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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

A part of the RUA Party National ExecutiveRev Dr Daniel NalliahDear fellow Australians,

It is with great joy and excitement that we announce the formation of a new political party, RISE UP AUSTRALIA PARTY (Keep Australia Australian) a party for all people who embrace Australia as home. This Party is totally committed to protecting the Australian way of life and our Judeo-Christian Heritage upon which Australia was founded.

Please take some time to read this whole email and if you agree with what we stand for, we would greatly appreciate your feedback and support in any way possible.

Could you also please forward this article to everyone you know. Rise Up Australia Party is for all people who call Australia home.

As Chairman of Rise Up Australia Party I assure you that we on the Board of Directors are totally comRise Up Australiamitted to the protecting of Australia from Multiculturalism. We have all seen the negative effects of Multiculturalism in Europe. Recently the leaders of Germany and the UK have stated clearly that Multiculturalism has failed. Rather than uniting the country under one flag, it has had the completely opposite effect. Multiculturalism has actually divided their nations, and has let people build ethnic enclaves within their countries.

The Rise Up Australia Party Board of Directors comprises of Medical Doctors, Housewives, Businessmen, Businesswomen, Christian Ministers and others with more than 20 years of experience in the Political arena. This great bunch of people who love Australia, have been working behind the scenes for the past several months to set up the Party, ready to start operations in June 2011.

Ever since I called Australia home I have watched carefully how the left-wing secular movements in Australia have been pushing their agendas through the parliamentary system and taking Australia away from its Judeo-Christian foundations. These foundations are what have made Australia such a great democracy in which to live. If we remove those foundations, we might surely follow the path of Europe. We might see the introduction of Islamic Sharia law, which is not at all compatible with democracy, freedom and the Australian way of life.

Following are some of the aims we as a Party would like to achieve in the next 10-20 years.

1. Protect freedom of speech.

2. Establish full employment and fair wages; support/re-establish manufacturing industries in Australia.

3. Reduce the cost of living by limiting the size of government and limiting the levels of taxation, with the least possible intrusion of governments into the lives of individuals and businesses.

4. Reaffirm our Constitutional right to freedom of religion.

5. Recognise and affirm our Judeo-Christian heritage.

6. No religion or religious practices are to be forced upon another person.

7. Faith-based schools are to have the right to employ people of their choice.

8. Schools to have faith-based chaplains.

9. School curriculums to include the teaching of the history of Western civilization and our Judeo-Christian heritage.

10. Improve discipline in our schools.

11. Protect the traditional family unit – father, mother, and children.

12. Parents have the right to discipline their children, within sensible historical, non-abusive guidelines.

13. Protect children from homosexuality as it creates health problems. Promote children’s rights – children have the right to have both male and female role models as parents (father and mother).

14.  We wish to make abortion history by providing those social conditions that support women in their lives to become fulfilled and not being forced into situations where they feel there is no option but to have an abortion.

15. Protect Australia from multiculturalism. People who live in Australia should become Australian – we are multi-ethnic, not multi-cultural. We do not advocate homogenising – immigrants are free to celebrate their own backgrounds, but must respect the Australian culture. We are opposed to a dual legal system, i.e. we oppose introduction of Sharia law in Australia. We will educate people about the implications of radical Islamic teaching. We advocate no Centrelink benefits for polygamists.

16. All boats trying to enter Australian waters by illegal means should be stopped to preserve the lives put at risk by people smugglers.

17. Protect the environment, as God gave it to mankind to look after.

18. We support the right for Israel to exist with Jerusalem as its undivided capital. 

19. All elected Members of Parliament for RUA Party are encouraged to donate a percentage of their salary to the poor and the needy.

20. While we recognise the Aboriginal people as the first people of Australia, we encourage them to accept our Government’s apology and invite them to issue a statement of thanks for the good that the British heritage has brought to our nation.

I believe most people know that we won’t run away from a fight, as we carried a major national court case for 5 years, which was brought against us by the Islamic Council of Victoria, and we saw a great victory for Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Religion in 2007. We are ready for a 20 year fight to take back Australia and keep it Australian.

Yes, my dear friends, it is time for us to stand up for our country right now. If we do not protect our Australian culture now while we still can, there will be nothing left of it for our grandchildren. Let’s be proud and patriotic about our nation of Australia.

Rise Up Australia Party is currently looking to recruit 500+ members ASAP to register the party with the Australian electoral commission and contest the next federal election. We would love to see you join the party. Please also indicate your interest to stand as a candidate and make a difference.

There is a special 50% discount on membership fees until 31st July 2011.

We cannot and must not let the extreme left parties, such as the Greens, control the balance of power. When elected, we assure you to fulfil the promises to the electorate and the nation to the best of our ability. As a Minister of the Gospel, I am first accountable to God, then to man. I believe and pray that this will keep me honest and truthful in the sight of God and man.

Click the following link to download the application form to become a member.

