Dear Friends,

Our office has received several calls and emails from people who want to know as to when and where would Mandy’s funeral be held. Also thank you very much for your many messages of sympathy and love for Mandy’s family. Be assured we will pass it onto her family.

As for the funeral, according to available information at this point, we understand that the Coroner has to release the body first, in order to plan the funeral. Please stay tuned into our website. As soon as we have the details of date, time and venue for the funeral, we will keep our website updated.

Please continue to pray for the rest of the family.

Mandy & Nathan

Dear family and friends in Christ,

Today’s Herald Sun newspaper has published another article regarding our dear sister Mandy, who has gone to be with Jesus. We want to thank the media for doing a great job from the time they got to know about it, in exposing this murder mystery.

Link to  Herald Sun article:

As we all know, with any issue some reports are not quite accurate.

1) One media outlet referred to us as “Gateway church” and not Catch the Fire Ministries.

2) Mandy and Nathan did not worship at Catch The Fire. They worshiped at Citylife Church. They have visited us on several occasions. Ps Daniel is not their Pastor, but a good friend.

3) Ps Daniel did not say that Muslims abducted Mandy.  Nathan the husband did say that he believed that Muslim extremists might have abducted her, because they converted from Islam.

4) Always note, unless you hear the person concerned speak on TV, don’t necessarily believe what the Journalist says about the person as it or may or may not be exactly what he or she said.

5) When it is a newspaper reporting, and if is quoted in inverted commas (“…”), it often will be a direct statement from the person, but if not, do not always believe what the journalist writes of the person,  of what they say he or she possibly said.

6) We believe that Citylife church will have a proper burial for Mandy, as that is where she worshipped. We will help and assist in any way possible.

Once again we thank the Media as overall they did a great job. Please continue to pray for the rest of the Ahmadi family. Also for the many Muslim asylum seekers they were helping, as I cannot think of anyone who can do quite as good a job as Nathan and Mandy. They did an outstanding job in helping the Muslims resettle in Australia.

27 Responses to “An article in the Herald Sun newspapers today re Mandy & Nathan Ahmadi”

  1. 1 Marion

    I pray for you too Daniel, in your love and support of these people in this circumstance.

  2. 2 Arlene

    People may deeply disappoint but Hope never will. Indeed, the Lord brought truth to the surface, i always say, Truth is like water mixed with oil, it always rises.

    Bless u, never stop believing, never stop seeing the good in those the Lord sends to u, the enemy wants us to become wary, hard, cynical, skeptical, suspicious of others but like the angel of the Lord addressed fearful Gideon in the winepress as Mighty Warrior, He intentionally seeked out the good in Gidoen, may u never be tempted to lose what the enemy tries to steal from you, God works together all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. He loves u and is ever pleased and proud of u. Bless u

  3. 3 Saeed

    Ps Daniel, Hi,

    Tnx for updating us with the case of Mandy n Nathan, I am following this case with grt interest, I still hope n pray that Mandy is alive, however if Mandy has been promoted to glory, there has to be a reason for Nathan to commit such a heinous crime, coz I did meet Nathan once he seems to be a gentleman. If the reason behind the killing is known it will be of grt interest not only to me but to all other who following this case.

    The other thing I wanna bring to the notice of ur members is that most people who seek asylum from Iran are the followers of Bahaullah, and the Muslims from Iran do not consider them as Muslims, although the followers of Bahaullah do call themselves Muslims. Keeping this in view I don’t think that the Muslim extremists wod be very keen in these people.

    The Bahaullahs r just like the Ahamedis frm Pakistan who r not considered as Muslims by the Pakistani Muslims, whereas they call themselves Muslims. Therefore if these people embrace som other religion its not of much concern or interest to the Fundamental Muslims.

    Hope u pass on the above to ur members it may be of some interest the them.

