed extended holiday and arrived safely back home. Love to Nigel, Shannen and sweet Brianna. We miss being with you all and having fun. Hope we will meet again soon. The time with your family was precious and special to both of us. God Bless you all. Will talk to you soon.

    Hope we are not late with our testimony :

    The trip to Holy Land was an amazing experience. The Word of God came alive. We were in an unique land chosen by God, where Jesus was born, lived His life, crucified, risen, ascended to heaven and is coming again to this land! Imagine – We were here!!! The entire team of seventy two people from different corners of Australia, were blessed by God, pressed down and flowing over. We made new friendships who were united as believers to have fun, accommodate and care for each other. On a personal note, our prayers were answered when we asked God to make it possible for us to travel. It was miracle journey for us. It was a Spiritual Blessing with the Lord blessing us throughout this trip. The memories are so precious that we will remember forever and keep re-living the moments in our minds and hearts.

    Ps Danny led the entire group to another Spiritual level. Praise God! Thank you to Tamara from Go Travel and Chris & his team from Global Communication for their professional, generous and excellent planning which surpassed all expectations.

    We thank our Lord for this encounter.

    Jeyaraj and Anne

  9. 9 Milly and Bill and Hancock

    Hi Geraldine

    You do a good job of reporting! Well done and wonderful to recount those memories.


    Milly and Bill and Hancock

  10. 10 Maree

    Hey Geraldine,

    How are you? I miss you guys a lot. I want to go back to Israel lol just a huge blessing for me. I read this and impacts me even more reliving it in my mind heart and spirit. Wow thank you Lord for the amazing journey and friends I have made.
    I look forward to catching up with you again.
    God bless you

  11. 11 Jan

    What a tremendous trip. Praise God for Pastor Daniel`s boldness for those times of prayer and for those saved. That`s what it is all about. Jan

  12. 12 Prayer after communion In spanish

    I pray God gives you the guidance and wisdom to bless you in your lives too.

    By the early 1900s he had become a great well-known crusade leader.
    Make sure you fast even during those days which are not

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