Dear family & friends in Christ,

Over the past few years, I have been very concerned as to why more and more Aussie kids are dropping out of School and Universities ??

Please hear me out as this is a very real problem developing in our nation that needs to be addressed soon. I am sharing this with you because I love our nation Australia and want to see her rise up to fulfil God’s plans for this generation and generations to come.

I used to be part of a Christian school council for a few years. During this time I found out that immigrant families to Australia, particularly from third world countries, were more keen on encouraging their children to study hard and get good results, which in turn helped these students to secure good jobs when they graduated. On the other hand, children who were fourth or fifth generation Aussies were not as motivated to study.

I have been speaking about this important issue with many people and praying for the Lord’s best course of action.

Recently, a school principal stated, “Where I used to be the principal before, there were 95% Anglo-Saxon children in the school. The year 12 results were not as good as the school that I am at now. The school that I am at now has 70% non-Anglo-Saxon children and the results are very good.”We are also seeing a very strong trend of Aussie kids not getting into University or dropping out of University. As you visit some of our Universities, you may wonder whether you are still in Australia??

I praise God for the Multi-Ethnic society we are and thank Him for Australia opening the doors for all nations to come in and have a fare go, but the fact is that this is a serious issue we need to address. Are Aussie kids studying hard enough??

I used to work in the Middle East where it is very well known that these countries are run by overseas workers. If the overseas workers leave all at once, the Middle East will come to a grinding halt, as it is the foreign workers who keep the Middle East running. The locals who are generally born into wealth (oil money) are very complacent and don’t want to study hard or work at all.

Over the last few days as I was praying about this, I felt very strongly that there could be a specific curse over Australia in reference to this issue that needs to be broken. I suppose this might also be relevant to many other nations. This week at our weekly prayer meeting we spent much time repenting and breaking this curse. Let me share it with you what the Lord showed me.

When the British colonised many nations and occupied those nations, they treated the peoples of those nations as subclass citizens. While declaring and standing as superior human beings, they treated the people of those nations as inferior, uneducated and in many cases as though they were animals. They did preach Christianity and the Word of God, but did not live it, as what happened with the Crusaders and the slave trade.

My country of birth is Sri Lanka. Here the Buddhists and Hindus were told to convert to Christianity with the sword kept to their necks. All who were non-Christians were treated very badly. In Australia the Aboriginal people were treated the same, as in the name of Christianity much wickedness was carried out, although possibly they thought what they were doing was right.  However, it certainly was not Godly, nor the teachings of Jesus.

Are we now reaping what our forefathers sowed??

I must say this, I thank God that my great grandparents converted from Hinduism to Christianity during this time. I am sure there would be many from Asia, Africa and many other Third World Nations, where the British, Dutch and other Western Nations occupied, who would thank God for the same reason.

Let me get to the point.

Today from those very same Third World Nations where they thought the people were subclass citizens and uneducated, millions of people are migrating to the West, and their sons and daughters are beginning to do very well in life, while the children of the West seemed to be losing interest to study and the parents seemed to not be motivated to encourage their children to do better. Partly this is also in the name of political correctness, where the child seems to have more rights than the parents.

I believe we as a nation need to repent for the curses spoken by our forefathers over these third world nations and the atrocities carried out in the name of Christianity in Africa, Middle East, Asia and other places, also in particular the Indigenous people of Australia. Then we need to pray a blessing upon them all, irrespective of whether they are Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish or others.

I wish to call on all immigrants to the West from Third world countries, as I am one of them myself, to stand in the gap and pray a blessing upon Australia and the West. I pray with all my heart that the curse will be broken and that the Aussie kids will begin to prosper, not forgetting the fact that all who call Australia home, are Aussies.

You could do this in your churches, youth groups, schools, homes and one on one. Let the Lord lead us in a season of repentance and healing as in 2 Chronicles 7:14, ”If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

May God bless you mightily as we unite together as one and rise up to see the nations come back to Jesus!

