Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Pr Daniel at the first announcement of the Rise Up Australia Political PartyDear family & friends in Christ across our nation of Australia,

Many people who have listened to me speak and share the vision the Lord gave me to transform Australia by 2020, have asked me to put it in writing to share with others.

Please take some time to read through all of it and forward to your family members and friends. I pray that you will be blessed.

In my book ‘Worship Under The Sword’ I shared my testimony of how God miraculously saved me from execution at least twice, once in Sri Lanka and then in Saudi Arabia (when we worked with the underground Church). I also share how I have been pelted with stones on several occasions, received other forms of physical abuse and have even received many death threats.

Spiritually and prophetically speaking, at times I feel that we killed the bear in Sri Lanka, the lion in Saudi Arabia and now we are ready to defeat Goliath in Australia. I am sure once David in the Word of God killed the bear and the lion, he was definitely not looking for a puppy dog or a kitty cat.

On 21st July 1997 at 3.40am in Saudi Arabia (40 min from Mecca) when I had a one on one supernatural encounter with the resurrected Jesus, He told me to go to Australia for He was about to do a mighty work in Australia.  In my book, you can read the whole life transforming encounter which lasted for 2 hours and 40 min. He also told me my short time mission would be to work for the persecuted Church and that He would give me favour with government leaders. In obedience, my family and I packed our bags and made our journey to this Great South Land Down Under.

By God’s grace the short term mission was fulfilled within one year when the Lord miraculously opened doors for me to speak on Capital Hill, National Security Council and the US State Department in Washington D.C., and in the British House of Lords and Commons. This resulted in passing a legislation in the US called ‘Freedom from Religious Persecution’ which was signed into law by then President Bill Clinton on 18th Nov 1998. You can see all the documented evidence and photos in my book.

Then on 9th April 2000 at 5am in Ethiopia, the Lord spoke to me through a dream in which I had taken a newspaper in my hand where the front page said ‘Evangelism banned legislation passed in Australia’ (I am sure many of you will remember this dream) and I shouted, “No, Lord that’s not possible!” At this point I heard the words from the Lord in the dream, “Be pro-active and stop the disaster or be re-active and pay a heavy price.” Then I received 2 Chronicles 7:14 from the Lord. “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

As the dream continued, I saw a long street with many houses. A man came out of one garden which was in a mess and walked down the road to a garden which was beautiful. This man then picked an apple and started eating. Then I woke up and asked the Lord what this meant.

The Lord revealed to me that there was going to be a law passed in Australia banning evangelism. Well, 8 months later the Racial & Religious Vilification Law was introduced in to the Victorian State Government and then passed.  Two years later the Islamic Council of Victoria took us to court under this law. Thank Jesus we won this case in 2007 after a  5 year court battle. Glory to God we were able to secure Freedom of Speech, thus making it possible to continue to share the Gospel.

Regarding the interpretation of the second part of the dream, the Lord said to me that the man who came out of the messed up garden was me. Then I asked Him why as I thought I was the guy in the beautiful garden. He said, “When your backyard (Australia) is in a mess, why are you running all over the world to win the lost. Your country Australia is materially rich but spiritually bankrupt.  However, Ethiopia is materially poor, but spiritually rich.”

I asked the Lord as to what must I do, and He said to give Him 20 years of my life for Australia and that He will give Australia by 2020 as an inheritance. I said to the Lord that it was a long time and that I would get really bored serving Him in Australia for so long. He said to me, ‘Whose work are you doing?” The answer was clear that I should just shut my mouth and get on with the job.

That morning the Lord said that He would give me a bottom up and top down plan to transform the nation.  The bottom up plan was to rise up prayer all across Australia and He gave me the name ‘Rise Up Australia’,  but He did not tell me about the top down plan.

We started interdenominational prayer meetings all across the nation and 10 years later today we have around 75 prayer bases around Australia with around 80-100 prayer meetings every month to transform Australia for Jesus. Just as I was thinking that it was getting boring, the Lord gave me great excitement through the court case for 5 years. This also gave me a great profile in the country. I thank God and give Him all the glory for this as this has now become a key for Rise Up Australia Political Party.

Then just last July 2010 I had another dream in which the Lord said to me, “Do you want to see abortion made history?” I responded, “Yes, Lord.” Then He said to me, “Now is the time. I will take you into government and now I will give you the top down plan.” I believe as grass root level prayer continues to rises up, the Lord will use His children to touch the highest places in the country.

I asked the Lord whether He wants me to stop being a Pastor and go into government. The answer was clear. If you do that you will become just another politician. He said to me, “You will be an Apostle to the Government and the Nation.” I was also reminded of William Wilberforce and how God used him to abolish the slave trade.

