Dan Wooding (May 12, 2011)

They will be searching for evidence of Divine Healing

(Brisbane, Australia )—Christian doctors and medical professionals will be flooding into Brisbane, Australia, a city that earlier this year was itself devastated by floods, for a unique conference called “Spirituality and Medicine.”

The World Christian Doctors Network (WCDN) has announced details of its 8th Annual International Conference to be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from June 11-12, 2011. (WCDN is an interdenominational organization composed of Christian medical professionals from around the world who believe in divine healing.)

“WCDN wants to motivate Christian medical professionals to reflect the love of Jesus Christ and to be a witness for Him in their professional life,” said a spokesperson for the organization.

He went on to say, “Two thirds of medical schools in the US, including Harvard and Johns Hopkins, offer courses on spirituality and faith in their curriculums, largely because patients are demanding more spiritual care. According to a Newsweek poll, 84% of Americans said that praying for others can have a positive effect on their recovery.”

Along this line of thought, a group of Christian medical doctors started WCDN to tackle issues on spirituality in the context of the Christian medical practitioner, with its main intention of influencing and equipping Christian doctors “by sharing the goodness of Christ in the form of proclaiming the Gospel principally through the healing ministry.”

As in all of their international conferences, the medical professions will be searching for cases of divine healing with verified medical evidence. Several of them will be making presentations and afterwards, their peers are then able to question them about whether this is a verifiable miracle or not.

“During the walk of Jesus here on earth, a major strategy He used to proclaim His Lordship was to heal the sick,” said the WCDN spokesperson. “It is our role as His expert witnesses to testify to the works of healing by the Power of God with verified medical data, therefore giving the glory to our Father God who is the Almighty and to Him who is the Healer, the Lord Jesus.”

For a listing of participants, follow the link provided.

Source: ASSIST News Service


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