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Dear family and friends in Christ,

1) Following is an email from Salt Shakers regarding Federal Inquiry into Multiculturalism in Australia for your prayerful action.

2) Click the following link to read an article written by Babette Francis of Endeavour Forum about Asia Bibi, the Christian woman recently charged with blasphemy in Pakistan.

E-News – Inquiry into Multiculturalism in Australia
The Federal Parliament’s Migration Committee (Joint Committee of both Houses) has launched an inquiry into multiculturalism in Australia. 
The Chair of the Committee, Maria Vamvakinou MP, has called for people to make submissions but has only given until April 8 for you to do so.

We encourage you to write a short letter/submission – some comments are made below to help with framing your response.

Her Media Release following states that “she welcomes the inquiry and the opportunity to hear directly from migrant communities.”

This may suggest she does not want to hear from you, but we think she ought to, because she should want to hear from all those who do not consider themselves ‘migrants’ but think of themselves as “Australians”?
The principle of ‘multiculturalism’ was introduced by the Whitlam government in 1973. The Howard government eventually dropped the term ‘multiculturalism’ from the Dept of Immigration name in 2007.

The word ‘multiculturalism’ was reinstated by Kevin Rudd as part of a parliamentary secretary role – then dumped by Julia Gillard in September 2010 – then re-instated by her in February 2011 following criticism and complaints from ethnic groups!
Thecurrent Labor government has strongly defended ‘multiculturalism’ this year, following recent criticism of multiculturalism by European governments. This has clearly prompted this Inquiry – and so it gives those opposed to ‘multiculturalism’ an opportunity to show we are not racists, that we are happy for people to come to Australia, as long as they want to fit into, and not change, our culture to suit the very culture they have moved away from.

For details on sending your letter/submission – and the Inquiry homepage – see ACTION section below!
COMMENTS for submissions…

Maria Vamvakinou states, “It is timely to consider whether a new policy on multiculturalism is needed, and how to ensure the Government’s social inclusion agenda also meets the needs of migrant communities.

We could ask what is meant by, “the Government’s social inclusion agenda”?

Is this different to assimilation?

Does this suggest that this inquiryis more about ‘accommodating the needs of migrants’, rather than requiring migrants to actually assimilate into our existing Australian ‘culture’?
There is a great deal of difference between ‘immigration’ and ‘multiculturalism’.

A country can welcome people from across the world and invite them to become Australians and while some of their ways will certainly permeate society, we want our culture to stay basically Australian, underpinned by our Christian heritage.

We must point out the importance of Australia remaining based on, and underpinned by, the Christian values this nation was founded on.
Multiculturalism invites people to bring their ‘culture’ / ‘worldview’  with them, suggests all cultures are equal, and that people never really need to become ‘Australians’.
Yes, of course we can invite people to share the good parts of their particular ethnic culture with us so that we can learn how others live, but that does not mean we have to agree with their values or share their worldview.

If they want to change this nation to suit their values then that crosses the line and becomes unacceptable.
That is not racist – it is a fact that all cultures are not equal as all nations’ laws and values are not equally good.

There is a lot of talk from our media at the moment about the “battle for democracy” in the Middle East, but we need to ask “what do the people on the ground in the Middle East, as opposed to the Western media, really mean by democracy”?

We have little doubt that their idea of ‘democracy’ is very different to the type of democracy we are supposed to have in Australia. Many of them see Islamic Sharia Law as ‘democracy’ – yet Muslim Imams have stated that western democracy is an offence to Islam.

That said, we could well ask ‘what do Australians mean by democracy?’ but that is another issue altogether
Many people thought ‘Multiculturalism’ originally meant that we accept people from other countries because they want to come here and ‘be Australian’. Sadly, that perception has been changed.

Multiculturalism today is generally accepted, especially by the so-called ‘left’ of politics, as meaning that all cultures are equal and we should adjust to accommodate all cultures and all values which ultimately means losing the Australian ‘identity’ and blending it into… Into what?  That is the problem, what does it become?
Evidence from Europe is now so clear that we should all know what the results of today’s multiculturalism really are.
Multiculturalism has also led to ‘multi-faithism’ where all religions are promoted as good and equally valid.
Evidence from NSW in the last few days gives us a stark picture of what ‘Multiculturalism’ means.

The NSW Council of Imams reported that it had held meetings with the ALP Premier Kristina Keneally and the Coalition Leader Barry O’Farrell prior to the Election.

