Dear family & friends in Christ,

1) All glory to God for this past weekend as Pr Daniel ministered the prophetic Word of the Lord at 2 different churches on the Gold Coast, QLD where the fire of the Holy Ghost fell most powerfully!

We thank God for many hungry souls which were delivered, set free and healed by the mighty presence of God! Some people came to the altar and surrendered their lives to Jesus for the first time!

At one church, there were around 300 people that erupted with shouts of joy and clapping as Pr Daniel shared the Word of God and then spoke about Rise Up Australia Party! The people were so very excited to hear the news of a political party which was committed to protect Australia, its Judeo-Christian heritage and to keep ‘Australia Australian’.

Many responded to the altar call at both churches and were mightily blessed by the power and presence of God. The Pastor of the church was so touched that he got up and challenged the people to support RUA Party in the next federal election. Many took up membership with the party just after the service and so many others were willing to help in any way possible.

Pr Daniel stated, “I was so blessed to see the excitement in the house of God in hearing of RUA Party. In particular, to see both Pastors being totally available to help and support. Also the way they personally promoted the party. I believe that this is God’s timing for a change in the political leadership and direction of Australia, especially with the departure of the Greens Party leader Bob Brown from politics. Also many media personalities and politicians predicting the ‘beginning of the end of the Greens’.

I believe that God is preparing the way for RUA Party to play a major role in government in the near future. Glory to God. Do not believe the lie that church and politics should not mix. If we the church do not take a stand now, our nation is heading for absolute disaster.”

Please visit for more information on Rise Up Australia Party.

2) Pr Daniel will be ministering at CTFM in Hallam this Sunday 22nd April at both the 9.30am & 6.30pm services.

Please note that the evening service is our Special Credentialing Service and will be broadcast live at beginning at 7pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time -AEDT)

If you’re watching from outside of Australia, please note that the live stream time is AEDT (UTC/GMT +10).

Click the following link to find out the time difference from Melbourne, Australia to your part of the world.

We would also greatly appreciate if you can promote this broadcast amongst family and friends who do not attend church on Sunday.

3 Responses to “Holy Spirit Revolution in the Gold Coast / CTFM Credentialing Service & Live Webcast Sun evening 22nd April”

  1. 1 Phil (Sydney)

    Dear All
    With the Greens (pro Abortion, Pro Euthanasia, pro Gay, pro Environment, anti Business, pro humanist) basically controlling the Government , a new party that stands for righteousness and God’s truth is well overdue.

    Australia is on a slippery slide into further moral decay.

    Go Rise Up Australia party.

    Australia needs you, desperately.


  2. 2 Sally


    I have prayed much that South Australia will wake up .

    Exciting news

    Greetings Sally

  3. 3 Sarah

    Hey hey,

    Remember quite a long while back they had diagnosed my best friend’s mother in Australia with the most severest form of brain tumour
    in existence…..

    well at the time they had given her 17 weeks to live and that was many, many months ago now. Praise God!

    Thought you’d want to know.

    Thanks for your prayers too. Have a great weekend.

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