You can send your donations and mail to the following:
‘Rise Up Australia Ltd’ P O Box 7032 Dandenong Vic 3175.
Direct debit ANZ Bank BSB 013-289 Account no. 2764 19718

You may visit the Rise Up Australia Politcal Party Website at for more information including a 10 minute video.
May God Bless our nation Australia,

Yours faithfully,
Rev Dr Daniel Nalliah
Chairman – Rise Up Australia Party (Keep Australia Australian)

58 Responses to “Rise Up Australia Party (Keep Australia Australian) Your Voice to Protect our Nation in Parliament / by Rev Dr Daniel Nalliah”

  1. 1 Robyn

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Just reading your email sent chills up my spine (with excitement of
    course !! ) I thank God for giving you this great calling on your life.
    This is just what Australia needs.

    You have our support all the way and I will pray for your protection and
    safety daily, along with your beautiful family.

    God bless you,

  2. 2 SHANNON

    Its great you senior citizens are making a stand.

  3. 3 kerry

    Hi Daniel,
    This is fantastic news. We are 100% for australia to be australian. cheers/kerry

  4. 4 Phil (Sydney)

    Dear Pastor Danny

    We will continue to pray for you. This is a really hard road in politics but we know you are up to the task

    We certainly need a strong Christian Voice in the Federal Govt. Fred Nile has tried and failed but a younger man with plenty of energy such as yourself has every right to be successful



  5. 5 Philip

    I don’t understand what happened to politics in Australia and especially to politics in Queensland.

    Towards the end of the nineteen- eighties, here in Qld, the conservative ( presumably, emphasizing christian values) side of politics just seemed to self-destruct; and it never could seem to get any grip. But it’s not just one side of politics. Weird things go on happening here. For example, parliamentarians going to jail — strange, confusing events as though leadership is caught in a sticky web. There has been hidden scandal, darkness and confusion in leadership. I am confused and mystified.

    I understand nothing of this sort of topic and steer way clear of it. But Pr. Danny did something that to a person such as me is like dabbling in fairytales — he went to the top of some mountain which I assume overlooks Canberra — and the rest is history.

    For some reason, I attended the world Expo 1988, SouthBank, Brisbane. I have always regretted doing so. There were interactive displays etc. from many different countries and religions, but the worst I think might have been some of our Australian stuff. Just one or two of them. It might have been fairytale- class displays but it gives me creeps to this day. I don’t understand it.

    Trying to make sense of our political mess here it struck me recently that this world trade exposition was arranged, I assume, by a member or members of the then conservative government. And parts of it (only parts, a few parts) to this day make me feel queasy/uneasy.

    It may be that I am susceptible to fairytales. There is nothing fairytale about what happened after the Mt. Ainslie mission.

    To a distant observer, what has happened is possibly more important than if Pr. D. had got elected to be P.M..

    The point: of course people will back this project — but please make sure it doesn’t hamper things like missions to Mt. Ainslie. We need help that is far more world-changing than mere politics.

    A pedantic pain such as myself could point out some areas of possible improvement in the aims etc (above): the only aim that interests me is to know that you are under clear guidance from Above and thus that you are following your individual gifts and callings. The gifts and callings of God are without repentance. I.e., there is a legitimate field of activity/ability for every created human being and try as we might to do someone else’s task, we can only prosper in our own inherent field.

    I am not given to emotion but it all but brings tears to my eyes to dare to hope that God in his mercy has indeed given us people whose calling and gift is to move in the public arena at this desperate time. Bless you all.

  6. 6 Clayton

    Yep. I got chills up my spine too…

  7. 7 Philip

    The Australian guys I talk to at work are sounding more and more angry about multi cultural Australia as time progresses. I kid you not this country is heading towards civil war! I hear more talk against multi cultural society from Australians then those who are for it! So what minority are pulling the strings I ask? People tend to reply with;” Jews from toorak are pulling the strings of government for money…” I hear most people say. If true, then its a death trap on them.


  8. 8 Repent Australia


    “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

    Volume 16: 6 June 2011


    Is there no difference between the races and their religions? Are we all the same? Political Correctness (PC) maintains that the answer is ‘yes’. On the other hand, God’s Word says ‘no’. Does it matter what our colour, cultural background and religious beliefs are? PC answers ‘no’. Common sense says ‘yes’. There are obvious differences between the races and their faiths, because God’s
    Word is true and right and PC wrong. Nevertheless, it is now very dangerous to differentiate between the various races on the grounds of being guilty of ‘racism’. Despite the fact that until the last few decades there has been no such sin as racism, it has now become the most heinous of crimes. Today we are in the midst of a worldwide campaign to integrate the different races by powerful forces determined to destroy Christian civilisation in defiance of the God-ordained separation of the races into homogeneous groups. For God “made from one blood every nation of men to dwell upon the face of the earth, and has determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation”.

    An Integral Part of Life

    The fact of the matter is that recognition of oneself involves acceptance of one’s racial identity. That is, race has great significance for the moral sanity and purpose of each individual. Race is an integral part of life. People belong to various races, as trees belong to different varieties. The races are different and they fulfil different destinies. It is not a matter of raising one race above another, of boastfulness of one’s ethnicity or contempt of others, but of recognising each race’s divine imprint and God’s purpose for each one of us. For the majority of Australians, this means applying the spiritual values of our Christian culture, the foundation of our nation and heritage, which include belief in God and His Son and our Saviour, loyalty to our country, mateship, honesty, hard work and respect for each other’s independence. The loss of racial awareness involves losing these virtues and sliding into a
    hybrid culture. And that is the very thing that is happening to us now.

