Pastor Daniel NalliahDear family & friends in Christ,

I am sure you all are aware that the Federal Labour Party has taken a decision last weekend at their conference in Sydney to permit Gay Marriage as their party policy.

This is a very sad day for Australia.

As Andrew Bolt said in his column in the Herald Sun, ‘We are heading down a slippery slope.”  Yes, this agnostic journalist can see it, but how about the Church??

Someone came up to me at a social function last Saturday said, “What’s happening to our nation? The Labour Party is bad. The gay people are terrible because they got what they wanted.”  I remained silent for a while and then this person said, “What do you think?”

I responded, “If someone has a lion as a pet, lets it run loose around their garden, but they happen to leave the gate open and the lion gets out and attacks people, ‘Who do you think is responsible??’”

In the first place there should have been no lion at a home. However, the bigger problem and the one to be blamed is the owner who left the gate open because he was the gatekeeper.

Well, we the Church are called to be the gatekeepers for the Nation. We should not wait until something happens, but see it coming from afar and stop it as soon as possible. Why do I say this?

Due to the fact that much of the Body of Christ in Australia was deceived by some Christian leaders in the 2007 election when Kevin Rudd was put up as an alternative Christian leader to John Howard and Peter Costello, unfortunately, many Christians voted Labour in that election.

One Christian leader stated that the 2007 election was one of the most prayed for elections in Australia. This may be true, but the fact is it was also one of the most deceiving elections, as some Christian leaders who play ‘Bipartisan Politics’ completely mislead thousands of Christians. The Body of Christ and Christian community in Australia was utterly divided. What a mistake we made as mainly the Christian vote made the difference in putting  Rudd and Labour into office.

What we sow is what we reap!

After this election in 2007,  I was verbally attacked for prophesying that if Christians prayed and acted in unity that John Howard would be re-elected and Peter Costello will take on the baton from there. Rather than acting on the prophetic word in unity, many Christians prayed and voted in for the opposition, as they were completely mislead by some Christian leaders playing ‘Bipartisan politics’ (meaning not speaking out against what is wrong in the political parties, but being nice to both sides of politics). While this approach sounds good and is politically correct, you cannot and must not support actions taken by either political parties that are directly against the Word of God.

What was more interesting is that some of these Christian leaders even believed Julia Gillard would stand for heterosexual marriage. What a joke, when she herself is not married and is living in a defacto relationship. When will these Christian leaders stop sucking up to politicians and will take a stand for the righteousness of the Word of God. It is not our clever strategies that is going to bring Australia to Jesus, but the Word of God and the supernatural hand of God.

Well, at least now, will we wake up and realise that we just cannot trust some of our political leaders? They say what you like to hear. Please do not be deceived. Was Julia Gillard really supporting heterosexual marriage?? Well, if this is true, why is she not married??

The time has now come to take a stand and make a difference. Gatekeepers are people who pray and then act as the Lord speaks to them, not compromising God’s Word according to what people want it to be. Sorry, this will not win a nation for Christ. God’s Word is like a two-edged sword. It has to cut through. It will hurt, but if it is done with love, no matter what man says, when you know it’s from God, you will not back off. You will stand and fight no matter who goes with you or not. If God is for you, who can be against you?

Back in 2007 I said that if Labour comes into Government they would legalise Gay Marriage and also introduce many bad laws which would erode our Judeo-Christian heritage. Well, many Christians laughed at me and wrote very painful and hurtful emails against me. Some even went to the media and said that I was not a Christian. All I could do was go to the Lord, cry out to Him on behalf of all those who accused me, and start praying for them. It was a very hard time in my life and for family.

Nevertheless, praise God for my faithful team and family that stood together with me, along with many other Christians from across the nation, who helped me keep standing in prayer and fasting. Today, I say it again, please do not be deceived. We cannot blame Labour nor the Gays. We need to blame ourselves and particularly the Shepherds, who are the gatekeepers that are responsible to pray, discern and act.

I really thank God for the remnant in our nation who have refused to bow down to political correctness in the Church and the Nation. It took only 300 people with Gideon to have victory. We will have the victory in Australia.  May God bless you mightily as you pray and stand together with us to take Australia for Jesus.

