Dear Friends,

We are excited about what God is doing in our midst! Here is an update on what has been happening with Rise Up Australia Party .

Things at Head Office in Melbourne are hotting up – the office is manned full time and staff training is continuing. We are pleased to announce that the candidate selection process underway. A number of people have indicated their willingness to stand and we are looking for as many candidates as possible, so if you are interested, please contact the National Campaign Co-ordinator, Dennis O’Brien at or phone him on 03 9708 6691. He will send you a Candidate Application Form with all the details of information required for the first step in the process. When we have completed the pre-selection process, we will begin candidate training seminars.

We are also working on policy development in consultation with various experts and will be producing a policy booklet which you will be able to distribute around your communities and contacts.

Branches starter kits will be available soon, so if you are interested in helping to form a branch in your area, please contact me on this email address . I am currently forming a list of people who will be branch contacts and can put you in touch with others in nearby areas. Branches are the life blood of a Party, a place to air your views, show your support, raise funds,  meet with others in the Party and hear the latest news from RUA Head Office.

Rev Dr Daniel Nalliah (President – RUAP) has been busy travelling around the country spreading the word and is seeing much excitement and support for Rise Up Australia Party everywhere he goes. The people of Australia are ready for a change to honest and accountable Members of Parliament who will uphold our traditional values and Keep Australia Australian!

You can also keep up with the latest on our Facebook page –  here: (Ctrl and click to follow link) RUA Facebook Link.

Please drop us a line if you would like to assist in any way.

Kind regards,

Rev Estelle O’Brien

Rise Up Australia Party

National Executive Secretary

Ph 03 9708 9961

Mob 0458 090 178

4 Responses to “Update from Rise Up Australia Party Office”

  1. 1 Gerry

    Well done Danny,Estelle and party workers.

    All your work is greatly appreciated. May Almighty God Hasten the day when the R.U.A. is a power for godly politics.

    God Bless and protect all that you do for the Lord Jeshua.

  2. 2 Robin

    Good morning Pastor Danny and all your team.
    Armistice Day today, and in about an hour we are going to be praying to Almighty God in remembrance of the brave men and women who gave their lives for the safety and welfare of our great nation – and the free world. Whilst of course not all of these men and women would have been Christians, I believe that the great majority were, and even those who were not would have been influenced by the then prevailing beliefs of Christianity, which God Himself gave us to lead and guide us to be a righteous people. These values are now under threat by the enemy, and our nation is in danger of becoming apostate.
    So! Rise Up Australia indeed! Pray, entreat, and let’s get back to operating from the position of power that being Christians entitles us to.
    God Bless your Ministry Danny. You are a brave and godly man – there is much envy and discord among the leaders of Christ’s Church (which the gates of Hell will NOT prevail against!) and you stand out, as so few do, as a leader and inspirer.

  3. 3 Rachael

    This is just a matter of thought. The nation of Australia needs to repent. The people of Australia need to individually repent cause of the ancestral defyance. If their generations have abandoned Yah. Yah is a jealous Yah and He so wants us to be completely devoted to Him in every way. This is a matter of priority if you are going to run a campaign for Australian government.



  4. 4 Barry

    Hi! Can I encourage you to wait even more on Our Lord Jesus Christ. Can you also seek out Christ’s genuine Eph. 4:11 prophets in Australia (most of them are not big names in the ACC) and then in a multitude of counselours there is safety. Also note what is said in Revelation 18. What would happen to the Australian nation and its churches IF the all the international commercialism was suddenly made PHUT by The Lord Almighty? You would hear all the political leaders, merchants (shopkeepers) and the international maritime trade crying so loud that they could be heard all over the nation and the churches. We may have far less time left than anyone realises.


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