Dear family & friends in Christ,

The Rise Up Australia prayer movement started in the year 2000 (under the covering of Catch The Fire Ministries) and will continue until the Lord Jesus comes back!

This prayer movement is now operating in around 75-100 bases, with prayer groups meeting every month in churches, community centres, schools, homes, parks, etc., across our nation with thousands of intercessory prayer warriors uniting together as the body of Christ to pray for Australia’s transformation.

Glory to God that this prayer movement, along with many other prayer movements, has further developed an increasingly 24/7 prayer culture in the Body of Christ in Australia.

We thank the Lord, that after a 10 year prayer foundation, He birthed in our hearts to start the Rise Up Australia Political Party in 2010, which is a vehicle through which we could see our nation Australia come back to Jesus, through a national reformation across our Great Southern Land of the Holy Spirit!

Of course the RUA prayer movement will continue to undergird the RUA political party with the wisdom, power and guidance of the Holy Spirit!

When CTFM Board members started prayerfully seeking the Lord’s direction in regard to the political party, one of my Board members who is a practicing medical doctor and a member of the Presbyterian church, received the following prophetic word from the Lord.

Please receive this word with love.

“My Church is in such an apostate state that I cannot reach the nation of Australia through My church right now, so I will cause Rise Up Australia Party to be a vehicle to challenge My Church and the nation of Australia. This will awaken and encourage My Church to rise up, take the nation, and prepare as My Bride for My return.”

Another member of the national executive of Rise Up Australia Party, who is a very successful businessman and a man of God who worships at a large Baptist church, went on a 40 day water / juice only fast to seek the Lord’s will about the political party.  At the end of his fast, the Lord showed him a street with only green traffic lights and said to him, “This is My will and no one will be able to stop this move. Once you start, Rise Up Australia will sweep through the nation.”  The green lights indicated that there was no stopping, which has been a great encouragement to all of us.

As I travel and minister across Australia, I have personally spoken to thousands of born-again Christians, many nominal Christians and some non-Christians about Rise Up Australia political party. The response has been absolutely overwhelming with so many people telling me that they feel they have hope once again after so many years.

At some churches while I’m ministering, people just absolutely shouted for joy when they heard about Rise up Australia Party – Keep Australia Australian. I’ve also had the opportunity to talk to everyday fair-dinkum Aussies (in planes, at parties and meetings), who don’t believe in God or anything supernatural. What was most exciting was that as I spoke about the political party, they got so excited and asked me many questions. This gave me the opportunity to share Jesus with them, as some even prayed and gave their lives to Jesus.  Isn’t that amazing!

Following are a few wonderful testimonies.

1) I was travelling from Brisbane to Melbourne. Seated next to me was a couple and I started talking about the political party. As they heard the name, ‘Rise Up Australia Party – Keep Australia Australian’ they just came alive. After a few minutes of talking, the Lord gave me a prophetic word for the wife. I asked her whether she knew what a prophetic word was. She gave me this strange look and said ‘NO’.

I explained to her and then spoke the word. She started crying in the plane and asked me, ‘How do you know everything about me?’ Then she said,  “I went to a psychic a few months ago for help. She came out of the room with a small statue of Jesus and told me that He is the one who can help me.” Wow, isn’t that interesting.

Then she said, ”A week ago in a dream, Jesus appeared and told me to come to Him.” At this point I knew that the Spirit of God was on their case. Before the airplane landed, the husband and wife both gave their lives to Jesus. Now the lady is talking about Rise Up Australia Party to all her friends and wants to know how she can help. Glory to God.

2) Just recently I was speaking at a church in Bendigo. After the service finished, I was introduced to a man who had never been to church, but came that day because he saw the advertisement in the paper. This guy told me,

“Mate, I am not a Christian, but I want to keep Australia Australian. I like your speech, because you are not politically correct.”

We spoke for a while about many things, but that night before he left, he gave his life to Jesus. His friend who is a Christian was absolutely shocked.

3) Another time, I was waiting at the Jet Star travel counter in Melbourne airport to check in my bags. Since there was a long queue I started talking to some people there. As I spoke to them about the political party, they were all getting very interested. Then I told them that the Party name was Rise Up Australia – Keep Australia Australian. One lady got so excited she started saying, “I love this man, I love this man. We need someone to stand up. We will support you.”