    National Suicide

    In the name of multiculturalism and diversity we are now admitting droves of widely differing peoples with their own religious beliefs, a good many who are hostile to our Christian way of life. What multiculturalism will do is to destroy our national cohesion and eventually fragment our society. The end result will be national suicide. We have only to look at Britain where the impact of migrants, legal and illegal, has had a profound effect on the country, drawing forth the comment from their prime minister (along with the German chancellor) that multiculturalism has ‘utterly failed’. It has failed because her previous government had no understanding of the ultimate goal of its Islamic migrants— universal domination. By the silent spread of this aggressive faith, through reproduction, conversion and immigration, it is steadily eroding the national culture of numerous European countries. Now
    espoused as Political Correctness, multiculturalism, the ‘miserable child’ of Marxism, is being forced upon us as we are being led unwillingly by ungodly political leaders opening the floodgates to a huge influx of such people that have created mayhem in their refugee camps, resulting in them getting their own way, every time. And, of course, they come and come and come.. .Where will it all end?
    A New Type of Migrant

    In 1951, when the Geneva Convention on refugees was drafted, there were a million displaced persons in the world, mostly in Europe—and mostly Christians of various denominations. Australia welcomed many of them and they integrated into our society without altogether abandoning their own cultural traditions. But times have changed. Over the past 20 years there has emerged a new type of migrant, the vast majority being Muslim. Unlike other migrant groups, these people are often targets for their
    radical brethren. Financed with oil money, agents of Islam have set up indoctrination centres called madrassas in refugee camps whose teaching is totally incompatible with Australian values. Most of the people from the Third World are not our enemies; they are only taking advantage of a situation engineered by the United Nations with its nefarious agenda aimed at destroying the uniqueness of all races and creating a new godless Tower of Babel—a New World Order, a One World Government.

    Attack on Our Spiritual Unity

    Our present policy of welcoming people of different faiths (especially Islam) in big numbers is an attack on the spiritual unity of the nation. No society can hang together if it lacks the basis of a common faith to underpin its value system. To ignore this fundamental truth is to commit cultural and national suicide. Nevertheless, it’s still not too late to stop this madness. But we must begin by
    recognising that Christianity is the very life-blood of our nation that has produced freedom, stability, prosperity, integrity and the quintessential Australian character. Therein lies the solution to the precarious path to national suicide on which our political elites are driving us. Should we determine to again restore the Christian faith as before, there is still the possibility that these people could be
    converted to Christianity. Were this to happen, the dividing wall of contrary faiths could be broken down and together we would become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. We would then all be sons and daughters of God through faith in Jesus Christ. Scripture assures us, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for all are one in Christ Jesus.

    And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”

    Reconciled to God

    And what is that promise? In Christ, it is many faceted. Through Him we become new creations, born anew of the Holy Spirit into a new way of life. We are reconciled to God, our sins and trespasses no longer imputed against us because Jesus died for the forgiveness of our sins on Calvary’s cross. We, in fact, become the righteousness of God in Him. We become heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ—- provided we suffer with Him—so we may be glorified together. If we fight the good fight of faith so
    that, when our race here on earth is run, we shall receive a crown of righteousness which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give us on that great Day when He comes to reign on this earth. To all who overcome, He promises that they will receive a crown of righteousness and be granted the right to sit with Him on His glorious throne with His Father in heaven. Hallelujah, what a fabulous future!


    Lord God Almighty, omnipotent Father, the Alpha and the Omega, hallowed be Your name. Merciful Father, we gratefully give You our thanks for Your sovereign grace and ceaseless love in sending Your beloved Son Jesus to die on the cross of Calvary for the sins of all mankind so that all races can be reconciled to You through Him Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. As children of Your covenant, we humbly beg Your forgiveness for everyone of whatever race who calls evil good, having lost their spiritual perspective and turned their values upside-down. Dear Father, Your holy Word declares that as we approach the Great Judgment Day of all the ungodly, You patiently wait, not wishing that any should perish but all should come to sincere repentance and surrender their lives to Him. Lord Jesus, thank You for being our great High Priest interceding for us to draw spiritual strength from You, our Rock, our Fortress and our Deliverer as we face the destablising impact of different races and religions here. Indeed Lord, pull down the evil powers of darkness in this sinful land. May the life and blood of the LORD JESUS CHRIST cleanse all peoples so they will become new creatures, enthroning Him as King of kings and Lord of Lords to the glory of the Almighty Father and God of all creation. Amen.

    R.A: Led by our Lord Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit to glorify the Fatherhood of God with the Brotherhood of Man, in love and in faithfulness to bring glory and honour to His holy name.


  9. 9 Cathy

    Congradulations on setting up Rise Up Australia Party! dont know how you will go getting the Aboriginal people to thank the British though!

    God bless Cathy

  10. 10 Paul

    Thank U & God Bless You


  11. 11 Doug

    Hi Danny,

    This is very good… I have some questions for my interest.

    1. What is the position on the environment and climate needs?

    2.What about those who are seeking to come to Australia for political and religious asylum who have legitimate persecution because they are Christian?

