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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Pastor Daniel NalliahDear family & friends in Christ across our nation of Australia,

I have had some people ask me the question as to why I did not include the word ‘Christian’ in the official name for Rise Up Australia Party?

Let me share a few reasons as to why I did not do so. Please take some time to read this email with an open mind before forming an opinion. Also would you please take a few minutes to send us a response. Which would really be appreciated.

For example, if you want to buy a box of tea, you go to Coles and look through all the packs of tea.  Then you want to buy a particular brand as it is good quality, but as you read the label you find out that the proceeds go to promote communist ideologies. Would you buy that pack of tea?? Even though you wanted that brand of tea, you would not buy that particular pack as the label put you off.

Likewise there are many Aussies out there who have very good values, are passionately in love with Australia and want to keep Australia Australian. Unfortunately if I use the word ‘Christian’, I will quite possibly ostracize the rest of the community.

When we had to fight our defence in the court case when the Muslims took us to court in 2002, many good thinking and good hearted Christians contacted me and said that I must fight my defence based on the fact that Australia is a Christian nation. However, when I prayerfully sought the Lord, I strongly felt that we should fight our defence on freedom of speech.

This was a winner of God’s heavenly wisdom and counsel as most of the nation got behind us in support of protecting freedom of speech. In fact, Atheists, Buddhists, Hindus and many others who did not go to church regularly, but believed in Jesus, came to my office to make donations towards the court case fund.  Definitely, many Christians too contributed to the court fund and I am so very grateful to everyone who helped us through the 5 year court battle which we won in 2007 and became a great victory for freedom of speech in Australia.

Before I started off as a Pastor I used to work as a Sales/Marketing Manager for many years. I always knew that we had to have a good product that was well packed, with a very good brand name which will attract the consumer. I believe God has given us a very good product with a great brand name in Rise Up Australia Party – Keep Australia Australian.

Another example to consider is, if there are one hundred thousand voters in an electorate, and ten thousand of them are Christians. If I have the word ‘Christian’ in the party name, I could receive ten thousand votes at most. This might help get one person into parliament, but the fact remains that you will only get the same proportion of the vote every election, thus only making it possible to re-elect the same candidate.

However, with the slogan Rise Up Australia Party – Keep Australia Australian, I am not ostracizing any one. Therefore, I have the potential of a greatly increased harvest of Christians and non-Christian voters in every election, which enhances Rise Up Australia Party becoming a major player in the Australian political scene.

The end result would be to see our Judeo-Christian foundations protected so that we can continue to enjoy the fruits of our great democratic nation Australia.

For your best alternative in Australian politics, ‘Vote Rise Up Australia Party and Keep Australia Australian’ for today and the next generation!

If you have not yet sent in your application form for membership, can you please do so ASAP.

Following is the link to download and print the form

Please do send us the original copy by mail.

May God Bless Australia,

Yours faithfully in Christ

Pr Daniel Nalliah

Chairman – Rise Up Australia Party – Keep Australia Australian

63 Responses to “Why did I leave the word “Christian” out of the Rise Up Australia Party offical name?? By Pr Daniel”

  1. 1 Daniel

    Hi Ps Danny,

    I agree with you. We must be wise. I think that Rise Up Australia is doing well. The Liberal Party is getting a lot of homosexuals joining up. This is worrying as even Christian Labor MPs are taking these homosexuals under their wings not knowing who these people are.



  2. 2 Mark

    Pastor Danny

    I greet you in the precious name of Jesus! I think it was a very well thought out decision by doing what you did, because of all the non Christians who vote for the Rise up Australia Party, can you imagine the harvest when they meet and greet all the Christians in the party already? Very well done sir!



  3. 3 Dave

    Makes good sense to me, Ps. Danny.

    All the best with RUA Party.


    Kind regards,


  4. 4 Lindsay

    Dear Pastor Danny and Jason ,



    Love and prayers


    Psalm 138

  5. 5 Danny

    Hi Danny, just a thought mate, some people may have a go at you because of the lack of understanding regarding your fall out with Family First under Steve Fielding a number of years ago. You had stated to some at least that you were not in agreement with the way Steve was taking Family First because he was removing the badges of Christianity from it.

