Dear family & friends in Christ,

1) We thank and praise God for His ever increasing presence manifest among His children!

The weekend gone by will not be forgotten by those who attended the Sunday worship services at Catch The Fire Apostolic Centre in Hallam (Melbourne), as many people came to receive the word of the Lord preached by a mighty man of God from South Africa, who moved very powerfully in the Apostolic and Prophetic Anointing of the Holy Spirit!

On Sunday at CTFM the worship was just absolutely awesome, as the service turned into a real Holy Ghost party, with people jumping, dancing and praising God all over the building!  Pr Daniel anointed all who came to the altar, laid hands and prayed for them. Many were healed, delivered and set free! One woman who had deliverance was also instantly healed of severe problems in her legs!

Another lady who received prayer for healing from cancer 12 months ago at CTFM, came back to church on Sunday with her daughter who shared the following testimony. She said, “My mum came up for prayer 12 months ago, as she had breast cancer. She had to undergo an operation, but we all trusted God for a miracle. Pr Daniel and many others in church prayed with us and trusted God for a miracle. Mum went for a full check up and the doctors have told her that she has no cancer at all anymore. Thank you Jesus my Mum is healed!”

Pr Daniel also preached on Saturday night at an Indonesian church and Sunday afternoon at a Sudanese church in Melbourne, where the Spirit of God moved most powerfully in touching the hearts of many people.

What a mighty God we serve! We pray, “Lord, we want to see more of Your manifest presence in our nation!”

2) Special Guest Speaker Bro Yun, the author of the book ‘Heavenly Man’ from the underground church in China, will be ministering this Sunday Nov 13th – 9.30am & 6.30pm at CTFM in Melbourne (Hallam).

3) This Friday there will be no prayer meeting at CTFM, we will be joining the Global Day of Worship and the Solemn Assembly on  11/11/11 from 10.30am till 11pm at Church of Christ, 680 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster.

Click the following link for more info, to download the brochure and spread the word about 11.11.11.


4) Following is a report we received from Pr Geraldine of CTFM, who heads up Options + Care, our Pregnancy Counselling Division.

 “Hi Team,

 Excellent news, baby saved yesterday through mother seeing ultra sound of baby.

 A 17 year old young student went to an abortion clinic a few weeks ago. She was requested to pay $700 cash up front for an abortion(which she didn’t have). As she was leaving the clinic she spoke to some prayers out the front. They encouraged her to keep her baby and referred her to “Options Plus Care” for an Ultra sound.

Praise God, the Holy Spirit guided my hand through the ultra sound. The first placing we saw nothing. The second application we saw a baby: head and strong heart beating, spinal column, then the baby waved and showed us five fingers. The young mum had tears in her eyes and knew she was keeping her precious baby.  She has lots of things to work out. Her whole family lives overseas. She knows Jesus and I had the privilege of praying with her. Continue to uphold her in your prayers.”

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden

Evangelist – Catch the Fire Ministries

8 Responses to “Woman Healed of Cancer / Bro Yun / 11-11-11 / Another Baby Saved”

  1. 1 Rachel

    Praise Yah for us His children being there at the right time to save the little ones who have no voice of their own.

    The Father’s heart will be so relieved.



  2. 2 Tony

    Hello Jason,

    I am coming down with my Wife from Central Victoria Castlemaine for this Sunday service,

    Special Guest Speaker Bro Yun, the author of the book ‘Heavenly Man’ from the underground church in China, will be ministering this Sunday Nov 13th – 9.30am & 6.30pm at CTFM in Melbourne (Hallam).

    I was enquiring about bringing my Shofar for the morning service thats if you have a worship time as I carry them with me available and waiting for the Holy Spirit to Prompt me to Sound it .

    I always ask the Pastor of the Church if it is appropriate

    Can you let me know please? I will not be offended if I am refused

    Thank You,


    God Bless

  3. 3 Joy

    I thank the Lord God Almighty for the great work that you are doing and am surprised that more Christians here in Tasmania, when I mention Catch the Fire or Danny’s name, don’t know of you.


  4. 4 Paul

    You are an awesome God. Thank you for your servants who minister your truth & power to a hungry world searching for truth.


  5. 5 James

    WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. 6 Zina

    Shalom for Jerusalem Israel!!! Thanks for your prayers. Have been to visit many places in between the watches that we are doing from 10-12 am/pm. The morning watch is flexible according to my personal schedule.I am thoroughly enjoying myself. Please continue to uphold us in prayer. Blessings to all at CTF.

    Zina View Daily Word Prayers. Yeshua is the same , yesterday , today and forever.

  7. 7 Pastor Delton

    Thank you for the information. I believe in what God is doing today. I am an Ordained Bishop in the Church Of God, and looking for a church where people of all walks of life are welcomed. Pastor Delton

  8. 8 Lyn

    Hello saints at CTFM: I went along to 2 1/2 hours of this solemn assembly on 11-11-11 – and it was indeed very awesome. The presence of the Lord was there and it was such a good place to be.

    I did not know anyone there except for one of the the piano players – Judy – whom I have met twice, BUT I felt I was as at home with my brothers and sisters in the Lord.
    Usually on the 11-11-11 we remember our ‘diggers’ who died for the sake of our country and whilst in the meeting I realised that we were the DIGGERS- digging in and not moving back, not allowing the enemy to take any more ground- but rather moving forward to take the ground he has stolen, back!!!

    Soldiers gave up their lives for this nation and LIKEWISE we were there in that meeting ‘giving up our lives ie. our agenda/ dying to self to interceed and endure hardness for the sake of our nation.

    I had a revelation that we are the soldiers that this nations needs – to stop the enemy within- not shooting at one another, but rather standing shoulder to shoulder as soldiers do, in unity, with one focus, looking out for one another – especially when a group move onto the front line, the rest of the soldiers watch out for the enemy so that those in the front don’t get killed.

    Likewise, the Body of Christ as faithful soldiers ought not to get sidetracked and do our own thing/ gossip about/get into strife with their leaders but rather look out for our spiritual leaders and governmental leaders etc, to put a hedge of protection around them to protect them from the firey darts of the enemy. So the KEY is to be a fatihful soldier working alongside other faithful soldiers each being faithful to do the bit that God has called us as individuals to do!!!

    I believe much was done in the spirit on 11-11- 11 by the Soldiers of the Cross and I ask – CAN WE DO THIS AGAIN SOON??? Soldiers don’t work alone!!!!

    I live in Bundoora so Doncaster was only 1/2 hour away- so the venue was great for me. How was it for others??

    Thankyou so much for organising such a meeting. Next time I would like to bring a car load of friends.

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