Pr Daniel Nalliah






20 Responses to “Why are so many Aussie kids not keen on studying?? Is there a curse which needs to be broken?? – By Pr Daniel Nalliah”

  1. 1 Danny

    Dear Brother Danny

    This is an excellent article. I teach Maths in schools up to year 12 – and have noticed this very thing. May the Lord’s bless you as you bring this point to light.

    The Lord’s presence be with you,
    Perth, WA

  2. 2 Ben

    It is the responsibility of the parents to pray for their children every day. How many of us are giving quality time interceding for our children?


  3. 3 Anne

    Amen, amen & amen!!!

    Thank you Daniel.

    At our school we continually speak of these matters and now will pray more specifically re the breaking of the curse of our own doing for looking down on others from Non-Western countries in previous generations and even now!!

    Interestingly we are predominantly Asian and even the parent prayer group leaders are Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Coptic & Cypriot Greek!!!

    A Papal Edict was proclaimed in the 14th/15th Century (or there abouts) declaring that all the lands of the pagans were for our Conquest – in the name of God!!!!

    This is where it all began and this proclamation needs to be relinquished, repented of and removed in the spiritual realm. This is at the root of the superiority which is a lie in the face of God, in whose image we are ALL made!

    This is a John the Baptist season when every mountain & hill is being brought low…. in preparation for the revelation & salvation of our God in the person of Yeshua Ha Meshiach (trying to be culturally appropriate for His name).

    Even the fact that we call Jesus by a Greek translation of the name God gave is a superiority issue. I believe that you are touching on a subject that is profound and has to do with Yeshua’s prayer : YOUR kingdom come YOUR will be done – not the Greek / Roman/ UK / USA or even the great rising kingdoms of China/ India. Remember the Daniel vision of the kingdoms falling to the Kingdom of God? The last great Kingdom was the Roman – which we western European peoples are all derived from. This one is the last to bow to Yeshua and His Kingdom. Daniel & friends refused to bow to the kingdom of their day because they understood the Sovereignty of God. We need to learn this in our land.

    We were praying along these lines at the AboriginalPrayer group yesterday. God’s Sovereignty is crucial.

    Aboriginal Christians have identified this edict of the Pope long ago as the lie that justified centuries of arrogance, violence, domination, oppression and misery – often in the name of God. They still live under this oppressive edict. Many of God’s people are refuting and refusing this for themselves and for their people and speaking out for a time of God’s order and reversal.

    They, too, see the hand of God in bringing a completion of their understanding of the great Creator Spirit whom they knew was a good spirit and who protected them on many occasions. The fear of evil spirits also remained because they did not fully understand their blood ceremonies or what they were about – the precious shed blood of the Creator Himself who gave His life to ultimately protect them. Now that they Know Jesus, they thank God for the invaders who were, as you said, often well meaning.

    After the historic national Grass Tree Gathering at Belgrave Heights, these emerging Aboriginal Christian leaders & their elders from many denominations and regions of Australia will speak to a select group of Church leaders & supporters at Crossway Baptist on Wednesday March 21 pm on these very matters. The Church in Australia will never be strong until the appropriate place of leadership and eldership is given to those whom God has ordained as original caretakers as per Acts 17: 26 – the First people of the land in particular, those from amongst the Aboriginal people who love and serve God.

    On this evening, we will be praying into these matters – which is the breaking of a curse of inferiority and the reverse curse (upon non Aboriginal Australians) of guilt which blinds and numbs & paralyses us. KOG in Australia is about a Kingdom order & all being brought into alignment with God’s Kingdom in this land. THe mountains go down and the valleys are raised up and all shall see the Salvation of our God (Luke 3) ready for Yeshua’s beautiful ministry of the Spirit (Luke 4).

    Would value your prayers for the impact of this evening towards this end.

    With God’s blessing on you and your family as you love and serve Him.