    3. Are the supporters you referred to in your letter actually members also, how are the denominations responding, given that the Family First Party was kind of meant to be doing what your ideals also strive for?

    Positively interested and prayers with you.


  12. 12 Koresh

    Ps Danny

    Great n wonderful

    Glory to God

    Well done for a kick start

    God bless

  13. 13 Frank

    When I saw the news that Victoria is the most tolerant state against multicultural / racial division, I was so happy. May God Bless Victoria to be an example not just from the rest of all the states but to the world.

    God Bless


  14. 14 Vanessa

    Hello Ps Daniel

    Congratulations. This is great news for our Country. Would you please consider the following proposal:

    keeping Australia primarily in Australian hands and stop the selling off of property and business., to overseas investers and persons, particulary to China… and that every overseas company or persons who wants to buy property within Australia over $150,000 must delcare it to the appropriate govt. body.

    God bless,


  15. 15 Pastor Richard

    I applaud this effort and pray that it will be successful – our nation needs all that you are standing for!

    Pastor Richard

  16. 16 Peter

    Wow thanks Guys what a blessing, what a breathe of fresh air. I will definetly be letting others know and promoting support as best as I can.

    Blessings to you Danny.


  17. 17 Lena and Adrian in Perth

    Dear Ps Danny,

    We commend and support your initiative to form the Rise Up Australia Party and intend to join.

    We have also forwarded your email to close friends for their consideration.

    God Bless you all at CTFM and thank you for your prayer for me last week.

    Lena and Adrian in Perth.

  18. 18 Kevin

    Would you please be so kind as to give me Rise up Australia’s take on the Ql’d story of a past political candidate’s comment on possible future gun philosophy of Ql’d police?

    I posted my application for membership to you yesterday. In view of Victoria’s police shooting record, where do we stand? Please understand that we already have a problem with police bullying here in Ql’d.

    Candidate dumped over ‘disgusting’ police shooting tweet

    Brisbane Times

    Queensland Premier Anna Bligh last night castigated Queensland Party candidate Ray Cole for posting a comment on Twitter querying whether the police would now adopt a “shoot first ask questions later” approach. Senior Constable Damian Leeding’s family …

    Kevin from QLD

  19. 19 Bob

    Hi Danny,

    I welcome the formation of the new Party and will support it.

    I believe it is vital that the Australian Constitution be re-instated to be taught in schools again. This has not happened since Whitlam stopped it in about 1975.

    Google “The Voice of the Constitution”. It is an eye opener and gives real insight into how far we have deteriorated as a nation.



  20. 20 David

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I am very interested in and respect your values and commitment and political movement.

    As I have a personal ‘political’ project currently in mind for the Lord, I will not deviate from that path for myself until completion or faced with impossibility of continuing.

    I refer you to the website ACT for America. Brigitte Gabriel initiated that movement in the USA. It contains a wealth of material demonstrating the ‘incursion’ of radical Islam over there in so many ways. Australia needs to take a stand as you have already
    done – in Court! – so you sure need to look at that website if you are not already viewing it ( I expect that you would already know of this resource).

    Kind regards David

  21. 21 Ann

    I was on your mailng list, I have recently changed my email address to the above. Please forgive me for not notifying you.

    Keep up the good work.

    Blessings In the Lord


  22. 22 Linda

    Dear Rev Dr Daniel Nalliah,

    I can’t tell you how thrilled I am!! I have prayed about this since the last Federal Elections, and I knew that God would raise up His own chosen political party, who would represent the people of this great SOUTH LAND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT with truth, righteousness and Godly wisdom. Thank you for your faithfulness and obedience to His calling – I have no doubt at all, that He is going to do great and mighty things through his faithful servants.

    My husband and I will forward our membership applications and payment shortly.


    May God bless you and those you love.


  23. 23 Donna

    Dear Danny and Everyone

    Praise the Lord, for your political party plan.

    God Bless Donna

  24. 24 Brigitte

    This is awesome and the very best news I have heard all week, thank you for this. May The Lord bless you on this amazing journey.

    Thank you for upholding righteousness and revival of the Spirit of God in Australia.

    Be blessed. Brigitte.

  25. 25 Norma

    I agree with every word you have said and God bless you abundantly.

    I hope in the near future I will be able donate to your party, but at the moment I can not.

    Your sister in Yeshua,


  26. 26 Lawrie and Wendy

    Greetings RUAP,

    My wife and I want to sign up as members.


    Lawrie and Wendy

  27. 27 Kingsley & Grace

    Wow! We are so excited about this!! God be praised! God be praised!! We bless you Lord!!

    Kingsley & Grace

  28. 28 Ps Paul

    Hi Pastor Danny,

    It was good to speak with you today & I have forwarded your email to just about everyone in my contact book.

    Your friend Ps Paul

  29. 29 John

    Just a few comments on the RUA charter:

    I find point 15 (multiculturalism) a bit confusing and a bit harsh. I understand where they are coming from but it does not come across very well.

    My biggest issue is point 20 (aboriginal). It is quite ridiculous to expect or to want the aboriginal people to express appreciation of the British heritage as it has resulted in near genocide of their people. As my wife has an aboriginal background we are aware (as are most Australians) of the injustices and inhumane treatment of the aboriginal people in the past and even in the present.

