The QueenDear family & friends in Christ,

1) A few weeks ago a minister from the Presbyterian church came to visit Pr Daniel at CTFM office. At this meeting he told him that he had spent time with the Queen in Scotland and that the Queen was truly born again. This was during the time she was visiting Australia.

Well glory to God the attached link is the message the Queen delivered for Christmas 2011. It is just amazing. I am sure you will be mightily blessed.

Please click here to watch:

2) On New Year’s Eve there will be a service to dawn the new year at CTFM starting at 10pm on 31st Dec 2011. This service will be live webcast on starting from 10.45pm. Pr Daniel will be sharing the message.

As the new year is dawned there will be proclamations declaring ‘Australia for Jesus’ and then we will all partake in communion. You are most welcome to join us at the meeting or via the webcast. We are sure that you will be mightily blessed.

3) For those living in the Melbourne area, there will be no Sunday AM service at CTFM on 1st of Jan, but there will be an evening service at 6.30pm.

All of these meetings will be held at Catch the Fire Apostolic Centre, 23 Melverton Drive Hallam. Mel 96:G2

Love in Christ,

Elizabeth Ryan
Catch the Fire Ministries

11 Responses to “Amazing Christmas message from the Queen/Live webcast New Years Eve”

  1. 1 John

    Thankyou Elizabeth for passing on the Queen’s message.
    It certainly was a timely note at a time when Christianity and Christ
    are being so thoroughly put down.
    In fact the Queen has been a true Christian for many years which is
    no doubt why she has been such a good Queen.
    Her father – George the sixth was a Christian before her.
    While I was a missionary in India in the 1950 -60 s, a British Brethren
    missionary told me that the King used to attend a Wednesday night Bible
    study run by the Brethren until , just before it was publicly announced that
    he was to be King, he dropped in to the Bible study to tell them that he
    would not be able to attend any more because of his future duties. And
    he asked them to pray for him.
    The Queen and her father were very close.
    Another pointer is the fact that whenever Billy Graham went to England,
    the Queen would invite him to a private visit with her.

    It seems to me that this Christmas we have seen a much greater emphasis
    in the media on Christian aspects of the season. I suspect it is a
    defensive reaction to the world invasion which is going on .
    Let’s pray that it continues !!

    In Him,


  2. 2 June

    God Bless you, thankyou for this message. May the Peace(shalom) of heaven invade our lives in 2012. Bless you all heaps and stay blessed. Amen.

    With love


  3. 3 Ron


    I rejoice in the knowledge that Queen Elizabeth 2 is born again. But I lament at the billions who are yet to realize their need of salvation but rejoice that I /we through our daily witness, can let those we come in contact with the know their need of personal salvation.

    God bless you

  4. 4 Bev


  5. 5 Dawn

    Dear Elizabeth,
    Thank you so much for sending the Queen’s message. It would have been viewed by millions! What a testimony.
    It should be a great encouragement to christians who are timid in speaking about their faith. God bless her.

    I had not previously heard her give such a direct message. Having always loved Her Majesty and coming from a family of royalists here in Oz, it brought tears to my eyes. (She remeinds me of my own dear mother who is now is the presence of the Lord.

    I know God is really blessing Danny and all the team and I look forward to receiving your emails throughout 2012. I will continue to pray for you.

    In His Name,


  6. 6 Janine

    As a child growing up in the 60’s, we always sang the national anthem on Monday mornings at Catholic Primary School. Albeit parrot fashion then, it was when I became born again in 89 that I realised with new eyes that this anthem was actually a prayer. God save our gracious Queen,( He did) Long live our noble Queen,(He did) Send Her victorious (He did) Happy and glorious (He did) Long to reign over us (He Did) God save our Queen. Wow! God is so good. Their own Prime Minister has just decared in the media that England is a Christian nation! That is a massive declaration in the face of ‘ political correctness’ and ‘tolerance’. For the first time maybe ever, I actually sat up and watched with interest the Queens Christmas message and was mightily blessed to hear her words of repentance and forgiveness. It has healed nations! How powerful is that! May we pray for her successor and for her family too and with humility remember to say “sorry”with sincerity when we wrong someone so that that person and the relationship has a chance to heal. God Bless you all and the very best of Gods blessing to you and your families in 2012. Much love in Him, Your Sister In Christ. Janine.

  7. 7 Alison Fraser

    It perhaps should be noted that the Head of State of the United Kingdom and Australia ( ie Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11) is Supreme Governor of the Church of England. This has been the case for all British Monarchs since 1559. While the position is largely symbolic, there is little doubt that the Queen, and her antecedents, take the position seriously. Defender of the Faith has also been part of the Monarch’s title since 1521 (with a small gap of a few years).

    Given the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth in 2011 agreed to change the rules regarding succession to the throne to allow women to succeed if first born (not only if there are no male heirs at all) and Roman Catholics (not allowed at present), there may be changes in the future.

  8. 8 Phil - Sydney

    Dear Catch the Fire Team,

    Thank you also for putting the Queen’s message on your website.
    In the past the Queen’s message about Christmas has been a little vague to me, But this time it is a great encouragement to hear her speaking about her faith openly and clearly.

    God bless her.

    Long may she reign.

    Regretably I don’t hold Prince Charles in such high esteem but we must also pray for his Salvation as well. He desperately needs Christ


  9. 9 Susan

    Dear Elizabeth at Catch the Fire,

    Thank you for this link to the Queen’s message.

    I saw just her closing comments on the news on Christmas evening, but even so was thrilled by what I heard.

    Thank you, now I have been able to hear the whole message and it is wonderful.

    I used to sing God Save the Queen every Monday morning at school. It is a joy to see that the Lord has truly saved our Queen.

    God bless you,

    regards Susan
    Chester Hill, NSW

  10. 10 Kay

    Dear Folks,

    It’s great to read David Cameron’s comments but I also watched Queen Elizabeth’s speech at Christmas time and I thought it was a wonderful Christian message pointing to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ but not many people have commented this to me.

    May 2012 be a wonderful year for your ministry around the world as it brings honour and glory to our wonderful Saviour.



  11. 11 Robert Phillips

    How can any true christain man or woman follow the pagan festivals of easter & xmas. How can any true christain pastor promote such garbage. As for Queen Elizabeth 11, l have recently been told by a man in the UK who is 100% trustworthy that her royal highness is a born again believer. However isn’t her husband a 33rd degree freemason. Please correct me if l am incorrect.
    H.R.H. has every right to speak for herself. Making a stand for correct biblical teachings doesn’t mean she’s shouting out against the UK. government.

    Final note : any government that ok ‘s gay marriage is doomed & great judgement will come upon those goverment officials who passed those laws & went against Gods laws. The mighty God of Abraham Isaac & Jacob didn’t create Adam & Steve.
    Adam & Eve walked in his garden.

    I can only hope that H.R.H. eventually realizes that those festivals will lead to certain death & no eternal life will come to the participation of them. The scriptures speaking the truth on this subject are in the bible if you choose to seek them out.

    Robert Phillips

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