    God Bless


  4. 4 Mike

    Dear Ps Danny,
    Like all of you, I am also shocked by this very unexpected turn of events, and am deeply saddened that a Christian would do such a thing.
    However, a thought occurred to me – If Nathan appeared so genuine even after the media took up the story, is it possible that Mandy was in fact killed by the hardliners and that they have now got to him and are threatening his children so that he has confessed to the crime? This action would suit the hardliners very well, as not only are they protected and hidden, but a Christian and his witness are discredited also.


  5. 5 Bashir

    Dear Pr Daniel Nalliah,

    I would like to share with you that I, my wife and the believers at K – E Worship Centre are very shocked to learn about the murder of Sis. Mandy by her husband. We are very sad for this situation. We prayed for her during our worship service on Last Friday. However, we will be continuously praying for her kids and husband.

    Please keep us in your prayers


  6. 6 Marlene

    Dear Pr Daniel

    We grieve too over the tragic happenings. Thank you for keeping us updated. Our prayers are with Mandy’s family, and also with you and all those who knew Mandy. May the Lord comfort you at this time. Surely some good will come of even this. The plight of Muslim converts, and the possible dire consequences, has been shown by yourself to the media and police, and hopefully this could make them more aware and discerning.

    God bless and protect you in everything you do. We are looking forward to the 26th Jan.


  7. 7 Paul & Lynda

    Hi Pastor Danny.
    The news is a shock to me also. I can’t help thinking that Nathan has been black mailed . The threat would be on his children’s lives, he is pleading guilty to save there lives.
    Praying that you and your family are protected.
    Love from Paul & Lynda.

  8. 8 Your supporter in the service of the King

    I’m very confused with this Iranian woman’s husband. From your account including Ps Danny’s, they’re a converted Christian family and her husband works alongside her in helping Iranian refugees & through their kindness, some converted to Christianity. The latest news I hear on the radio yesterday is that her remains are found in their house in Ashwood (I was led to believe they’re from Dandenong) and her husband charged with her murder. Can you please enlighten me if this is indeed the case – they live in Ashwood & not in Dandenong; her husband charged with her murder as her remains were found in their house in Ashwood? How can he murder her if he was a converted Christian?

    How can we pray for this situation?

    Your supporter in the service of the King

  9. 9 Pete

    Dear Danny,
    firstly my deep condolences to you and all those close to Nathan & Mandy, over this whole very painful situation.
    Danny, my father was a famous homicide detective who handled the big murder cases of the 1960’s up to the mid 70’s in the western suburbs of Sydney and I’ve got to tell you, that everything you have said about Nathan being the murderer, simply doesn’t add up. Of course he may well be. But I would still consider the possibility of some kind of a conspiracy.
    Without going over board and not saying anything publicly of course or even via e-mail, I would still seek the Lord about this. At least ask the police to be able to visit Nathan. If they refuse, you should use your discernment at that point to try and pick up what is going on in the spirit. Perhaps ask them why they are resfusing you and get legal advice and see what sort of reaction you get.
    If you do get to see Nathan, again you could use discernment in guaging the answers and the body language he expresses.

    Once again, my deepest condolences. However, so wonderful to know Mandy is in the presence of Jesus.

  10. 10 brother Mike

    Dearest CTFM/ Bro & Pastor Danny,
    Contrary to most commentators to you, I suspected Nathan immediately upon hearing the news of the dissapearance. Mandi had told some people of Nathans history of bashing her, it seems that she did not tell everyone though.

    During my work at Cornerstone or even in meeting Nathan for an extended meeting at the crisis home that I was running at the time, At no time did I get a sense of genuine love from Nathan, similar to the love that was in Mandi.
    The strongest impression I got from Nathan was just control/manipulation.
    How anyone who saw them together and not see the underlying tension in their relationship just baffles me. Why is is that we do not hear while we are listening to someone even in the middle of a church fellowship service!

    What other problems do we have in our midst, what struggles are people having, that we willfully refuse to hear. Well has James quoted us “Good-bye and have a good day; stay warm and eat well”.

