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Media Release from RUA Party – 24.2.2012


Rise Up Australia Party President Daniel Nalliah today calls upon the Governor General to initiate a federal election because the Government is not fit to govern the country, regardless of who wins Monday’s leadership spill.  If Kevin Rudd wins the ballot, it does not automatically make him Prime Minister. The Governor General has reserve powers to approve the appointment of the Prime Minister, and she needs to be certain that whoever is chosen by the ALP as their leader also holds the support of the House.

Julia Gillard  says she will resign and throw open the position, but even if she wins a leadership ballot, it still leaves the ALP, already a minority government not able to govern in its own right, in total disarray and split down the middle. They cannot possibly work together with the level of hatred and character assassination being displayed in the public arena. How can the Governor General approve a Prime Minster heading a Party so completely dysfunctional and unable to govern? Robb Oakshott today said if there is a change in the ALP leadership, he will be calling the Coalition.

The Caucus is so divided that the Caucus Secretary, ALP MP Nick Champion, resigned today to send a message to his Parliamentary colleagues about his disapproval of the tactics which he says are “bringing the whole Party into disrepute”.

A brief look at the history shows that the hatred, lies and deception are systemic within the Labor Party and between Gillard and Rudd especially.  When he was still PM and Ms Gillard was his deputy, she talked Mr Rudd into back-flipping on the Emissions Trading Scheme, which proved to be his downfall. Then she promised No Carbon Tax, and she brazenly broke her promise, giving the people a tax on CO2 (the air we breathe out) which she now she claims it was a great reform! What spin from an accomplished liar.  A tax is not a reform. Big minerals rent tax, which threatens our mining industry, is another “great reform” forced on the people against their will which Gillard claims as evidence of her leadership skills.

Government Ministers are now saying that Rudd was impossible to work with and that they won’t work with him if he is returned to the leadership.

Rudd resigned as Foreign Minister half way through important international negotiations, showing his utter disregard for the standing of Australia in the international arena. Gillard now admits that he sabotaged the 2010 election, yet she still installed him as Foreign Minister of this nation, a man she said had caused the government be paralysed and “to lose its way”.

His former friend, the Treasurer Wayne Swan has issued blistering tirade against Mr Rudd. Health Minister Nicola Roxon says Rudd is very difficult to work with and she will retire to the back bench if he succeeds as leader. The ALP are openly admitting they are not fit to govern the country.

Graham Bradley, former chairman of the Business Council of Australia told the Australian Online that “the destabilization of the leadership is not good for domestic and consumer sentiment”. He said that every change of portfolios loses at least six months of policy momentum and “in business six months is a long time.” Mr Rudd admits that the leadership crisis is hurting business confidence.

Rudd calls for people power, so why doesn’t he resign and go to an election?

The choice for Labour’s Caucus on Monday is between Rudd the Deceiver, a dictatorial, demeaning, disregarder of process hated by his own colleagues and Julia the Liar, who was never chosen by the people, and who has forced legislation on Australians clearly against their will and lied stunningly about it- what a choice! There is no way for the ALP to survive this internal vitriol and hatred.

Kevin Rudd says the leadership contest is framed around the issue of trust.

Mr Nalliah announced today that there is no trust left for this government and that they are making a mockery of democracy. Mr Nalliah said “Even though an election next year would suit Rise Up Australia Party better than one now, the interests of the nation should be more important than any Party or personal interest, and the people deserve an election now to clearly show their will on who should govern the country. The Australian people want honesty, integrity and respectability restored in the Parliament. Rise Up Australia Party is a breath of fresh air on the Australian political scene who will deliver just that”.

Daniel Nalliah is available for interview.

Please phone Media Officer Dennis O’Brien on 0427 912 411.

