Dear Family & Friends in Christ,

1) Praise the Lord for an absolutely awesome weekend of Kingdom action in QLD where many people from so many churches and denominations came together to hear the Word of God, with some people traveling up to 4 hours to join the Holy Spirit revival meetings!

Almost everyone present was touched mightily by the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit and the living Word of God!

The church in Kingaroy, led by Pr Lyle and his wife Anthea, had been on a 21 day fast leading up to the meetings. So glory to God, there was a lot of fuel ready for the match to be struck as it was a weekend filled with the Holy Ghost and Fire!

Many were set free from Freemasonry curses as the power of God swept through the place!

One lady who was demon possessed received deliverance in front of the whole congregation, vomited and coughed as the demons left her body. Others in the meeting were jumping for joy as the presence of God was so awesome. A young man who, was into drugs, and his friend gave their lives to Jesus. This was so fantastic, as that was his first time in church. He told Pr Daniel,  “I really did not want to come today as I am leaving to the Gold Coast, but I will put back my trip and come for the service tomorrow too.”

Pr Daniel prayed for another young lady who was mightily touched by God and she too gave her life to Jesus. This young lady seemed very downcast and sad, but after she gave her life to Jesus and was prayed for, she just lit up. The next day she said, “A heavy weight has lifted off my shoulders and I feel so good.”

This young lady lost her mother when she was only 12 years old and for the first 8 years of her life, she did not know her father. Now she knows her father, but has never experienced her father’s love, so she was finding it very difficult to understand how the Heavenly Father could love her.

Prompted by the Holy Spirit, Pr Daniel gave her a hug, standing in the gap as a father.  Immediately, something broke over her as she started sobbing and crying.  She held onto him and said, “I knew that I was lacking something. I feel so good now.”

Pr Daniel stated, “My heart goes out to these beautiful children who have not experienced a father’s love. Our nation is full of fatherless children. We desperately need real fathers standing up in the gap to be willing to help these young men and woman who are desperately looking for a father’s heart  of love. Unfortunately, they are looking for it in all the wrong places. Looking for love, many young woman turn to drugs, alcohol, etc. and very often get pregnant. Then they go on to have abortions. This is so sad, as many of them are now suffering with depression and suicidal thoughts. Many young men who do not know their fathers, lacking their father’s love, turn to drugs and alcohol.  Many become involved in homosexuality. This is destroying a whole generation of young men, as they too are suffering with depression and suicidal thoughts. Oh Lord, please help us the church to repent and pray to see our nation healed.”

2) We are very happy to announce that Pr Daniel with God’s grace was able to appoint the State Executive Team for Rise Up Australia Party (Keep Australia Australian) in QLD. This team comprises of a University Lecturer and his wife, a former Royal Air Force Pilot (who also use to fly 747  air craft’s) and his wife, a retired Army Officer & his wife, two Pastors, a Businessman (who had run for elections several times in the past) and his wife who is an Office Administrator, an Engineer & his wife.

We thank God for a fantastic State Executive Team for QLD who is now getting ready to contest the 2013 Federal Election. We are trusting God for great things.

3) Pr Daniel will be preaching this Sunday 11th March at both the 9:30am and 6:30pm worship services at CTFM in Hallam. Both of these services will be broadcast live at at 10:30am and 7:30pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time -AEDT) as Pastor Daniel will be ministering the prophetic Word of the Lord at both services.

If you’re watching from outside of Australia, please note that the live stream time is AEDT (UTC/GMT +11).

Click the following link to find out the time difference from Melbourne, Australia to your part of the world.

All of our web broadcasts are really meant to reach those who do not attend a local church, so that they will be encouraged to get back into fellowship with a local church and become an active part of the Body of Christ and Army of God.

We would greatly appreciate if you can promote this broadcast amongst family and friends who do not attend church on Sunday.


3 Responses to “Glorious weekend of Salvations & Deliverance in QLD / Appointment of RUA Party State Executive in QLD / Sunday 11th March Webcast of Pr Daniel ministering at CTFM”

  1. 1 Philip

    Thanks for coming to Queensland and bringing a little patch of Heaven along with you.

    Bring some more – along with that discernment and that authority that can help people such as me! I suppose, when men of God get to Heaven, they will learn about all the good they did for people that people just can’t express in words.

    This is on a different topic. A little more than a year ago, I sat and watched the major tributary of the river that flows through Rockhampton, Qld, rise to unprecedented height. In fact, this tributary covered part of my property. The second major tributary was also at an all time record and the third was in moderate flood – with the peaks timed to give maximum flooding in that city. Someone might correct me if I am wrong here. We had never seen anything like it.
    As far as I know, the flooding in that city all but did not happen. Someone put it down to a sandbar (more likely a mudbank) being washed out of the delta. There was no logical explanation that I heard – although such an explanation may exist. I did read that someone from Rockhampton had contacted CTFM immediately before the flood didn’t happen.

    Of course, not everyone is disadvantaged by flooding. Crop growers, however, do require periods of dry. Croppers in my district are attempting to get their produce (such as cotton and grains) off the fields after severe losses from previous floods. To do so requires dry weather about now.

    I don’t know if you were advised of this, but when Pr. D. was just now in South-East Queensland, large areas of certain types of valuable crop were lying open to weather damage which, if the unanimous forecasts had come true, would have been severe, with severe ramifications for some people. We had forecasts of heavy rain during and after your visit.

    The weather is always a sensitive topic in a sense but let me tell you something – that projected damage didn’t happen to the extent predicted and it isn’t going to happen. Not this time round. Remember your prayer for supernatural recovery for farmers etc.? But if it doesn’t happen it won’t be because farmers are smart—it will be because God is gracious.

    Please come again.


  2. 2 frank

    I agree with the fatherless (or abandoned) generation. It is always awesome that we hve a great Father up in heaven but when people dont know thisand same time missing the father figure is a slow demolition of soul. As for my father who died when i was younger (alcoholism), i focused myself in playing video gmes, if its wearing off, i would seek my friends. It is not a good experience. And so the effect could release from almost every area of a persons life.
    But through all of this i had to go through even new age occult to fill the gap. It is a sad experience but the joy of knowing the real Father more than makes up for everything.

    Its really great that you guys discussed about it.

    Godbless everyone.

  3. 3 Jocelyn

    Dear Ps Danny,

    I have often sat under your ministering when you have visited Perth and have been encouraged to forward this email so the body of Christ can hear and discern our global international leaders hearts and pray for them on the video link enclosed.

    Go here to view the video:

    God be with you and bless you,


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