Dear family & friends in Christ,

1) What an amazing few days it has been!  We thank and praise God for Pr Jay Bartlett from the US and his team who were willing to take on an area of ministry which is very much neglected in the body of Christ, which is casting out demons and setting the captives free. Someone once said Salvation is free but everything else is very expensive. This is so true.

Many believe that once you are born again that you cannot have demons. This is not true. Many born again believers of Christ are living in bondage and are crying out for help, but the church unfortunately seems to be not able to help them or not willing to help them, as it is indeed a very complicated area to step into.

I have cast demons out of many born again Christians in ministry across the nations and seen them move into complete freedom in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour. But I must say, I don’t think I have ever seen so many people being set free from demons as in the last 4 days. The past few days has certainy taken our church into a new place in the Lord.

The CTFM worship team took the people into an awesome place in the Lord in worship, even before the pastor could minister. One young man stated, “If this is the entree, I just can’t wait for the main course”.  This young man had deliverance back in August.

He stated, ‘’I never thought that I had any demons. I thought I was a good Christian. When Pr Jay prayed for me I thought ‘What is this guy on about?’, but then suddenly I felt something beginning to start rising inside me and taking control of my mouth and body. Out of my mouth came these strange words, and then suddenly this thing left me.  From that day on I was free from these demons, Hallelujah!  I soon realised that I have been set free from the spirit of fear, anger and anxiety. Today I am a very different man than who I was. It has also really changed my whole attitude towards my wife and children”.

I know this young man personally. What is also very amazing is that in the last few months he has lost 60kg. People who knew him before cannot even recognise him.

People who I would have never ever thought could have demons got set free in the past few days. One couple whose marriage was on the verge of breaking up had deliverance. It was amazing to see the husband kneeling beside his wife and the two of them being reconciled by the grace of God. They spoke to me after the meeting and said that they had never been to a meeting like this one before, and how they feel that new life has returned back into their family.

Another couple, the wife could not hold the bible or read it. After deliverance she held the bible in her hands and started reading verse after verse. She and her husband testified and gave God the glory. A another young boy who had recently rededicated his life to Jesus was standing at the altar and worshipping Jesus. Then suddenly he started screaming and rolling on the ground. He was set free of many demons. This young man had deliverance for almost 3 hours.

Another lady was brought up to the stage manifesting with demons, when Pr Jay asked the demons name, the demon responded, “I am executioner, she is mine. You cannot have her”. Well glory to God about 30 minutes later this woman was set free. A young girl was brought up to the stage, she had been wanting to commit suicide as she was unhappy with her appearance. Well glory to God this young girl’s mum and dad also came on stage and prayed together with us. A few minutes later this girl was set free from the demon of suicide. I saw her later on in the night praying in Jesus name, hallelujah!

I just could go on and on with testimony after testimony of people who were set free over the past few days. All I can say is that thousands of demons were cast out of dozens of people. Each night the meetings finished around 1am. On Sunday night when I left the building it was around 12 midnight and there were still around 150 people at the meeting just soaking in the presence of God.

Glory to God I can see the breakthrough that we all have been praying for on its way, and already starting to happen! Demons are real. Do not under estimate them. But glory to God we have more power than demons. Jesus won the battle for us on the cross of Calvary 2000 years ago. He defeated death, hell and the grave and gave us complete victory. We only need to stand strong in Jesus name and dwell in His presence day and night. We need to spend time reading His word, worshipping and praying as much as possible.

Yes my dear friend, there is Victory in the name of Jesus. You can rise up and be victorious in Jesus name.

Tonight is the last meeting with Bro Steve at 7pm (Tues 14 Feb). We have to unfortunately cancel the Wednesday night meeting as Ps Jay has to depart Melbourne to the US on Tuesday morning, as he was not successful in changing his flights. On Tuesday night Bro Steve, one of Pr Jay’s team members will be ministering at the service.

Please email or call (03) 9794 8211 to order the CDs or DVDs of the special inner healing and deliverance meetings.

2) For those of you in the Melbourne area, you’re most welcome to join our Friday night intercessory prayer meeting 17th Feb starting at 7:30pm and our Sunday worship services at 9:30am and 6:30pm on 19th Feb.

Our Youth service meets regularly on Saturdays at 5pm.