Your Brother in Christ,

Pr Daniel Nalliah

Catch the Fire Ministries

46 Responses to “Waking up after the horse has bolted – Gay Marriage – Who is to be blamed??”

  1. 1 Larry

    Continue to speak Ptr. Daniel for what is right.

    There maybe many who are against you but the Lord is on your side.


  2. 2 Dot

    Pr Daniel Nalliah

    Your oh so honest email brought tears to my eyes. Yes, it’s time that spineless shepherds (and sheep) made way for those who preach and practice the bold unadulterated truth of God. And that’s what I pray.

    In 1994 I invented a language product and was granted patents from all over the world. Our Western Australian government offered me a grant, which depended on a certain educator sanctioning it. However, after refusing to look at my product, she sent a note to the government rejecting it. I later discovered that she was a lesbian in a relationship with a lady who was in LOTE!

    As I struggled financially to produce the product, about 90% of the (highly recommended) manufacturers etc., I dealt with proved very devious. Pr Nalliah, over the next few years, every one of those companies went bankrupt. Those who were honest with me are still in business. God is supreme.

    Luke warm, politically correct shepherds and such sheep do need to worry. I’ve seen God remove many from the ministry. God’s word will not be mocked. Time is not just in His hands, it IS His.

    May you be blessed, and may your bold ministry thrive.


  3. 3 Leigh

    Brother Danny,

    I could not agree more. Labor’s leadership is deceitful, our PM has gone from a luke-warm ‘Christian’ Kevin to a blatantly rebellious Julia Gillard. I can see her spirit is full of dishonour towards our Lord and King Jesus.

    I liked John Howard as he was an honest leader. When Labor took over, Australia went into debt and now it is clear that the enemy is using them to bring in all that is ungodly, first abortion and now gay marriage!

    I am sickened to the core of the sinful nature of Labor’s leadership.

    It is joyful to see you have not lost your wisdom like many Christians have.

    Your’s in Christ,

  4. 4 Bradley

    Dear Ps. Danny
    If the Gay Marriage bill goes to a conscience vote then that is not a problem because the conscience belongs to God.

  5. 5 Jan

    Thank you Danny for your straight forward letter and for summing all so correctly.
    God Bless you. Yours in Christ, Jan

  6. 6 Maree

    Amen Pastor Danny amen… we must stand up and fight and have a voice…that God gave us to use rightly and Righteously!!!
    I heard that they did not get enough votes for it when i was at the rally in martin place? but it was still not over??
    Lets pray it will not go though the lower house?

    Bless you Danny


  7. 7 Ruth

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    What a great letter. And how true, unfortunately. Yes, it is a sad day, but I pray that this will cause Christians to really see the true picture. Thanks for speaking out so clearly.

    God bless,


  8. 8 Karen

    Pastor Daniel,

    I likes you in the very brief moment that I met you and have pretty much agreed with all you have said and prayed for.

    I don’t need to tell you to hang on to God, many Christians who want the very best for Australia are supporting you in prayer.

    I think you are the BEST.

    Your sister in Christ

  9. 9 Kevin

    How true ! regards, Kevin

  10. 10 Jeffrie Trika

    Ps. Danny, you must use the correct terminology;
    HOMOSEXUAL or SAME SEX MARRIAGE as most wedded couples wants a gay/happy marriage.
    We need to tell it as it is HOMO/SAME SEX which is abomination in the way male & female are created.
    Cheers & blessings,

  11. 11 Phil in Sydney

    Dear Daniel,

    Great article

    Once again the Australian public has been lied to by Julia Gillard. This time on Marriage.

    First it was Carbon Tax, now it’s Marriage.

    PM Julia Gillard and the Labor party have chosen to break an unequivocal election promise that the Marriage Act would remain unchanged and marriage would continue to be defined as between a man and a woman.

    What other promises are now going to be broken?

    We now have a Party that doesn’t believe in being honest to the Australian Public and think that lying before an election is acceptable behaviour. Premier Bligh’s recent comments in the Media are alarming. Does she also support Lies as an acceptable means to a Gay end. Is there anyone now in Labor that is prepared to stand for righteousness?

