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Salt Shakers – 29th April 2011

The battle for Marriage continues here as it does elsewhere in the world – we knew it was going to be tough because too many have already compromised over the issue of homosexual relationships.

The illegitimacy of these unnatural relationships has been compromised by governments, Christians and Christians denominations across the world which have allowed the unnatural to be called natural despite all the evidence to the contrary.
In the last week, in the USA, the battle took another turn for the worst – President Obama has given so much ground that he will now NOT support an Act of Parliament which was passed by the overwhelming vote of both houses of Congress and was signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1996 – DOMA – the Defence of Marriage Act.
The NEW Republican dominated House of Representatives in the USA hired a law firm to defend that Act in the Courts. Attached is a one page transcript of what have happened in the last few days – not from an ‘activist’ but from Albert Mohler, President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The title says it all but the devil is in the detail – A Warning of Intimidations to ComeIN AUSTRALIA

This should act as a WAKE-UP CALL to us in Australia that words alone are not enough, STRONG ACTION and standing firm is needed, because intimidation is already happening here too.
Remember Warwick Marsh and his short-lived appointment as ‘men’s ambassador’? Well, just this week a Christian Lobby group leader, himself an ex digger, was sadly intimidated into apologising for stating a true fact – we will not apologise for repeating it.

On Anzac Day – @JimWallaceACL said “Just hope that as we remember Servicemen and women today we remember the Australia they fought for – wasn’t gay marriage and Islamic!”
What is at stake here, as in the USA, is freedom of speech, our freedom to believe and proclaim what is in the Bible and, with them, true tolerance.

Tolerance is something often spoken about by the very group of activists and some liberal Christians who showed gross intolerance in this case, but it isn’t true tolerance.
We cannot afford to bow to such intimidation – Freedom IS the very characteristic our Diggers fought for and they are still fighting for it in the Middle East.
A strong stand is needed if we are to preserve the society they DID fight to defend. Apologising simply encourages the intimidation.

As Martin Luther rightly stated, “If I profess with the loudest voice and clearest exposition every portion of the truth of God except precisely that little point which the world and the devil are at that moment attacking, I am not confessing Christ, however boldly I may be professing Christ. Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proved, and to be steady on all the battlefields besides, is mere fight and disgrace if he flinches at that point.”
Peter Stokes
Executive Officer
Salt Shakers
p: (03) 9800 2855

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1 Response to “E-News – A Warning of Intimidation – To Come?”

  1. 1 Philip Bruce Heywood

    I seem to have a habit of being late to post and I don’t know if this is of any value so don’t hesitate to discard.

    When you can’t speak in public to save your own life and the biggest following you have is maybe a bunch of hens in a fowl run, it is easy to be an expert from a great distance, and tell everyone what to do.

    It is manifestly obvious to the majority of modern human beings — even those of the more retiring type, whose cognizance of public relations is near on zero — that society plus anti-marriage equals mayhem.

    It is likewise manifest that marriage, by definition, excludes same sex marriage. Same sex marriage doesn’t ‘compute’. It isn’t marriage — it is confusion. That is what the Bible calls it. There are things that are, in a word, confusion.

    The outbreak of this confusion didn’t happen in a vacuum and it has been building over time — step-by-step. Another manifestation of this deep confusion is something that has been brought to light by Pastor Danny — women are being placed in situations where they are de-facto killing their unborn babies –with legal sanction/encouragement. Confusion upon confusion.

    The purpose of Jesus Christ, as I read it, is to bring in light, end the confusion, and overthrow the works of the Destroyer.

    Here I take the liberty — as a tongue-tied armchair expert, so to speak, from the safety of great distance — I take the liberty of asking a somewhat obvious question. I ask it, having heard that CTFM and supporters, by the help of God, with accolades of lovers of free speech everywhere, in court and standing on the Word of God, overthrew a blatant attack on free speech and freedom of religion.

    I note that it was done because God told them to do it, at that time.

    I am not telling anyone to do anything. But I ask the question, perhaps first to myself: Marriage is fundamental to Humanity, not merely to the christian Religion. When we come to Christianity as such, and narrow down the field, marriage is a great mystery, speaking of Christ and his Church. ‘Extend the border of thy mantle over me” , etc.. A woman takes a man’s name, takes his authority, takes if you like his heart and his riches for her own. She calls herself by that Name. There is her protection, her safety, her sustenance. Well, this is an imperfect world. You are being theoretical? I am married, and there’s nothing theoretical about it! For too many Christians, the theory tragically never changed to practice? The first marriage was a miracle of divine action and every successful marriage ever since was only so because of divine action. To avoid long discourse we might end there. ( We nevertheless pray for that divine action in the recent royal marriage.)
    Here are three points.
    a) The majority of people are not keen on official same-sex unions.
    b) The whole Christian Religion (and to some extent, other religions) is inextricably bound up with marriage. The Gospel is a marriage saga. Speak of true marriage; speak of Christ. Attack on marriage equals attack on freedom of religion — and not merely Christianity.
    c) With all our guarantees of free speech and religious tolerance, and the legislated right to publish facts such as those having to do with marriage and Faith: is this hoo-ha about same sex a problem, or an opportunity?

