Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear family & friends in Christ,

1) On Sunday we had a glorious time in the presence of the Lord as several of those who went on the trip to Israel and Sri Lanka came to CTFM church in Hallam to share their testimonies of what God did in their lives on this tour.  There were testimonies of tremendous healing, restoration and how the Lord mightily touched their hearts! Following are 2 very powerful testimonies.


I have been battling depression for all of my adulthood. I was raised in a Christian family and have always been a believer in Jesus Christ and worshipped Him. My own personal journey with Jesus started when I read the whole bible at 16 years old. So how could a Christian be suffering depression to the extent of being suicidal?? I knew it was not right to want to die or to commit suicide [and it was only God that saved me from doing this] but I couldn’t seem to help the way I was feeling – I was convinced that death was the only way out and only option for my torment to stop. 

It was like I didn’t have control over my mind or feelings, and I was a professional at distancing myself from people so no one really knew what was going on. I went on the CTFM Israel/Sri Lanka 2012 tour. We all had an amazing time in Israel but I still was suffering and fighting the severe symptoms of depression. 

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Miraculous Healing of Breast Cancer (This testimony was read at a meeting in Sri Lanka, before Pr Daniel preached)

It’s winter now in Melbourne with morning temperatures barely reaching two digits, but every other week my husband and I wake up early on a Sunday morning and drive right across town to Hallam, for the morning service a Catch the Fire Apostolic Centre. The service lasts three hours and is totally different to the Sunday mass that we regularly attended in our local Catholic Church. The one hour mass at the parish church was “fitted” into our week’s busy schedule and was frequently irksome and often a chore. Extraordinarily the service at Catch the Fire which takes not one hour but a full morning is something we have come to look forward to and recognise as the high point of the week.

We met Pastor Daniel Nalliah last December when he was introduced to our family by Mr Merrill Fernando. I had been diagnosed with breast cancer in June last year and Mr. Fernando felt that it would be helpful if we met up with Pastor Daniel. I was not quite sure how the meeting would help as I always considered myself a strong Christian who attended mass once a week, served in the Parish Council, read the Bible regularly and ensured that I had a multitude of powerful saints interceding on my behalf on a daily basis. However, as I had just finished 12 weeks of chemotherapy and was undergoing six long weeks of daily radiation treatment, I felt a few more prayers would not go amiss. My encounter with Pastor Daniel and Catch the Fire Ministries that day in December, proved to be a watershed event.

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2) For those of you in the Melbourne area, the next Rise Up Australia prayer meeting is this Friday 3rd August beginning at 7:30pm, followed by an all-night intercessory prayer meeting that is also open to the wider Body of Christ for National Spiritual Revival, Reformation and Transformation.

Sunday services are at 9.30am & 6.30pm every Sunday.

All of these meetings will be held at Catch the Fire Apostolic Centre, 23 Melverton Drive Hallam.  Mel 96:G2



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  1. 1 Vladimir

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Thank you for your book: “Worship Under The Sword”,

    I was so touched and inspired.

    God Bless you.

    PS. Would you be able to let me know where you preach and when in Melbourne?

    Thank you


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