16 Responses to “Media Release from RUA Party – The Government is not fit to Govern – Call an Election”

  1. 1 Thara

    Dear Ps Danny and the media team
    My husband and I have been following Pastor’s ministry and the political party. We really believe that you are ordained by God for such a time as this in Australia. I have just perused the latest email on the media release about Ps Danny requesting the Governor General to call for an election. Character assassinations within and without the ALP have dominated the media for the past several days. However, it is unnecessary for RUA to participate in it too. Although it can be argued that the characteristics are true, there needs to be clear boundaries and focus. The focus being on God, Who is not a participant in character assassinations.
    May you be a light in the midst of darkness,

  2. 2 Dave

    With a statement like that, Danny, you have shown that you should be PM.

    I totally agree with all your arguments and overall conclusion for an election to be called. Already there is a petition stating just that, issued by Liberal Senators.

    Blessings, mate. See you in Bendigo at Oasis 24/25 March.

    Kind regards.

  3. 3 ryan white

    I was thinking the same thing how can we trust a government who dont even trust each other , who are forgetting about australia and putting them selves first before this great nation ? It can not last and it wont !

  4. 4 ryan white

    Verse of the Day

    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:11-13 NIV

  5. 5 Matt

    Danny :-)

    My young Family and I think you are an absolutely brilliant gift from God for this most precious nation and its people.

    Gods speed to everything you are doing in Jesus name.


  6. 6 Philip

    The Governor General has powers to dismiss a government but is advised at all times to be seen to be politically neutral. It is therefore unlikely that the government will simply be dismissed at the drop of a hat. The G.G. could take bold action in line with Pr. Danny’s call, lance the boil, and probably solve the problem. However, it is unlikely the G.G. will do anything so cleanly surgical. Remember, smacking selfish children has been declared misbehaviour by the self-proclaimed self-righteous of our Capital.

    It would enable everyone to breathe a sigh of relief if an honest broker in the ALP talked the Party into calling an election in a month or so, going into caretaker mode to avoid further internal conflict. Sir John Kerr tried it with Whitlam; but Whitlam would not listen to reason.

    If no such honest broker arises; Pastor; this country is sick of the politics of division; it needs a pastor.

  7. 7 roy

    This is a time to cry out to God for righteousness to rise up in Australia and for God’s mercy on our land and leaders,

    We should cling to the Cross of Jesus Christ and weep as Jesus wept over Jerusalem, for the Spirit of God is moving upon this land and yet the leaders and the people do not recognise the hour of their visitation,

    All we can do is cry and weep as Jesus did and still does, imploring the Father, ‘Forgive them for they know not what they do’, and in the footsteps of Jesus, Love your enemies, bless your enemies, forgive your enemies,

    It is only the Love of Jesus that can heal this divided land and divided Parliament House.

    Lets rise up the message of the Cross during this time of desperate struggle, Christians around the nation unite in our love of God and love of Australia to show our leaders at Parliament House the way! to Jesus!

    Everybody who can should be at Parliament House Monday morning to show solidarity for Jesus, just as the Israelite Commander Joshua had charged the Lord of Hosts, ‘Are you one of us, or one of our adversaries? to which the Lord of Hosts replied, “NEITHER, BUT AS COMMANDER OF THE ARMY OF THE LORD I HAVE NOW COME’.

    The leaders of Parliament House are crying out for wisdom at this time and we need Christ’s ambassadors to have a strong voice, We are part of the Lords Army, we are not one of them, yet we call them to the Cross to fight with the Lord Jesus Christ the battle for love, mercy, grace to the world, starting with themselves!


  8. 8 Eleanor

    Well said, the sentiments of the thoughts and minds of the Australian public are well expressed. Could not have done better myself.


  9. 9 Helio

    Be careful Church of God, not to slander our rulers because of character flaws. Remember what Paul the apostle said in Acts 23:5. ‘Do not speak evill about the ruler of your people.’ Pease read Acts 23:1-5.

  10. 10 Leigh

    Hi there,

    I love and appreciate and completely support this ministry. We desperately need people to be unmoved by the sway devils schemes of weakening our nation through pathetic political correctness. And for leaders to rise up in authority to stand against choices that crumble society. I believe that this ministry is completely on front line of battle in Aus.

    Blessings and stay blazing!


  11. 11 Julie

    Well said, Thank you,


  12. 12 Judith Ann

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing to give my support to youre party and as a christian I totally agree with you that we need to have a new prime minister.