  4. 4 Stephen Hatton

    Hi Pastor Danny

    Here is an explaination of the forces behind Governments:
    (http colon slash slash slash watch?v=SH8LkIqu1c8)

    “Agenda – Grinding America Down”

    It applies all around the world.

    God Bless and pray that the evil and lies are exposed
    Stephen Hatton

  5. 5 Tomas Edn

    Pr Daniel Nalliah, you’d given a good topic why many Aussie aren’t interested in their study. You wanted to find out a curse behind this and I’m agreeing with your thinking. If we educated them slightly such as- Primary education then this curse may be removed from their mind. We all come forward to succeed in this mission.
    Thanks Office 2 for published this article.

  6. 6 Marlene

    Dear Pastor Daniel

    As a grandparent, I know this is a worry, to put it mildly. Thank you for addressing this matter as it is vital to the well-being of this nation. I too am of ‘other’ extraction and agree with all that you say. Certainly 2 Chron.7:14 does so apply to us today.

    I wish there was a prayer group from your church that I could get to as I have changed churches, but still no sign of kingdom praying.

    Could you tell me the location of the new building and will it be near a railway station?

    God bless and protect you. You are in our daily prayers.


  7. 7 Ruth

    Hi There:)

    Thank you also to “Catch The Fire” for your wonderful ministry to Melbourne, Australia & the ends of the earth.



  8. 8 Brian Tucker

    Do you think that it might not be the case that the young people of today are disillusioned and discouraged because of the lack of morals and the hedonism of the age? Could it not be that we are ENTERTAINED and CATERED TO and the EXPECTATIONS have been removed? When young people are CONSTANTLY EXPOSED to IMMORALITY and DRUGS and ALCOHOL and SEX and the INTERNET and ROCK AND ROLLING and RAVE PARTIES and all this COMPUTER and FACEBOOK and other THINGS like this as well as all the pressure of HORMONES and GROWING UP and perhaps are they just WORN OUT and have HEARTS THAT ARE EMPTY and VOID of a TRUE & NOBLE PURPOSE? Children of the EARLIER GENERATIONS had HOPE and PURPOSE and STABLE HOMES where MARRIAGE was respected and EVILS such as HOMOSEXUALITY were called for the crime that it is but NOT NOW, these POOR CHILDREN are CONFUSED because of all this SEX CHANGE and they have NO HOPE of having a good family so they become DEPRESSED and are on PILLS and cannot go on because it is ALL TOO HARD. I read a STUDY about how many YOUNG PEOPLE do not believe that they will AFFORD A HOME of their own because of the GFC and the do not believe they will get MARRIED and live happily ever after but they WILL GET DIVORCED like their parents and HAVE AFFAIRS against them like on HOME AND AWAY. There is so much DRUGS AND ALCOHOL and PRESSURE and even if the young people do well their POSITION in UNI will be given to an OVERSEAS STUDENT because of GOVERNMENT POLICY. I heard a young person say “WHY SHOULD I TRY WHEN A BOAT PERSON WILL GET MY JOB”. He then told me that if he had a job his TAX would be given to BOAT PEOPLE and he had no hope. These young people are meant to be DESTINY RIDERS and HISTRY MAKERS and GIANT SLAYERS and POSSESSORS of the land and INHERITORS of the PROMISES but they CANNOT SEE IT so EVERY ONE NEEDS TO PRAY and FIX IT in the SPIRIT.

  9. 9 Donna

    Dear Danny

    I don’t think its just our treatment of the Aboriginals, We were sent as convictsa lower class from England, the lower class were thought to have less brains and the rich and Royals were more intelligent and of greater value as people. I know this I am married to Englishman. England at the time were just changing their laws to be more Godly and they only were just beginning to abolish Slavery in the 1800’s. We were the dregs of England. England was very similar to india until Wesley etc and the Revival took over to change things for the better.