    I understand that Steve went ‘too far’ in trying to get the Christian badge off the party, further than even many professed Christian Politicians in the Liberal Party would even go.

    Just food for thought mate to cover your back, may need a little explanation to some of those who would ask the question.

    Keep up the good work Danny, Blessings mate, love Doz


  6. 6 Delia
  7. 7 Sandy

    I agree with you wholeheartedly Pastor Danny. In this climate of anti-Christianity, we know that for some, the word ‘Christian’ immediatly sends a negative message to many people. Those unfortunately, who have not known the Love of their precious Father in heaven. So I believe also, that to leave the word ‘Christian’ out was the right decision.

    I thank you for your work in the Lord and pray for you and your team, that He will continually be your Strength and protection.

    Yours in Christ


  8. 8 Delia

    Hi Danny,

    Yes I totally agree, that is so very wise. I do believe that once again you have heard from God. It’s a great name for an Australian Political Party.

    May you be richly blessed as you proceed to lead this Party.

    God bless

  9. 9 Noelene

    Keeping Jesus out of the box, totally right,

    Goodonya Danny,


  10. 10 Liliana

    Dear Pastor Daniel – you are right in not including the world “Christian” in the official name as you would antagonise many in the community who would vote for “Rise up Australia Party” for all the right reasons – but would be put off if the word Christian was added. It has been my experience that many zealous God loving and fearing Christians don’t always use wisdom in how they communicate and deal with the rest of the world – didn’t Jesus say “be gentle as doves and wise as serpents” good on you, Ps Daniel – God bless you Liliana

  11. 11 James and Michelle

    Pastor Nalliah,

    I agree with your view and will support it and will spread the word regarding. I understand and agree whole heartedly.

    I also would like to add that many of our food products are being labeled with the halal branding saying it is healthy and koshur. Nothing could be further from the truth…….Halal food is prepared as a sacrifice and offering to nourish the individual who partakes of it from Allah, the moon God. In acts we are told not eat of foods that are sacrificed to other gods…..but I digress.

    So i will spread the word around as per your email.

    I will also register as requested.

    Thankyou for the update…

    Hashem Bless you and Keep you and cause His face to Shine upon you.

    James and Michelle

  12. 12 Brendan

    Thats awesome. Lets remember that Queen Esther was advised not to reveal her Jewish identity until the time was right. Thats wisdom :) Brendan

  13. 13 Des

    Thank you Pastor Daniel, for the great wisdom shown in the Name Rise up Australia, and Slogan. Keep Australia, Australian. Í agree with the logical reasons expressed in your email. This will attract thousands of genuine Aussies who are grieved by what is happening to our very blessed nation. Yours in HIS service Des.

  14. 14 Julie

    Hi Danny,
    I think your reasoning is sound. We also need to remember that elected members must govern for everyone, not just for those who voted for them, therefore, although your Christian values would be a welcome change in government – think honesty, integrity, etc. – the public needs to know that you would apply the same standards for all Australians regardless of their particular belief system. We also need to remember that government is not church. At church there is a common belief system and also a spiritual accountability which we impose upon ourselves – this is not something that can be forced on anyone and the general public needs to have the security of knowing that there is separation of church and state. The churches need to be proactive in advocating for people – just as Jesus did, to draw attention to and raise awareness – just as Jesus did, and to stand up for what is right – just as Jesus did. The government has a responsibility to listen to the church the same way it listens to any other group. Be careful that in honestly expressing your beliefs and never denying the Lord, you keep in mind that the public will not go for a theocracy and this is a vital part of your platform – you don’t want sharia law, therefore you should not want another religious system taking away the rights of individuals. Jesus never forced anyone to follow him, he invited them, he never punished those who turned against him, he forgave them.

    Hope this is helpful,
    God bless you,

  15. 15 Ian

    Pastor Daniel, I think you are not only courageous, but wise as well.

