Dear family & friends in Christ,

We thank and praise God once again for sending His anointed servants among us at CTFM in Hallam, Melbourne to set the captives free in the name of Jesus!

Even though Pastor Jay had to get back to the US, the Spirit of God mightily used his team members to continue to pray in Jesus name to set many people free from demonic possession and oppression! It was so great to see people just lighting up with the joy of the Lord, once the demons left them.

One lady who had been attending our CTFM worship services and had been under severe spiritual attack for months, constantly battling thoughts of suicide, often looking very unhappy,  went up for prayer and after some hours of ministry, was set free! Yesterday she was dancing, laughing and praising God!

Another young lady, a mother of 2 children, who is very quiet and shy, appeared to be the type of person that you would never think has anything wrong with her. Certainly, you would never believe that she has any demons. Yet, all glory to God, when this lady came up for prayer, she had major deliverance in the name of Jesus! In the natural, this young lady will never ever do the things she did as the demons started manifesting in her body. Glory to God after about 45 minutes of prayer, she was completely set free! Then she jumped up and started just laughing with joy! A major door way was opened for demons to get in when she had an abortion. The young lady repented and through God’s grace was set free!

Another woman came up for prayer and started crying as she said, “for nine years I was raped, I hate the man who did it to me.” Her husband also came up on stage with her. All glory to God after prayer this woman was able to name the man who raped her and forgive him. Immediately the demons lost their legal right to live inside her. Glory to God the demons started manifesting and all the people started rebuking the devil and shouted, “In Jesus name come out!” Thank you Jesus this woman was set free after many years of living in bondage, and having terrible fits of anger.

A young man whose parents had separated many years ago and is now living with his father ,who is now born again, came up for prayer several times in the last few days and was set free from many demons! Very often when a marriage breaks up, there are so many children whose hearts are terribly broken as they do not want to see mum and dad separate. Unfortunately, these broken hearts of these children very often become big doors ways through which satan enters their lives.

See photos at

Pr Daniel stated, ”We need to cry out to the Lord for help as the church in Australia desperately needs great deliverance and healing. With what I have seen in the past few days and what I have known for the past several years the church is in terrible bondage. Let us flush our pride down the toilet bowl and repent as in 2 Chronicles 7 : 14 and ask the Lord to heal our land. I am so excited for those who received their freedom, but I know that there are thousands of Christians out there who need help and freedom. I am praying and asking God to open this new river which is starting to flow at CTFM to the whole nation by making this ministry available for people who needed it.”

Please email or call (03) 9794 8211 to order the CDs or DVDs of the special inner healing and deliverance meetings.

Following is a testimony of a lady who got set free while watching our webcast on Sunday night. We thank God around 1500 computers were tuned into our webcast, which means thousands of people had the opportunity to watch the service live from home.

‘Hi Danny,

I was watching the webcast live on my computer on Sunday evening 12th Feb., 2012 in  NSW. After Ps Jay Bartlett prayed over the people who went forward for prayer about word curses, I also “went forward” so to speak and before God, I prayed about any bad words said over me as either a child or an adult. I have also repented and renounced any word curses that I have said to anyone too, including those said to my husband, children and family etc. As I was praying in tongues during the webcast, suddenly these ugly loud hissing noises came out of my mouth and my body slightly contorted (shook). I then I felt some evil things being “lifted” away from my body. I knew that unknown demons were being driven out of me, in the name of Jesus and through His precious blood. PTL !

If people missed this webcast with Ps. Jay Bartlett, I hope they can get a DVD copy of it or perhaps CTFM could do a “Podcast” and upload the Sunday evening session on their website? I know Ps. Jay has a website with FREE downloadable resources – especially a 35 page PDF document called “Demon Encounters – Defeating Devils in the Name of Jesus.” Amazing stuff.

It would be so good to see more Christians being set free of demons and coming into the complete freedom of Christ. Imagine the worship that would follow and the increase of Kingdom activity on earth, before the Lord returns. Hallelujah!


2) Please pray for Pastor Daniel and CTFM team as they minister on Kangaroo Island, SA at 7pm on Sat 18th at the Conference Room at Acacia Apartments at 3-5 Rawson St in Kingscote and at the Kingscote Uniting Church at 14 Murray St in Kingscote, Kangaroo Island, SA at 10:30am and 7pm on Sun 19th Feb.

Please contact Pastor Heather on 0429 891 031 for more details.


6 Responses to “Many more set free from demons under the anointing of the Holy Spirit / Pr Daniel ministering on Kangaroo Island, SA”

  1. 1 Peter

    Dear Pastor Danny, thank you for your powerful liberating messages and you are such a blessing to our great country Australia. The Name of Jesus is always captital because He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords and at the Name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord. God bless you so much from Peter

  2. 2 Rachel

    Glad you had some care for the souls on a spiritual level. It is just now that they need to keep in the WORD to fill the place in their soul. For me reading the Torah/Tanukh and the New Testament keeps me alive spiritually. I believe in The Messiah Yeshua HaMashiach, our Redeemer, soon to return for His Bride. We need to keep in the company of bible believing people so that we can encourage each other in the word and give each other encouragement. May the Love of the Father envelop all your staff and all who are ministered to. Yah’s richest blessings to you all. Rachael

  3. 3 Jun

    Dear Jason,

    Greetings from Singapore.

    I have been following your emails with interest and amazement at the glorious work Ps Danny has been doing, in particular healing and the new political party.

    My family lived in Perth WA a few years ago and that’s when we got acquainted with Ps Danny’s ministry.

    May I appeal to Ps Danny to pray for my father please. My father who is 77 years old was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and just started chemotherapy. He is not a believer and my family have been praying for his and my mum’s salvation for over 15 years. We tried sharing the Gospel with him but he remains resistent. My father’s emotions, salvation and resilience are what I worry about most. Would you please ask Ps Danny to pray for my fathers salvation, peace, hope and healing?
    Thank you very much.

    May God continue to bless and strengthen your ministry.


  4. 4 Jocelyn

    Thank you for the updates.

    Praise the Lord for all He is doing.


  5. 5 Peter

    Awesome testimonies Jason!

    Praise God for those who minister in the authority and the power and the Majesty of the name of Jesus!



  6. 6 Brian Tucker

    I am so glad that the enemy has no power when the curses are broken! Years ago, when I was living in Cobar an elderly aborigine had a bone and he pointed it at me. People do not want to say anything against the aboriginies because of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and RACISM but it is not being racist to say that TRIBAL WORSHIP is DEMONIC. Now I am FREE and have no more dreams about this bone. It was a worry because some people even DIE from this as it is an INVOCATION of a SPIRIT of death. We must REPENT and PRAY and seek and find while knocking and asking so that we will be history makers and destiny riders that take the land and not shrink back but PRESS IN and take the land and slay the giants and claim the inheritance because we are FREE INDEED and have new wine and must NOT compromise but RISE UP and STAND UP and get on our knees and fast and pray that there will be FIRE in our hearts and FORGIVE and BLESS so no undeserved curse will rest and pray all the more for JERUSALEM and that the beloved aboriginies will have REVIVALin this GREAT SOUTHLAND of the HOLY SPIRIT and the LAND healed and CLEANSED of IDOLATRY and greed and corruption in the HIGH PLACES so that there will be LIGHT and not darkness and preparedness of heart for the great revival victory that will only come if we HUNGER and THIRST for MORE. yes!AMEN!

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