Colton went to Heaven and came back to earthby Aimee Herd : Mar 16, 2011 :

“His experience in Heaven hasn’t changed [my] son, but because Colton was so young when it happened it has defined his life.” -Todd Burpo

Todd and Sonja Burpo of Imperial, Nebraska were visiting Colorado with their 3-year-old son Colton, when he began complaining of a stomach ache. Despite suggestions of possible appendicitis, he was dismissed, but returned to a hospital two days later, and was eventually rushed into surgery.

It was discovered that his appendix had burst some five days before he was finally diagnosed.

Now his life hung by a thread and his parents hit their knees in prayer. Miraculously, little Colton survived. And, after a couple of surgeries and a difficult recovery, their boy bounced back.

However, according to the KWGN report, that’s not where the story ends. Colton said and did things here and there after his surgery that caught his parents’ notice, but it wasn’t till four months later, when they passed the hospital where they almost lost him that Todd and Sonja realized something extraordinary had happened. (Photo: KWGN)

After Todd pointed out the hospital, Colton—who was in the back seat—said, “The angels sang to me when I was there.”

“He was dead serious,” Todd remembered.

Since that time, Colton has been able to recall and tell his parents about many things he saw and did “while he was in Heaven.” But the most remarkable of all was what he told his mother one day…

“Mom, I have two sisters, you had a baby die in your tummy didn’t you?”

According to the article, Sonja was completely shocked by what her little boy had just said, because she and Todd had never told him about the miscarriage she had had before Colton came along.

Sonja asked her son who it was that told him about the child she lost, and to her amazement, Colton answered, “She did Mommy, she said she died in your tummy. She looked familiar and she started giving me hugs and she was glad to have someone in her family up there.”

As time went on the family was urged to write down the experiences Colton had described and compile them into a book. Todd resisted, but then finally relented when God seemed to answer a “fleece” he had put out. Now the book “Heaven is For Real” is at the top of the NY Times Bestseller List.

Read the rest of this fascinating report or watch the video and vote in a poll about Heaven at the source link provided.

2 Responses to “Heaven Is For Real—a Little Boy Shares His Experience “in Heaven””

  1. 1 D. Stenhouse

    This story corroborates the tale published by Mary Jo Pennington in 2005. Her granddaughter, Victoria Nasworthy, visited heaven when she was 4 years old. The story is told in a couple of books, ‘Six Big Big Big Angels’, and ‘Big Angels and Flaming Wild Horses’. Victoria knew about a child that her grandmother had lost, and hadn’t told anyone about! One of my favorite moments from the story is when Victoria is sitting on the Father’s knee, and He gently puts His hands on her cheeks and says, “Always do what I say!”
    Victoria also revealed that every kid in heaven knows who their father is – even if the mother doesn’t! And they keep an eye on their parents, hoping that they will get to heaven. Whenever a child told Victoria his or her story she could see it, hear it and smell it, as if she was there. The unnamed kids hope that their mother will name them! Victoria was allowed to name some of the babies she met. She named one ‘Garbage Baby’. Why? Because she was put out with the garbage!
    I believe that God wants these stories told because He wants people to cherish the babies He sends them. I think He also wants to provide healing for those who have had an abortion. Victoria’s mother asked her if the babies resented being given up by their mothers. She replied, “The mommies never give up the babies. They will always love the babies, and the babies will always love the mommies.”
    Here is one last detail, but there is plenty more in the books: when the babies get to heaven, they are shown Jesus’ life story, including the crucifixion and resurrection!

  2. 2 Louisa C

    I loved reading the story “Heaven is for real”. It was absolutely amazing to read about this little boys journey and I am so thankful for Todd’s faithfulness in hearing from God and writing the book for others around the world to read. Sometimes people are more open to believing a child’s story over listening to an adult share about Jesus, as we all know that very young children are pure and very open and very honest, where-as we adults have been corrupted by the sins of this world. My prayer is that many many people hear about this book, are drawn to reading it, so that they may become to want to know more about Christ and the hope and love he has for them. Its a heartwarming, encouraging read, filled with hope and purpose for our lost world.

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