    This point alone would prevent us from becoming a member of RUA party.

    I believe this also would cause offense to many people (and rightfully so).

    On a more positive note, most of the points are excellent and without point 20 I would be happy to support RUA.

    Consider, John


  30. 30 Anne

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Thank you for the email below and for the work you are doing for Australia to preserve our heritage. As a committed Christian, I whole-heartedly support your aims and values, especially your support for Israel. I am concerned, however, about the risk of dividing the Christian vote at election time. I have long been a supporter of the Christian Democratic Party, whose platform appears almost identical to yours, and I can see that having two political parties (or 3 if you also count Families First) offering the same ‘package’ will potentially weaken the support base for each. Is it possible for RUA to somehow coordinate with CDP and possibly Families First so that your resources are pooled and the whole organisation is strengthened? I believe that with CDP’s years of experience as a political party, FF’s wide support base and RUA’s enormous support, commitment and energy, the Christian vote in Australia could be successful in placing more godly people in Federal Parliament. Please understand that these are my personal thoughts, and I know you’ll place them before the Lord if you think they merit consideration.

    Thank you again for your wonderful work and the regular updates on your ministry.

    Yours sincerely,


  31. 31 Paul

    Ps. Danny

    Congratulations on your new venture, I can’t wait to see some Godliness without spin, in parliament. I pray that your candidates will have success and lift the standard of parliamentry debate.

    God bless



  32. 32 Gerry

    Well done and thank you Pastor Danny.

    There is another embryonic Christian party –the Christian Democratic party.

    Will there be conflict ,–or co-operation ???????


  33. 33 Lyndon

    Great idea but LOOSE the religion aspect, THATS the problem. multiculturalism IS religion issues:

    rise up against a carbon tax; force lower fuel prices; that will fix our nations debt

    rid us of speed cameras; train drivers to drive not pass a test. THAT is the only way to reduce road trauma Not stupid adverts. (they only traumatise one who has been there..and only for a few minutes..)

    make individuals regain the responibility we once had (loose the everybody elses fault); stop no win no pay lawyers. rise up against one persons problem becomes a law for ALL (freedom again) then displine can be regained.

    bring back the apprentiship system; not every one can be a DR or NEEDS a uni degree. (i no none of those who can change a tap washer or let alone check there tyre pressures) that will fix the economy

    ban futures trading and hegde funds that will fix the stock market (and a lot of CEO huge wages)

    limit realestate agents to a realistic fixed fee that will fix the housing issues

    Loose the religious stuff an I would support RUAP

    good luck


    PS a few very simplistic answers but some of the bones of what i have seen as the collapse of the Australia we once you talk about

  34. 34 Philip

    Yeah. After 36 hours of the brain being in overdrive the computational outcome is that you have done the right thing. I have complete peace on the matter, with a sense of urgency in the background. Pass over my earlier warning – but politics breaks men unless they are called to it.

    I have a prayer request: we need guidance re. what and how and where we give. I have trouble making donations/tithing /offerings unless I have some sort of assurance. Money can be a problem – and I don’t just mean the shortage of it. Please look after your finances carefully yourselves as one slip in that arena can be politically damaging.

    Membership plus a letter is coming surface mail. Following is part of my soon to be posted surface letter.

    “Initially, my reaction to this outbreak into politics was, Oh No! In 24hrs, it has settled to, Oh Yes! I have compelling reason to deduce that someone very like Pr. Danny is meant to take some sort of public stage about now. I go further and say, Pr. Danny, all the rules of logic point to you being the man. One man who won’t be taking any sort of stage is me. I don’t belong on a stage. I am about one twentieth Australian aboriginal, have Asperger’s syndrome, all but failed university physics, and my stage is the brigalow scrub, here in Qld. But for some reason, it was given to me to end the origins controversy and document what I take to be the greatest revelation of the scientific content of the Bible, in human history. As you may have deduced, people such as the A.O.G. publishers wished I had stayed in the brigalow. The F.F.P. turned to a leading atheist for technical advice on climate – and ignored the biblical answer to the question. On and on. Enough of negativism: there is purpose in everything. Now in all this there is one thing that frightens me silly. You understand it. It’s called religious fanaticism. You see, there’s no problem whatsoever in showing that the Bible is technically correct. It’s that obvious. No leading atheist will be writing a book about me titled, ‘Telling Lies For God’ — as that same leading atheist whom F.F.P. consulted wrote about the ‘Creation Science’ Movement. No atheist can or will (once acquainted with the scenario) stand in argument against these facts. I have been in the thick of them on the ‘Net and bless them all, they are just silly women. All you can do is joke with them, because they can’t even get a grip. Here is what frightens me. Some of them are fanatics. Replace their fanatical belief in their atheism with fanatical belief in what to them remains a dead book — — . No, it’s not going to happen. God did not lead me to see and to document these truths in his Word, to produce fanatics. I know because I know that’s not going to happen.

    Let me tell you something you might find hard to believe. Your site ran an entry on ‘anti-matter’, back I think it was about January. I read it almost out of courtesy. I was bemused to see it there. It appeared irrelevant. I have bad memories about things I have done in the past and they tend to become intolerable. I finally asked the Lord for relief from these memories. That article came into my mind, with an ‘attention’ mark. Then I saw what it meant. I wrote about what it meant, on your site. From that time, the memories abated.