The Council Secretary, Sheik Tarek El-Bikai, said “The Hon. O’Farrell has made it clear that his party would not support any legislation that was “anti-Islam. He also firmly maintained his strong support of multiculturalism and social justice for all. The Council of Imams were pleased with the Liberal Party leaders’ commitments on these matters which are of great importance to the Muslim community”
The NSW State Election also saw an increase in the number of Muslim candidates nominated by the Liberal Party and the ALP as well as Independent Muslim candidates.

Clearly, the more Muslim MPs there are the more likely it is that they will support the modern idea of Multiculturalism and the Islamic idea that the whole world needs to be Islamic and live under Islamic Sharia law.

The reason many people come here is because Australia is based on Christian values.

The freedom we have comes from believing that ALL people are equal but that all cultures and lifestyles are not.

Please write a short letter stating some of the points above or any others you believe are important to keep Australia a Christian Nation.

Please be positive rather than negative.

Suggest there is no better nation in the world to live today and that you want it to stay that way!!!!

If you have migrated to Australia please share your positive reasons for doing so.
Information about the Inquiry –

Send submission by email: to

Please Remember – submissions close on 8 April!
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Executive Officer
Salt Shakers
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5 Responses to “Federal Inquiry into ‘Multiculturalism’/ Charged with Blasphemy in Pakistan”

  1. 1 Philip

    At work I have three Muslim supervisors and three Muslim co workers along side me. Well I thought it was a good idea to befriend them and be nice, but instead they plotted to get rid of me by cutting back my hours and giving it to one their Muslims friends. This was don’t by the Muslim supervisors out side of their right to do so, and with out the knowing of my bosses who makes these decisions!
    I later found out from an Indian worker the Muslims were trying to get every one to not like me in order to get rid of me, because they feared I would be promoted in their stead. Yep multiculturalism is really working. NOT!

    But thank be to God my real bosses put a stop to this attempt to put fear and intimidation in the work place, and I have my hours back.

    Fact is nearly every one at work hates Muslims and often express their hatred towards them. Not because they are from another country and they bow on mats and go alalalala. But because they treat other people like crap, then put on a big show about how awesome they are! Even the Indianans struggle with these Muslims at work! It’s as if they look for any opportunity or create opportunity to kick you down and boost them selves up. Well I’ll be frank with you, even though I am a Christian and love is my number one priority I feel like smacking these blokes up every time I’m near one. I am not scared of these deceptive aggressive people!


  2. 2 John

    There is a submission required into a Multiculturalism in Australia Inquiry and now is the time to make our sentiments made known. Have a look at my submission for maybe some ideas of format and content and get others to send theirs to

    It closes on the 7th of April but if you contact them on 02 6277 4560 you can get an extension until April 22nd.

    Please forward this email around so that people will know. I have not included the diversity of nations that I have experienced at church, which would be a good point to make,

    God Bless,

  3. 3 John

    To Joint Standing Committee on Migration
    Ms Vamvakinou
    Australian Parliament House

    Dear Chairperson,

    Thank-you for the opportunity to input with this submission. I have accepted the offer of an extension until 22nd April to provide several DVD productions that I want to include in my submission. I would also like the Committee to view the films “They’re a Weird Mob” and “Wog Boy” to appreciate the heritage that we have from our Christian Europeans and their efforts to assimilate into Australian culture. They are humorous but iconic films in Australian culture.

    I grew up in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne with many of my mates being “wogs”. (I believe I can use this term as a term of endearment and not as a socially derogative word of slander. I still have many fond memories of my ethnic friends and the times that I spent in their homes). The times I spent with the many Italians who came into my life, as a child and teenager and their richness of culture. At 12 years of age I was sponsored by a Chinese shopkeeper to swim in international competition in New Zealand. As an outdoor writer I was sponsored by a Greek gun-importer to travel to an Italian Gunmakers premises in Italy to write and report about their manufacturing facilities. I have been shooting and recreational hunting with many nationalities but the Muslims I have been away have worried me! I have recently made a report to the Australian Federal Police of illicit gun-running from Somalia to Yemen by a Somali Muslim with whom I came in business contact with several years ago. He was educated at Monash University, in Melbourne. I am currently entertaining business with a Greek associate, a Chinese business associate and a Japanese business associate and I have none of the fears or concerns that I had with the Somali, nor the terrorist cell that he may have established before he left Australia? Until you have experienced these things you cannot believe they can be so real in our world today. They are very real and I often worry about the concern for this nation and its people. I thank God, (not Allah), that we have a well trained Federal police force but I also pray for this Nation every Wednesday for several hours at the church I attend, for the many politicians of this country are sadly lacking in a reality check. It is not until you have experienced, that you learn! Hopefully the Senate Committee will learn, and learn fast from what is happening overseas for the Muslim community, under their radical Imans in this country, are a festering sore. They will do anything for Allah just as our soldiers went to war for ‘God and Country’. The only difference was that we went to defend our values not to impose them! Therein lies the problem!


