Dear family & friends in Christ,

1) It is with great joy we announce that Rise Up Australia Party is now on track to contest the next Federal Election also in South Australia!

Pr Daniel spoke at a gathering in Adelaide on the 9th of May and was very successful in setting up a state team to run the operation in South Australia for the next Federal Election in November 2013.

Pr Daniel stated, “I am so happy to see people rising up and being willing to take a stand for our nation Australia. One main reason for this is that the general public are absolutely fed up with our current government and most political parties. We have a great opportunity to step into Parliament right now. We cannot and must not miss this wave. I have spoken to many Christians and non-Christians alike. Interestingly, the response is the same, ‘We need change’ and I say, ‘Yes, we can do it’”.

2) On Sunday, which was Mother’s Day, Pr Jenny Jack from CTFM brought a great word on ‘Why women and men are equal in the sight of God‘. Many were mightily touched by the Word and Spirit of God. Pr Daniel called all the mothers to come up to the front and then he laid hands and prayed for them. Many of them received prophetic words from the Lord and were mighty impacted by the presence and power of God.

At the evening service, Pr Daniel Scot, along with his wife, ministered the powerful Word of the Lord. He spoke on the topic of ‘Why Islamic Sharia Law is bad law’.  Many people who came to the meeting were shocked to learn as to what is real Islamic Sharia Law. Pr Daniel Scot and Pr Daniel Nalliah had both lived under Sharia Law in Pakistan & Saudi Arabia, and know very well as to how this law will destroy our nation of Australia.

This meeting was also live webcast, although the video was out, due to technical failure.  Nevertheless, we thank God that the audio carried through without any interruptions. Yesterday morning we received good feedback from those who listened to it. We are so sorry for the video dropping out.

Pr Daniel Scot’s speech was very well received by the people. He spoke of how Australia will lose its freedoms and identity if Islamic Sharia Law is introduced. He quoted many references from the Koran to back up every statement he made. This very challenging and informative message is a must watch on DVD. You may order your copy for $15 + $5 postage, by emailing or calling Angeline at CTFM on 03 9794 8211.

3) Please pray for Pr Daniel who will be ministering this Sunday 20th May at both 10am & 6.30pm worship services at Bethel Christian Fellowship at 180 Pakington St in Geelong West.

Attached is the brochure for your welcomed prayer and participation if possible.

All are most welcome, so come with expectation, trusting the Lord for your healing, your miracle, and to Catch the Fire of the Holy Spirit!

4) For those of you in the Melbourne area, our weekly CTFM worship services are this Sunday 20th May at 9:30am & 6:30pm.

Also for those of you in the Melbourne area, you’re most welcome to join our weekly intercessory prayer meeting this Friday 18th May at 7:30pm, that is open to the wider Body of Christ to pray for Australia’s Spiritual Revival, Reformation and Transformation in the Kingdom of God.

Our Youth service meets regularly on Saturdays at 5pm.

All of these meetings will be held at Catch the Fire Apostolic Centre, 23 Melverton Drive Hallam.  Mel 96:G2

5 Responses to “RUA Party SA Great Breakthough / Many challenged by Pr Daniel Scot regarding the dangers of Islamic Sharia Law in Australia”

  1. 1 Deborah

    Thanks for all your E/Mail updates on what is happening with the DE-Christianization of Australia, its Communities & Societies -Both Rural & Urban.

    -I wld also like to draw your Attention to THIS FACT DANNY!!!!:-The Aust. Fed Govt. Directly Promoted Shariah Banking in Melbourne in 2010-I found this out BY DOING A BIT OF A GOOGLE SEARCH ON WHAT THE AUST FED MINISTRY OF FINANCE ..SEMINARS were on in Melb. in 2010.

    This may be useful for you re : your Election Campaign

    Best Regards


  2. 2 Joan



  3. 3 Andry

    May God Bless you and your ministries abundantly,


  4. 4 John

    People of Australia it is time to reject our immoral, atheistic Fabian Socialistic Government and to repent of our sinfulness and turn to God . God loves this land of Australia but he hates sin. Our people and our children need a blessed hope and a bright future which God alone can promise. Indonesia is a Moslem country and yet there is religious freedom which we do not have here.. What Christian freedoms and free speech we had in Australia have been removed by unjust government laws. When you watch this video, I hope you will understand that Jehovah God loves you and he promises to forgive all your sin and give you Eternal Life…John

  5. 5 Jan

    Praise God for this much needed victory. Thank you Danny. God continue to strengthen you. Love, Jan near Kingaroy

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