    Science is sacred in many ways as I see it and I suspect that God can use it and turn it to a cleansing or at least a helping effect.

    The science community itself is in trouble, it is confused; Darwinism has run its course to its inevitable end and I suspect scientists and a lot of other people besides need to be led out of their morass by someone speaking with clarity. They are saying, “How do we make sense of this dead-end into which we have stumbled?”

    I am speaking from the aspect of science – there are many other facets of human existence, which are much more relevant to Australian Politics at this time – but even from that aspect I can advize you that not for one moment is there any call to falter or hesitate; a called speaker can go to this Parliament and this People and say, “Thus saith the Lord; and Thus saith science”. Do they say, “By what authority do you break our rules and lead us into incorrect procedures such as corporal and capital punishment?” Without hesitation the reply can be given, “By the authority of a document so technically correct that it gives the origin of species, the moon, the solar system , etc, etc, given by the God who made these things and who made Man and knows what is right for Man.” They laugh and question? Well, that’s up to the man on the spot to handle, but they won’t chisel this rock. It’s at my site, updated, impregnable – and they know it.

    I won’t detain you with waffle you probably already understand better than I but all the processes of logic are telling me that a man just like Pr. Danny will step into the public spotlight, about now.

    Oh, and if people say politics and religion don’t mix (there is reason in that saying) there are clear precedents in history at pivotal times such as this where they did mix. – Gregory, Knox, Zwingli, and so on.”


  35. 35 Des and Lorraine

    Congratulations, Dr. Daniel

    You have my total support and affirmation, for you and the CHARTER of RISE UP AUSTRALIA. Of course fine details of policies have to be thoroughly worked out in the future, but good start!!!. I am hopeful that we will be able to enlist all
    our people as members of RUA.

    I offer just some other points to ponder.

    1. In the Charter, strongly emphasize the words ASSIMILATION and INTERGRATION in relation to all immigration.

    2. ? A LIMIT be established on ownweship by offshore interests in Australian Realestate, Assets, and/or Companies ?? (maybe through heavier Sales Tax ?)

    3. While strongly protecting the environment, give AUSTRALIAN COMPANIES greater freedom to mine our God-given natural resourses. including URANIUM..

    I’m sure there will be much consultation and discussion in the coming months. and if GOD is established as the Head of the Party and Wisdom of the Party, much Blessing will flow. Even in the midst of the attacks that will inevitability come.

    MAY GOD BE WITH YOU IN EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. Greetings Des and Lorraine.

  36. 36 Chas

    Hi Danny,
    You need a correction in item 13. Christians do not oppose homosexuality because of health problems, but because the Bible teaches that it is wrong. That is an important correction.

  37. 37 Ruth

    Dear Jason,

    I agree with the aims of the proposed new party.

    But I have a couple of questions. It is a pity that the Christian vote will be split yet again. I have supported Family First over recent years, and I can see that your proposals is better than theirs. It would be good if they would join forces with you!

    Who would be the leader of the Party? If is it Ps Daniel, would he still be able to preach and evangelise?

    God bless,


  38. 38 Hank

    Dear Daniel,

    I greatly appreciate your ministry and rejoice at the wonderful things the Lord is doing in your ministry.

    However, I felt a little sad and I suppose disappointed that you are starting another party. First of all I think you are trying to wage a battle in the natural while it ultimately is a spiritual one.

    Secondly I think you are going to dilute the Christian vote, which is already quite small particularly in relation to Family First. I also think that you would be better to leave it to Bob Katter and his new party to keep Australia Australian.

    I write this our of concern.

    Yours in our Lord,


  39. 39 Steve

    Thanks for this. True Australians really need to see how scary fundamentalist Christians are and act against them accordingly.


  40. 40 Zaid

    you know i couldnt help to notice that everyone that put in good feedback is christian so lets get a muslims feedback as you so boldly offended islam

    firstly i am born and grown australian and my family traces back to the first settlements in australia so i am the most pure austraian after the aboriginals and did you know that aboriginals and muslims had a great relationship long before anyone else came into the picture they evan had a dance of sorrow for when the muslims would depart and sail back home

    now you say that you shall educate people about the radical islamic teachings man you are calling helping the poor and feeding the orphans radical whats next soon i will probebly be kicked out of my own country because of my beliefs and you it is amazing how many times you metioned and offended islam man at least islam dousnt contradict itself and you know why because it is the only right religeon i could go on for hours on how many times christianity contradicts itself and i should know cause that is why my mother left christianity for islam because she would read the bibal over and over again and everytime she noticed another contradiction

    now i am writing just to warn you that if you restrict or harm any muslim or our beliefs and i mean your party muslims are not the type to sit quetly when islam is atacked so just a warning that you shall go out like water on fire


  41. 41 Colleen

    Thankyou for your strength and committment to the Lord Jesus and Australia for forming this new party, l will support you where ever l can.

    God bless You


  42. 42 Pastor Louise

    Dear Daniel,

    I was just wondering about no. 13 of the aims – protect children from Homosexuality as it causes health problem. Sure, there is the increased risk of health problems for active multiple partnered homosexuals – but for the children???? Perhaps if it was worded differently it would be a clearer, stronger statement.


