Pr Daniel ministering in SydneyDear friends and family in Christ,

1) All glory to our Heavenly Father for His increasing revival outpouring through CTFM over the last two weekends across many suburbs of Sydney, NSW!

More precious souls were born-again into the Kingdom of God as others were miraculously healed, delivered, and set free from demonic spirits, strongholds and curses!

Many received the mighty baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire as hundreds of more mighty warriors were further commissioned to Rise Up Australia and the Nations for the 2nd coming of Jesus!

Pr Daniel and his family travelled and ministered in Sydney on Easter Sunday 24th April at Christian City Church in Blacktown and Living Hope Christian Fellowship in Blaxland.

Evangelist Jason and his family also travelled and ministered in Sydney on Sunday 17th April at the Bethany Indonesian Church in Ultimo and the Korean Full Gospel Church in Green Acre, Tuesday 19th and Good Friday 22nd at the HisStory International Prayer House in Strathfield, Wednesday 20th at the Korean Full Gospel Church at the Salvation Army Headquarters in the CBD, Saturday 23rd outside the Sydney Town Hall, and Easter Sunday 24th April at both the Korean and International Services at the HisStory Church in Homebush.

2) For those of you in the Melbourne area, be encouraged to join us this Friday 29th April at 7:30pm for our weekly intercessory prayer meeting open to the wider Body of Christ for Australia’s transformation.
Pr Daniel will be ministering at both the 9:30am and 6:30pm weekly worship services this Sunday 1st May at CTFM Apostolic Centre.

Our Youth service meets regularly on Saturdays at 5pm.

All of these meetings will be held at Catch the Fire Apostolic Centre, 23 Melverton Drive Hallam.  Mel 96:G2

4 Responses to “Sydney Catching the Fire / Upcoming Schedule in Hallam”

  1. 1 Andry

    Shalom Brother Jason, I was so blessed when I attended your sermon at the Powerhouse Museum last Sunday and I have been praying and asking God so that I would be able to speak in tongue and for the first time in my life, I talked in tongue last Sunday when I was kneeling during the altar call! I heard from friends that you’ll be preaching at other locations in Sydney this week. If I am able to find a nanny for my children, I and my wife would like to attend at least one more time. Can you kindly let me know the locations and time? Thank you kindly and may more and more people be saved and blessed. GBU and your family, Andry

  2. 2 George

    Hello CTFM

    I read on your website that you were in Sydney last week but I did not know and would have come to one of your services.

    Do you have a newsletter or other regular information that tells where you are going? If so can you put me on the list.



  3. 3 Frank

    Ps Danny have my prayers.

    May his ministry and himself will be under God’s wings.


  4. 4 Pastor Samuel

    Dear Evangelist Jason Golden
    Catch the Fire Ministries

    Greetings to you in Jesus Precious Name !

    As we enter into the week which celebrates the final days of our Lord Jesus on the earth, let us be reminded once again of His glorious death, which bought us back from sin, and death and hell and, by His glorious resurrection, has raised us with Him to heavenly places in Him.

    May we focus our attentions on the One Who gave it all, to give us all Amen..

    “Jesus and His Kingdom have gotten into my blood and He and the Kingdom have raised my temperature, my emotions, and also my thinking, my outlook, my confidence, my allegiance, my everything. “The most important thing to remember on the “Pathway to Power” is that it begins and ends with His presence. If you seek His power, you won’t find it. If you seek His presence, you will find everything you could ever possibly need.”

    “The Kingdom is Coming and not Going, the Church is Ruling and not Running!”

    Update Mission News- Shalom ministries

    Last night God touched 2 souls, whole church cried while I have been shared the good news Mark 11:11-14

    After completion of the message 1 young man and 1 young lady they cried cried and gave their hearts to Jesus Christ. Both are well educated. whole church in tatiparthi village- turn to God- they obeyed the gospel. I said to them Repent and be baptised and filled with the power of Holy spirit.

    Last night 12 people gave their hearts to Jesus 2 of them ready to take baptism Easter Sunday.

    Regarding Sarah’s home

    Last week we conducted birthday party for 5 chidlren. All the orphanage children passing love and greetings and kisses and hugs to you all. Yesterday we conducted birthday for Shanthi. We need your prayers and support for this needy mission.

    Daily we are praying for you all.

    God is more eager to answer than we are to ask. As we get in touch with Jesus, wonderful things will take place.

    Please pray for the orphanage home, children’s needs, food, clothes, utensils, blankets, generator, etc……….
    As we touch with Jesus, we are seeing great things here. Please pass our Christian love to Pastor Zeena, Missionaries Geraldine, Gabriel, Golden family and lovely children. Our prayers are with you.

    Thank you,

    Yours in His vineyard
    Pastor p. Samuel
    Shalom Ministries

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