    Love in Jesus

  16. 16 Andrew

    Keep on doing it as you are mate as a TRUE BLUE AUSSIE I firmly believe that you are on the right track & would support a politcal party that finally works to have this great Nation of Australia on the path it needs to go. Good work, You ALREADY HAVE & WILL CONTINUE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE !!!


  17. 17 Kerry

    I agree.


  18. 18 Janelle

    Well said and I see what you mean. Whole heartily agree.


  19. 19 Ian

    I think it is wise to exclude the word Christian from the party as there are many people who migrate here who are looking to escape from the cultures and lifestyles that our Government is trying to encourage. Whats next do they think that criminals acts are intellectually stimulating and want to encourage that too.


  20. 20 Cheryl

    Wise very wise.


  21. 21 Geoff & Valera

    Yes I agree with why you chose the name

    Geoff & Valera

  22. 22 Ewan

    Hi Ps Danny,

    It would seem to me that your stated reason for avoidance of the term “Christian” in the name of your new party is exactly the same reason why the Family First Party avoids any reference to Christianity. They also think they can appeal to a wider demographic if they are not seen as overtly Christian. So far it hasn’t worked for them as they have not achieved a result any better than that already achieved by the Christian Democratic Party.

    Your party slogan (“keep Australia Australian”) fails for the same reason as does the FFP mantra of “family values.” Just as the term “family values” requires further defining before it is a meaningful statement (e.g. are they meaning Christian family values, secular family values, or Muslim family values), so does your slogan require further defining before it becomes meaningful. Just what exactly are “Australian values”? The term has no meaning without an indication of the moral code underpinning it.

    Regards, Ewan

  23. 23 Viki

    I am really happy with the RUA name and thank God that He has put Pastor Danny onto the Australian political scene to give Australians hope.

    God bless you richly,


  24. 24 Dave

    Wise choice, my friend. Wise choice!

    Bless you all heaps. May God use this platform to bring His name and His Presence into our nation.


  25. 25 Paul

    Ps. Danny

    It was never an issue for me that the name of your political party did not enphasise “Christian.” As you have pointed out, that could work against you, I also know of some Christians who wont support any christian endeavours in politics. You wont have to promote what and who you stand for, the media will do that very nicely.

    God bless.


  26. 26 Norma

    I am just sending this email to inform you I will stand with your party why because I understand you are a genuine person

    God bless you, Norma

  27. 27 Phil

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I agree 100% with what you say.It is wisdom.

    I will join up soon :)



  28. 28 Louisa

    Hi Danny,

    In response to this email, I believe you do and will continue to ask God for His guidance so in both cases you have mentioned in this email, it appears God has blessed you for being a good servant and obedient to His word.

    Keep seeking HIS words, HIS character, HIS wisdom, hear HIS words and together with prayer, Christian’s all over the place will help Australia RISE UP and restore her to her original design and beauty which came for the Lord himself.

    Well done, good and faithful servant. For He will give much to those who are faithful with the little things he entrusts us with.
    Blessings from your sister in Christ,


  29. 29 Masaloi

    Yes that was wisdom.


  30. 30 Dawn

    Agree with your sentiments 100 per cent.


  31. 31 Steve

    Hi Danny, i think its a very wise decision to leave Christian out.

    My God bless you and help keep you safe and honest in parliament.



  32. 32 Jennifer

    Jesus said: ‘Many will come in my name, By their fruits you will know them.’

    “Christian” is a man-made word to help people decide how to label and thus judge. It would be outrageous to call a party “Catholic” “Presbyterian” “Buddhist” etc. Imagine, we would immediately know in our hearts there was some sort of elitist agenda. We have an appropriate label, and it is DEMOCRATIC, the anathema of Islam. Thank you for your ministry and dedication. Keep seeking the Lord’s guidance. I think it was St Francis who said “Go out and spread the news of Jesus, and only use words if you have to.” If we do our servant work, The Holy Spirit can do His.

    I pray that by our fruits, Australia will be truly the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord!


  33. 33 Kingsley & Grace

    Pr Daniel Nalliah

    My wife and I support you in this matter of leaving out the word Christian in the name of the RUAP.

