Some of the congregation worshipping at the altarPr Daniel and wife Maryse with some of the newly credentialed ministersDear family & friends in Christ in Australia and around the World,

1) We thank and praise Jesus our Lord and Saviour for His awesome presence on Sunday the 10th of April at the CTFM 2nd Credentialing Service in Melbourne, Australia where 18 men & woman of God received their ordination into the 5-Fold Ministry in the Body of Christ for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

This very special service started off with wonderful praise and worship led by the CTFM worship team. During the worship many came up to the altar and soaked in the presence of God. Some were kneeling, some were sitting on the floor, some were lying prostrate on the floor, some were waving banners and others with their hands lifted up were just simply worshipping Jesus. It was so great to see people expressing their hearts to Jesus in their own way!

Many at the altar also received prayer and were mightily touched by the Spirit of God as Pr Daniel laid hands on each person and prayed for them. The anointing of the Lord was so tangible that many were weeping in His presence. Oh, what a mighty God we serve!

Pr Daniel shared the prophetic Word of the Lord, speaking on “It is Time for Change” and challenged the people of God to get ready for change, to rise up for Jesus.

He spoke from 1 Samuel 15 & 16, how God was disappointed with king Saul and told Samuel to anoint David one of Jesse’s sons. He also challenged the people not to simply look at the outward appearance, as God is interested in the heart.  This very powerful message will be soon available on DVD by contacting the CTFM office on (03) 9794 8211 or emailing  You will be greatly blessed.

After the message the men and women of God received their ordination certificate and credentials into the 5-fold ministry. Credentials were given out in the category of Pastors, Teachers & Evangelist. People who received it came from Cairns (QLD), Tamworth (NSW), Sydney (NSW), Hobart (TAS), Adelaide (SA) Perth (WA) and across Melbourne (VIC).

The CTFM board and leadership team laid hands and prayed over each person who was credentialed and their spouses.  Pr Daniel & his wife Maryse anointed them with oil, prayed and prophesied over each one of them. It was just a glorious service. Many were in tears as they received a personal Word from the Lord.

Pr Daniel stated, “My heart’s desire is to see a nameless & faceless generation rise up and bring change in the Church. The Church desperately needs change. I believe that as we commission this new brigade of Holy Spirit warriors, they will rise up in Jesus name for a revolution of love for a national reformation.

I believe that for change to happen, God needs a new breed of Holy Spirit warriors to take their place across the nation and the nations, those who are not controlled nor manipulated by their leaders,  but loved, respected, encouraged and released to do the will of the Father above.  With a willingness to go all the way, no matter what the cost. Not looking at status-co or reputation, but forging forward with fearless love and a real sense of destiny to take Australia and the Nations for Jesus.”


2) Please uphold Pr Daniel, Pr Chandi & Evangelist Jason from CTFM in prayer as they spread the Holy Spirit fire in Melbourne, in QLD & in Sydney this upcoming weekend.

3) For those of you in the Melbourne area, be encouraged to join us this Friday 15th April at 7:30pm for our weekly intercessory prayer meeting open to the wider Body of Christ for Australia’s transformation.
You’re most welcome to join us for our 9:30am and 6:30pm weekly worship services this Sunday 17th  at CTFM Apostolic Centre.

There will be no Youth Service this week as they will be joining Pastor Daniel on ministry trip to Sunbury, in Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

All of these meetings will be held at Catch the Fire Apostolic Centre, 23 Melverton Drive Hallam.  Mel 96:G2

Love in Christ,

Elizabeth Ryan,

Catch the Fire Ministries

10 Responses to “Glorious 2nd Credentialing Service at CTFM in Melbourne, Australia”

  1. 1 Glenda

    Dear Ps Daniel,
    i nearly fell off my chair this morning when i read your email re that you preached on 1Sam 15,16 last Sunday. When i do my morning study with the Lord, i always pray first to ask the Lord where to read from and my Bible opens to the page. Its always perfectly relevant to whatever i’ll need during my ministry that day. Last week, the Lord kept me in 1Sam 9-16 all week! He repeatedly took me to chapts 15, 16! I wrote of it to others!