    As our Pastor said tonight to our Bible Study group we are now in times where we have brazen and unashamed sin.

    That SIN may be rampart Dishonesty or in your Face Perversion (homosexuality and lesbianism)

    Regrettably the average Australian seems to accept it now as part of politics. Leaders within the Uniting church also seem to think everything is fine and homosexuality is a rights and equality issue. In essence, Stuff the children and their rights!. Are they just commodities?

    We pray that Tony Abbott will stand for traditional marriage to protect the institution and innocent children

    We really need a strong voice in the Government such as you Daniel.

    We live in the best and the worst of times.
    Our hope is in the Lord Jesus and his soon return

    Best wishes to all for Christmas

  12. 12 Ps Vassie

    Daniel 9:3-15 KJV
    “And I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and supplications, with fasting, and sackcloth, and ashes: And I prayed unto the Lord my God, and made my confession, and said, O Lord, the great and dreadful God, keeping the covenant and mercy to them that love him, and to them that keep his commandments; We have sinned, and have committed iniquity, and have done wickedly, and have rebelled, even by departing from thy precepts and from thy judgments: Neither have we hearkened unto thy servants the prophets, which spake in thy name to our kings, our princes, and our fathers, and to all the people of the land. O Lord, righteousness belongeth unto thee, but unto us confusion of faces, as at this day; to the men of Judah, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and unto all Israel, that are near, and that are far off, through all the countries whither thou hast driven them, because of their trespass that they have trespassed against thee. O Lord, to us belongeth confusion of face, to our kings, to our princes, and to our fathers, because we have sinned against thee. To the Lord our God belong mercies and forgivenesses, though we have rebelled against him; Neither have we obeyed the voice of the Lord our God, to walk in his laws, which he set before us by his servants the prophets. Yea, all Israel have transgressed thy law, even by departing, that they might not obey thy voice; therefore the curse is poured upon us, and the oath that is written in the law of Moses the servant of God, because we have sinned against him. And he hath confirmed his words, which he spake against us, and against our judges that judged us, by bringing upon us a great evil: for under the whole heaven hath not been done as hath been done upon Jerusalem. As it is written in the law of Moses, all this evil is come upon us: yet made we not our prayer before the Lord our God, that we might turn from our iniquities, and understand thy truth. Therefore hath the Lord watched upon the evil, and brought it upon us: for the Lord our God is righteous in all his works which he doeth: for we obeyed not his voice. And now, O Lord our God, that hast brought thy people forth out of the land of Egypt with a mighty hand, and hast gotten thee renown, as at this day; we have sinned, we have done wickedly.”
    See it at

    Ps Vassie

  13. 13 Phil & Roslyn

    Pr. Danny,
    Once again you have hit the nail, etc. While you are praying for the nation, pray for people such as myself, who should be fasting and praying for the nation. You know, the only difference between myself and a practising sexual deviant is the upholding power of God.

    In one sense, the horse actually bolted back in Whitlam’s mad reign. The following Fraser Administration never got it in again. And so it has gone on. Howard made an effort, but it requires something beyond any human strength. The wringing of the nose brings forth blood. Open, legislative attack on the innocent (children) first, which will presumably now be followed up by what in effect amounts to the banning of christian society in the legislative sense. “They that observe lying vanities, forsake their own mercy”.

    Those who say that politics should be left to politicians should go live in Germany before and during W.W.2. Nazism of course had plenty of sympathisers in places such as Southern Ireland (IRA), Greece, (which couldn’t decide whether it was to go Nazi or Communist), and Russia – which became totally thought-controlled anti- Christian, anti-democratic. David said that he hated God’s enemies with perfect hatred. He said it for good reason. The Devil is out to kill. There are human actions that provoke violence and destruction. Any ‘Church’ embracing the doctrines of devils which we now see openly espoused by people such as Anna Bligh and Kevin Rudd and which have been toyed with for far too long by members of various parties but especially the Greens/ALP, should consider whether it shall have any invitation to sit down at table with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    It is probably a waste of print suggesting any possibility to a man who so obviously has his finger on the pulse. We should be asking your advice, not vice versa. From a human sense, it might be an option to immediately look into the prospect of a legal challenge, and publicize the basis and reasons of the prospective application for such a challenge. Banning Christianty/decency is scarcely constitutional.

