By Alex Murashko on March 02,2012

LAKE FOREST, Calif. – Influential evangelist Pastor Rick Warren has labeled as “flat out wrong” a local newspaper’s assertion that he believes Muslims and Christians worship the same God, has partnered with Southern California mosques and has agreed not to evangelize Muslims.

The debate over Warren’s alleged beliefs as reported in the Orange County Register has created a firestorm of online discussion, including more than 300 comments underneath the article, and Christians, both leaders and lay people, asking Saddleback Church members and associates a steady stream of questions about the validity of the statements made.

In response to questions raised by The Christian Post, Warren has issued a three-page white paper titled “Muslims, Evangelism and Mission,” which asserts that Saddleback Church is preaching Jesus Christ as Savior and a Triune God to the Muslim community. This is not how Muslims view God. The Register, a daily newspaper publication in the area with more than a half-million readers, published an article last week (online and print) stating that Warren agreed not “to try to evangelize” Muslims in a document “outlining points of agreement between Islam and Christianity.”  Click the following link to keep reading this article.

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