    John – Bach. Social Science. Grad. Dip. Ed.
    Phillip Island

  4. 4 Phil

    For what it’s worth and not wishing to detain you, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know and haven’t already thought of: I have sent the following to Maria Vamvakinou (the time for submissions to the Enquiry, or whatever it is, having expired) and of course, with some effort there is nothing to stop me sending it personally to every M.P., and other recipients. The media being largely afraid to do anything but follow the media, the education system and most everyone else being led about via the nose by the same nonsense that leads the media, dissemination of fact being come down to private and personal enterprise which can slip in under the radar of the ‘political correctness’! I am not suggesting you recruit an army of letter writers but I do make the point that people such as M.P.’s and media operatives do have an i.q. and constant application of water wears away the rock – and tells people what otherwise they are not permitted to hear, or contemplate. My submission is possibly too extreme in its demands and is perhaps somewhat unrealistic. But people out there just aren’t learning history or reality from the sources that should be giving it out.

    The basis of Multiculturalism

    Depending of course upon the meaning imparted to the word, multicultural, a nation can only function if it is multicultural —allowing for flexible and original thinking, and tolerant of variation in lifestyles according to personal tastes. By this is I mean religious tolerance, as well exemplified by England and Switzerland from roughly the mid sixteen hundreds, until near the end of the 20th Century. This religious tolerance/true multiculturalism stemmed directly from Protestant Christian ideals. Australia shares this Christian heritage. All Australians are migrants and by definition every submission you receive from an Australian is from a migrant. Even the aboriginals were migrant, nomadic peoples.

    This propensity of Biblical Christianity to embrace varieties of peoples is spoken of by the parable of the seed in which the Kingdom of God is likened to a minute seed which grew into a great spreading tree which became a shelter and a haven for multifarious fowl.

    The reason that Christianity can do this is because it is firstly a religion of grace and forgiveness whereby grudges and payback are forgotten; and secondly because its guidelines for law and administration are user-friendly to the human species.

    Australia has in part thrown off its Christian heritage in many areas of law and governance and is in imminent danger of becoming a multicultural explosive.

    If the reader does not see how the nation is trashing its heritage there is little I can do to enlighten. The facts are glaring and obvious to anyone with a comprehension of history, ethics, and the christian Religion. We currently are rushing headlong into societal dysfunction and anarchy. The tragedy is that Australians are collectively so benumded and the media so duped that we dream we are still living in the glory days of unity and respect. Only an act of God can save us from falling to pieces.

    Having rejected true religion it appears that we are now to be the targets of every philosophy and world view that foments discord, confusion and bitterness. There are many such philosophies and worldviews Even Hitlerism and Stalinism carried a superficial veneer of Christianity and good will, as they were presented to the people of those times.

    The obvious and urgent classic at this moment is Islam, which by its own ‘constitution’ and guidebook is a fraudulent veneer posing as a true religion. It must be de-classified from being a religion and re-classified for what any historian and thinking person knows it to be – a political movement at least as bad as Stalinism etc. . It is the sworn enemy of democracy and multiculturalism.

    If people wish to pray five times a day and name their God as Allah, that is their business. If people are so lost that they subscribe to a philosophy that in writing is dedicated to racism, sexism, religious cleansing, and revenge – that is Australia’s business. There can no more be true multiculturalism under Islam than there can be multiculturalism under Hitler.

    And, having said that – neither can there be true multiculturalism under Germaine Greer or Bob Brown. But, there are degrees of anarchy, and the biggest foxes need to be eliminated from the fowl run as a matter of urgency. Take a look at the proof of the pudding, in the eating – the societal problems of Europe, the blasphemy laws of Islam, etc.. De-classify Islam from being a religion.

    Yours sincerely, Phil

  5. 5 Sandra

    Inquiry into Multiculturalism in Australia

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment. Although born in rural Australia, I like most other Australians, have a multiethnic/cultural heritage. I share my house with an Australian who was born in a non English speaking country. I see the intense problems of multiculturalism arising in many countries around the world and hear the thoughts/discussions and growing discontent of many around me. For all of the above reasons I feel qualified to participate into the inquiry in multiculturalism.
    I have recently returned from a holiday to India and Nepal. At Pokara, Nepal I was given a ‘trekking profile’ which included a list detailing ‘culturally acceptable behaviour’ such as ‘Do not touch or step over offerings (red powder, flowers/rice)’. The first sentence read, ‘You are a guest in Nepal and it is appreciated if you behave like a Nepali’. I understood their request and accepted it as very reasonable request. In the same way Australians make the same reasonable request, ‘Do not touch or disrespect our Judeo/Christian heritage’.

