Worship team in Ingham, QLDPr Daniel ministering in a Holy Spirit revival in Ingham, QLD, AustraliaDear family & friends in Christ in Australia and around the world,


1) We give all the glory and honour to our great King Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, for His mighty hand increasingly at work across our nation of Australia and across the nations of the world!  


The mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit moved powerfully as Pr Daniel ministered the prophetic Word of the Lord in Ingham, QLD, Australia!


Hundreds of hungry worshippers gathered at the miracle healing revival meetings for a life transforming encounter with the tangible presence of Jesus and to receive the living Word of God!


The meetings went on for more than 3 hours as Pr Daniel preached the Word of God with power and authority, followed by the mighty manifestation of the Holy Ghost! 


Everyone soaked in the manifest presence of God as some wept, some shouted for joy, some travailed under the anointing, some were healed, some were set free from demonic bondages, some surrendered their lives to Jesus, and many others were mightily touched by the Holy Spirit when Pr Daniel laid hands and prayed over them.


 At times the revival meetings seemed to turn into a Holy Ghost riot! Oh glory to God, what a mighty God we serve!Many Youth and Young Adults receive ministry at the altar


We received the following message yesterday from one of the Pastors in Ingham, QLD.


“Good morning Pr Daniel. Thank you again for an awesome weekend. There were at least 4 first time commitments that we know of. Here are the details of the young girl that was healed,


Jacqueline age 17, born with a lazy or turned eye, had 2 operations by age 5. She has worn glasses to correct her sight. Last night she believed that she would be healed, so she left her glasses home! While you were praying for her she saw Jesus talking to her, and when she opened her eyes, she could see perfectly!! All the way home she shared her miracle with her family and they praised God! Thanks again Nino”.

 Pr Daniel ministering at the altar in the power of the Holy Spirit

Pr Daniel stated, “People are hungry for Jesus. They want the truth and not a compromised gospel. Every time I see a person my heart goes out to them as I see a lost soul needing Jesus.


 We’re excited to announce the launch of Rise Up Australia prayer in Ingham, QLD. Please contact Russell at garner.bunch@bigpond.com or 0418504146.


While travelling back from Ingham (1 hour from Townsville, QLD), seated next to me in the plane was a couple travelling to Melbourne. Well, as always I started talking to them. They were very friendly. One conversation led to another and suddenly we were talking about world events, such as Tsunami’s, Cyclones, Floods, Wars, and other End-Time events.


Then I told them that this was all foretold in the Bible, and that these were signs that Jesus is coming back soon. Then suddenly I saw myself prophesying over the wife, a complete stranger to me who was not a Christian believer.


As I finished prophesying, this dear lady’s eyes were filled with tears and she told me, “You know what, you just told me everything I am going through.” Glory to God at that moment I was able to lead them both to a personal relationship with Jesus. They both prayed and gave their hearts to the Lord. Thank you Jesus.


Just before we got off the plane the husband shook my hand and told me, “Mate, you have given us new life and hope for the future.” I was so happy to hear that.


Let us step out of the boat and dare to be a witness for Jesus. I personally  want to thank Pr Wayne, Pr Nino and the team for inviting me to Ingham. It was a glorious weekend.”


2) We also thank God for the CTFM website through which many thousands have been receiving the prophetic word of God and the revival fire of the Holy Spirit! Over the last weekend our website reached 4 million hits. Every day more than 5000 people log into our website.


Many people around the world have received Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour through our website.


Many others have been miraculously healed, delivered and challenged to Rise Up for Jesus through the articles on our website. We thank God for the many non-Christians, including Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, homosexuals, Satanists, witches, atheists, the media, and other seekers of Truth who check our website.


How do we know?  Because we regularly receive hostile responses from some of them, but praise God as we love them all with the love of Jesus!


The bottom line is that they are reading the articles and receiving the Word of God, Jesus Christ, the only Way, Truth, Life and Name under Heaven by which all men must be saved!

3) For those of you in the Melbourne area, be encouraged to join us this Friday 27th May at 7:30pm for our weekly intercessory prayer meeting open to the wider Body of Christ for Australia’s transformation.

Our Youth service meets regularly on Saturdays at 5pm.


Pr Daniel will be ministering at our weekly 9:30am and 6:30pm weekly Sunday worship services will be this Sunday 29th May at CTFM Apostolic Centre.

All of these meetings will be held at Catch the Fire Apostolic Centre, 23 Melverton Drive Hallam.  Mel 96:G2


Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,


Jason Golden

Evangelist – Catch the Fire Ministries

6 Responses to “Demons flee, Eyes healed and Souls saved as Revival Fire falls in Ingham, QLD/ CTFM Website tops 4 million hits”

  1. 1 Louise

    Thank you so much for faithfully telling us of what the Lord is doing!

    I wonder if the Lord will use your website/IT savvy in the days to come serving the underground church not only in Australia but throughout the world?? It’s a very exciting time!

    Love in Him!


  2. 2 Sharon

    Thank u for another truly uplifting email with testimonies !


  3. 3 Ps Peter

    Absolutely awesome testimony- especially the little girl with the eye healing and the couple on the plane.

    Glory to God!

    Blessings to all at CTFM,

    Ps Peter

  4. 4 cheryl

    How awesome is all this.

  5. 5 Naomi

    Blessings and please know that I have spoken on your behalf to thousands of people in Europe and Australia.

    Our God is faithful and just and does care for those who seek to honour him.

    In God’s precious love


  6. 6 Pamela

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Thank you for email(s) especially the last one about equal opportunity in schools.

    I’m involved with C.R.E. As a back ground person – interceding.

    So reading your emails excites me for the word is going out to the nations.

    May The Lord truly bless you and your team HE has appointed to you.

    My thoughts and prayers (that is not been written lightly either)are with you.

    Bless you mightly.


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