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“People are engaging in spiritual conversation with strangers. That’s just not typical.”

REPORTER’S NOTE: Although the governor of Tokyo is on record as saying he feared God might be punishing the Japanese people, we at BCN do not jump to that conclusion. Yes, God can punish sin, but given that every people group and every nation on the face of the earth is sinful, the world should have ceased to exist long ago. Above all, God is full of grace and mercy, and His heart is toward the Japanese people in this hour, wanting to draw them to Himself. -Teresa Neumann, BCN.

(Japan)—Warren Janzen, the International Director of SEND International, gave a sobering update on the situation in Japan this week, but notes that the disaster is now taking on a “spiritual tone.”

Janzen said the the governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara, made a public statement that he feared the Japanese were being “punished.”

“To have a public figure of his stature make a statement like that,” he said, “opens up a public discussion on spiritual things.”

“Some of our missionaries are going out on the street,” he continued, “talking to random people, talking about the earthquake, the tsunami, and the nuclear situation there. People are engaging in spiritual conversation with strangers. That’s just not typical.”

Janzen was also quoted as saying it’s a kairos moment for Japan. “We believe this an appointed time in the presence of God,” he said.


On March 11th, northeast Japan experienced what is being rated now as a 9.0 magnitude earthquake—the 5th strongest in the world since 1900, and Japan’s worst; then an enormous tsunami followed further devastating the quake-crippled area.

As the country was left reeling from the immense destruction, reactors in the Fukushima Nuclear Plant began to overheat as the cooling system—knocked out of commission by the quake—failed and nuclear rods were left exposed, raising the threat of a dangerous meltdown.

Help from numerous countries around the world has now arrived in Japan to help survivors; engineers work to get the reactor cooling systems back up, while temporary efforts such as dumping seawater on the reactors continues.

BCN urges our readers to continue to pray for Japan and her people in this tragedy.

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  1. 1 leighton

    i am increasingly paranoid about the earth quake in japan and god punishing the world

  2. 2 Stasy

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