Dear family & friends in Christ,

We wish to bring to your attention that Pr Norm Armstrong of Revival Life Centre Penshurst, NSW has gone to be with the Lord. He was 95 years old when he departed earth to join the armies of heaven.  His funeral will be held at Revival Life Centre, 663 King Georges Rd Penshurst NSW 2222, on Monday 21st November at 11 am followed by a Private Burial at 1 pm.

For those of you who don’t know him, he is the Pastor on whom Smith Wigglesworth prophesied regarding the coming revival in Australia at the beginning of the 20th century. In turn Pr Norm passed on the mantle to Pr Daniel. I am sure you would have read the prophetic word regarding Australia when we sent it out a few weeks ago.

Pr Daniel stated, “The Church has lost a true soldier in the army of God. But glory to God he is now with Jesus. I remember the words that Pr Norm said just after he prophesied over me, with his hands lifted up he said, ‘ Lord I am now ready to come home’. Well certainly the Lord heard his prayer, because Pr Norm faithfully fulfilled his task ”.

Please pray for Pr Ruth and the congregation. Also for Pr Norm’s family.

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  1. 1 Pastor Marilyn

    Hi CTF

    Thank you for the advice re Ps Norm Armstrong – what a great example he has been to so many of us.


    Pastor Marilyn

  2. 2 Rosemary

    Thank you for letting everyone know about our Pastor Armstrong.

    God bless you,


  3. 3 Michael

    Dear Sister Elizabeth,

    Thank you for the email. As I am new to Catch the Fire church, I would like to know the prophetic word regarding Australia when you sent it out a few weeks ago.

    Thank you so much and God bless,


  4. 4 Paul & Lynda

    Hi Elizabeth

    Thanks for keeping us updated on all that is happening. You are are such a wonderful & humble servant of God.

    Bless you in Jesus,

    Paul & Lynda

  5. 5 Val

    Yes Lord.

    Thank you.

    A few of us have waited a long time to have Smith Wigglesworth’s prophesy raised up.


  6. 6 Barry

    Ps Norm was a truly inspirational man to me in my Teenage years when I was under Ps Ron Stewart at Life centre, Hurstville.Ps Norm performed the first Miracle I have ever seen at Hurstville Civic centre in 1973.

  7. 7 John Law

    In 1982 under Pastor Norm Armstrong’s Ministry I gave my heart to the Lord.

    Ruth Harvey (Pastor Norms Assistant) preached on Mephibosheth. It was the first time I had really heard the scriptures and the thought of Mephibosheth (the son of shame) being reconciled with his king re-generated my spirit and established a linkage with God that 29 years later has never waned.

    It was gratifying yesterday to be among a packed Revival Life Centre to pay my respects to a good and godly man.

  8. 8 Heather

    Several weeks ago ( ? Sept) I sent to Pastor Norm Armstrong via the RevivaL centre Penshurst, some hankerchiefs to pray over for various people and questions of a Biblical nature along with a reply paid envelope. I have been waiting for the return mail expectantly since then and am very sad to hear of his death. However he has fulfilled His Lord’s work for him.

    I 1st heard about Pastor Armstrong early this year when reading Col stringer’s book on Smith Wigglesworth and was keen to come to Sydney and ask him to pray for me ( especially since he had been prayed for by Smith Wigglesworth)Though I was aware that he was probably a very busy and sought after man. However when i emailed the church a bit later I was simply told that he was no longer there. When i got up the courage, I sent the hankerchiefs etc. Perhaps Pr Daniel could pray over the hankerchiefs instead and answer my questions when he has a moment? I would appreciate that very much. In the mean time from an ordinary Australian tothe congrgation at the Revival Centre, to the pastors and pastor Norm’s family i pray for God’s comfort to you all.In Christ, Heather Scott( Nicholson)

  9. 9 Jason

    God bless you Heather and thank you for your comments. Please due send the hankerchiefs with a note to Catch the Fire Ministries PO Box 7427 Dandenong VIC 3175

    In Christ,


  10. 10 Rev June

    1 December 2011

    Hello Catch the Fire Ministry

    Thank you for the emails you send. I have been based in London since 1970 when the Lord directed my steps here. I am an Australian and have known the Armstrong family for my early years. Pastor Norm’s brother, David, lived in my hometown Cairns and his father was resident at the Commonwealth Bible College where I studied for the ministry.