    Phil & Roslyn

  14. 14 John

    Dear Danny,

    It gets worse because churches will be forced to accept gay marriages by law and the appointment of gays to all offices of the church as time goes on and the Greens enforce their policies.


  15. 15 Jane & Shane

    Hi Daniel

    I totally agree….


    Jane & Shane

  16. 16 Matt

    Hi Anointed Ps Danny, can’t blame your self because people don’t listen, you warned them, but they did as they pleased, think of Moses. Keep up the God work :-)

    Love and blessings,

    Yours sincerely,


  17. 17 Maggie

    Hi Pastor Daniel,

    Thought i would send you a copy of my short letter to the Premier of Qld. the email was blocked so i posted her a copy.

    I have been praying recently about a mans gift makes way for him and sets him before great men…….both Joseph and Daniel interpreted dreams of the leaders of Eygpt and Persia(Iran) and as a result they both became second in charge, in one day…..amazing…..I am praying for the leaders of our country to have dreams in the night seasons!!!!! and Christians will be the interpretors.

    God Bless


    Dear Madam,

    What a sad day for Queensland and Australia when we legalize these types of unions that are not natural.

    I’m a Christian but i do not hate gays (i work with some) but i hate the sexual act that they are envolved in which is wrong.

    The government of Queensland might acknowledge that this type of behavior is “right” but not according to the Bible. The Lord says in Isaiah 20: 5 Woe unto them that call evil good; and good evil;……”

    I believe as a result of this bill being passed by the Queensland Government, that God may lift His Hand of protection off our state. If you think the floods and cyclone were bad this year…….i believe we have no idea of what could be just around the corner.

    There is a day of accountablity, whether we believe it or not.

    You didn’t get my vote in the last election and you most diffinately wont be getting it in the future.

    Yours faithfully


  18. 18 Anna

    Amen, Ps Danny!

    God be with you & go before you so that when you speak people will hear the love of God & be convicted of the truth of the Lord in you & for them. That they bow their knees, hearts & minds to true repentance and submission the Lord God Almighty, now & forever!


  19. 19 Dorothy

    Dear Danny,

    May the LORD richly reward your persistent courage in standing up and speaking out for righteousness in our Nation. I know that the reward you desire is to see the Church stand up for righteousness and stop compromising with the world. I pray it might be so – if this latest cunning backflip by Labor doesn’t wake her up, what will?
    Your emails always inspire me in so many ways.

    Keep up the wonderful service in His Name



  20. 20 Liz n Phil

    Dear Ps Daniel,

    Yes that was what the lord showed me 1 year ago when I was praying for Australia he has heard the cry of His people the remnant of His people here in Australia.. God told me He was raising up a deliverer like Gideon in this Nation and that man was you
    I told my husband Phil this & 6 months later you announced Rise Up Australia Keep Australia Australian …

    God Bless you all Ps Daniel, Maryse, Nigel, Shannen & Brianna and all the faithful prayer warriors that have stood beside you .

    Liz n Phil

  21. 21 Glenda

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Amen and amen! Still thanking God for you, and for His and your faithfulness to this nation. Thank you!


  22. 22 David

    Amen! to that Pr Danny!! May God truly protect you and your family as you faithfully stand against the rapid decline in our way of life. I am continually amazed at the lack of voice from denominational leaders on anything that is put forward in society that is controversial. If we’re no different from the world, what’s the sense in being a Christian. We are meant to be ‘lights’ and ‘salt’; not have the same understandings, mindsets and actions of the world around us.

    Bless ya heaps,


  23. 23 Graeme

    Thank you Pastor Nalliah

    Although I knew nothing of your prophecy I was not one of those who voted Labor. I never have and never will.

    Despite Kevin Rudd’s portrayal of himself being a Christian I thought something was very wrong when he was confronted about his visit to a strip club and just laughed it off sayng he was too drunk to remember what happened there.

    I am sure the politicians of Sodom and Gomorrah in the days of Lot would have had a similar view to those of the Labor Party today.

