by Dr. Verna Linzey – Dec 29, 2011 – Bishop Janice Hollis – Military Bible Association

“We have choices to make. We can follow apparent distractions by implementing destructive coping mechanisms, or we can keep our focus on Jesus Christ in the midst of our nightmares, and maintain our integrity and righteous manners with a clean conscience before God, until He makes our dreams come true.”

“It’s a great night to celebrate Christ’s birth,” LT Hayes told the packed out chapel of some 300 Marines and their wives and children. Immediately, the Marines knew this was all about Jesus Christ, as confirmed by the opening prayer when this obviously-experienced Chaplain led the Marines in the confession of sins in the name of Jesus Christ for a clean conscience and pure heart toward God.

The newcomers learned what the regular attendees already knew – LT Hayes is culturally and spiritually relevant as a Chaplain for all people of all faiths – enlistees and officers alike. This officer is destined for success, as confirmed by the relevant content and superb delivery of his sermon.

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