    The last time I saw Pastor Norm was in Wellington in NZ the night before I left for travel that eventually brought me to London. Pastor Norm prophesied that the Lord would lead me and bring me into ministry and use me for the Lord’s glory.

    From time to time, through your emails, I have not only been able to hear of what is happening in my country but has brought news of old friends and acquaintenances.

    The news of Pastor Norm’s passing into glory has brought a mixture of joy and sorrow – joy because Pastor Norm is now in the presence of the Lord he loved and served but sadness that yet another person I know has gone from the circle of people that are part of my own background.

    Thank you again for the emails sent out.


    June D (Rev)

  11. 11 reginald woodbridge

    praise God for Australias beloved evangilist.A man of the word of God.Norm was always encouraging Gods people to practice things such as Proverbs4;20;23.principles.Have The Word in you.and its meditation would produce the things you believed God for.I remember speaking many times on this.sadly i Had a severe crisis in my life that took me out of the teaching and preaching world for a number of years.But GODS GOODNESS HAS BOUGHT ME BACK.Norms encouraging words to myself personally in time when a teacher of truth was needed .was a great factor in my life for Gods glory..This was back in the early eightees.and i will always remember Norm.and see him in Heaven .and thank God He was in Gods armies while on Earth but he departed to be with the Lord and is now entered into that glorious rest of all true believers.yes God did renew his youth as the Eagles.Psalm103;5….and Norm was a real ambassador for Christ.and faithful.God never asked of us success,He did ask faithfulness to our calling.Norm was one who was.loking forward to that great day when we all stand in heaven together.When the family is joined forever .amen well done thou good and faithfull servant.from Reg Woodbridge

  12. 12 reginald woodbridge

    Thank you for posting my words regarding Evangilist Norman Armstrong.Australia was and is still greatly influenced by the legacy such men left behind.As in all generations there is a changing,sadly as we look at The Lords people in The old testament it seems there was never a time in The history of the bible that there were ever two complete generations of men faithfull to God who were Kings of Israel.As we look at early bible days history we see the same picture . The men of God who sought not there own but the things that are Jesus Christs are gone,as Paul recorded in Phillipians2;21..But where were the men who turned the world upside down Acts.17;6.and whom all Asia heard the Word of Acts19;10 in their generation.The Truth was that these men of Gods influence was also not longstanding.Yes all Asia fell from their influence in one generation .2Timothy1;15. is what Paul records of his day.It seems maybe we are needing to be more vigilant than ever.because when true men and faithfull depart to be with the Lord.Nothing is new Our adversary will always seek to undo the great men of Gods influence upon each new Generation.Lets make sure worship of God.Reverential attitudes,and glorifying Our Lord Jesus Christ.and that the price is paid in our time to preserve Truth. make sure the great men of Gods influence lives on as men like Norman Arstrong.are not given to us forever.These precious gifts of God need to be followed by men of the same character.Those willing to lay down their lives in serving Gods eternal like Norman Armstrong .amen from Reg Australia.

  13. 13 merraluna penas

    The world is in dire need for someone who walk God’s Word. I believe few people are doing that in today’s world. i am also joyful that pastor Norm is with Jesus Christ right now. It was a long time ago but his life impacted so many people.

  14. 14 Reginald Woodbridge

    Well time goes by.Long time since last post so will say Norm if you were around today and walked around Australian Churches how would you see us…I have a feeling we have lost much……but Gods men as Norm come.leave a seed among people….and are often quietly forgotten,But God does not forget and on that fast approaching day we stand before him whom we must all give account to…..that is the day we see our worth….Time approaches when we will all see you again Norm…..glory to God amen….

  15. 15 Tony

    I always remember my loving “papa” Norm or full Pastor Norman L Armstrong as a mighty and great soldier of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Papa Norm was like my own “Dad” to the extent of Praying so hard for me when I was pronounced Clinically and Biologically Brain
    Dead.[April 1984] I had the “willpower” Pastor Norm had the God’s Power with him and I was raised back from the dead. (with proof there is a life after death)

    With God in Jesus Name give God the Glory.

    I always love You “Papa Norm”

    You always give me inspiration. “to keep soldering on”

    Always Love You my “Papa” Norm.

    Tony M.

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