Dear family & friends in Christ,

We were so blessed to find out that 1160 computers were tuned into the first ever live webcast of Catch The Fire Ministries, as thousands watched the live streaming of the Heavenly Man, Bro Yun’s meeting last Sunday in Melbourne, Australia. The CTFM auditorium in Hallam was absolutely packed out with more than 400 people in attendance.

Everyone present was mightily blessed in addition to the many reports we received of many families all across Australia who were also tremendously blessed as they watched the webcast. We thank the Lord for this mighty man of God Bro Yun, his wife and their powerful testimony.

We would very much appreciate your feedback too if you watched the webcast. This would help us plan the possibility of live streaming our weekly Sunday services.

Also Pr Daniel had the opportunity to personally meet Bro Yun in Perth over the weekend.  It was a great meeting of 2 men of God who have served the Lord with underground churches, Pr Daniel in Saudi Arabia and Bro Yun in China. Some others watching these 2 men of God meet stated, “It was like an explosion, as we all ended up on the floor on our knees weeping in the presence of God in Koorong book store.”

Pr Daniel had a glorious time of ministry in Perth & Geraldton, WA over the weekend as hundreds of people attended the Holy Spirit revival meetings. Many were healed, delievered and set free by the miracle working power of God, as a few surrendered their lives to Jesus, including the guest house owner where Pr Daniel stayed.

Many shared their testimonies of how they were so inspired and set on fire by the Holy Spirit through Pr Daniel’s ministry.

He preached at the Uniting church at a breakfast where more than 100 people gathered, then at a Four Square Gospel Church, and then at 2 combined churches

People were so excited to hear about Rise Up Australia Political Party, with many shouting for joy as they heard the news. meetings, where more than 12 churches were represented. This included Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Uniting, Church of Christ and many Pentecostal churches. Glory to God as they all came together in unity as the body of Christ to rise up the Kingdom of God in Australia.

Pr Daniel stated, “I am so excited to see what God is doing in our nation of Australia. This is the hour to step in,  push forward and possess the land for Jesus who is waiting to give it to us. I am now confident that we will run a full political campaign in WA in the next federal election, as God brought many people forward to take on the baton for Rise Up Australia Political Party.”

2) Please pray for Evangelist Jason as he ministers the prophetic Word of the Lord and Holy Spirit revival fire at 6 miracle healing services in Perth this Fri 2nd – Sun 4th Dec.  Reply to this email for details.

3) For those of you in the Melbourne area, Pr Daniel will be ministering at CTFM in Hallam this Sunday 4th Dec at both the 9.30am & 6.30pm services.

4) Beginning at 7:30pm this Friday 2nd Dec is our monthly Rise Up Australia prayer meeting in Melbourne open to the wider Body of Christ, followed by an all-night prayer meeting.

12 Responses to “1000+ watch first webcast / Perth and Geraldton, WA Catch the Fire!”

  1. 1 Kathy

    Thank you for live streaming your service today. Have you thought about live streaming every week? A church service at home! Wow!

    Worship is really beautiful and God centred- I felt the presence of the Lord.

    Blessings to all of your team.

    Warmest blessings


  2. 2 Hans and Arlene

    What a miracle. What a privilege.

    Who in a million years would have imagined that when i first saw Bro Yun’s visit through this email to Australia in Melbourne…that i would actually see him in Perth, this wednesday night at a BAPTIST church….go the baptists go the lutherans on hepburn ave:) revival coming to you because God is God and we’re not !

    Seeing Bro Yun in person one metre from me after reading his story in New Zealand years ago, it was too surreal to describe. All I can say is God is God, and He is leading me back to Him.

    Bless ya,

    Hans & Arlene

  3. 3 Noelene

    This would help us plan the possibility of live streaming our weekly Sunday services.



  4. 4 Grace

    It was indeed such a blessings and wonderful for me to be able to watch live streaming of Brother Yun on Sunday as I live a way away.
    It was great. Would also be great if it can be archive for others or me who might want to watch it again.

    I say do it again!! Many thanks to all of you


  5. 5 Nana Dawn

    My husband and I went to your church this morning via webcast as we live in Buderim Queensland. What blessings we received. Thank you so much – this is the first time we have ever watched a webcast. I particularly wanted to hear Bro Yun as I had read his book.His message about China was most encouraging also. I sent your email to the friend who loaned me the book also. I am earnestly praying for my whole family that they will return to the Lord and I have been encouraged by Bro Yun’s messge from the Lord.

    My business card’s title heading is “Pray for our Nation”. Please pray that God’s laws regarding marriage will be upheld by our politicians and the devil and his followers will not succeed in cursing Australia by moving to change those laws.

    Blessings to you in Jesus’ mighty name.

    Dawn (known as Nana Dawn)

  6. 6 Sister Chrysanthi

    Dear Elizabeth & Catch the Fire Ministry team,

    I was grateful to tune into Br. Yun last Sunday. I had been to my church in Cobbitty and was still able to see Br. Yun sharing. It was very moving to hear him sharing about his parents and how he became involved in ministry..
    Thank you for making it possible for so many to share in this telecast..

    Sister Chrysanthi

  7. 7 Debbie

    It was great to watch as I missed seeing him a week ago and then couldn’t make it to the service on Sunday.I have read both his books but have never heard him speak.Hope he comes again.

  8. 8 Michael

    I would love if possible that you could live stream your prayer meetings as well as Sunday ministry.

    Imagine the move of God over the nation when we are all praying together via live streaming across the nation!

    God Bless,


  9. 9 Mike

    Hallelujah! We join you with praise to JESUS the King of kings and thank HIM for the two Daniels …Mike

  10. 10 Robyn

    Praise the Lord for your webcast on Sunday…I not only had the blessing of watching Pastor Yun and your entire church service but my husband too watched most of it and opened his mouth to say something to me and to his surprise he began speaking in tongues…there was a sense of the Presence of God here and the annointing came with me as I travelled over to Westmead Hospital to see my Mum who had had a stroke…I prayed for her and could feel the power of God flow into her….

    It was a truly wonderful way to experience Jesus reminiscent of the first landline of the Billy Graham Crusades in the days of radio in the 1950’s….my parents and brothers and sister went to the landline meeting in Bowral NSW and gave their lives to the Lord there….I had already given my life to Jesus at the age of twelve at a Fellowship camp at Katoomba….24th September 1954 and the Power of the Holy Spirit came upon me there then….

    This is only a very short part of all that has happened in my walk with the Lord…I will be 70 next year and can vouch for a life where the Grace of protection of our heavenly Father has been over me and my family…praise His Name forever…Jesus the king of Kings and Lord of Lords

    bless you all


  11. 11 Ermino

    I was blessed and stired in the spirit that God has chosen Ps Danny to release this fire over Austrlaia, I must admit that Iwas envious also that Icould be one to also partner with Catch the fire ministries for this same burden is my heart to see revivel breakout in Australia for Jew and gentile believers.


  12. 12 Rui lemos

    Greeting for everyone in Light House Geraldton.


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