    There is so much in these passages! One of the main things was the picture of the contemporary church leader in Saul. We are seeing so many churches led by men appointed by men & not by God (mostly SELF appointed) & like Saul they have brought things of the Enemy into the Church (as a kind of lure to the unsaved – as if God Himself isnt enough of a ‘drawcard’) so that the offerings to the Lord are secular, impure and unholy. As it says in1Sam15:22, the Lord requires our humble obedience, not our sacrifices (of performance), when they are driven by unholy motives as a kind of “proof” to the Lord that we’re powerful in our own strength or ‘doing a good job’ for Him (as Saul tried to do).

    Praise the Lord that He makes His voice to thunder into the ears of His children in these end times so we will not be deceived. Hallelujah!

    Love & blessings in Jesus!!,

  2. 2 Bartho

    Dear Ps Danny. thank you for your message we always pray for you..praise the Lord

  3. 3 Dr Glenda

    Could 1 Sam 15: 19, 32, 33 be God’s confirmation to you, Pastor Danny, that you are to fight those church leaders (false kings)? (in my flesh i have no knowledge of what’s happened re the aborted foetuses issue). I pray God’s Spirit will confirm this to you if this is true.

    I’m also getting a sense now that God is using you to ‘dismantle’ and ‘dismember’ the false church – as Samuel did to Agag. You have the mantle of God upon you! Every false mantle (on the Bride generally) will be taken down. Praise Jesus!

    Dr Glenda

  4. 4 Dr Glenda

    Ps Danny, sorry to write yet again, but the Lord has just told me that Deut 4: 27-49 is for you. It confirms the earlier words i sent to you. May the Lord quicken the meaning of these things to you thru His Holy Spirit. Amen.

    Dr Glenda

  5. 5 Glenda

    Ps Daniel its also a word for u re the involvement of the Church in the waste disposal of aborted foetuses. I sense those churches are justifying their actions on a false belief that the money they raise is being fed back to the Lord’s church & ministry so is therefore “justified”…as if the “righteousness” of one act cancels the sin of the other!

    Have a look at 1 Sam33 which shows God’s attitude to abortionists (or anyone who would render a woman childless).

    God bless you,


  6. 6 Dave

    Hi CTFM

    When is next Credentialing course?

    Kind regards.

  7. 7 Elizabeth

    What a wonderful news letter regarding the”sent forth’ ones.

    I am sorry that I was not one of them

    I have been anointed in the Australian Christian Ministries Inc in 2007 but I think this organization is no longer accepted and I would really like to have the right standing because I am very involved in the Lord’s work here in Hobart.

    Perhaps I could be considered for the next Credentialing Service you have?

    I would love to hear from you if that is possible

    Thank you



  8. 8 Pastor Katrina

    Sounds amazing. However, if I could just make a quick comment. I always wonder about that well-used phrase ‘the nameless faceless generation’. It bothers me. I understand it is talking about the generation of people who are rising up who aren’t superstars in church circles but somehow it seems belittling, especially when most of this generation have suffered from orphan spirits and God is raising up their identities as the Sons of Glory. Can’t we change it to that. Sons of Glory are representative of the re-presentation to the world of who Christ truly is. The resurrected glorified King. They are the ones who have been through years of wilderness and the fire of affliction. It brings a deep humility, holiness, righteousness, courage and integrity.

    Sorry, just my thoughts. I’ve just heard that term too many times now. Anyway keep up the great work. I enjoy getting your emails. Thanks.


    Pastor, Sanctuary House Moruya

  9. 9 Dianne

    Hi Katrina,

    I am one of God’s chosen ones in ‘the nameless, faceless, generation’ who was credentialled at the last service. I recognise what you are saying about the ‘tag’ but realistically that title doesn’t really matter, providing the person understands the context in which it is being said.

    We are all a work in progress and part of the Body of Christ in whatever role He appoints us.

    I feel humbly ready for the next season ahead, knowing that God gives us all His ability to follow Him and listen to His direction, to bring glory to His name.


  10. 10 Pastor Annemarie

    Hello Elizabeth

    Just wanted to send a big thank you as I received the DVD. Thank you so much.

    Also I want to say thank you for the credential night as it was an awesome night.

    The worship was amazing and the presence of God filled the house.

    Would you please pass on my thanks and gratitude to Pastor Danny.

    It is wonderful to see real worship, not a stage performance but people genuinely worshipping God. I was totally blessed and God confirmed many things to me while I was there. Again please pass this on to Ps Danny and thank you once again.

    Pastor Annemarie

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