    Further, I would like to encourage you in the Lord to keep lifting up a standard of Godly principles in our nation. Thank you!

    As Christians we need to be walking closer to Him in these last days. We need to bring back the ‘ancient boundaries of God’ (Judeo-Christian foundation) to our society and put aside the worldly ideals (Egypt) that have been injected into our lives through the work of the devil. God forgive us, His Bride, for being so blind, untruthful and selfish!

    The time is coming when the world will see the glory of the Lord in all His fullness. We believe we are living in the times between the fifth and sixth seals in Revelations.

    May God help us as Christ’s disciples to raise a standard not only in our personal lives but in all the nations of the world especially Australia.

    God’s blessings on you, your family and your ministry,
    Kingsley & Grace

  34. 34 Jessica

    Dear Pr Daniel,

    Thank you for your email. You have mentioned you would appreciate a response so I am just writing briefly.
    I think that you have made a sensible decision, and I pray that God keeps hold on you and on your party, and this nation, in all wisdom.

    I believe that salvation can definitely be a process. I agree that to include ‘Christian’ in the official name may put some people off. Not necessarily because they have anything against Christianity, but because of their level of understanding. You are seeking to represent and uphold good values for all Australians, whatever they currently believe. Thinking of myself before I was led to make a decision for Jesus, I might have looked at ‘Christian’ party and felt like it was alien or foreign to me. I was nervous about evangelists approaching me in the street. How would I have been about this ‘strange’ Christian party? I’m not sure.

    I believe that God can do and use anything, and that we can be bold. God can do miracles and God can win people over with our love and our witness about Christ and righteousness; imagine receiving a paper on voting day from someone who has God’s love and authority with them, who displays they are not just after their own agenda, but God’s.. – By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one to another (John 13:35 American KJV).
    I think, stay true to Jesus Christ and His (‘God in the flesh”s) teachings. Be prayerful and may God give you His words and direction, through His Holy Spirit, the person of Jesus and wise counsel. May He have His way in your party, this nation and the earth, in Jesus’ name.

    Love and Blessings in Christ, may our Heavenly Father meet all your needs.

  35. 35 Louisa

    I was reading a devotional by Joyce Meyer the other night and something really stuck out at me…..”if we don’t feel a peace about something, then most likely God hasn’t asked us to go there”

    I have always felt a peace about “Rise Up Australia” so even though I am still doing some research, I feel peaceful about becoming a member of that political group. I am not sure why, as I am not interested in politics, but perhaps God has something in mind – I don’t know? Big ideas scare me, but when I listened to a sermon by Joseph Prince this morning, he said he was prophesied over as a young 12 yr old that he would be talking to huge groups of people for the Lord. The thought terrified him as he had a bad stutter and was very shy. Apparently he is still very shy, but the power of the Holy Spirit in him has led him to preach (not only in his small church in Singapore but now in a BIG church of over 20,000 ppl in the US – he fought God for 7 years before going into that ministry) and he is a lot better at overcoming the shyness and has no stutter anymore !


  36. 36 Peter

    Dear Danny,

    Thanks for the communication and explanation.

    What I would ask of you dear brother, is that in the coming state and federal elections that you work with and not against CDP, as Family First has done. E.G. Last NSW election, having given their word re trading preferences, they then renigged in the actual election.

    I still think it’s a pity that in some cases we will end up with RUA candidates running against CDP. I realize you are just getting going, but (in the future) maybe at the federal level you could consider putting more resources into the states outside of NSW (particularly VIC, SA & Tassy) as opposed to NSW where cdp has a very real and even probable chance of finally getting someone into the federal senate next election.

    I do hope you would be almost as thrilled to see that outcome, as you would would an RUA victory in the federal senate. After all, we are serving the same Lord and long for the same preservation of freedom (with all that that means) that only an overarching Christian heritage can provide in this nation.

    Bless you,


  37. 37 Joy

    Dear Danny,

    I whole heartedly agree.

    God will surely bless you in all that you do for Him and for Australia to rise up and be the nation God intends it to be.

