Dear family & friends in Christ,

All glory to God for another mighty weekend in His awesome presence!

Pr Daniel ministered at a Baptist church in Geelong, Victoria last Sunday. We thank God for a lovely group of Baptist believers who were so hungry for the Word and presence of God. The church possibly had double their normal numbers, as many had heard of the CTFM team ministering at the church and came for the Holy Spirit revival services.

The worship was really great, as the worship leader was really tuned into the presence of God, opening up heaven, for an awesome move of the Holy Ghost at both services!

Pr Daniel shared his testimony and the vision to take Australia for Jesus by 2020. At both services people were powerfully touched by the Word of God, and many responded to the altar call. It was so great to see people from 10 different churches at the services.

An elderly man, who was fully deaf in his right ear and 95% deaf in his left ear, came up for prayer with his wife. Many watched as Pr Daniel placed his hands on both ears and prayed for healing. We thank God immediately the man’s ears started opening up and started to hear from both ears! Many others who came to the altar received a mighty touch from God.

We also thank God that we were able to establish another RUA prayer location in Geelong. Starting the first Tuesday in June (5thJune) at 7pm, there will be a prayer meeting every first Tuesday of the month at the Bethel Baptist church. Please contact Sheila on 0425 854 144 or for more info.

When Pastor Daniel shared about Rise Up Australia Party to ‘Keep Australia Australian’, the people were so excited and started clapping, as the support was real great. Many wanted membership forms and many others took hundreds of brochures to distribute!

2) Following is another powerful supernatural testimony of cancer being healed in the mighty Name of Jesus!

“I am a member of ‘Catch The Fire Team’ and rarely visit my doctor and have never had an operation in 54 years. I believe that Abba Father is sovereign, Creator of the universe and I am made in His image, that we are healed when we surrender our lives to Him and worship. However seven months ago I went to my doctor to ask about some heaviness which he said was a prolapsed bladder and my uterus was good. He took a pap smear then sent me to a Physio for exercises. Then he sent me to a gynaecologist to ask about an operation. The specialist said that I needed to have colposcopy because the pap smear results showed abnormal cells a few months ago and should be checked out immediately as it could be cancer. I straight away said to him that you won’t find anything. I believe in Jesus Christ who defeated Death, Hell and the Grave and broke the words that were spoken over me in Jesus name. I asked a few friends to pray for me and we agreed that Jesus has the victory. I told Ps. Daniel and he also told the cancer to leave in Jesus Name. I commanded cancer to go, I do not want you in Jesus name and I knew I was healed. When I was having the colposcopy the gynaecologist kept saying “I can’t find anything, I can’t find anything”. He then took another pap smear test showing more abnormalities. As a result a biopsy was done in hospital. Two weeks later I got the doctors results: there’s nothing there, meaning no cancer. Praise our mighty God. I sms’d my close ones. When I was speaking to my daughter some hours later she said that her and her daughter were praying for me that Jesus would heal me and that one hour later she got my sms and told her five year old that Nana was healed. My Grand-daughter replied:” I already knew that”.

4 Responses to “Deaf ears open and Holy Spirit breakthroughs as people from 10 churches unite to worship the Lord in Geelong, Victoria / Cancer healed”

  1. 1 Susan

    Could you please add a prayer request to your list

    I have a Christian friend in Norfolk UK who has just been diagnosed with a large brain tumour. Could you please pray for a miraculous healing intervention. She is a lovely person and has a son in both New Zealand and Australia as well as two daughter in the UK. Her husband asked me to ask Christians I know to pray for her healing so I am contacting you on her behalf.

    Many thanks


    ps May I say how much I appreciate receiving your e-mails and hearing about all that God is doing through your ministry.

  2. 2 Jan

    How wonderful for what has happened in the Baptist Church. Our tiny Baptist church in little one horse town Murgon is now seeing people filled with the Spirit. Our AOG church is slowly advancing . Praise God.


  3. 3 Sandra Chetty

    Hi I have had surgery to both my ears last year because of a disease called otosclerosis – this is a hardening of the soft tissue that makes hearing difficult. I used a hearing aid for 13 years. I finally decided to go through with surgery to my right ear in April 2011. That ear is fine and the surgery was successful. I did my left ear in September 2011. Somehow I don’t know what went wrong? I have lost almost all hearing in that ear and there’s this constant noise in my ear/head all the time. Its almost a year now and no improvement as yet. I’m doing everything and praying everyday for a miracle. I know God will come through for me as He has done for so many people!

    I don’t want to go back for a revision surgery this year because I know God is awesome and I will be healed!!

    Please pray for me to be healed and my ears to restored and back to normality after all God has given me two ears!! He definitely won’t let me be dependent on one ear as I have been doing thus far.

    Thank you so much for your prayers.

  4. 4 arjun

    please pray for my ears as my ears are suffering from otosclerosis.I am from poor family I do not have money to treat it and I am hopping a free service from god.I need a pastures who can pray for god about me please if anyone knows what I need to do for jesus to get that service please email me

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