Transformation: Just a year ago Salahuddin, front, was known to his middle-class friends and family simply as Rich, a 27-year-old security guard at the BBC.By Daily Mail Reporter on 3rd April 2011

Pressing his loudspeaker tighter into his mousy-brown bush of a beard, Salahuddin’s bright-blue eyes fill with hatred.

‘When the Taliban defeat the allies we will establish Sharia law and take the fight to the enemy,’ he preaches before a baying crowd of extremist friends at a demo in Barking, Greater London.

But just a year ago Salahuddin was known to his middle-class friends and family simply as Rich, a 27-year-old security guard for the BBC.
As a youngster, growing up in the sunny seaside town of Weymouth, Dorset, he harboured dreams of becoming a builder. That was before his transformation.

Now he refuses to use his right hand to shake hands with step-brother Robb Leech from whom he was inseparable last summer on a family holiday to Cyprus.
Instead he uses his ‘dirty’ left hand – the same one he uses after going to the toilet.

Within the space of just six months he has abandoned his family and believes the UK should be run by strict Sharia law – which means cutting off the hands of thieves and stoning women for cheating.

Now, in a controversial new documentary made by his brother, Robb has attempted to understand Rich’s journey throughout this drastic change in lifestyle.
 Once inseparable: Rob Leech, right, decided to make a documentary to try and understand the transformation of his half brother Rich, left.
Here they are pictured on holiday in Cyprus just a year ago. But, during the film, he continues to shock his step-brother with a series of harrowing comments and gestures that would rile most Britons.

During one visit back to his boyhood hometown, Salahuddin blasts local men for ‘looking like women’ – before decrying homosexuality.

In another he refuses to allow his mother to appear in the documentary without a veil as it would bring him dishonour.

Salahuddin states that he would be accountable for it on day of judgement despite his mother having never worn a veil in her life.
 Preacher of hate: In the film, Rich takes a young indoctrinee to a frightening conference held by hate figure Anjem Choudary, left, leader of the radical Muslim group, Islam4UK - later banned under Britain\'s anti-terror laws
He regularly takes to the streets of Whitechapel, East London, where he now lives, to whip up support for the fight to create a global Islamic state.

He has helped recruit new members to the religion, many of whom are also white, middle-class citizens who have turned their backs on the society they grew up in.

And alongside this band of new white ‘brothers’, Salahuddin regularly takes part in angry confrontations while protesting against Western Society.

Shocking images in the documentary capture him on camera condemning soldiers as ‘murderers’ as they march through Barking, East London, on arrival back from Afghanistan.
The platoon, which had lost five men during bloody conflicts, is hit by a barrage of vitriol by the group of Islamist extremists, one of which is Salahuddin.

And, with grieving relatives meters away within earshot, he takes to the megaphone and screams: ‘You foolish people risk your life for these degenerate rulers – these people who continue to guide you into the hellfire.

‘Wake yourself up from your slumber and educate yourself, you foolish people.’ 

During the documentary, Salahuddin meets a young, enthusiastic Muslim convert named Ben, 17, whose mother is clearly concerned by his new religion.

When quizzed by Salahuddin, he admits in front of his mother he is willing to die for the Islamist cause leaving her speechless and close to tears.

The woman, Maggie, says: ‘I knew you were passionate – but I’m speechless.’ 

Under Salahuddin’s guidance, teenage Ben gets circumcised and even creates an extremist style video where he explains his new found views.

Together they attend frightening conferences held by hate figure Anjem Choudary, leader of the radical Muslim group, Islam4UK -later banned under Britain’s anti-terror laws.

And they even take to the streets to burn American flags in retaliation to U.S. Pastor Terry Jones’ threat of burning the Koran.

Robb said: ‘I made this film to try and help my family understand it all.

‘The idea that we are all dirty and the only way to escape eternal suffering and the hellfire is to join Rich’s group of fundamentalists really bothers me.

‘It doesn’t matter how charitable, good-willed or selfless you are if you don’t conform you will burn.’ 

My Brother The Islamist charts the brothers’ relationship – and Robb’s attempt to understand why the person he’d once looked up to as a teenage role model could so strongly reject all that his family, and the Western world, believes in.

My Brother The Islamist airs tomorrow (Monday) on BBC3 at 9pm.

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1 Response to “Why did my middle class brother turn into an Islamic extremist who won’t be seen on TV with our mother if she’s not wearing a veil?”

  1. 1 Fred J. Morgan PE, Th. D

    As an American and a Mennonite (Anabaptist) my group of believers where also called EXTREMIST and RADICALS. However we are Radical Christian, and believe in Non-resistance. What does this mean? Unlike the Muslim who would kill you to make you believe as he does and enforce his beliefs. We would die for ours, unable and unwilling to hurt or do harm to anyone even if it cost our life. I did not always believe such. Once I calmed to be Baptist (More of a Protestant lean) and actually was career Army and closer to an agnostic view. Later I would try to arrange my beliefs with science which lead me closer to atheism.
    So why the change? Like Michael, I too wanted to find out what was the truth. I finished my degrees from the 70’s to start with. With my Masters in Electronic Engineering and Biology I easily overlooked some of the old theories and ideas man’s superior knowledge had in fact lead us from the ability of believing in a God.

    Once I discovered that I search the religions for God. Only in Judo-Christianity did I find not only truth for a belief but also actual archeology and history for support. Faith which were easily shown to be offshoot of logic and humanism I quickly rejected. You can not find man making God, but God making Man. This was the biggest problem with ISLAM! First – NO (no, no, no) historiography nor no proofs to the Muslims that Christians had in fact changed the Bible (OT)! In fact, just the opposite is found. With the Dead Sea Scrolls and now many other works supporting proofs for the HEBREW TEXT. I sincerely wonder if anyone in Islam can in fact support Islamic claims. Just the fact that every copy of the Qur’an which did not support the now universal test was destroyed over as thousand years from now and no apparent original nor copy trail can be made should stop anyone from joining.

    So, why do people like Michael join? It is my belief that from about 300AD the Church State relationship destroyed the Bible message. Even with Luther’s reformation, Luther continued murdering anyone who would not join his church. Our (Amish, Brethren and Mennonite) history book (German, Swiss, English Anabaptist) is called the Martyrs Mirror for the Hutterites (Russian origin Anabaptist) records the be-headings, drownings, burning at the steak and be headings of well over 6000 persons just within its pages. These were MARTYRS. Those who could have saved their lives and those of their families just by saying YES I believe in the Church (Either ROMAN CATHOLIC or PROTESTANT). This is history untaught by the modern

    The modern Church is no longer believable! When the true faith is made unbeleibable then people will believe anything! IF YOU DON’T STAND FOR SOMETHING REAL, YOU WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING!


    2. Islam is a CULT Religion.

    3. The Qur’an is a Man Made Book with no historical proofs and direct misquotes from the authentic Bible.

    4. Abram offered Issac to God and NOT Ismael

    5. Prophecy is not of Islam having a one world government, It is PROBABLY CLOSER; of them trying to make one and bring about Armageddon

    ISLAM is nothing more than man’s way to WORK for a salvation that God has already given to you. —- You can not make this claim in the middle east without being attacked….. I drought you could say this openly in Britain without FEAR. I still live in a place were I can, do you. What do you stand for? How do you want your Children to face their future.

    Only through love and acceptence of each other. A removal of the “WORLDY VALUES” which as been written into our NEW CHRISTIANIY. And removal of hate can we survive.

    F J Morgan, PE, Th. D
    USA, Florida

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