    Yours truly,

    Judith Ann

  13. 13 Eleanor

    Well said, the sentiments of the thoughts and minds of the Australian public are well expressed. Could not have done better myself.

  14. 14 Leslie

    Continuing to pray, as Jesus would have me to, bless you! May you have His Presence all around you a you read th?s….and Blessings from GOD over your life, Amen :)


  15. 15 John

    To anyone who invests in shares on the Australian Stock Market will enjoy the video. The music and scenes will take you back to the sixties and seventies. Whatever has happened to our joy. We must remove our depressive atheistic Labor Socialist Government and their repressive laws that deprive our people of free speech. Real Joy can only come from God. If this whole nation of Australia turned back to God he promises to Receive us and Bless us. We have seen decline in standards in our lives over the past 20 years and it will get worse. The Word of God says -” Righteousness exalts a Nation but Sin (rebellion) is a disgrace to its people.(Righteousness means right standing with JEHOVAH the God AND MAKER OF ALL THE UNIVERSE) It is time for everyone everywhere to REPENT and turn back to God so that this Nation Of Australia can be blessed with prosperity Joy and Peace.


  16. 16 Rebecca

    I just wrote a letter to the editor of the Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper

    I thought you may be interested

    Here is the letter I sent to the editor, they are doing a poll today on the legalisation of Prostitution

    I find it interesting that this poll is even necessary, but extremely sad as well.

    People complain about crime and where the world is going, they ask why society is getting worse. Australians are having their rights taken from them at every turn by minority groups who do not uphold Australian values.

    Australia used to be a country which was strong and proud. Based on Christian values and mate ship, always being quick to roll up their sleeves and give a hand, strong family values, you wouldn’t think twice about jumping in to make a situation better, decisions were based on ‘doing the right thing’

    Now, due to so called “Political Correctness”, you cant get involved because you’re scared of being sued or injured. You can’t stand up for Australia and what Australians stand for because that has been lost in multiculturalism and it is now unaustralian to be Australian!

    The entire moral fabric that this great country was built upon is being torn apart by these minority groups who think that the foundations of our society should change to accommodate their thinking and beliefs. We would never get away with that if we went to their country and tried that, in fact in some countries we would lose our lives for it.

    Our society is spinning out of control because there is no stability or boundaries. Common sense has given way to fear of not being politically correct, fear of upsetting some minority group.

    Changes are based on fear and knee jerk reactions which are effectively destabilising our society. Australia’s politicians need to take a good hard look at what we stand for as a country, what it was that made this country so strong, take this and put it back into todays society.

    We are a Christian country. God is the head of this country. Our diggers fought for God and country for us! Islam needs to shut down immediately, there is no other group, not Jew, Buddhist, etc trying to undermine us the way the Muslim’s are. They have declared war against Australia yet our politicians do nothing. As a Christian country it is disgraceful to have a Prime Minister who doesn’t even believe in the God of her own country!

    Because Julia Gillard doesn’t believe she is incapable of governing. You can not govern well if you don not have a set standard to govern from. Her standard is, you don’t need to be married to live together, there is no God, nothing wrong with gay people having the same rights as straight people. It doesn’t matter what the people want as I know better. She is a train wreck! And other countries are watching us and laughing at us, our international reputation is being dragged through the mud. You don’t change the moral fibre of a great country to accommodate a loud minority group that has chosen to be different from the rest. They chose their paths, they have no right taking ours away from us!

    Our family structure consists of a mother and father, marriage is between a man and a woman. Prostitution undermines this, so in keeping with our Prime Minister’s track record this will be legalised, along with gay marriages, along with bringing Islam into our public school systems and anything else that may be politically correct at the time.

    As for abortion, when did it ever become Australian to kill babies? There are huge lists of people wanting to adopt!

    Think about our children and what they are witnessing, the example they are getting, how can things improve if we don’t stop the direction Australia is heading? We need to stop and turn back, start doing the right thing regardless of what it costs short term because the cost will be much much higher long term if we don’t! It is time to lift our standard back up to where is used to be!


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