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 10 February 2012


 Rise Up Australia Party was registered with the Electoral Commission this week and is ready to take its place as the new face of common sense in Australian politics at the next Federal election.

 According to Party President Daniel Nalliah, its slogan of Keep Australia Australian sums up what Rise Up Australia is all about. “We want to restore to Australia the common sense values and traditions which have made this country one of the best and most stable democracies in the world” he said in Melbourne today.

 “For too long over recent years we have seen a slide into a politically correct  “nanny state” where minorities are dictating their fringe element views to the rest of mainstream society and demanding we all conform. For example, free speech is under threat in this country under the Racial and Religious Vilification laws which prevent open public discussion about Islamization in Western countries. These laws needs to be repealed,” said Mr Nalliah.

Mr Nalliah fought a five year court battle with the Islamic Council of Victoria who sued him for reading out of a Koran in public. He was totally vindicated, but this sort of thing should not be happening in our country where tolerance, a fair go and free speech have always been part of our traditional heritage.

Rise Up Australia Party recently commented on the story from a major Dutch newspaper where Jihad was declared on dogs, when a Muslim  politician tried to have dogs banned from the Hague on religious grounds. In case you think that couldn’t happen in Australia, the Queensland media  carried a story some time back about the Yellow Taxi Cab company in Brisbane having to sack Muslim taxi drivers who refused to carry blind people because they were accompanied by guide dogs.“This is not about religion” said Mr Nalliah. “The Australian Constitution says the government cannot make laws in respect of religion. Contrary to Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and a host of other religions, Islam is an ideology which encompasses and prescribes rules for the religious, legal, social and private lives of Muslims which are contrary to the Aussie way of life.  The Sharia or “divine” law of Islam undermines the separation of powers and rule of law which is fundamental to our freedoms in this nation. “

In an ABC article on May 17 2011, Jacquelyn Hole reported that the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils made a submission to the Federal Parliament’s Committee on Multicultural Affairs, asking for Muslims to be able to marry, divorce and conduct its financial affairs under Sharia law, arguing that all Australians would benefit if Islamic laws were adopted as mainstream legislation.

Already we are seeing a division of public space such as separate swimming times for Muslim women in public swimming pools in Australia. This type of apartheid shows no respect for our culture or way of life in this country.

Australians are tolerant, easy going people who extend a helping hand to all immigrants who come to our shores. We are a nation of many races, many religions, many skin colours, many diverse ethnic backgrounds, and this is healthy and desirable, according to Mr Nalliah.

“But we only have one culture here, and that is Australian. I am a migrant to this great country. I came here because it offered me a better life than my original country of Sri Lanka. I love Australia, its  people and its way of life and I don’t want to see that undermined by cultures who have no desire to assimilate” Someone needs to stand up for our Australia  culture and values – which is the reason why people come here in the first place. I am willing to put my hand up and go to Parliament and tell the Government that the Aussie way of life is worth preserving” he said.

Rise Up Australia Party has many other issue they will tackle, such as restoring the Australian manufacturing industries, supporting Aussie farmers and producers, protecting the traditional family unit, and reversing the trend of catering to minorities at the expense of the mainstream majority.

“There are minority groups demanding all sorts of things which the average person does not want. We will field candidates across the nation for the Senate and the House of Representatives who are willing to stand up and be counted for the ordinary Aussie,” said Mr Nalliah.

Daniel Nallliah is available for interview

Please phone media contact- Dennis O’Brien 0427 912 411


  1. 1 Brett



  2. 2 Bob

    Fantastic news and Congratulations. Everyone at Catch The Fire should be congratulated. This is a vindication of all the hard work that has been put in by THE TEAM. This is only the start.
    Rise up Australia Party member

  3. 3 John

    Great Media Release,
    Praise the Lord,

    RUACH Ministries Universal
    Phillip Island

  4. 4 Lawrie & Wendy

    This is my answer after reading what Labor are funding.

