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Muslim advertising in Sydney, Australia of Jesus as a Prophet of IslamPosted by Marisol on May 28, 2011

No, of course not. Nor could one post anything about Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, atheism, or agnosticism. Why? Because Saudi Arabia is not a free society. Why? Because they enforce Sharia. And Sharia forbids the propagation of non-Islamic faiths or the display of their symbols.

Muslims here are taking advantage of rights to freedom of speech, religion, and conscience that they will destroy where they are able to impose Sharia. Put that on a billboard. “He’s not the son of God, just the support act,” by Aaron Cook for the Sydney Morning Herald, May 28 (thanks to Jack):

Christians in Sydney will have their core beliefs challenged by provocative advertisements due to appear on billboards and buses in the next month.

The ads, paid for by an Islamic group called MyPeace, will carry slogans such as ”Jesus: a prophet of Islam”, ”Holy Quran: the final testament” and ”Muhammad: mercy to mankind”.

A phone number urges people to call to receive a free Koran and other Islamic literature.

The organiser of MyPeace, Diaa Mohamed, said the campaign was intended to educate non-Muslims about Islam. He said Jesus was a prophet of Islam, who was to come before Muhammad. ”The only difference is we say he was a prophet of God, and they say he is God,” Mr Mohamed said. ”Is it thought-provoking? Yes, it is. We want to raise awareness that Islam believes in Jesus Christ,” he said.Mr Mohamed said he hoped the billboards would encourage Christians and Muslims to find common ground. They were not intended to downgrade the significance of Jesus. ”We embrace him and say that he was one of the mightiest prophets of God.”

No, it just downgrades Christians brutally and severely, so that they and other unbelievers “feel themselves subdued” as dhimmis.

And by the way, Islamic eschatology does teach that Jesus will come back. But before we “celebrate” that “common ground” in “interfaith dialogue,” it says he will come back to break all the crosses (Sahih Bukhari 3.43.656, among others), abolish the jizya arrangement that allowed non-believers to continue to exist, and “fight the people in the cause of Islam” (Sunan Abu Dawud 37.4310). And after Jesus kills, Jesus will die, and the Muslims will pray over his body (also 37.4310).

MyPeace plans to extend the campaign, funded by private donations, to television.

This is delightfully blunt, though of course, such sweeping historical revisionism is fundamental to Islam’s teachings:

The Anglican Bishop of South Sydney, Rob Forsyth, said it was ”complete nonsense” to say Jesus was a prophet of Islam. ”Jesus was not the prophet of a religion that came into being 600 years later.”

But the billboard was not offensive, he said. ”They’ve got a perfect right to say it, and I would defend their right to say it [but] … you couldn’t run a Christian billboard in Saudi Arabia.”

The bishop said he would pay for billboards to counter those of MyPeace if he could afford it, and ”maybe the atheists should run their billboards as well”.

A spokesman for the Australian Islamic Mission, Siddiq Buckley, said the campaign would increase awareness of the positive facts of Islam. ”I would be looking at this as a good opportunity to explain what we mean.”

3 Responses to “Australian billboards claim Jesus for Islam, but could you run a billboard proclaiming “Jesus Christ is Lord” in Saudi Arabia?”

  1. 1 Philip Bruce Heywood

    Give me a can of spray paint. Give me a can of spray paint. There’s a handy blank space on that billboard.

  2. 2 Phil Sydney

    Rob Forsyth has lost the plot.
    Key issue the Billboard is a lie. It is a false statement and typical
    of the Muslim mentality.
    The bishop of south Sydney is wrong on saying they have a perfect
    right to say it. If this statement were true I should also
    be able to place a billboard on buses saying Rob Forsyth raped a 2 year old child.
    I know it’s a lie but surely I like Muslims have a right to free speech regardless
    of the consequences.

    High time Christian ministers had some backbone. Rob certainly doesn’t


  3. 3 Philip Bruce Heywood

    I think there’s something about this billboard advertizing. Are you people picking it up or have I just eaten too much? Pray for me, will you — I do eat too much and I would be in 7th heaven if I could fast and pray. You know, the first time I figured I could perhaps do so was when I was in the personal presence (at some distance) of Pr. Danny. Sin is our only problem – mine, anyway. You’re doing me good, just looking at your site.

    My instincts are telling me this open advertizing is like a new offensive position that must be taken out one way or another, without hesitation. Or have I got indigestion?

    It also strikes me from this distance to be an opportunity for publicity handed to someone on a silver tray.

    Here’s yet another option I canvass: put in a complaint to the relevant regulatory body and get it stopped. It is so obviously and arguably religious vilification …. isn’t it? What about truth in advertizing regulations?