4)I have received a few emails from several atheists. This is what they had to say. “We don’t believe in your Christian faith, but we believe in your stand to protect Australia and keep it Australian.” Another guy said, “I am a Labor voter, but I voted Greens in the last election. That was a big mistake. I remember you from the court case. I am all for freedom of speech. Even though I will not support your church, I will vote for your party and support you.”

5)A few days ago I had to see my physiotherapist. Here too, I started talking  about the political party. The physio told me, “I am not a practising Christian, but I have had enough with these Muslims telling us what to do. I love your party name and slogan. You have my vote.” This opened up a great opportunity to talk about Jesus.

I have had many testimonies like this from so many people across our nation of Australia. I praise and thank God for giving us this opportunity to see Australia turn around. We can make it happen in our generation.

Thank you so much for all who applied for membership. I do apologise for the delay in getting back to you. We are learning a lot of things on the run. Now we are almost there, and will send your letter regarding your membership very soon. We have to then lodge our application with Australian Electoral Commission. Then it could take a few weeks before we officially launch Rise Up Australia Party.

I know that many of you are very keen to see Rise Up Australia Party up and running. So am I. Unfortunately, with politics we must take every precaution needed to protect what God is doing.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Yours in Christ,

Pr Daniel Nalliah

(President – Rise Up Australia Party – Keep Australia Australian)

10 Responses to “Rise Up Australia Party (Keep Australia Australian) – Already Winning Souls to the Lord!”

  1. 1 Margie

    Hi Ps Daniel, that is FANTASTIC news, continue to keep you in prayer.

    Shalom, and Gods richest Blessings upon you.


    Western Australia

  2. 2 Jo

    PTL!! Wonderful to read of Pastor Danny’s leading and anointing. Continuing to pray for the vision and the inception of the Party. I will share this email to my wide group of recipients! Jo

  3. 3 Louisa




  4. 4 Rachael

    Glad to hear that the Holy God of Israel is moving in many aspects around the globe. Let’s just get ready to meet the Holy One. Let’s get our heart right before the Holy One. Then obey His word completely and watch the blessings flow.


  5. 5 Maryanne

    Praise God, I,m so excited with all God is doing. Amen. You’re in my prayers.

    Your sister in Christ,


  6. 6 Brigitte

    Thank you for this, PRAISE GOD. I totally believe it.

    Say a personal thank you to Pastor Danny on my behalf.

    He is a man for whom I have a lot of respect for and has always been an amazing example to me and many.

    May the good work of The Lord continue.



  7. 7 Jenny

    Dear Daniel,

    Thank you for your hard work in bringing the party alive and get into parliament. Praise to Jesus and Praise to God. God Bless The Party.


  8. 8 Angie

    Hello Pastor Nahllia,

    You have an ‘indomitable’ spirit and your enthusiasm is inspiring.

    I have never voted Liberal and am a traditional Labor voter and if I were not a Christian I wld probably vote Green as they are concerned for the environment (Read Revelations what the Lord says about those who want to destroy the earth) and they are also concerned about the poor and needy and will fight for just causes but I really hate their same sex marriage business…..they come from a ‘social justice’ perspective, not to discriminate against a minority (gays), I guess thats their bedrock, their political ideology but I wld never vote for them. However, Bob Brown shows a certain amt of courage standing up to the rich and powerful corporations and the big oil companies and polluters that are ruining the environment. Its so sad to see the oceans full of rubbish and plastic and the marine life suffering from oil spills,the Polar Bears losing their home and so many species disappearing, what does God think of all that. Fracking for gas puts the Liverpool Plains (foodbowl) in jeaporady too.

    Please dont identify as a ‘right wing conservative’ party that panders to to corporations and the rich, which I know is not your heart, and dont sideline Labor supporters but be inclusive. Labor used to stand up for the working class but its gone to pot unfortunately…..Rise Up Australia, a genuine ‘alternative’ party, a fresh perspectve. Looks like the Christians are becoming the new radicals in society.

    All the best,
    God bless,
    Living Hope Church, Blaxland.

  9. 9 Bradley

    Hello Ps. Danny

    Thank you for the updated info regarding Rise up Australia. I know both you and RUA will be very successful because God is with you. I feel concerned that you are not informing the Australian believers about the coming storm of judgment to our Nation.

    Cindy Jacobs prophesied recently regarding the coming year for Australia she saw a great shaking coming with a comment that this could mean Earthquakes also there has been a Tsunami prophesied by Dr. David Owuor.

    If you warn your people they will be ready otherwise they to could die by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    If you warn your people in advance they will thank you if you don’t then they will be dismayed as to Gods leadership.



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