Therefore, after much prayer, fasting and many meetings, we decided to form the RISE UP AUSTRALIA PARTY – To keep Australia Australian.  There has possibly never been a political party birthed on the back of 10 years of prayer. How awesome is it to see the ground troops storm heaven in prayer while the social and political action wing moves into posses the land for Jesus!

God also revealed to us that the meaning of ‘RUAH’ in Hebrew is ‘the breath of God’ and the meaning of ‘RUA’ in Hebrew is ‘God has given us victory over our enemy (the devil)!’ Glory to God!

I believe with all my heart that over the next 10 – 20 years we can turn Australia around and see her worship Jesus as the King of kings and the Lord of lords!

I would greatly appreciate your support, prayer and practical love to see this vision come to fulfilment. Thank you so very much for all those who have already sent in your membership forms. If you have not sent your form as yet, please do send it in ASAP. You can print it from website.

You can purchase my testimony and vision for Australia on my newest DVD titled ‘Pr Daniel’s Personal Testimony’ for $15 + Postage. Please call our office on (03) 9794 8211 or email

Your brother in Christ,

Pr Daniel Nalliah

7 Responses to “‘Rise Up Australia’ Vision the Lord gave to transform Australia by 2020”

  1. 1 Glenda

    Hi Pastor Daniel,
    I just read your testimonial email then opened the one from Sandy
    Warner. They fit together like a hand in a glove.
    I thank God for you and for your faithfulness to His will & purposes.
    Love & blessings,

  2. 2 Chris

    Dear Pastor Daniel

    Thank you so much for sharing that with us. It is truly inspiring and I felt the witness of the Holy Spirit as I read it (as I am sure you knew many of us would).

    I normally trash many emails, but have had to store all of those sent by you. I will be praying for you and the party, and will be joining up as soon as I get near a printer :-)

    Many Blessings

    PS I remember you coming to Coolum Christian Family when we still attended there and was inspired by your words and your battle with the courts back then.

  3. 3 Glenda

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    The Lord led me to Ezekiel 36 & 37 this morning, and I felt prompted to bring them to your attention for they are God’s promises to you for Australia.

    As i was reading these, I was also moved in the Spirit with a revelation that what occurred on your Israel trip with Diana was prophetic of all that is to come here. Diana represented the Bride of Christ in Australia and God used you to speak (breathe) His life spirit back into her. It happened in Israeli territory – the Kingdom heartland, but signifies His intention to spread the flow of His blessings for Israel all the way back to Australia!

    The fact there was a doctor there who could do nothing was also prophetic. I believe this is a picture of what the Lord is about to unleash through the Almighty Power of Jesus: that He will empower His children to ‘speak to the bones’ and they shall rise up from death to life! As in my case, the blind shall also see and the deaf shall hear, the lame shall walk and all captives set free from addictions & other stringholds. The medical profession (the false gods of science & technology) will stand by watching helpless in their own power but will marvel (“gob smacked and agog” ie. a-Gog) at the miracle working power of our Sovereign God! We will witness death being defeated by Life on a regular basis. It will happen in the physical as well as the spirit. Its also a word about God’s defeat of abortion in this nation. Praise Jesus!

    Australia has been the forgotten ‘backyard’ of the Kingdom, like the back paddock. It’s rough & overgrown with weeds. The wildebeasts & darnel have also gotten in. But the Lord has appointed you, my dear brother, to lead the clean up. This is a spiritual Clean Up Australia campaign and it shall come to fruition in 2020.

    Keep speaking to the bones, Pastor Daniel! The dry bones of the Body of Christ in this nation, and the dry bones of the sick and dying. This is a barren place, a forgotten wilderness. But the Lord has begun His stream of Living Water in this place and it shall soon become a Mighty River of Life!

    Love & blessings in Jesus’ holy name,

  4. 4 Rebecca

    Hi Jason,
    Praise God for “Catch the fire”, i pray that the churches will support Ps danny to form a party in the government.

  5. 5 Glenda

    Dear Ps Danny,

    As i was sending the last email, the Lord just drew my attention to the name Diana. It is die Ana. I felt prompted to google the Hebrew meaning of ‘ana’ and found it is derived from “Hannah” (the barren one whom the Lord blessed with new life) and means God’s ‘grace’ and ‘favour’. The male version means ‘eagle’. The name Anna is also the name of Jesus’ maternal grandmother (Mary’s mother).

    So Diana seems to signify the overcoming of death with new life, which is exactly what the Lord did thru you on the plane, and is God’s prophetic vision for this nation!! Hallelujah!

    In His amazing love,

  6. 6 Maria

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply!!!!

    I am excited for my dear friends in Brisbane to have an awesome supernatural encounter of the Holy Spirit!
    Thank you again.


  7. 7 Frank

    Amazing Testimony and encouragement Pr Daniel.

    God Bless you and your ministry,


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