    Love and best wishes,


  38. 38 Pam

    Hi There

    It never occurred to me that you should put the word ‘Christian’ in the name Rise Up Australia. People definitely have heightened sensitivity to the word ‘Christian’ – along with the word ‘Church’, it can create images of injustice for many. To include it in the party name would quite probably alienate the majority and I think it a good thing that you have left it out.

    I believe Rise Up Australia is about the business of protecting democratic rights and hence providing a free environment for promoting the Gospel. As in business, the name should reflect the service or product offered. Having said that, I know it is crucial to find God’s strategy for everything He calls us to do and God is certainly interested in names.

    As voters, we should be researching the candidates and political parties to discover what their values are and what they are standing for (regardless of what they call themselves).

    I like the name Rise Up Australia. It’s a call for patriotic Australians to come together. As long as principles are not being compromised, Christians will identify this party by its actions without the necessity of a ‘Christian’ label and non-Christians can respond to what is right, without a ‘Christian’ label hindering them.

    I appreciate receiving this ministries emails.
    Thank you and God bless


  39. 39 Jo

    Hi team you are doing a great job. God be with you. Jo

  40. 40 Meryl

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    I totally agree with your reasons for not using the word ‘Christian’ in the name of RUA Party. It certainly would put many off, and the word ‘Christian’ can mean so many different things. Not all ‘Christians’ are true believers in Jesus. The man arrested for the dreadful catastrophes in Norway is referred to as a ‘Christian Fundamentalist’. I cannot find anything Christian about mass murder!
    Calling people to rise up and keep Australia Australian is of much wider interest than to just Christians, as you say. Very good thinking! I also heard you being interviewed by the man from the homosexual radio station. The grace and wisdom you showed in your loving responses to him showed genuine understanding and ability to meet people where they are. However, in doing so the truth was not compromised in the least. I found it brilliant and an example to us all.

    God bless you,


  41. 41 Frances

    Hi Pastor Daniel,

    I am very glad to hear and to read all of the emails send by the “Catch The fire ministry.” When you mentioned that you don’t want to put or add the word “Christian’ I am totally agreed with your thought. It is for all of the people in Australia who really love to see Australia remain a country of freedom and everybody can vote . when they feel, they have too , because like you said if put only ” Christians ” and for sure when people are voting they will think just for Christians . In general its for all of us living in this land and have a good mind set for the future of our nations .

    I really admire what you are doing and what you have calling to do. I thank our God for you, your family and all the people walk step by step and support the ministry.

    As we all know you are labouring for a good cause , like the Apostle Paul said, He has to run the race until he finish. In turn of a man of God, you are amazing I praise God for that, glory belongs to God.

    This morning , my prayer for you to be bless and your family As you continue the work , I pray that many eyes will open and many hearts will change.


    your sister in the Lord,


  42. 42 Rosemary

    Dear Ps Danny,

    I am one who agrees with your choice to not include “Christian”in the name of Rise up Australia party. YOur reasoning is very sound to me. And I heard a really good thought recently…how about considering all those who are not “Christians” as “Pre-christians”! not making our usual judgment in much ignorance of the true state of heart.

    Shalom, Rosemary

  43. 43 Sandy

    Hi to everyone at catch the fire ministries.

    This email is in response to your request for feedback.

    I believe we must excercise God’s wisdom and follow His leading and I believe you, as always, are doing just that. I am believing that through the RUA party the ‘good’ people seeking to live a ‘good’ life that you spoke of will see that only Christian principals work and therefore Christianity/Jesus is the only way. I believe they will vote for you if RUA is presented correctly by the media. And we are praying for the media will pray they give you special favor.

    I know some people here in Castlemaine are very excited about the RUA party. I am one of them.

    God Bless

    Love Sandy

  44. 44 Heidemarie

    Excellent – this is definitely of the Holy Spirit, God’s Word says that Wisdom is the principle thing!



  45. 45 Cyril

    Dear Friends, Absolutely spot on. We need to open the door to all who have a common heart. While doing it keep shining and living the Lord’s way. Cyril

  46. 46 Ian

    I believe this is wisdom.