    Pastor Louise

    Kangaroo Island

  43. 43 louise baker

    Good on you Danny for standing up for us all. I am not a christian, but I agree with you 100%. I wonder where Zaid got his information from. Hope he will stand with us in a time of crisis and not support the Islamic fanatics. Cheers Louise

  44. 44 Robyn

    Yes I am praying for you and for your Holy Spirit meetings…

    God Bless you all

  45. 45 Roy

    Once again, thankyou for your mailouts, much appreciated.

    Whilst I do see Christians in Government as a righteous and noble cause it will be interesting to watch the response from the public in general and in particular the “Christian” community.

    The abysmal allegiance to The Family First in the last election reveals an increasingly disappointing trend toward less favorable political party’s.

    Righteous exhalts a nation, that we know, but does the Christian community and the Pastoral oversight embrace such a notion?

    May GOD be with you.


  46. 46 Lee

    Hi RUA,

    Bless you and congratulations.

    I am just so excited, not only for myself but more importantly for all Australians.

    I thank the Lord Jesus for all of the people involved; this is an answer to prayer.

    God is so very good,

    Praise The Lord.

    Kindest regards and blessings to you all,


  47. 47 Prudence

    About time, a stand has to be made for this wonderful Nation. Thank you I am praying what can I do for God for this nation I call Australia home.


  48. 48 Wayne



  49. 49 Chairman Vic CDP

    Dear Danny and Jason,

    Thank you for bringing us up to date on your vision for entering into the political scene. Where we can let us work together. We are mindful that, as Zech 4:6, any effectiveness is beyond human resources and dependent on the Almighty’ s Spirit empowering His elect.

    We are working towards some significant developments in the CDP nationally and will be to the good of our own effectiveness. If we are able to assist each other, the the enemy had better watch out.

    Glory to God,

    Chairman Vic CDP

  50. 50 Maryann


    On the commencement of the new political party-sorry I didn’t write back immediately. The warfare against me is purely satanic but Jesus is here for me.

    In Christ


  51. 51 Ewan

    Zaid demonstrates, in the implicit threats of violence contained in his/her comment above, the intolerance of Islam and why it is right for freedom loving people everywhere to reject the totalitarian political ideology that is Islam. Islamisation and creeping Sharia must be strenuously resisted if we want to keep our treasured freedoms.

    Regards, Ewan.

  52. 52 Colleen (2)

    Praise God, This is an answer to prayer, PastorDaniel. May this be the “great awakening” that many in this nation have been
    praying for. May God’s favour be upon RISE UP AUSTRALIA from this time forth to the Glory of His Holy Name.

  53. 53 Judy

    Yes, we are to perserve this nation under the rule of our Lord Jesus Christ, the whole constitution that we have was written from the bible as according to his commandments and his word and guess what it has worked and brought reform in many nations, the minute we lose that, corruption always wreaks havoc.
    If there’s people here that don’t read history books and understand what was done way back in England then they need to do some research. God has blessed England way back because there was a great revival and everything in their constitution was Godly, the americans have tried to do the same but over the years God has somehow disappeared. Its up to us to stick up for what we believe. if you go to a muslim country you cannot do anything as you please , there are laws, but unfortunately the muslims that are coming to australia are like snakes trying to change the laws for their plans and purposes. The fact is that many christians are just sleeping and not hearing what’s happening out there. We can make a difference. Beware, Islam is real and evil and out there closer to you then what you think.

  54. 54 Lahat Khereb

    Take Heed the Word Of the Lord, From the Word of the Lord.
    Act 5:34 Then stood there up one in the council, a Pharisee, named Gamaliel, a doctor of the law, had in reputation among all the people, and commanded to put the apostles forth a little space;
    Act 5:35 And said unto them, Ye men of Israel, take heed to yourselves what ye intend to do as touching these men.
    Act 5:36 For before these days rose up Theudas, boasting himself to be somebody; to whom a number of men, about four hundred, joined themselves: who was slain; and all, as many as obeyed him, were scattered, and brought to nought.
    Act 5:37 After this man rose up Judas of Galilee in the days of the taxing, and drew away much people after him: he also perished; and all, even as many as obeyed him, were dispersed.
    Act 5:38 And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought:
    Act 5:39 But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.

  55. 55 john robb

    this is exactly what this country! & the rest of the world needs,we all come from different nations but we’re all decendants of noah & all need to live together in peace & harmony!there’s been so many peoples in the past & now it’s islam who think there better than the rest ha what a joke.I will certainly be one to vote & back this party,this country is starting, indeed already is loosing it’s way & to think how our lives have seen so many changes for the worst these past decades & now it’s become so hard to change back to our good old ways for which this country was suppost to stay as it was founded on christian values! but now we can all see that it’s becoming an islam state like other countries in the world today & it’s becoming like a film I seen recently where if you don’t (convert you get killed)but as most everything else these days the politicians the people in power(supposidly) who are blind.& today are to weak to take a proper stand & the money they recieve to keep the course going in favour of the evil ones will take over if we don’t fight them!

