Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear family & friends in Christ,

1) Glory to God for another weekend full of Kingdom action under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, as the Lord moved mightily in Sydney where Pr Daniel ministered the prophetic Word at a Christmas evangelistic outreach organised by some Indonesian and Korean churches!

Some Indonesian & Korean churches combined together and did an amazing job with music, dance, etc.

The Christmas Love Street Parade was so great and very colourful that it attracted the attention of thousands of people in the CBD of Sydney.

At Park in Sydney, a few hundred people gathered to watch this great afternoon of celebrating the birth of Jesus!

As Pr Daniel spoke on ‘Remembering the Special Gift on Christmas Day” many people passing by watched and listened with great interest.

Additionally, over the weekend several people gave their lives to Jesus, including 2 Indonesian Buddhist men, a taxi driver and a young man from China that were all led to the Lord through Pr Daniel!

The 22 year old young man from China, a university student, came to the house where Pr Daniel was before ministering at the service, gave his life to Jesus, and was very keen to get baptised in water!

After speaking to the leaders of this fellowship, Pr Daniel baptised the young man in the bathtub in their house. As this young man came out of the water, he also received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and burst out praying in tongues! It was just absolutely amazing!

Later in the evening as Pr Daniel finished preaching and started praying for people, another young man started manifesting with demons. As Pr Daniel started casting out the demons, young Martin, the Chinese young man came up and started praying in tongues

Everyone was surprised as this young Chinese man prayed the demons started shouting and leaving the body of the other guy!

Pr Daniel stated, “I was so excited to see how the Lord could use someone who had just received Christ, was baptised in water, newly filled with the Holy Spirit and was now casting out demons. All glory to God”.

Additionally, while in Sydney, Pr Daniel received some very exciting news from a Pastor who was visiting Australia from Indonesia. This information was also confirmed through a few other sources.

In one particular province in Indonesia (for security reasons we are not giving the name of the province) one top most Islamic leader who was dying of some sickness in hospital was prayed over by a Pastor and then miraculously healed by Jesus!

This has resulted in up to 10,000+ Muslims in that region accepting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, with around 4000 that have already been baptised in water! Pr Daniel met the Pastor who was going to baptise another 2000 this week and he told Pr Daniel that another 4000 are waiting to be baptised over the next few weeks!

Pr Daniel stated, “I was just so shocked and so very excited to hear this great news. They were pleading with me to come to Indonesia to help them out and do a few crusades. I just cant stop thanking Jesus for bringing these precious Muslim people to Him.”

2) Pr Daniel will be ministering at CTFM in Melbourne (Hallam) this Sunday 18th December at the 9:30am & 6:30pm services which will both be broadcast live Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (AEDT).

Please note that the 6:30pm is a very special Christmas Carol Service.

You may watch the webcast live at

If you’re watching from outside of Australia, please note that the live stream time is AEDT (UTC/GMT +11).

Click the following link to find out the time difference from Melbourne, Australia to your part of the world.

Also for those of you in the Melbourne area, our weekly intercessory prayer meeting, open to the wider Body of Christ for Australia’s transformation, is this Friday 16th December starting at 7:30pm.

Our Youth service meets regularly on Saturdays at 5pm.

All of these meetings will be held at Catch the Fire Apostolic Centre, 23 Melverton Drive Hallam.  Mel 96:G2

6 Responses to “Sydney Catches the Fire / More than 10,000 Muslim converts to Jesus want to get baptised in Indonesia / Live Webstreaming of AM & PM services this unday at CTFM”

  1. 1 Maree


    I saw Danny on the weekend, wow what a service..God is amazing!!!!

    Thank you & God bless you for everything


  2. 2 Angie

    Great to hear something so dynamic and positive.

    If you listen to the media is seems the darkness is winning.

    Praise God.


  3. 3 PD

    Praise the Lord. Great news. Thank you for sharing.

    God continue to bless with fruitfulness,


  4. 4 R

    My grandson was suicidal Saturday night.

    As I was driving past his house at 8.30pm I felt a strong prompting to drop in.

    Mother and son were distraught, screaming, sobbing and unable to talk. Somehow I was able to speak to my grandson. I told him that I was there to help and that Jesus had defeated Death, Hell and Destruction and could get him out of this situation.

    Did he want to invite Jesus into his heart and totally surrender his life to him? Yes. He prayed;” Dear Jesus I believe you died on the cross for me to set me free. I am sorry for turning away from you and I repent for all the sin in my life. Please forgive me and come into my heart right now. Holy Spirit come too.”

    I explained that when we hurt and are over sensitive to an ordinary situation in our present, we have lies going on in our head that have started sometime ago. These are often in our childhood and we make inner vows like we’re not good enough or I’ll never let anyone love me etc. We often harbour unforgiveness too.

    We prayed for the Holy Spirit to show us if there was such an occurrence and when. We were not going to dig up every bit of conflict in his life, only one or two things that the Holy Spirit would highlight to us. God showed this teenager a time when he was very young (about 2 yrs old) when he was trying to make everyone happy, but kept failing. He felt that he was a loser and would never be good enough and would be better off dead. The teenager then invited Jesus into that place and the Holy Spirit to come in too (whilst I was quietly praying in tongues). He then started crying. I asked him if he could feel the presence of Jesus. “Yes” he said. “Can you see him?” ”Yes”. “What is He doing?” “He’s holding out his hands towards me”. I continued to pray in tongues.

    “What’s He doing now? “I asked.” He’s hugging me. I can feel so much love like I’ve never felt before. He just loves me no matter what. I can feel His love oozing into me”. I continued praying. Jesus showed him that his Mum had spoken harsh words because of the situation she had found herself in and he had also been unfairly condemning to himself. He then prayed to God, forgiving his mum and forgiving himself .The young man then invited Jesus and the Holy Spirit into the place where he had first thought that he’d be better off dead, whilst I prayed. “Can you see Jesus? “ “Yes”.” What’s He doing?” “He’s got His hand on my head”…” What’s happening now?” “Jesus is taking all the negative stuff out and replacing it with good stuff”. The young man asked Jesus to forgive him for his negative thoughts of death and forgave his Mum for hurtful words spoken at that time and released her into God’s hands. We just stayed in God’s presence for some time and my grandson was flooded with the peace of God. I could see his previously hunched up body straighten up, being strengthened supernaturally and regenerating in the love and peace of Jesus.

    Sometime later we started talking about looking after yourself: e.g. eating well, sleeping, walking etc. The Word of God is like food. It puts good stuff into your brain and is very powerful. I asked my grandson if he had a bible. He didn’t think so. Would you like one? He said he definitely would.

    The next day I went round to his place with a Bible. I found him freely laughing like a young child thoroughly enjoying life. He was so thankful for what Jesus had done for him and for the Good News in his bible.

    Hallelu Yah! Praise King Jesus for His sovereignty, his loving kindness, forgiveness, salvation deliverance and his victory. Let us walk in it and be ready to give an answer to those we meet for the hope that is in us. Hallelu Yah!

    How awesome is our God. It’s great to see family come into the glorious Kingdom of Jesus.

    Victorious in Christ,


  5. 5 Celi

    This is great! :) Celi

  6. 6 Ruth

    Dear Ps Nalliah,

    Praise God, for the wonderful work He is doing in Indonesia! The enemy may try to prevent God’s Word going forth, but Jesus has the Victory!

    God bless,


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