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“If He can wake me from the dead, He can make your eyes brand new, He can make your heart complete, He can change lives in a heartbeat if we are just a little open to walk under His direction.” -Melanie Pritchard

(Phoenix, AZ)—Melanie Pritchard, a well known pro-life and pro-family activist, went into labor on July 28th, 2010, but little did she know her ensuing ordeal would nearly kill her and her child. When Melanie’s—the baby’s—heart-rate and blood pressure plummeted drastically, her husband Doug began requesting prayer. The world-wide response was incredible, with Believers around the world storming “Heaven for a miracle.”

Her daughter, Gabriella was born healthy, but Melanie had reportedly been clinically dead for 10 minutes before finally being resuscitated. She had suffered an “amniotic fluid embolism” and had lost copious amounts of blood. The prognosis was dire.

Reporter Peter Baklinski with LifeSiteNews continues: “With her catastrophic hemorrhaging, three back-to-back emergency major surgeries, heart and lung failure, and possible brain damage, the odds were overwhelmingly stacked against Melanie. The doctors gave her a zero percent chance of survival. Doug was told to say ‘goodbye’ to the love of his life.

“Doctors say that what happened in the next 24 hours defies medical explanation. Melanie suddenly began to breathe on her own. She was weaned off all medications except those for pain. And then, to the astonishment of all, she began to talk. Though there was still a long road of recovery before her, leaving the hospital alive was an astonishing accomplishment for the woman for whom doctors had said there was no hope.”

“When I woke up from death,” said Melanie, “I thought to myself that the miracle of my survival was huge, but when I heard about the amount of people who prayed for me, I thought ‘that was the greatest miracle,'” Melanie told LifeSiteNews.com in an interview. “It is one thing for this miracle to happen to myself, but then to hear how it affected so many people, that is the greatest miracle.”

“When I was young,” she said, “I used to have this little wish with the Lord. I would say ‘Lord, can You make me like St. Peter?’ Can You give me a little of what You gave to Him on Pentecost so that what I say or do might convert 3000 people a day? I honestly think that this moment wasn’t for me. I have always said, ‘use me Lord, in whatever way You want, anytime You want.'”

Also, notes the report, “As an advocate for marriage as a ‘free, total, faithful, and fruitful kind of love,’ she says that everything she and her husband knew about marriage with a ‘head-knowledge’ suddenly made sense to them in the realm of the ‘heart.'”

“Everything we were teaching about God’s plan for a joy-filled marriage really came true,” she said. “Even in the midst of this suffering, Doug and I still found joy. We discovered you can still find joy in your marriage, even in the depths of this kind of suffering.”

Melanie credits her and Doug’s premarital chastity as a school of training that prepared them to “survive” the difficult road to recovery, explaining that chastity is about becoming an “apprentice in self-mastery.” She said it takes “sacrifice, suffering, and much conditioning.”

As an example, she says that during her recovery, she never worried about Doug “running to the computer to look at pornography” or “cheating” on her because he had “already become an artist himself in self-mastery.”

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  1. 1 Justin Mountain

    Praise be to you Lord Jesus Christ for for delivering this mother, for allowing her to continue to be mother to her children and continue her work as defender of those targetted in the womb.
    Protect and deliver the maximum no. of Christian parents from adversity, maximise their usage as your effective instruments working for your Kingdom – may your Kingdom come through Christian families.

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