  56. 56 Rose


    Praise JEHOVAH; Well, seems Pastor Danny & some others, did some thinking about becoming CHRISTian Pollys. HallELuJAh. I did suggest in one of my letters I put on the Website that, some—CHRISTian Folks should think about running for a place in Federal & State Elections. Glory To JEHOVAH, You Have taken Up The Challenge. NOW Folks; Please do not leave it all up to just a hand few of CHRISTians to run for a seat in the Federal/State Elections; Any One of you can and should. The more CHRIStians stepping out in the Political Arena the more seats JESUS will have.

    This Is A Song That Sprang Up In My Spirit Just Then HallEluJah JESUS. { 4-21PM. Friday-5-August-2011. }

    We will have to be in PRAYER Often. This is My Prayer For The FUTURE CHRISTian Politicians:
    Please Pray In Agreement With Me and Others This Prayer. And We Will See Miraculous Mircles HallELuJah.


    We Give You ABBA Father ALL ThanksGiving, Love, Honor, Exaultation, REVERENCE, Worship, And ALL The Glory In JESUS CHRIST Name Amen: Glory HallEluJah To JESUS.
    Yours Sincerely The Daughter Of The MOST HIGH GOD and The APPLE Of HIS EYE—HALLELUJAH.

  57. 57 Rose

    Praise JEHOVAH; There’s No Hatered, Malic, Evil, Vegenance, And Etc; Allowed towards Others Who Have Chosen To Voice Their FREEDOM Of SPEECH On This Website. And May The Love Of JESU CHRIST Dwell Richly In ALL AMEN:

    I Was Going Through Many Of The Letters & The One That Caught My Attention Was Zaid’s Comments. How Unhappy You Seem To Be Zaid. Why Are you So Very Afraid??? Why Are You Angry??? When One Has REVERENTAL Fear Of The SOVEREIGN ALMIGHTY MOST HIGH GOD OF ALL CREATION—-ONE NEED NEVER EVER FEAR ANYTHING Amen: I Always Wonder; Why Do Some Folk Have To Threaten Other Folk Who Mean No-One Any Harm. LOVE Makes The World Go Round. JESUS CHRIST Is PURE LOVE. JESUS CHRIST Is PEACE, LOVE, FORGIVENESS, UNDERSTANDING, JOY, And ALL That’s GOOD. JESUS CHRIST Is A MIGHTY TRUE PROPHET OF The MOST HIGH GOD And JESUS Taught HIS Followers And His Diciples, And ALL Who CHOOSE To BELIEVE And ACKNOWLEDGE HIM, And ALL Of The Above And So Much More. JESUS LOVES YOU Zaid And Your Mother Very Much. And ALL Muslims—-JESUS DIED FOR ALL OF US.

    The ALMIGHTY MOST HIGH GOD DECLARES: ANY CHRISTian Who Hates His Brother/Sister—Then the LOVE Of LORD GOD Is Not In Them. We take That Statement Of ALMIGHTY LORD GOD Very Seriously.

    JESUS DIED And Shed HIS BLOOD ESPECIALLY For You Zaid And Your Mother. JESUS Just Simply Loves ALL.

    Zaid—Iff You And Your Mother Were The Only Ones In ALL The World; JESUS Would Have Died Just For You And Your Mother—WHY? Because JESUS LOVES ALL. JESUS Declares to ALL HIS CHILDREN That We Are To Turn The Other Cheek When We Are Insulted And Abused—And That’s What We ALL Do—Well Most Of Us. Praise JEHOVAH.

    Zaid; There Are Many CHRISTian ALL Over The World Who Are Not True CHRISTians. JESUS CHRIST Knows Who They Are And They Had Better REPENT Of ALL Their Sins And Turn Back To LORD ALMIGHTY GOD. But—There Are Millions Who Are really Good CHRISTian Folk And Would Give You or Anyone The Shirt Off Their Backs And Much More. Christians Are Not Perfect, BUT Neither Is Anyone Else In The World. I Am A Born-Again-CHRISTian Who Does Not Smoke, Swear, Consume Alcohol, Do Not Go To Night Clubs, Don’t Do Drugs, Attend Movies, Listen To satanic Music And Will Not Have it Played In My Home Or In My Hearing Distance. Will Not Have Alcohol Consumed In My Home. I Am Always Aware of My Dressing When I Am Out In Public, And Make Sure My Daughters and GrandDaughters Are Dressed As CHRISTian Women Should, And That Includes ALL The Males.

    I Could Write You Zaid, 7–PageS —But, Hope You Get The Pitcure LOUD AND CLEAR. I HAVE A GREAT SAYING:

    So lets ALL be Kind, Loving, Supportive, Understanding, Unselfish, Helping Each other, Sharing With Each Other, Praying For Each Other, Encouraging Each Other, And Humble Ourselves And Always Want The very Best For Everyone. May The LORD JESUS CHRIST Bless Us ALL And Make HIS FACE Shine Upon Us ALL And Keep Us ALL Safe.

  58. 58 Peter

    I hadn’t heard of this party until today. We do not want to become like the UK or France in regards to the trouble that those countries have with multiculturalism. We(the anglo majority) do not want anti Australian islamic ghetto’s here. Keep the poison out.

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