All of these meetings will be held at Catch the Fire Apostolic Centre, 23 Melverton Drive Hallam.  Mel 96:G2

3) Please pray for me as I will be ministering on Kangaroo Island, SA at 7pm on Sat 18th at the Conference Room at Acacia Apartments at 3-5 Rawson St in Kingscote and at the Kingscote Uniting Church at 14 Murray St in Kingscote, Kangaroo Island, SA at 10:30am and 7pm on Sun 19th Feb.

Please contact Pastor Heather on 0429 891 031 for more details.

Your Brother in Christ,

Pastor Daniel Nalliah

12 Responses to “Holy Spirit fire falls – demons scream – people set free”

  1. 1 Paul

    Praise God.

    This is really great news, all I can say is “more Lord.”

    God bless you all,


  2. 2 Peter

    Hi Danny,

    Thank you for the privilege of being able to witness firsthand (through your webcast ) the incredible meeting on Sunday night.

    Danny I have a desire to learn more about how to cast out demons.

    Satan obviously is having his way with the majority of people.

    Danny any help would be greatly appreciated,



  3. 3 Michael

    Wonderful Daniel!!!


  4. 4 Pastor David

    Pastor Danny,


    Pastor David

  5. 5 Sharon

    Hi Danny,

    I was watching the webcast live on my computer on Sunday evening 12th Feb., 2012 in Wollongong NSW. After Ps Jay Bartlett prayed over the people who went forward for prayer about word curses, I also “went forward” so to speak and before God, I prayed about any bad words said over me as either a child or an adult. I have also repented and renounced any word curses that I have said to anyone too, including those said to my husband, children and family etc. As I was praying in tongues during the webcast, suddenly these ugly loud hissing noises came out of my mouth and my body slightly contorted (shook). I then I felt some evil things being “lifted” away from my body. I knew that unknown demons were being driven out of me, in the name of Jesus and through His precious blood. PTL !

    If people missed this webcast with Ps. Jay Bartlett, I hope they can get a DVD copy of it or perhaps CTFM could do a “Podcast” and upload the Sunday evening session on their website? I know Ps. Jay has a website with FREE downloadable resources – especially a 35 page PDF document called “Demon Encounters – Defeating Devils in the Name of Jesus.” Amazing stuff.

    It would be so good to see more Christians being set free of demons and coming into the complete freedom of Christ. Imagine the worship that would follow and the increase of Kingdom activity on earth, before the Lord returns. Hallelujah!


  6. 6 Pastor Anne Marie

    Glory to God, the days of Acts are upon us!

    Be blessed and Shalom

    Pastor Danny, God is taking me to many places and God is moving and it is so exciting seeing the glory of God move and lives being challeneged and touched by the masters hand. God is opening doors and I beleive more doors will open as the time is short
    Would you be able to recommend me to any churches???

    I would love to come and share the word one day God willing and if the opportunity arises.

    Be blessed and know you are not alone

    Pastor Anne Marie

  7. 7 Pastor Victor

    Greetings in Jesus Holy Name!

    I hope this letter find you still pressing onto the mark.

    Am always thankful when I see and remember your commitment in this faith realizing how the Lord is using you in this difficult end time!

    I am also very happy when i remember the previous day we have gone to our prayer God still wanting you to come to teach the word of God to the gentile like Kenya i am in the week of prayer and fasting for your trip over hear in Kenya. The Bible says in the book of Isaiah 6:7 that who will go for us and whom shall i send even now God is asking person to go for us to do the Deliverance in the land of Gentile amen greet all the saint over there and our Brothers and Sisters tell them that Kenyans love the and we are praying for you people.hopeful to hear from you soon.

    Love and Joy,
    Pastor Victor

  8. 8 Jan

    Absolutely fantastic. I always did believe that Christians could have demons, this certainly proves it. Praise God for what He has done. Jan

  9. 9 Shalimar

    I just woder what world do you n the visiting preacher live in. When CHRIST died all curses n demons were nail with him. get real plz. you need prayers big time.