    And Guess What! Many, Many Christians voted for Kevin Rudd and look at how our Australia has gone down hill ever since. So many church leaders and pastors have a lot to answer for as they said a change would be good for the nation. Well guys we who voted Liberal are unfortunately caught in your web too. We knew Australia would be in big trouble with a Labor government as we have been in past history, 17% interest rates back in ’89-’90 from memory.

    We hope those who call themselves Christians will get behind “Rise Up Australia, Keep Australia Australian” This new political party is headed up by Dr. Revd. Daniel Nalliah. He and is team have put together a strong group of Christians to take out the Greens. If ALL Christians were to back them it will happen. Dr Daniel is to run for the Senate at the next Federal election. Please keep him in your prayers and the Party too.


  5. 5 Coralie

    I just read your email outlining the policies for your new party. It brought tears to my eyes it was so anointed and so good and so right. I pray God will bless you and the new party abundantly and use it to raise up Australia to her Biblical heritage. I personally heard Ps Danny in Perth recently and enjoyed the testimony and what he had to say. God bless you mightily Ps Danny!


  6. 6 Florence

    Dear Pastor Daniel

    I give you my full support as you have the courage to stand up for Australian culture and values. May the Lord bless you and His face shine upon. Keep up your good work for Him and for this Nation of Australia.


  7. 7 Miriam

    Dear team,

    This is absolutely fantastic — will keep praying that you will be covered by the Most High God — in all your work.

    God bless,


  8. 8 Phil in Sydney

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    We are thrilled to hear this News.
    Australia desperately needs some integrity put back into Politics. We pray for success of your Party.

    For the record Julia Gillard’s record of Lies – That we know about
    1. No Carbon Tax
    2. Promise to support Heterosexual Marriage (The PM herself is living in sin)
    If approved children brought up in these sad fake marriages will be severely damaged. Rights of Families to determine what is taught in the School System will be removed to ensure the homosexual agenda indoctrinates and is normalised in children’s minds.
    – Refer Bill Muhlenberg’s book Strained Relations.
    3. Poker Machine Reform (promise made to Andrew Wilkie to ensure his support)
    Now Private health care subsidies are on the table. If this is approved the Public System will not cope with everyone moving away from Private Cover and joining the Public Sector queue. It is a receipe for a disaster.

    We are praying for the removal of the Labor Government. It is just hopeless

    Phil – Sydney

  9. 9 Ushan

    I am appreciative of Ps. Danny’s recent effort. I just want to include the racism by muslims that I experienced. I worked at a company which provided book packs for schools recently. Just before schools reopened, I had the privilege of going to schools to distribute book packs. Three of the schools were national Islamic schools. I want to bring to notice that the school demands the wearing of a head covering for non-muslim teachers. An Indian teacher who was non-muslim explained this. She seemed to be quite happy wearing it for the purpose of keeping her job though. My question is, will she be allowed to continue if she was to remove the head covering? The school is in Tarneit very close to where I live.
    Thank you.
    Bro. in Christ,

  10. 10 Chris


  11. 11 Jean

    Thank you for this email. The main point on my mind about immigrants and what they want and don’t want is this. When they are in the public area I want them to speak English the language that we speak in Australia. I think it is bad manners to speak in other languages so that people cannot understand what they are talking about. It may not be of any interest to us what they are talking about but it would be courteous for everyone and would help us to accept them more into the community. We would be more inclined to want to help them with anything they needed to know and become more friendly towards them. It would be a start to break down the walls of division. Blessings for the Party – Jean.

  12. 12 Nic

    Go Danny! I’m so proud of you! You’ve got my vote & all my families – and its a big one! Nic

  13. 13 Ethel


    This is a great result following all of your solid work.


  14. 14 Andy

    Ya well done


  15. 15 Mark Anderson

    Such a great day in Aussie History – the start of the climb back from the brink.

    I’m praying for you all, and hope to see you in the various parliaments around the country very soon.

    God Bless


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