    Blessings in Jesus


  47. 47 John

    Hi Danny,

    I agree with your reasoning to leave Christian out of party name.

    Brother in Christ,


  48. 48 Dot

    Dear Pastor Daniel

    Challenge is good for making one see all the detail of the corners of the box. A good name. Jesus was a radical too.

    God bless you


  49. 49 Louise

    God bless you.

    I guess you will give the media an invitation to accuse you of “hiding” the fact that you stand for Christianity. But you are strong in character.


  50. 50 Amanda

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I don’t usually reply to your emails, except that I really felt the Lord ask me to consider replying.

    The name Rise Up Australia Party, is a great name. if you abbreviate it to the main letters ‘RUA’ to end up with a Hebrew word which means shout! It also has as definitions in the Biblos – Bible dictionary: battle cry (1), cry (1), cry aloud (1), crying (1), jubilant shouting (1), raise your battle cry (1), raised a war cry (1), raised the war cry (1), shout (9), shout for joy (1), shout in triumph (1), shout aloud (1), shout joyfully (8), shout loud (1), shouted (8), shouted for joy (1), shouting the cry (1), sound an alarm (3), sound the alarm (1), sounding an alarm (1), utter a shout (1).

    I think this is a very appropriate name for a group , who is trying to ‘raise a shout’ about the values, principles and characteristics which make our nation blessed, being undermined by minority groups!!

    Blessings in Yeshua


  51. 51 Ruth

    I understand what you have written and agree with you .The number one aim is to get the votes.


  52. 52 Lynn

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    You invited a response to your recent email about why you left the word Christian out of the Rise Up Australia party’s name … thank you for the opportunity to express my thought on this particular issue.

    I have been a member of the Christian Democratic Party (Vic) since the 1980’s, was treasurer for 19 years, and have stood numerous times for both State and Federal elections and I am delighted that there is going to be another voice lifting up Godly standards in the election battlefield. Whilst there is a problem with more than one party and possibly several candidates who share the same values, standing in the same electorate … usually resulting in a “sharing” of the number of votes which each receives … it is good to be trying new angles and approaches to the increasingly serious need to have people of integrity promoting Godly values in our parliaments. I am fully aware that revival in our nation is not going to come through the ballot boxes, but there is a great need for Australia to be Constitutionally governed by Godly standards – as it has been in the past – Trusting in the mercies of Almighty God…..

    I realise that there will probably be some criticism that you have not boldly flown the Christian flag by putting that particular word in the name, but what positive difference would that make? I agree with you that there may be some advantages – and we are told to be wise in our dealings with the world systems. The same comments have been made about Family First – which also started out with courage and vision, but sadly, they stumbled at some important opportunities along the way.

    Speaking from experience in listening to the discussion of non-Christian folk in my retirement village community, in my local tennis club, and in other secular gatherings, most people do not think very deeply about the origins and definition of “Family values” nor of “Keeping Australia Australian!” Not many “ordinary” Aussies will have read that marvellous declaration of Pedro Fernandos de Quiros “La Australia del Espioritu Santo” written 405 years ago … which, I believe is still being fulfilled and has served us well in the formation of this great Nation since white settlement.

    Nontheless, there is a widely-held, very general view -certainly not clearly defined – and yet trumpeted with great gusto and agreement amongst “ordinary” Aussies
    (and again, the term “ordinary” is open to vast measures of interpretation!!) that they want Australia to “remain Australian … you know ….what it was like in the OLDEN DAYS!!” Interpretation of that “remain Australian” and “family values” phrases would include a hearty surface wave of agreement with the PRINCIPLES of Judeo-Christian values – (because that is what made Australia the fantastic nation she has been!) even though many would probably run a mile from admitting that “Christian” is what they really meant.