    Until the fellowship aspect of Church gatherings is put in it’s proper place, where The Love of God is given a chance to flow between us, we will continue to have deep problems going unnoticed. We surely need to encourage one another more strongly to stay together for a longer time during church gatherings to be “knit together” and compacted by The Lord. Perhaps if we lived in that way, Nathan would have had discerning people visit his house and available to intervene in The power of God before we got to this terrible action of Nathans.
    As it is, the adversary is now is making his own use of this story. May The Lord silence him in the name of Yeshua

    If what I have seen is true, Nathan will even at this time be craftilly lying to the police. The maximum embarrasment for The Church will be the agenda, whether he is aware of it or not.

    Mandi’s reluctance to speak about the spousal abuse can be seen as a testimony of being a “good wife”, however misguided that was. More importantly, the fact of this murder is a testimony against us all as the body of Christ that we either lack discernment, or common sense, or care of each other that thing’s got so bad with Nathan that he went as far as he did. In my case, I did not challenge Nathan directly over what I had heard and what I saw between them, out of some sense that I perhaps should mind my own business, and ignore both the love and the anger I felt. In the case of others in The Body of Yeshua, perhaps they can say they can get of lightly by being merely blind.

    I see Mandi as a Martyr, who was killed by the lack of unity and true brotherly love in The Church of which I am part. Nathan was just the weapon that slaughtered this true saint.

    I pray not for more light from God but that we uncover the guts to live in the light that He is already shining upon us, that we take our eyes off “the house of the lord” and direct our eyes upon Gods’ Building “edifying one another”, and that we truly love and serve one another according to His commands.

    Love brother Mike

  11. 11 June W

    Excellent letter Daniel, May the Lord bless you & continue to give you His wisdom, love, June W

  12. 12 Bless you heaps

    Yes, thanks for the update. Bless you heaps.

  13. 13 Vivien

    Having read that latest email – not this one, I would be concerned that the children of Nathan and Mandy were not placed with Muslim relatives but that nathan made provision for them to stay with a Christian family. I don’t expect a reply – just puting my thoughts forward. Hope you don’t mind. Congratulations to Danny and the team for all the work you do. Keep on going and be encouraged – it is having an effect.


  14. 14 Lyndall

    Deepest Sympathy to Pastor Daniel and all at Inquiries

  15. 15 Ruth

    Dear Danny,

    Very sad day indeed.

    As Christians, we need to seek God first for his answers and truth in matters. The scripture from proverbs stating ‘lean not on your own understanding’ comes to mind. In this case Nathan knew that you would not suspect him. He used you and your convictions, to try to direct the police attentions away from him to ‘extremist muslims’. It was understandable that you took the bait, however, if you were truly in touch with the Holy Spirit on this issue, there would have been a check in your spirit.

    It is time to be ‘as gentle as doves and wise as serpents’. I pray that God will use this issue to bring more wisdom into Christian leadership.


  16. 16 Benjamin

    Dear Brothers and sisters
    We serve a living father who lives and hears .We appeal for him to manifest through the power of the holy ghost and tell the world what happened.I pray by the power of the Holy ghost let us know what happened to this lady before Sunday in Jesus name.Father cover this family with love and give them strength to bear this in Jesus name I pray Amen

  17. 17 Thank-you

    Please let us know how their boys will be taken care of – they are all l can think about right now.


  18. 18 skelly

    Hi brother daniel,

    Days ago, the Lord did not lead me to pray for this case…most specially of sis mandy (alive & well). I wondered why. But now I know the answer.

    In Christ,
    .. skelly

  19. 19 Linda

    Brother MIke, if you sensed such control and disharmony why did you not seek the guidance of God and do something about which you felt?

  20. 20 Soldier X

    If there is news or info of the funeral service for Mandy could it please be posted here.


