15th March – Dr Michael Evans  of Jerusalem Prayer Team

Dear Friend,

Though the pace of attacks has lessened slightly since the weekend, there have been more than 250 rockets fired into southern Israel this week. The Israeli “Iron Dome” missile defense system has functioned well, destroying many of the larger rockets before they could reach their targets, and limiting the damage done by the attacks. Yet despite that defensive success, there has still been a number of Jewish civilians injured and a great deal of property damage.

More than a million Israelis spent part of the last few days in bomb shelters, and children missed several days of school during the worst of the attacks. Though it has received very little attention in the media, this round of attacks is really just a trial run for the terrorists sponsored by Iran to test their ability to strike at Israel if and when war breaks out. We must stand with Israel right now in this moment of great danger.

I am on my way to Israel to once again stand among the Jewish people as your ambassador, assuring them that even if the American government will not support them in the crisis hour, we will. Today I’m asking you to send a generous gift to help us continue to prepare to meet the urgent needs of the people of Israel in the coming war.

Once the war starts, it will be too late. We must help now, or many will die. Your gift today to the Jerusalem Prayer Team can literally be the difference between life and death. Please join me right now in praying a commanded blessing on every loving heart that responds to this urgent call for help. While I am in Jerusalem, I have set aside a special time to pray for your needs and those of my beloved Jerusalem Prayer Team partners. I am asking you today to share your most pressing prayer need so that I can take it before the Lord in agreement with you in the Holy City. I appreciate so much the help our prayer team members have already made possible.

Your Ambassador to Jerusalem,

Dr Michael Evans

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