    But when it all boils down, because the word “Christian” has been tainted with a negative conotation of the THOU SHALT NOT! commandments, they conveniently overlook the positive interpretation, which is, as Shane Willard repeatedly points out in his teaching, “just the best way to live!” I know that if the Church spent equal time and energy in promoting the positive aspects of God’s plan for our lives, …. thou shalt always speak the truth because that keeps you out of trouble and probably out of jail; husbands and wives, you and your precious children will be much happier and secure if thou shalt be faithful to each other; it is in everyone’s ultimate best interest if thou shalt save and preserve life rather than take it; you will save heaps of money if thou shalt be content with what thou already hast got!!! and so on, perhaps we would not be experiencing such a battle swimming upstream against the raging flood of rubbish which is sweeping so many precious people away!

    However, that sermon should really be for another day … in the meantime, I am expressing support and encouragement for you as you try (from a slightly different angle) to do what others have been trying to do for
    years – get Christians into Parliament. As it is, deplorably, there will be Churchgoers (both conservative and radically happy-clappy) who, whilst perhaps secretly admiring you for the very courageous stance you took against the Islamic Council some years ago,
    would not vote for you or your candidates (with or without the word Christian in the party name) – not only for the same illogical reasons that they do not vote for CDP or Family First candidates, but also because you are already rather well-known for your strong Christian views and for being an absolute pocket-rocket when you get going! But Danny, long may your gun-powder remain dry!!!
    Pastor Danny, I am praying for you and this fledgling
    party along with supplication for the success of the genuine Christians standing for Family First and CDP.
    We are in a massive battle and I believe God would have us encourage and support others who have the same vision and goal … that is … to elect Godly people into Parliament, so that this Nation will experience a drastic turn-around.

    Yours sincerely,


  53. 53 Graham

    I agree with your logic for leaving “Christian” out of the name. However I am not so sure about the rest of the name….”Rising up” from what? uprisings are usually from some undesirable/rebellious group.

    “keep Australia Australian” has racist overtones and even if you don’t have any racial prejudices, the title will conjure that up in the public’s minds, the media will have a picnic with that slogan and it will not be good publicity, and you will not have a fair chance to defend yourself…it’s just inviting trouble.


  54. 54 Aaron


    I just read your reasons for not putting the word “Christian” in the name of the political party, and while I agree that it would help to broaden the voter base, you also have to think that once you have left the party (either being unable to continue due to illness or death), the original idea of supporting Judeo-Christian morals will most certainly be corrupted by the next leader, *because* you don’t have Christian in the name of the party. It will be exactly the same as what happened with the Family First Party. They started off as a Christian party, and now they support weird ideologies because they didn’t have a strong Christian charter and the word “Christian” in their party’s name. The risk you run with not having that word in your party’s name is that you will eventually have Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, all pushing to represent the party, and all putting forward their own agendas instead of what you desire (that is the defence of our Judeo-Christian morals). In all honesty, I thought that although you are very sincere about what you are trying to accomplish, starting yet *another* party instead of supporting the Christian ones that are already existing is just another form of denominationalism (my “brand”, “church”, “party”, is better than yours etc), and in all honesty I think it is a stupid idea. I personally will not be joining that party for the reasons stated above, but will continue to support the CDP (Christian Democratic Party), as I believe that by having the word “Christian” in their party’s name, everyone instantly knows what they stand for, and they also know that those who would try to corrupt that vision will not be supported or encouraged. As I said before, the risk of your party supporting ideologies that you didn’t intend for them to support are far more than you realise. I just pray that what I can see happening in the next maybe 10-15 years doesn’t eventuate. Regardless, I wish you well, and will be praying that at least in the short-term (before what I said starts happening, which I’m hoping it doesn’t) you will be able to see changes in Parliament. God bless.

    Shalom in Moshiach,


  55. 55 Janet

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Thank you for your explanation re the RUAP party, and for the way you trust in our wonderful Lord Jesus in all things. I am continually encouraged & challenged by the emails that come from you and the Catch the Fire team.

    Bless you all, Janet

  56. 56 Elise & Mike

    Thanks for the letter of explanation regarding the name of the party. My husband and I both have already signed up and Ps Danny explained it at the meeting we attended 2 weeks ago at Living Waters Church, Bridgeman Downs. We look forward in supporting Rise Up Australia Party to the best of our ability and my husband is very interested in becoming a candidate for the party.