  10. 10 Emma Ytsma

    Shalimar, i thought the same thing! But i was merely reading up about Pastor Jay Bartlett (never heard of him before) and i felt the strong urge to visit my minister and get prayer. i was obedient and as my minister prayed for me i asked for help to read the bible (i had been struggling to read any of the bible and just couldn’t make sense of any of it!!!!) i’ve been a christian for 20 years!!! anyway, i repented of my laziness and lack of obedience and as my minister put oil on my foreword in the shape of a cross, a demon departed from my body!!!!!! since this deliverance, i have not been so angry inside and i can’t wait to read God’s word. i also can’t wait to pray for others and see them set free!!!!!!! Shamilar, because we live in a fallen world, we all sin, and only the enemy can enter through sin. God offers a blessed life to all his children, but we need to be in a constant relationship with him, reading his word and being obedient to God’s word. we all make decisions in this life, whether to follow the wide road or the narrow road….even christians. God says to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. anyway, i pray that you will be richly blessed, Shalimar!!

  11. 11 Glen

    Greetings Strategic WIN partners and friends,

    A Pastoral word of Wisdom.

    It has been increasingly brought to my attention other the 23 years that I’ve been in ministry the importance of being healed emotionally, if we want to walk free and effectively with authority in our Service to Christ.

    On the mission field we had a common expression that we need to get rid of all our old baggage, as many, including myself brought our undealt with issues with us. I praise God that in those early days of missionary service I had mentors and leaders that were committed to walking with me through the process, who loved me enough to confront me and address issues. I praise God that they had gone through or were in the process of going through the process of inner healing and deliverance and therefore had an understanding of things.

    The reason I’m bringing this up is that over the years I’ve met many Intercessors, prophets and spiritual warriors who have potential for greater things in God who are falling far short due to the undealt with issues of their past. In fact these undealt with issues are hindering their promotion to higher levels of Kingdom influence.

    Emotional woundedness almost always can be traced back to an issue of unforgiveness. Unforgiveness can go by many names, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, offence towards another. Or it could be a deep issue of guilt, shame, insecurity, fear, inability to forgive oneself which leads to anger towards oneself for a past failure that has not been fully confessed and dealt with; therefore you have not received forgiveness from the Father.

    I have met just recently a few prophets and intercessors that are obviously hurt and therefore hold many negative attitudes towards the church or church leaders. The problem is that they fully believe that their critical judgements are discernment. This has deactivated their ability to be effective in true discernment, I’m afraid to say. For anyone wanting to clearly hear from and see situations as the Lord does, especially prophets and intercessors, you must receive full emotional healing. Offence and hurt will twist what you hear from God and what you see in situations. This is called a Bitter-root judgement and Heb 12:15 tells us, “A bitter root defiles many” in fact it causes us to miss the grace of God.

    Forgiveness is God’s key to freedom. God’s forgiveness is released through God’s grace and those who refuse to forgive, for that is what an offence is, cannot receive God’s grace and therefore the healing and deliverance that comes with God’s grace cannot become a reality to you. On top of that you will not have grace in your prayers and prophetic words towards others.

    Yes, there is sin and issues that must be addressed and exposed, but the wise counsel that comes from spiritual discernment is needed, not ungodly criticisms that come from bitter root’s twisted way of seeing things. Nor from the pride of a heart that of self-righteousness. Those type of words will always pull down and not build up. Yes, I believe there is a time to exercise the judgement of Christ and deal strongly with sin, but let us first make sure the log of offence and self-righteous pride are not in our own eyes blinding us, lest when we call down the fire we find ourselves destroyed by it. Jesus said, “Once you remove the log you will see clearly.” And yes, if we really love our brothers and sisters, yes, after we see clearly we must go to them and help them remove their planks and specks.

    Hurt people cannot see clearly. They fire their arrows and run around with their sword hurting others and also themselves. They will use their weapons to strike the wrong targets.
    A word of wisdom that all who are wise should know, “Before you talk to the man about God, talk to God about the man.” But even before this judge yourself before the Lord.

    O’Lord, How I long for the true prophetic word that like a sharp arrow hits the bull’s eye and is sharper, with its accuracy then any double edged sword. Let us sit down and allow the Master Sword Sharpener sharpen us his prophetic swords, as the war is breaking out and many have lost their cutting edge.

    Please know that even as I write this I am in an intense season of fasting, waiting on God to expose to me my own heart, and repenting. I want to hit bull’s eyes and be a sharp sword.
    I will be running a number of Inner Healing Seminars this year for those interested in going deeper. If you’re interested please email me and I’ll send details.

    Grace and Power to you all,



    My husband Timothy Hall and i have been looking for Jay Bartlett for some time now. Please have him contact us at my email. We want to talk to him very badly. Thank you and God bless.

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