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1) Click the following link to read an article from the Sunday Herald Sun with Party President Daniel Nalliah regarding RUA Party School Discipline Policy.

2) Click the following link to listen to his recent interview with 2GB Sydney talk back radio regarding RUA Party School Discipline Policy.

4 Responses to “Sunday Herald Sun and 2GB Sydney Radio Interview with RUA Party President Daniel Nalliah on School Discipline Policy”

  1. 1 Floraine

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    I deeply appreciate your concern for our country, and I know that you have worked so hard to achieve your goal. My husband and I would like to support a political party whose objective is to unite the nation under the leadership of our LORD Jesus Christ, for the bible says : “and the Government shall be upon HIS shoulders”. Everyone living in Australia is Australian. We all have Australian passports, it doesn’t matter if we are colored brown or blue. Our faith in God is a matter of the heart. JESUS died for all that none should perish. My understanding is: ” To whom much is given much is required”. If God has blessed us, we have to share that blessing to others, no exception.

    We are facing an era of NEW Civil Rights Movement around the world. If we are truly blessed with wisdom and revelation knowledge, then surely we should know that the answer to Shariah Law, Gay Rights Movement, Atheist, Evolution, New Age, Green groups, climate change, and other groups, is “not by might (military solution), not by power (people power or political power), but by MY SPIRIT (for all of us to pray hard so that the PRESENCE of the HOLY SPIRIT can manifest HIS GLORY upon our nation). Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life”, HE also said: without ME you can do nothing (without HIS PRESENCE). Our real battle is NOT political, therefore, to try and solve a SPIRITUAL problem in a political approach is not biblical in my opinion. I find it highly questionable however good the intention may be.

    Having said my own personal point of view, I therefore conclude that I would prefer to give my support to a spirit filled person who is either sitting in the Government, or has extensive experience in International Politics, who loves God, who loves our country, who loves all people, who is independent, who is answerable and accountable to God alone and not to a political party. He should not be a Pastor or Minister of a church, because this office is representing the KINGDOM OF GOD here on earth. A Kingdom is not a Democracy. The King of
    Kings and Lord of Lords is the highest position in the Universe. We have to obey Kingdom “Protocol”.

    Love in Jesus,
    Seminar Speaker

  2. 2 Philip

    Correct decision, calling off the Anzac Day Parliament House assembly. Everyone knows where your heart is on the issue and I suspect you will be applauded for common sense, given all the factors.

    There is a new scene in Australia and in the world and if I might make a comment relating to the ‘kingdom protocol’ seminar speaker’s entry. Exactly the words most people out there would employ — but better. Those seminars should be worth attending.

    There is, indeed, a new scene out there. We shan’t go through sixteen sheets of foolscap paper describing it but the situation is fluid. When the situation is fluid, the God who ‘sits upon the flood’, knows exactly what to do to rescue the drowning.

    Every rule in the book says this political party is nonsense and it’s as big a nonsense as going out to kill an armour-coated giant with a sling, five pebbles, a shepherd’s staff, and a shepherd’s pouch. Pr.D. would rather give his life, fighting the giant, than hide in a tent. But I for one suspect he (remaining in God’s plan and fellowship) will succeed, even though no visible, earthly rationale exists to show he will do so.

    To avoid tedious detail: let me give an example, why, at this fluid and unstable time, the proper person and perhaps people in government may be pivotal to the survival of a free society. The Post under which we are posting is school standards. The schools have fallen apart — internally. In the 1970’s, I was slightly involved in a small state school where things had got so silly, it was in effect a riot. That riot was travelling direct to a primary age children’s group run by church people. I personally was keeping order in this group – quite successfully- by (unwillingly) employing a stick, which, although technically a prosecutable offence, was the only way to counter the ridiculous behaviour coming direct from the school! In the end, they had to send a head master specially to stop the riotous nonsense. These were good, everyday, consciencious, country people’s children! Now if I am to go into a situation such as that after decades of brainwashing under all the dropout philosophies dished out under turn-and-run politicians and turn-and-run everybodies and men acting worse than women (no offense, ladies!) and the persistent denial of biblical authority, of paternal authority, of teachers’ authority –with the accompanying administrative confusion –what ho?

    This is but one instance. We need a man to stand right in the middle of our public life and re-lay the truth. Bring healing to our minds and balm to the hurts. May Pr. D. and all his people be “delivered from them that do not believe…”, and may the gospel have free course. If their politics interferes with that gospel, *** the politics! Isn’t there an aching hole in our national identity, demanding a man of God to stand in that void? To say we are lost, collectively, nationally, emotionally — isn’t it stating the undeniable? In principle, of course, that above is a spot-on seminar entry. Precisely what most of us would say, but better. I agree with it absolutely.

  3. 3 Shahila and Paul

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    We support discipline of children and we are glad to have someone who stands up for Christian values.

    There are various ways of disciplining children. We prefer the other options first before a smack but if the child won’t

    respond or does very bad things we support smacking of the child, by the parents, in the right way not to harm the child but to teach

    the child the right way. Unfortunately in this world there are people who abuse children and harm them instead of lovingly disciplining


    Personally we think discipline starts at home and we would not like any one canning our child without our permission.

    God Bless You

    Shahila and Paul

  4. 4 Nila

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