    Being an Australian 5th generation aussie. My parents had to leave school at 14 my Grandfather had to leave school at 12. You just had go home and work on the farm or go and find employment to support the family. My dad had to leave home at 14 to live on the streets because his mum couldn’t support the 8 kids. He was quite intelligent. this was the depression.

    As a nation we haven’t had the encouragement to learn and we feel inferior to England and Europe and America. Its getting better. When i was a kid Australians had a strong inferior complex. they would knock people down who were achieving and making money we just said they thought they were upper class. Aussies use to scoff at people with uni degrees, my older sister wasn’t appreciated of her uni degree in psychology because my parents were afraid of it. and afraid of money and being rich. As a nation we feel like there is something wrong us. and we are not brainy.

    Now I know is getting heaps better but that’s what it felt like growing up.

    I think we are dealing with our past English heritage. We were cast away from our English country to utter most ends of the earth because we were criminals and worthless people according to the English

    I know God has healed us of a lot of these issues but its still hanging around. and our soils are deficient in trace elements which isn’t helping either with our health and mental health. I was a farmer , farmer’s have to put a lot of fertilizer in to the soils and get good crops but also we have to give sheep and cows trace elements so they get pregnant.

    Hope this helps.I have noticed the Indians from India and China etc are very brainy. and I was wondering why myself why we weren’t so accedemic

    Oh also I found in the first world war and 2nd world war they gave our soldiers morphine in their soldier packs if the got wounded and apparently soldiers come back addicted to heroine. I thought that’s where the 1960’s were so into drugs and sex and turning away from from God. I think that is another curse that needs to be broken off. I know the soldiers needed pain relief but they didn’t moniter drugs like they do now.

    Also us farmers would sell our fat lambs and cows to the abattoirs who would perform Halal prayers on them and send the stock to over seas to Muslim countries. we were actually dedicating our increase and profits to Allah without knowing we were. God revealed to me one day so I apologised and broke this curse of Western Australia and us. Because our farming started to go wrong when the companies built the abattoirs in Katanning and Albany with Halal methods. A lot of us went bankrupt or had to sell our farms.

    Hope this helps to pray for Australia

    God Bless, Donna

  10. 10 Trevor

    It isnt hard to understand. I grew up in the 50s when things were pretty good. It went bad when sexual morality went out the window. I was part of the generation who was told they had to get laid before they matriculated I was part of the generation who was told that the only thing I was good for was to provide a woman with money and pleasure. I was part of the generation that was told that they had to suffer the machinations of homosexuals and feminists. I was part of the generation the powers that be thought it was smart to ration how we lived our dreams. When that happens pretty soon it gets easier not to dream at all. Why give “the man the pleasure of being wanting what he has to offer ? Why should you have to pay for stuff that your father got for free when the only reason you do is because wicked people have missmanaged our assets ? Why bear your soul to people whose only asset is rosecolored glasses. No-one will understand what I am talking about let alone impliment the solution which is simple – BOG SIMPLE

    1 Swearing in front of children is NOT ON. Swearing amongst children is often a prelude to violence. That is why those boys lost their live at school because bad language is tolerated. When bad language in hotels is restricted violence and damage to hotel property is dramatically reduced.

    2 The typical put downs which occur within the family are destroying children and the Church doesn’t care. Women can’t denigrate their husbands/partners infront of children and expect the boys to care about tomorrow. Ib id for fathers If that’s how grown ups behave ,why bother ??

    3 Lewd behaviour is NOT on. It makes children prey for paedophiles male and female.

    Danny, I challenge you Implement these three principals and watch things change I dare you !!!


  11. 11 Paul and Shahila

    Hi Pastor Danny,

    Our son John goes to the lighthouse Christian School and studies very hard with the strongest emphasis being on Jesus and the bible.

    We are not concerned about Anglo-Saxon numbers although their are many non Anglo-Saxons at the school

    but the children in our sons class love Jesus and that their are 500 Christian children

    that will grow up to serve Jesus regardless of their background, color or where they were born.