    It is my understanding that, generally speaking, Australians are happy to share this great land and the wealth and freedom it offers however we draw the line when it comes to destroying the existing values and principals upon which modern Australia was founded and the freedom to express them. The greater majority of Australians are delighted to once again freely celebrate our Judeo – Christian heritage particularly during Christmas and Easter in our schools, kindergartens and childcare centers without fear of retribution for being politically incorrect or insensitive. I request once more, please do not touch or disrespect Australia’s Judeo/Christian heritage in the pursuit of multiculturalism.

    Submission No. 13 by the Islamic Council of Victoria calls on ‘Parliamentarians who feel … that there are issues within the Muslim community not integrating … to discuss their perceived concerns [with Muslim leaders]’. Janson says the project ‘Learning From One Another; Bringing Muslim Perspectives into Australian Classrooms’ tells us why Muslims will not be integrating the way other peoples have. The booklet, she says, expects non-Muslim Australians to be socially inclusive learning about Islam although that courtesy is not to be expected in return. The reason given in the booklet is Muslim Australians may be too offended to sit through either a Christian education or parts of our secular education system that offend them. One of many possible offences listed was religious bias. Religious bias is a very broad term which could easily encompass all the history taught in Australian schools. This suggests that the parliamentarians concerns are not merely perceived concerns or unsubstantiated concerns, they are in fact real concerns with the potential to increasingly develop into very real and substantial problems. I ask that you will seriously their concerns.

    I obtained a Victorian Diploma of Education last year. During the year I learnt that schools ‘play a vital role in promoting the … moral, [and] spiritual development of young Australians’. Who’s morality and who’s spirituality? Vickie Janson, in a well supported argument, suggests that the curriculum project ‘Learning From One Another: Bringing Muslim Perspectives Into Australian Schools’ is nothing short of Islamic Indoctrination. Janson asks how will the multitudes of non-Muslim children who have no religious education be able to question any of the Islamic claims? She says Part A focuses on incorporating Islamic content and Muslim perspectives in all curriculum areas. She asks, what I presume are rhetorical questions such as, ‘Will they [Muslims] be exposed to the Judeo-Christian roots of modern Australia which developed the Rule of Law and the many institutions that have benefited Australia? Will they [Muslims] be exposed to Christian theology and history and the achievements of great Christian men and women in the same way this booklet upholds Muslim achievement? I request that when the Australian curriculum addresses the moral and spiritual development of our young Australians it will teach Christian theology, Christian history and the historical achievements of our Christian men and women in our schools from a Christian perspective. Considering Australia’s history it is only reasonable to expect this and yet surprisingly in Australian schools we do not. Please address this current imbalance in our schools.

    The Islamic Council or Victoria recommends in their submission that ‘The committee address religious intolerance in educating Australians that all religious practice are permissible in Australia as long as it’s not illegal or impacts on the rights of others’. I will now bring to your attention the 5 year long court case instigated by the Islamic Council of Victoria against Ps. Scott and Ps. Nulliah from 2002 until 2007 and point out the hypocrisy of such a recommendation. I would ask the committee to rely on the growing global reality of multiculturalism and the facts surrounding the issue rather than the rhetoric.

    I suggest Australians do not have a problem with multiculturalism per say, it is when our culture and our heritage is forced to bow in the name of political correctness/tolerance to other more aggressive minorities (check current world events) in our midst. I propose that it is only when certain people groups gain exceptions to the law, accepted OH&S standards and cannot integrate with mainstream society for whatever reasons, perceived or otherwise, that multiculturalism becomes an escalating and dangerous problem. Please address the inconsistencies in relation to our law, OH&S standards and social inclusiveness.

    It appears obvious that certain ‘cultures’, like oil and water, do not mix without changing the very substance of who and what they are. So I ask you, do not contribute to the destruction of my Australian heritage in the pursuit of multiculturalism. Do not contribute to the destruction of the Judeo – Christian faith by expecting it to blend into all others like one homogenous blend, like Islam, it cannot. Do not touch or disrespect the Australian Judeo – Christian heritage and furthermore I ask you to do whatever is required to ensure my Australian Christian heritage can flourish and prosper well into the twenty first century.

    Thank you for the opportunity to express myself.

    Yours faithfully


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