    I would encourage high profile pastors such such as yourself to make representations to Tony Abbott with the purpose of discouraging him from allowing a conscience vote in the parliament on the issue. Nevertheless I think it strange that anyone’s conscience would dictate that they support legislation that legalised behaviour that was abhorrent to the nostrils of Almighty God.

    May God bless you as you continue to speak out,

    Yours in Christ
    1 Samuel 23:2-7

  24. 24 Joshua

    Hello Friends,

    There is a song ” Church Without Walls ” I used to have shallow idea of it today, was illucidated by this article by Danny

    To be the Real in all areas of our lives – can be scary !

    Within Ourselves !
    In Our Homes !
    Within Our Marriages !
    In Our Work Places !
    In Our Country !

    Thanks For Listening
    N Best Regards

  25. 25 Ps Margaret Court by BRIDGET LACY, The West Australian Updated December 7, 2011,

    by BRIDGET LACY, The West Australian Updated December 7, 2011,

    WA tennis legend Margaret Court has slammed the push to legalise gay marriage, saying she wants to “protect families”.

    The Rev. Court urged Australians to make a stand against gay marriage, saying no human law could ever change God’s divine laws.

    The Rev. Court, who is regarded as the greatest female player of all time, believes Australia needs to wake up as a nation to protect future generations.”Politically correct education has masterfully escorted homosexuality out from behind closed doors, into the community openly and now is aggressively demanding marriage rights that are not theirs to take,” she said.

    The Rev. Court, who founded and is a senior pastor in Perth’s Victory Life Church, said society was best served by strong family units that comprised a mum, dad and children.

    “They are not perfect, often dysfunctional and despite the fact the role models may be distorted and even severely flawed, there is no reason to put forward alternative, unhealthy, unnatural unions as some form of substitute,” she said. “No amount of legislation or political point-scoring can ever take out of the human heart the knowledge that in the beginning God created them male and female and provided each with a unique sexual function to bring forth new life.

    “To dismantle this sole definition of marriage and try to legitimise what God calls abominable sexual practices that include sodomy, reveals our ignorance as to the ills that come when society is forced to accept law that violates their very own God-given nature of what is right and what is wrong.”

    The Rev. Court claimed that in the US State of Massachusetts, where same-sex marriage was legalised in 2004, the negative effects of such unions had already been felt.

    “The fact that the homosexual cry is, ‘We can’t help it as we were born this way’, as the cause behind their own personal choice is cause for concern,” she said. “Every action begins with a thought. There is a choice to be made.”

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott reaffirmed his commitment to the “traditional” marriage during a visit to Perth yesterday, saying it should be between a man and a woman.

    He believed his was the position of the majority of the party after Malcolm Turnbull said the coalition should follow Labor’s lead to allow a conscience vote on the issue.

  26. 26 Luigi

    Dear brother Daniel.

    Sorry but I not fill you are right to condemn the ALP.

    Certainly they had allowed some gay in!

    I don’t think that you dear Tony which had state at last election campaign that first is a politician and after a Christian had the God blessing.

    So the Liberal party, is very goodly you think.

    First here in W A is them who are passing if not already done legislation to legalize BROTHELS!!

    On refuge seeker, ground they are acting like antichrist.

    Jesus had always defended the poor, not so the Liberal who put Mining company interest before the local first indigenous, which had be colonize by Great Brittan for the benefit of the well of from there!
    So which party is good, none!
    Your partisan standing and promoting the liberal party is not doctrinal correct.


    I know you will ignore this too, you had never replayed to my inside, hope you will open your eye one day.



  27. 27 Ben

    Jeffrie Trika is right — you concede too much to the homosexual activists when you use the term “gay” instead of “homosexual” or “same-sex”. Also, you tacitly condone their perversion of the word “gay” when you do this. It may seem like a small thing, but let’s not surrender ANY ground.

  28. 28 Cora

    Pastor Daniel, God is alive and well. He is not surprised at what is happening to Australia. There might not be many ‘strong’ Bible believing Christians but if CHRIST IS FOR US WHO CAN BE AGAINST US? We will not stop praying and claiming this nation for Christ. God be glorified!