    God Bless You

    Paul and Shahila

  12. 12 Dennis


    It was interesting to read your comments about education. I teach at a school and I suspect what I see there is fairly widespread elsewhere. I believe there is a lack of appreciation for the value of learning and education amongst a section of the community. Many people are looking for a quick ticket, and last I heard there isn’t such a thing. Stephen Covey said it right when he commented that one could “Play now and pay later, or pay now and play later.” I call it the slow triumph of the philistines, where scholarship is suspected and those with high qualifications are often disparaged as elites and thus lacking common sense, whatever that is. What is the cause? It may be as you say, or it may just be the result of an increasing sense of entitlement among people not prepared/willing to believe you have to work hard for something.



  13. 13 Brian Tucker

    I do not hink that you can blame the BRITISH people for FEELING SUPERIOR as they colonised, many of the PLACES they went to were NOT DEVELOPED in any way or the PEOPLE there did not RECOGNISE the POTENTIAL WEALTH in the lands. Many of the ORIGINAL INHABITANTS were already UNDER MANY CURSES from their own DEMONIC ANTICHRIST HEATHEN RELIGION and so it was not UNREASONABLE for CIVILISED BRITISH MEN to consider the NATIVES as SUBCLASS.

    Consider the FIRST FLEET. They arrive to find ABORIGINIES that were wearing only UNDERPANTS and carrying SPEARS. They had not ever BUILT A HOUSE or PLOUGHED A FIELD, they had not DOMESTICATED AN ANIMAL or even INVENTED A WHEEL. They were full of disease and lived no different to animals. If you leave them alone, they sit down and do nothing. There is no SPARK inside them to MAKE or BUILD or BETTER THEMSELVES.

    AFRICA was not much different, while everyone else in the WORLD were building marvellous structures, they had MUD HUTS and they still make them today. Still no farming, they have NEVER FARMED, ZIMBABWE is a good EXAMPLE. When it was RHODESIA and had BRITISH INFLUENCE it was WEALTHY and PRODUCED enough grain to FEED AFRICA but when the NON AFRICAN people left the FARMS, it STOPPED and now it is POOR and the AID ORGANISATIONS have to drop RICE from the SKY.

    Asian people are the most intelligent people in the world, especially the CHINESE, their IQ is at least 10 points higher on average than white man whose IQ is 35 points higher than African, these are HUGE DIFFERENCES and part of the reason why the BRITISH had to ACT the way the did.

    Aussie kids dont like to study because they have SOCIAL NETWORKING and NINTENDO, the IMMIGRANT KIDS are new here and dont have many friends so there is PLENTY of time for them to study.

  14. 14 Pastor Henry

    Thanks to pastor daniel i will defer to this submission on two ground.God told Abraham to leave his country so that he will be blessed,people get more serious outside their communities or country.l have seen it in many countries of the world.
    Secondly christ coming to die did a lot for the world abolishing all handwriting,curses,legal groungs of the enemy against his people.No child of God can be cursed.even in the old testament balak could not curse Gods people how much more in our days.Austrialia is loved by jesus and He died for her,we just need to continue teaching our church members the word of God.the bible says if this things be in you,you will never be barren n unfruitful even our seed will prosper.david said i was young now am old never seen the rigtheous forsaken or his children begging for bread,i.e the childrn of the beliver will always prosper in all that they do.We are the light of the world everything about us is differen.pastor henry

  15. 15 Ps Lily

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Just wanted to thank you for all your letters or newsletters, we use them as guide for our prayers for our nation in our Church, discipleship groups and to share with other brothers and sisters from other churches.

    We will certainly be praying for our youth and children in regards to this situaction and will break those curses in Jesus Name.

    We want you to know that we value and feel very honoured to receive your insights and information on such relevant issues.

