Teresa Neumann (February 8, 2012)  

Excerpted from Breaking Christian News “The grace he showed me upon that exit was a reflection of his faith in Jesus Christ. It was also a deep reflection of who the man really is. His grace set me out on a journey of recovery, where I found healing and peace as a result.” -Timothy Goeglein

(Washington, DC)-Former White House aide Timothy Goeglein, who served as a liaison between President George W. Bush and faith-based leaders, experienced a precipitous fall from grace when he was exposed for plagiarism.

Now, in his memoir entitled “The Man in the Middle,” Goeglein-who admits he was deceptive and his crime was rooted in pride-shares how President Bush graciously forgave him.

Explaining that he prepared himself for a “much-deserved woodshed moment” in initially facing the president, instead-as reported in Baptist Press News-he says he came face-to-face with the “greatest professional moment of his life.”“Tim,” said President Bush, “I want you to know I forgive you.”

When Goeglein tried to interrupt him to explain the severity of his transgression, Bush reportedly said, “Tim, I have known mercy and grace in my own life, and I am offering it to you now. You are forgiven.”

Not only that, but according to the report, the president also said, “I would like you to bring Jenny and your two sons here to the Oval Office so I can tell them what a great husband and father you are.”

Source: Erin Roach – Baptist Press News

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