  29. 29 Angie

    Dear Pastor Nahlia,

    You have to be careful not to JUST ALIGN YOURSELF WITH THE RIGHT WING, as you did in praising and promoting George Bush in the past. God is neither Liberal or Labour. There are also many good people in the Labour Party who dont want gay marriage and a lot of people in the Liberal party who would support it. Please dont be a political cyclops, always favouring the Liberals, if Howard would have been elected the workers wld have become slaves to their bosses and to the corporations, thats why this most popular Prime Minister was voted out. Yes, its the church’s role to speak to the politicians, both LIBERAL AND LABOUR. I believe Kenneth Copeland received a Word from the Lord not to favour one over another but to preach the gospel . You need to be aware of the political ideologies between right wing (for the big end of town, corporations, profits for shareholders etc) and Labour, socially minded, protect the weak etc. and then the Greens also have compassionate policies but are way off the mark spiritually.

    Please dont make the church just another arm of the Liberal Party, be honest, unbiased, just, and pressure or support Christians and Christian values on BOTH SIDES or do you just want a liberal dictatorship?

    Believer in Christ


  30. 30 Nicholas of Revival Ministries Australia

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    We pray you continue to be a voice of righteousness in the nation. Proverbs 14:34 says that “Righteousness exalts a nation…” and where can righteousness be found except in God’s people the Church. I agree that it is we as the Church that need to change, not blaming the politicians and minority groups. In 1997 the Uniting Church invited acceptance of homosexual ministers and unions. It began in the so called church.

    We also are continuing to pray for the raising up of more workers for the harvest and for the ministers to be teaching the saints boldly and clearly between the holy and unholy, the clean and the unclean, no longer “violating God’s law” (Ezekiel22:26). We are continuing to disciple people to raise up a generation of ministers who can freely speak the Word without denominational barriers or political correctness but learning to speak the truth in love (Eph.4:15).

    You may be interested to know that the word for “boldly” in Acts4:29, 31 where the apostles were praying that God would give them “boldness” to speak the Word, is the Greek Word “parrhesia” which means “free speech”. True Freedom of speech happens to disciples on the inside when they realise that God has given them “free speech” to share His Word no matter what the cost!

    Bless you Danny,


    Revival Ministries Australia

  31. 31 Brett

    I am considering coming to visit from Brisbane. I have need of healing. I would like to have a fair idea when Ps. danny will be present leading the services at Hallam. I will be requesting prayer from him. Would you be kind enough to send me details that will help me to time my trip please? I would be looking at venturing down in Jan. – Feb. – Mar. 2012.

    Best wishes. I am really encouraged to see a man of God who is not willing to compromise himself into a politically correct slumber. I will vote for your party in a heart beat, and send a donation too. Ha! Kindly, Brett. (Brisbane Qld). I’m going to email my contacts your RUA site.


  32. 32 Susan L.

    Very dear Prophet Daniel,

    Am thinking very gratefully, what a backdrop this is for the Rise Up Australia Party to be coming into operation. Thanks so greatly to the Lord and you folk.

    (Yesterday, personally, the dear Lord was giving me Habakk. 3:17-19 “Although the fig tree shall not blossom … Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation.”. So I lept up before the Lord).

    Thanks be our Heavenly Almighty Father, our hope, is on His Throne, as He showed Daniel giving to whom He Will, and listens to the cries of the righteous as He did Abraham.

    Blessings always,

    Susan L.

  33. 33 Geraldine

    Simply a message of support and YES, YES, YES, to SOMEONE of the Body of Christ, visible to the world, courageous, and sooo in love with Jesus, that you will stand for HIM and HIM alone!! Mega blessings to you and your family for your stand. I wish I, personally, had a platform for the outpouring of my heart on these issues, but God knows.

    Shalom from Geraldine, on the Central Coast of N.S.W.

  34. 34 Julie

    Amen Brother Daniel. I stand with you

  35. 35 Kathleen Thomson

    I thank you Daniel for standing your ground. This country needs a lot of prayer. There are voices in the wilderness of Australia crying out for help and the church needs to be there for them and to stand up for what is right in the eyes of God.

