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Supernatural ProtectionSupernatural ProtectionDear family & friends in Christ,

On Sunday 6th of March 2011 just before our Sunday morning service, we at CTFM were informed that 2 of our elders (husband & wife) were in a major car accident on the freeway in Melbourne and that they both came out of the accident with only minor injuries. We were thanking God for saving them both.

However, later that night when we watched News on TV and saw what had really happened at the accident scene and the total destruction of the car, we were just speechless.

It is an amazing miracle that the 2 of them are still alive and giving all the glory to God!

The police and the emergency workers had a double shock. First that the 2 of them were alive. One policeman asked them, “Where is the driver of the car?”  He could not believe that he was talking to the driver.  Secondly, the 2 of them started sharing Jesus to everyone, and how He had miraculously saved them. They even witnessed the love of Jesus and encouraged the driver who caused the accident!

I am sure when you see the attached photos of the car you will realise what a miracle this was. Below is their amazing testimony.


On Sunday 6th March, 2011, at 6.50 a.m., while travelling on the Monash Freeway, transporting some of our household goods to our new premises in Hampton Park, we noticed a movement of our trailer load and decided to stop in the emergency lane to adjust it.  As we stopped, within a split second a semi-trailer sped passed us at very close range.  We realized immediately that this was not a safe place to stop and were about to move on when a pair of headlights appeared in our rear-vision mirror coming directly at us.  
My husband’s words were “Oh. No.”.  He was the driver at the time and could see it all coming.  On hearing those words I knew that this meant TROUBLE, and my immediate response was to call out ‘J E S U S’ as in a cry for help, and at that very moment my husband sensed a covering come over the two of us, and we were instantly impacted with a blast which sounded and felt like a Bomb hitting us.  The vehicle hitting our trailer first, smashing it to a pile of rubble, our load (consisting of many tubs of orchards, roses etc) were scattered all across the freeway and down an embankment including our completely wrecked wheel-barrow. 

The impact of hitting our trailer first, caused the car to become air-born, crashing into our boot and back seat, ripping the roof completely off our car and landing some distance in front of us on it’s side and coming to a holt. Miraculously we all came out of this dreadfull mess ‘A L I V E’. 

All thanks and Glory goes to our Creator, ALMIGHTY GOD.

The amazing thing about all of this, is it doesn’t stop there.  As we are connecting with people in the legal system, we are receiving favour in so many areas which is very unusual in this day and age, e.g., we are often told “sorry we cannot help you”, and when we produce photos of our wreckage, people are absolutely shocked that we made it out alive.  They change their attitude and ask us to “please take a seat, and I will get someone to help you”.  PRAISE THE LORD’.  As Senior citizens in our late 70’s this is nothing short of a Miracle.

Allan & Marion Vale


11 Responses to “Mighty Miracle of God’s Amazing Protection during Car Accident”

  1. 1 Assad

    Praise be to Jesus.


  2. 2 Paul

    Hi Jason

    I am amazed at this miracle of protection.

    Bless you

    From Paul
    Evangelist – Catch the Fire Ministries

  3. 3 Glenfrey

    This is a great miracle. Praise be to God


  4. 4 Diana

    Hi All,

    Praise our Lord He is amazing.

    Please give my love to Marion,



  5. 5 Samuel

    Glory to God


  6. 6 Philip

    Yesterday I had my supervisor at work walk then stop looked at my right side where I carry little Christian booklets and bowed. Immediately I confronted him about that, and he gave no reply. Well my supervisor from Lebanon of which I have had disputes with because of my confrontation about the oppression the Muslims were giving me at work. Early had I conversation with him a week ago about religion; I finally after telling him about Jesus, I told him I carry around with me a little a book called ‘the protection of angels’. Well it was at this moment when he bowed I had this book hanging out of my pocket.

    My work has turned around very fast! It has gone from toil to prosperity and persecution to respect.

    I bought some teaching from Kenneth Copeland ministries yesterday about healing and health. Well after both these things yesterday, I woke up last night to a beautiful little Angel of light flying above me! It was beautiful and had wings; it reared back and looked up then disappeared, then the Lord began to minister to me about healing. When I woke up this morning I had no doubt in my mind about healing for any thing. So strong is this Faith; I believe sickness and disease is simply a lie. IT IS SIMPLY A LIE!

    When preaching in the early Church happened, it was followed by sign and wonders! Stretch out your hand and perform miracles signs and wonder in the name of your holy servant Jesus.


  7. 7 Robyn

    I am replying to this one as my own testimony is one of amazing miraculous protection by the Lord when I went to sleep at the wheel and hit a power pole…..there were angels with me. My son has also had protection….and was thrown through the back of his work truck when a semi trailer hit it….praise God for His mighty miraclulous power.


  8. 8 Phil - Sydney

    Praise Be to God the Father and Jesus Christ
    what a mighty God we serve. Hallelujah!

    Hope you can obtain a great replacement vehicle soon,
    love Philip and Gillian

  9. 9 Caroline



  10. 10 Maryanne

    Wow, praise the Lord for His protection!!!


  11. 11 Dot

    Thank you for letting me know. Please give Marion and Allan my love. They used to go to my church. Praise God for their protection..


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