    Below, for what it’s worth, is a letter I sent to all Australian Federal M.P.’s on the occasion of the ALP deciding to discuss same-sex marriage, several months past.

    Subject: The return of the mendicant friars.

    Dear Federal Parliamentarian,

    Without detaining you with excessive details of history, with which you are probably more conversant than the author: at a time past in the (European) history of most of us, civil government became somewhat overshadowed by the prestige and ‘pull’ of an ideological movement, the fragmented remnants of which have come down to us as the Church of Rome. This movement was the most visible, tangible, rock of stability during perilous, disastrous times (Dark Ages) and its early leaders were courageous, humane, lovers and followers of truth. The tragedy of European history was that this ‘church’ eventually became the target of ruthless power-play and became too strongly controlled by people little better than articulate thugs.

    These power-hungry control freaks, themselves increasingly deluded and addicted to deluding others, having stepped into secular as well as religious authority, proceeded to entrench themselves as the supreme authority in matters both secular and ‘spiritual’. In tragedy upon tragedy, some of them came to the almost incomprehensible state of being at war with the very faith and humanity of their far- off predecessors. They became, in a sense, anti-Christ.

    They didn’t have a three-year term, at the end of which they could be voted out. Given their control of media and finances, it would have been difficult to vote them out.

    One of the ploys was to unleash an army of mendicant friars for purposes of indoctrination, thought policing, and money gathering. Given a different setting, these mendicant friars might have served society well. The sinister reality was so different to the benign and beneficial possibilities, good churchmen protested to the popes – at the risk of their own lives, and to no avail.

    Magnificent palaces and lifestyles supposedly dedicated to God and humanity, were built on deception, even on torture and on human blood. Ignorance (especially of God’s word) was so all-pervasive, they were able to invent purgatory and get people to pay to escape it! – and innumerable other deceptions. The masses believed it willingly – they weren’t given many options. The television, internet and local paper was the mendicant friars. They hired out Mary’s cloak for various purposes and installed something like seven tonnes of the cross of Christ in religious institutions across Europe. The immorality brought on by the banishment of the Bible and the championing of celibacy is legendary.

    It took civil wars and a lot of suffering to get out from under it.

    What is the lesson?

    The lesson, of course, is separation of church and state, as handsomely catered for in our Constitution. But ‘mendicant friars’ are always with us and they don’t put an advertisement on themselves advising that they are dedicated to stealing the peoples’ money and freedom by means fair or foul. We shall set aside militant Islam, which is obviously a politico–religious movement dedicated to the overthrow of democracy using democracy to do so – and go to something more subtil. (If people wish to sit around in a drugged torpor whilst the glories of the Prophet turn women into controlled automatons and every Friday into a beheading — no-one here can say they weren’t warned.) We shall go on to something from ‘Christendom’ that would make many decent Islamics blush for shame, and give ‘Christians’ reason to think that Islam might be worth a try.

    Mr. Bandt, Mr. Brown & co. are no more poofters (or whatever the word is) who can’t control themselves, than I am a ring-tailed ‘possum. They are smooth operators who have gotten onto some public funding, and they have an agenda. That agenda is essentially religious. It is equally as deadly to democracy as the agenda of certain modern imams, and by-gone popes. Sure, Australia is now mature enough to consider their agenda. Mature, like a Spanish galley, which Drake’s men observed could be detected by the nose a mile downwind. We are all sinners (Greens excluded?) and I for one, knowing the dread and terror of the human condition, and my personal inability to help myself, am inclined to cry for mercy, not put a lighted taper up the nostrils of the Almighty.

    But, let’s apply logic. There has never been a law that can stop people of the same sex from living together. It’s like daylight saving – if people wish to get to work early, with enough effort, it can be arranged. There are ways to work around certain things – so why the publicity and the push? Because these people, who fanatically believe they aren’t sinners, and are holier than the rest of us, wish for us all to be holy men like themselves. They wish for the public service to recognize them as holy men. They demand that everyone conform to them. Conform to what? The outlawing of sin, as a concept (unless you happen to be one of the illuminati) and the banishment of the christian Religion. Democracy being the child and partner of all moderate and humane religion, especially, Christianity.

    Those who voted for the talkfest about poofterism, declared war on democracy –and on God. Don’t worry – he’s a God of love. He isn’t in the habit of striking down filthy sinners. That’s why I’m still alive. And, the war has been going on for some time, now, and this was merely a chance to openly declare, and display one’s colours.

    I think I know who will win the war. I think I know who I’d be surrendering to.

    These holy men who are so keen to corral us all into their fold – under a P.M. whom decent and honourable men couldn’t entertain under their roof, because she doesn’t ‘copy’ proper conduct.

    Mary’s cloak, seven tons of cross, all at the public’s expense, for the public good – global warming and similar pseudo-moral ‘science’ superstitions, pushed on the public at public expense with bold-faced hypocrisy; denial of proper conduct; deceptions, hocums, blasphemous impudence against Man and his Maker. The agenda is to outlaw truth. There is nothing new under the sun. Including, of course, the fact that true and faithful men win out in the end, even if it doesn’t always look that way.

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