    Also, we are spreading the word around to other people about the party and many are very interested.

    We have some copies from Ps Danny of the Application Forms for membership to give to people that want to become members.

    God bless.

    Kind regards

    Elise & Mike

  57. 57 David

    Ps Danny, I agree.

    Brand flexibility without compromising values will maximise outreach. Paul did say he’d be all things to all people that he may win all to Christ.

    Yours faithfully in Christ


  58. 58 Lenore

    Dear Pastor Danny

    I would just like to say I have read right through your email and I totally agree with what you have said and your reasons for not including Christian in the title.

    I believe like you this was a God given name and the right choice.

    bless you


  59. 59 Peter

    Hi Daniel,

    Most of us fall into the trap of thinking, analysing and discussing ideas and plans and actions. These things are all of the world. Daniel you have an annointing on your life, so don’t deviate from praying, fasting and obeying the promptings of the holy spirit.

    As a friend of mine shared on Saturday, in relation to another matter, ” If it be of God, it will succeed, if it be of man it will fail.”

    The Holy Spirit is telling me, you are the real deal, and this will succeed.

    Daniel, God bless you for being an obedient servant.

  60. 60 Lee

    Hi Pr Nalliah,

    It was with excitement that I learned of your new party, and thought wow ‘Rise Up Australia Party’, and when I heard you speak I thought, wow somebody who is not afraid to say what needs to be said.
    Refreshing indeed.

    I am in total accord with your reasons for not using the word ‘Christian’ it makes perfect sense.

    It was also a joy when I realized you were an immigrant, I am too having arrived here in 1968, how perfect I thought no racist labeling possible here….. just perfect.

    God is so….. very good.

    I am looking forward to receiving my membership confirmation in due course and wish you all the very best and assure you that many people are praying for you here in the West.

    Kind regards,


  61. 61 Paul Disher

    Good on you Danny for taking the stand, that you do well.

    If the LORD has truly spoken to you then “Rise Up Australia” it is, further more all other reasoning is absurd. You will get fire thrown at you no matter which way you take it.

    Obedience to the LORD is the only way, ultimately the battle is HIS. What ever Banner He puts in your hand. you better hold that one up and not another.

    Im on board with you and ready to take the flack as well.

    Im looking forward to the day when “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!”

    That will only happen if each one of us remains faithful to Jesus and stand by each other. Im looking forward to seeing you Danny in Tamworth 15th-16th October

    Bless you Brother

  62. 62 Jeffry

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Wish you the very best with forming of RUA party.

    Ideally I would have expected ‘Christian’ name associated with party name. However I do not care what ever the name you want to call it, as far as you do not deny God and His teachings when you are in power. Politics is a dirty game and if a man of God like you wants to get involved directly or indirectly in polities, should be extreamly careful to ensure that God Almighty’s name is not misused / used in vain, as you may be in breach of (one of the) ten commandments ‘ Thou Shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain: for the Lord will not hold him gulitless that taketh his name in vain’: Exodus 20:7

    Also note that Jesus Christ nor any of the disciples of Jesus Christ formed any political parties to have a say in politics / governments. Remember our citizenship is in Heaven and not in Australia!

    However, my family and I would vote for RUA provided candidates of RUA uphold and defend Christian Values at all times.


    God Bless

    Yours in Christ Jesus


  63. 63 CharlesNRichard

    Hi Pr Nalliah,

    It was with excitement that I learned of your new party, and thought wow ‘Rise Up Australia Party’, and when I heard you speak I thought, wow somebody who is not afraid to say what needs to be said.
    Refreshing indeed.

    I am in total accord with your reasons for not using the word ‘Christian’ it makes perfect sense.

    It was also a joy when I realized you were an immigrant, I am too having arrived here in 1968, how perfect I thought no racist labeling possible here….. just perfect.

    God is so….. very good.

    I am looking forward to receiving my membership confirmation in due course and wish you all the very best and assure you that many people are praying for you here in the West.

    Kind regards,


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