    Please continue to seek the Lord and follow His leading. Please let us know always how we can help in any way also for the Rise Up Australia Party.

    You have been a blessing to our lives, we keeping you, family and ministry in prayer.

    Ps. Lily
    New Life Ministry

  16. 16 Dee

    Dear Brother Nalliah,

    Your thoughts are interesting. I’ve also thought about some of the issues you’ve raised. I believe that the west is in decline because of its rejection of Christianity and all the related sins such as abortion, homosexuality, celebrity worship etc. The results of that decline are a decrease in birthrate, a lack of motivation to study, a decline in our economy and many other things that contribute to our downfall on the global scene. It’s the collapse of an empire and it is collapsing because we failed to honour God.
    The wave of immigration we have experienced here is a reaping of the missionary work we have both done and failed to do. People like yourself are the grace returned to Australia for missionaries who have gone to your nation. The people of Sth Korea have an amazing anointing on their lives for prayer and evangelism. One night a few years back, the Lord gave me a dream where I visited a place where I had been a missionary for 6 months. I saw the man who ran the orphanage that I had stayed in with many children running around him. The odd thing was that half of the children had blonde hair and blue eyes. When I asked him why he had these children, he looked at me weary and jaded where he once thought the west was the great land of Christianity. When I saw his face I began to weep uncontrollably. A voice said to me, ‘Reach out to the lost children of the West’. When I woke up, I believe that the Lord gave me the interpretation to this dream. A certain anointing is passing from the West to other nations. I believe that the nations who have had the seed of Christianity sown into their lives who have migrated to Australia, will now bring something back.
    As if to confirm this dream, I caught the train that morning and right near where I was standing, I saw a Korean woman go and sit next to a young Caucasian Aussie guy on the train. She began to ask him if he knew Jesus. He totally ignored her. But she persisted and persisted and at the end he had turned around to her and was responding. Praise the Lord!

    This is one of the reasons that I love our immigrants. Firstly, because they are giving back to the West of the spiritual seeds sown by our forefathers before we turned our backs on God and secondly, because those who are still not believers are here where we have the opportunity to reach them for Jesus as we would never have had in their own nation. So many of them are open to Jesus. They want to make friends here and to know our culture. We need to reach them before they form enclaves and recreate their own cultures and religions here.

    I’m an English teacher and I see my Korean students standing up for Jesus unashamedly before students from European background who have long lost their moral and spiritual compasses. Thank God for our immigrants!


  17. 17 Ethel

    Totally agree!

    Bless you Pastor Danny!


  18. 18 Gerredina

    Further to Pastor Daniel’s recent article titled, ‘Why are so many Aussie kids not keen on studying?? Is there a curse which needs to be broken??’, you may click on the following link to watch a 15 minute video ‘The Dumbest Generation’ by Eric Luby from the USA.

  19. 19 Dorothy

    Further to your recent article re Aussie kids not keen on studying, I was wondering if you read the two recent articles in the Weekend Australian:

    Mar 3-4 “Raise status of teachers, add some authority and watch our students blossom” Frank Furedi (Inquirer section)

    Mar 17-18 “Our teachers and students can learn from Asia’s culture of scholarship” Justine Ferrari “ “


  20. 20 Lisa

    Most of the early generations of white Australians came here with little or no education as convicts, or scottish and irish farmers forced out of their homes by famine, as well as the german settlers anxious to escape religious persecution in their own homes, few could even write their own names, while most of the so called educated classes returned to Britain when they had fulfilled their military service (or chaplaincy as the case may be) Australia was built on sweat and tears and the greater shame to me is that people now see menial jobs as beneath them and no longer wish to take on apprenticeships to learn a trade as they can make more money sitting in an office or in front of a computer, not to devalue education, being able to read and write and add up is important but when some government organizations try to say you need year 12 to clean the toilets (National Parks and wildlife service) I say the value of an education is being carried too far! Some of us just dont cope with book learning and want to participate in the school of life.


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