  36. 36 Bradley

    Dear Ps. Danny,

    I have been pressing in regarding what is Gods strategy to overcome the current attack on Marriage and I believe the response has been if the Church is prepared to get on its knees and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of our Nation then He will go forward on our behalf to defeat this attack.


  37. 37 Margaret

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I just couldn’t resist writing to you. I have just read your “waking up after the horse has bolted”.

    I really admire you and your stand and love getting your emails.

    May God Bless and Protect you,


  38. 38 Lyn

    Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, share the Gospel, save the lost, care for widows and orphans, heal the sick, bear much good fruit, obey His commands, be merciful ………..

  39. 39 June (Rev)

    Dear Pastor Daniel

    I met you some years ago when you were in London. Although the Lord has based me in London, I have followed Australian matters (as I am an Australian) with a sense of deepening concern. Living in London I have seen the profile of UK altered by governments that have not honoured the Word of God nor their own heritage.

    I thank God for every stand you have taken against the evil that is endeavouring to change the Australian profile. There is much yet to be done, here in UK and indeed throughout the world. I thank you for your faithfulness in obeying the Lord and continuing to stand for the uncompromising word of God.

    Years ago (1970), the Lord spoke to me about UK and said that a revival was coming here that would be greater than the one under the Wesley brothers – and that was not small. I believe this, but I do not stand back and wait for it to happen. I am praying, working and doing what I can to stand for what I believe the Bible says.

    God bless and keep you.

    Every blessing

    June (Rev)

  40. 40 Mark

    Look at my latest video exposing the homosexual agenda for all it is:


    Bless Ya and Happy CHRISTmas!


  41. 41 Mary H

    Your comment has been published:

    Well done Loree Rudd…You are bold indeed, do not concern about any criticism. Moses and His Holy Law Giver, will be eternally proud of you and so are we.

    I am sure you will be most welcomed to join the new christian political party.


    We have waited a long time for a party such as this.

    With love

    Mary H

    To view your comment online go to:

  42. 42 Mark


    Did you notice that only 5 ministers took the oath and that 15 (including Gillard) made a Godless affirmation??

    How bad is that!!!!


  43. 43 Esther

    Dear Pastor

    Praise the Lord

    Thanks so much for the lovely and encouraging emails. I have been so blessed.

    Gods richest blessings be upon you all.


  44. 44 James

    Dear Pastor,

    The appalling hypocrisies of those in this country who call themselves ‘Christians’ and purport to follow the example of Christ never cease to astonish and depress me. That any politician could be called ‘the Christian choice’ is downright wrong, as they’re all equally corrupt, but can anyone say that by trying to force the views of a dwindling, outspoken minority onto those who would prefer to take their fate into their own hands, they are actually living a Christian life?

    Christ taught of love, and of salvation, not of condemnation and hate.

    Homosexuals, Lesbians, Gays, LGBT, whatever labels you want to place on them are people. Yes, their views may differ to ours, (or yours), they may go against what is written in the bible, but they are people who deserve to be loved, not despised. Whilst you may feel that it is the ‘right’ thing to do to uphold the values that you believe come from God, it is not up to us in the end, and whether or not you believe that God will punish this so-called sin, it is thoroughly un-Christian to punish another human being, and to not respect their freedom of choice and life.

    God gave us free will so that we could CHOOSE to serve him, not be forced to, and it is simply disgusting to see the vitriol heaped on those who disagree by the ‘Christian’ mainstream. Is it truly the Christian way to make another suffer in life? Whether or not you believe that God will punish these ‘sinners’ in eternity, how can we say that it is the right thing to do to stifle their freedom? We can live by our morals and values if we wish, so why can’t they?


    A recovering Christian

  45. 45 doug fargo

    Bless you for saying this, and please use you influence to keep up the fight against eating shellfish. I know that the hypocrite Rudd eats crabs and prawns IN PUBLIC, counter to our Levitical commands, and Gillard has it on the menu at the Lodge, and forces visitors to eat it! No wonder our Lord has turned his face against us!

  46. 46 Joan

    It’s great to read this website and comments by true Christians that don’t compromise the word of God. Keep up the good work. Will be constantly praying for you all. It is better to please and fear God than man!

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