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1) Why the battle for marriage is so significant. What is it that we are up against? A recap and why the battle for marriage is so significant.

Humanity’s greatest crisis is the rebellion against what it means to be created in the Image of God, a rejection of who God is and what it means to be human.

Society’s greatest risk is the threat to marriage and family, the move to re-define male and female and thus ultimately destroy the fabric of society.

And the third great risk is to freedom of belief and to speak of what we believe – to even speak or show the truth re abortion or marriage or even quote scripture – and includes freedom of religion and liberty of conscience.

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 2) Dear Friend, As you may know www.doctors4family.com.au has featured in Australian Doctor, the Herald Sun, Channel 10 news, Project 10, the ABC and I will be further interviewed on Radio National Mon 0800 EST and 3AW around 0700.

Some of our doctors have been subject to “hate speech” and Prof Kuruvilla George in Victoria has been subject to a lot of attack. As a group we have had emotive labels thrown at us but without any logic or science. As a result of today’s activities I am getting a lot of supportive letters, new doctors joining and a lot of “hate mail”.

Sometimes it is best to say nothing if we are under personal attack and just let the vitriol and hate speech speak for itself. Otherwise a gentle answer e.g. to a “gay” colleague “I’m sorry you’re upset but we do think we should be able to say that all children need a mother and a father.”

Click the following link to keep reading:  http://catchthefire.com.au/rise-up-australia/update-on-doctors4family-com-au/

2 Responses to “Why battle for marriage is so significant / Update doctors4family.com.au”

  1. 1 Phil

    The late K.E. Hagin (Oklahoma) when asked, “How goes the battle?”, was known to reply, “The victory is wonderful, thankyou!”
    That is the answer, isn’t it – come to the place where everything I do and think is one with what has been provided for me? Hagin, like Wigglesworth, passed from this world at a full age, not because of ailing health. They both had ample opportunity to battle ill health, but, instead, lived the victory. Hagin, for instance, was a retrieved, discarded, late-term miscarriage destined to teenage death through paralysis (deformed heart) who died three times – leaving the body—before he got off his deathbed with no medicine other than a Bible. That paralysis was always in the background and attacked him again but he walked the walk and stood on the Word – literally at times – he literally once stood on his Bible and advised Satan to sink the Word, first! Fifty years, was it? — without even a headache – but he had ample opportunity to have headaches.
    I sometimes wonder why I am not like Hagin, but I read JAMES CHAPTER FOUR and see, yes, it is all mine – but there is a little item called christian maturity. Wesley called it christian perfection. The only thing standing between me and everything I wish to be is – me!
    Regarding the battle which should not be a battle for marriage. Pastor Danny, how should they fight this “war”? Thankfully now there is R.U.A. and a real practical way forward on winning ground. Doctors, teachers, policemen, all sorts of professionals and indeed people of all walks, have become public figures in stressful idealogic battles in a society in which the forces of destruction have used nationalization and socialization (incipient communism) to force everyday professionals into becoming thought police. If doctors were free to pick and choose their clientele and the clients knew they had to pay up or not be treated – the public perception of the medical profession might change? Sorry, MEDICARE – but communism never worked yet. But, Pr. D. how would you approach this? Are these people fighting on winning ground? Are they connecting with reality out there?
    It is surprising to learn that a (small) number of doctors are murdered every year in Australia – by their own patients! Lawyers are in the same predicament. It is only a matter of time before teachers join the list. “In the last days, perilous times shall come.” All the more reason for R.U.A! But, is there really a battle for marriage? I wrote something to this government Enquiry – but isn’t the Enquiry itself a tool of the enemy? Isn’t he picking and choosing the ground, when strategy says, “Always fight on your own ground”?


  2. 2 Naomi

    Amen. Double standards and immense hyprocrisy prevail. I stand prayerfully with you. And have been appalled by the pages and pages of space in the press normalising something which will take us away from blessings….The media were dreadful to the doctors today. And yet there has been no questioning or querying the claims of the other side.
    Where is the scrutiny and balanced reporting?

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