    Phil. S. or from S.(?) opens an interesting scenario. Maybe we could run an ad. saying the right Reverand (ahem) acted- er– inappropriately to an underage– er -female (cough, aside) (clearing throat again): and he was only trying to follow the example of The Prophet, so should be excused, under Sharia Law. (blushes, aside.)

    Please take this in the way I intend it. Is this now the official webpage of an official or would – be official political Party? Is this where the Public is directed re. RUAP? It’s where I direct them, anyway, should I pluck up the courage.

    As I see it, the Public won’t have much problem with just about everything that is here. I do notice an entry recently at the top, covering amongst other things, Gog, Magog, global war against I srael, and suggested scenarios for the future. A fine entry from a good source. As a person interested in your administrative policies and your underlying religion, I switched off. That’s only me.

    I have thought seriously about the Bible and the future. There is a proper place for such investigations? I find three conclusions about the future — and they are reassuring. They are, as I see it, quite likely to be accurate, because they are based on logic and Scripture. 1) All the World will turn to Christ, at least superficially or nominally. “The eath shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea”, Hab.2:14. The end-time religion will be Christianity. (Otherwise, how could Anti-Christ get credibility and deceitfully enthrone himself as though he were Christ?) 2) Anti-Christ will not arise in person whilst ever there is someone or thing, “letting” — literally, obstructng or delaying. 2 Thess. 2:7,8:”For the mystery of iniquity doth already work [anti-christ is always here, even if not in person]: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked be revealed …….” The ‘he’ that is ‘letting’ or obstructing I take to be an angel, or more probably, the existence of distinct secular States as distinct from the final one-world totalitarian Government. 3) This one-world totalitarian administrative system will be nothing other than the ‘beast’ — the systems of encroaching, unjust, despotic world governments inspired by the Prince of the Power of the Air — from Babylon through Greece and Persia to Rome and especially medieval Rome as exemplified by emperor-worship (worship of the Pope). This beast has been wounded to death, Rev.13:3, but will revive. The wounding to death is the Reformation when the Word of God destroys the power of emperor/pope worship. This same system of totalitarian world domination revives for an instant at the end of history. It is revived by the False Prophet, the Anti-Christ in person. It doesn’t revive for long. Rev.17:10,11. ‘And there are seven kings [major world empires?]; five are fallen, and one is [this is written about 100A.D., so, presumably the ‘one’ that ‘is’ is Rome with its emperor/pope worship], and the other is not yet come [that’s us: we do not live under one-world totalitarian emperor worship]; and when he [the revived beast of worldwide totalitarianism] cometh, he must continue a SHORT space. And the beast that was [up until the Reformation], and is not [that’s us, now], even he is the eighth [wait on: there are only seven kings — therefore, the eighth, like the eighth day of the week, is resurrection – the eighth is therefore the beast that was slain by the Reformation], and is of the seven [being a revisitation of them all], AND GOETH TO PERDITION [implying, no historic longevity].

    Now all that might read rather fearsome — if you can read my tangle– but it’s nothing but good news all the way. The terminal, fleeting moment of persecution — it won’t necessarily be equal all over the globe, going on other Scriptures — is there so that you or I or our descendants, will be ready for Christ’s return. That final generation is going to be unique. From the seconds-old babe to the oldest person, not one shall die on their death-bed! There’s one thing that strikes terror into my soul — the thought of encountering the man whose eyes are a flame of fire, whose feet like brass burning in fire, and his voice as the sound of many waters. That terror didn’t come from reading a book. If I had to make a choice between the worst tyranny on this earth and meeting that man, and not be ready — I choose Nero, the Burma railroad, anything. God, have mercy on us.

    Because I was pointed down the Bible- science pathway, I was obliged to look at the descriptions of future events which are recorded from the lips of Christ himself in no fewer than three out of four ‘Gospels’. It’s at my site and I am not certain I have got the meaning of the ‘tribulation(s)’ mentioned by Christ, correct. I would value intelligent feedback. I am of the opinion that amongst various events — not all of them tribulation, by any means — he is in part speaking of upcoming phenomena which will be witnessed by all on the planet, those phenomena being associated with the earth’s magnetic field and probably implicating climate, perhaps food poroduction, and other natural events besides. The meaning of the tribulation(s), I find clouded. I can’t discern whether it only refers to Jerusalem 70 A.D. or whether there is to be something else, globally, near the end of time. But let me tell you something it certainly does say; “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh!”

    Not to detain you further: that’s all good stuff about Israel and Gog, probably correct. Some could probably add to it or detract from it, and some have made major merchandise out of it (past world bestsellers, even) and some could frighten one supposes the bejavers out of people — the Israelis most of all — whom one can scarecely imagine enjoying it — something along those lines seems bound to happen(?).

    I could well be totally wrong. This isn’t wrong: Here is what the Lord says to his people about the future: Fear not. Fear Not. Fear not!

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