Dear friends and family in Christ,

1) Click the following link to read an article from the Sunday Herald Sun with Party President Daniel Nalliah regarding RUA Party School Discipline Policy.

2) Please pray and listen to Party President Daniel Nalliah’s live interview regarding RUA Party School Discipline Policy today Monday 16th April at 3:20pm on 2GB Sydney Talk Back Radio.

You may listen to the live interview at


2 Responses to “Sunday Herald Sun Article on RUA Party School Discipline Policy / Party President Daniel Nalliah to be interviewed today Monday 16th April at 3:20pm on 2GB Sydney Talk Back Radio”

  1. 1 Phil

    I have already overloaded RUAP with education submissions – hope this doesn’t sink the ship. Our unbiased and even- handed media, which allows anything except that Jesus Christ is Lord — mentioned as I recall in the linked printout two points of view (besides that of Pr. D.) regarding forceful correction of students: One, that it does not help, and Two, that if the teacher is sufficiently exciting, interesting, and encouraging, it is unnecessary.

    They are both relevant in some measure, in certain contexts — whilst being largely out of touch with reality. The man of God is in touch with reality. But no-one can download rheems of educational facts in half a minute.

    Without going over the extensive detail with which I habitually plague you; perhaps Australia needs someone to take her by the hand and just go simple, step by step, start at the wedding, thence the cradle, then the weaning (by which time, heaven forbid, if discipline has not been achieved, pity help us!) and show us how it is meant to be done. Without exaggeration, our education and childcare does not make grade one. It has degenerated into a farce. Our society is becoming what the Word of God says in the simplest language it must become if people throw out both the babies and the bathwater. The cane is not and never was the be-all and end- all of childraring. Throwing out strong, correctional, character building measures – especially during the earliest years — is the be-all and end-all of personal and collective disaster. Keep saying it, Pastor! And if someone tries to say it is cruel or unchristian, ask them what they do if they see little Johnny throwing sand in the face of little Jenny. Those who attempt to dissuade a man from using physical correction have got some answering to do. But we all can read a Bible, history, the reality of Nature about us, and that which is self-evident.


  2. 2 Sherry

    Good on you. A return to common sense and biblical ways. We always knew what would happen to children if we failed to discipline them appropriately.
    Warm regards
    ex teacher.

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