  21. 21 Cate

    thoughts with your churches


  22. 22 Ian

    I am wondering if they have found a motive for this murder as there appears to be no motive for this, and are you sure he is not wanting to punish himself for not protecting her or something as I dont know them but the situation doesnt fit


  23. 23 Celia

    What a shock for you all. Deepest sympathies. love Celia

  24. 24 Therese

    Brother Mike, Thank you for such a thoughtful post, giving a most insightful review of some of the problems associated with Mandy’s death.

    I am glad that someone has commented on the vibes of unpleasant bullying around the husband, Nathan. Everyone keeps saying that he is a great guy. Well … maybe, but Mandy had left the marital home several times, for short periods, to get away from the pressures. That speaks for itself.

    It is very hard to intervene in such a situation, no matter how knit in the faith we might be, because ultimately the decision to flee is up to the wife herself (or sometimes the husband, because men too are menanced, abused and even killed by someone they love and depend upon.)

    To those who doubt his guilt – consider that Mandy’s body was found in the family’s own property. No one else could have concealed it there. Also, a spousal murder is very, very common. Hundreds occur in Australia each year. There is no reason to be incredulous about this.

  25. 25 Dorothy

    This is the 1st I heard about the case. I will pray this family and I am very sorry to hear the bad news.
    Christian Love

  26. 26 brother Mike

    Reply for Linda’s question to me of 16th January.

    Linda your question is very relevant…
    I did not think my original email would end up on the CTFM website, perhaps I would not have commented on Nathan the way I did, considering he is facing trial.
    Like you Linda, I am seeking Yeshua on day by day, sometimes minute by minute basis as to what to say and how to act on everything. I remember resisting the urge to speak to Nathan on a few occasions.
    Which I now regret – could I have loved him more? Definitely yes!
    Furthermore, exactly how much more would you expect me to “seek God”, when He has already commanded me to love my neighbour as myself? Although, this teaching was given under the law, it’s application under The Spirit is possible.
    My problem was the sin of disobedience, by not laying down my life for Nathan and Mandi by pausing for a moment to start a conversation. I was quite happy to merely judge Nathan and keep walking past him.
    Also, I have been well trained to let things slide, by this I mean: consider the current structure of most of the Western Church where the vast majority of the Body of Christ is happy to chicken out of personal responsibility, and pass off the care of the bretheren to proffesional pastors and counsellors. Under this system of “comforting the sleeping sheep’, we can happily get entertained every Sunday by someone else’s revelation of our God, and quickly leave “church” before getting to really know anything about those around us. “Fortunately”, we can buy back our conscience by some juicy offerings, or even tithing, then go back to a wonderful sleep in green pastures. This filthy un-loving attitude toward The Body has also corrupted me to a great extent where ” I kept my nose out of someone elses business” even after knowing some small part of the story.
    You do however miss the point entirely Linda, rather than being a god, I am merely a single part of Christ’s Body; the responsibility toward Mandi was not mine, but ours! The number of believers in contact with this couple must have posssibly numbered in the hundreds, and all of us “missed”.
    Lastly, and this is the real point; that we obey our God and love one another, this means that, I hope that I stay longer and love more fully the next time I am part of a gathering of The Church, taking the time to open myself to others hurts and needs, as well as their peace and joy, I hope to even make new friends and visit them or invite them to my place to grow in fellowship. God help me if I miss someone else with a need that I can actually supply.
    Yours in Yeshua, bro Mike.

  27. 27 john mitchell

    Hi Mike,

    Please free yourself from the guilt of “feeling that you or the church could have done more” to help Nathan and Mandy.

    I know of two Christian brothers who had been working very closely at the Alpha Migrant Center with Nathan and Mandy since the beginning of 2011. They were in contact with Nathan and Mandy almost everyday and each of them told me that he had done his very best (humanly possible) to try to get Nathan and Mandy to put their marriage, family and finances in order before any ministry to the migrants. However, Nathan and Mandy chose not to listen to the brothers’ advices. So, sadly, it was their choices which resulted in this tragedy.



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