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Crosses at calvaryDear family & friends in Christ,

It is once again the time of the year when the shops are full of people buying their Easter Eggs etc, but in the busyness of life and all the shopping and the stories of Easter bunny and so on, sadly the real reason why we celebrate Easter gets buried.

The story below captures the moments heading up to this amazing event which took place some 2000 years ago, where my Jesus gave His life for you and me on the cross of Calvary and then rose victorious on the third day.  This is the real meaning of Easter, that our Saviour rose again victorious!  Hallelujah!

Sadly, most children and many adults do not know the real meaning of Easter. A few years ago a survey done showed that more than 80% of children in school thought Easter was all about the Easter Bunny and Eggs.

So would you please take some time to at least tell 3 people the real meaning of Easter. May God bless you mightily.

Happy Easter.  Have a great time with your family and friends. But please don’t forget to thank Jesus for taking your place on the Cross by paying the price for your sin with His blood on Calvary.

Your bro. In Christ,

Pr Daniel Nalliah

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Criminal on the Cross

By Will Graham, Billy Graham’s grandson
Special to ASSIST News Service

CHARLOTTE, NC (ANS) — The cross means different things to different people. For some it’s just a pretty piece of jewelry. To others it’s a decoration for their home. To Christians it is a symbol of the sacrificial love of Christ and His conquering of the grave.

The crosses at Calvary
However, to criminals under Roman rule in the first century, and those who witnessed the punishment, the cross was a symbol of torture, cruelty, death and humiliation.

As we enter the Easter season, we can learn from a man on a cross. This individual’s name is only known to God. We find this man – a criminal sentenced to death – hanging beside Jesus in Luke 23:39-43.

The first lesson that we learn is that he had a correct view of reality and a correct view of himself. He saw himself as a criminal who was rightly condemned for the deeds he had committed. He correctly realized that he deserved death. Further, he had a correct view of Jesus. He recognized Jesus as the spotless Lamb of God and he testified to this while hanging on the cross. He knew he was a sinner, and Jesus was innocent.

The second lesson that we learn is that this criminal had a correct view of life after death. Though he was sentenced to death and hanging to life by a thread, he believed that his soul would continue to live after he died. Many people today live as if this life is all there is, but the Bible says that your soul lives forever and that it will abide in one of two places—heaven or hell. (Matthew 10:28, Luke 12:5, John 3:1-21)

Finally, we see that this criminal had a correct view of salvation (v. 42). He saw himself as totally helpless. He could do nothing to improve his odds in life or save himself. He was now bound to death and could not escape. Yet he cries out to Jesus, “Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.” He wanted to offer the last thing he had to give (his soul) to Jesus. He realized that Jesus was the Son of God and that he wanted to be a part of Christ’s Kingdom. 
The criminal on the cross: he knew who he was and who Jesus was, he knew that his soul would continue after he died, and he knew that Jesus was the Savior. He could do nothing but cry out to Jesus and place his faith in Him for his salvation. To which Jesus replied, “Today you will be with me in paradise.”

Have you seen the world through the eyes of this condemned criminal? Do you understand your need for the Savior, and – more importantly – have you cried out to Him for your salvation? If not, the Easter season is as good a time as any to surrender your life to Christ. If you have made that decision, I encourage you to not miss the opportunities God puts in front of you to share that same hope with those around you. Jesus saved the criminal on the cross, and He desires to save each of us as well.



  1. 1 Karin


  2. 2 Lyn

    Hi Pastor Daniel,

    Thank you for your email.

    I teach RE to preps at Sandringham East on a Friday morning. Prior to their holidays I made sure they knew the real reason for Easter.

    And today I spoke “quite audibly” about Jesus dying for our sins whilst in the busy Westpac bank in Warrigal Road. Couldn’t resist!




  3. 3 Christin

    God bless you Danny, I am so proud of you for not backing off. I will be praying for the right outcome.

  4. 4 Pastor Samuel from India

    Greetings to you in jesus Precious Name !

    As we enter into the week which celebrates the final days of our Lord Jesus on the earth, let us be reminded once again of His glorious death, which bought us back from sin, and death and hell and, by His glorious resurrection, has raised us with Him to heavenly places in Him.

    May we focus our attentions on the One Who gave it all, to give us all Amen..

    “Jesus and His Kingdom have gotten into my blood and He and the Kingdom have raised my temperature, my emotions, and also my thinking, my outlook, my confidence, my allegiance, my everything”The most important thing to remember on the “Pathway to Power” is that it begins and ends with His presence.

    If you seek His power, you won’t find it. If you seek His presence, you will find everything you could ever possibly need.”

    Pastor P. Samuel
    Shalom Ministries

  5. 5 Nicole

    I really wish i could have been there for this mornings service, no car makes it hard to get around. I have attended Gods church under your hand for a few months now, and i love it. The very first day i walked in there, i felt walls brake off me that have been there for 39 yrs. I don’t hide in the background anymore, i’m not the first to leave to avoid talking to ppl anymore, i now know what it means to be trully free, for whom the son sets free is free indeed, i love your praise and worship, most of the time i forget that others are there too. I thank my Father for taking me to this church, I thank my FATHER for the work He is doing in my life, though i have a long way to go, My God will hold my hand and guide me all the way. THANK YOU JESUS FOR TAKING MY PUNISHMENT, FOR GOING TO HELL FOR ME, FOR MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO HAVE A RIGHT RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR FATHER AND MY FATHER, THANK YOU FOR FREEING ME FROM DRUGS, ALCOHOL, ATTEMPT MURDER, ANGER, HATRED, UNFORGIVENESS, AND EVERYTHING ELSE. Too much to name all. Thank you Jesus for taking my place on that cross, Thank you for washing me clean in your precious blood, Thank you for teaching me about love, grace, mercy etc. THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME. I know i am a work in progress, Help me to lay down my life for the Gospels sake, as you layed down your life for my sake. Thank you for Catch the Fire Ministries and the work you are doing through this ministry. Thank you for Pastor Daniel Nalliah and the rest of the ministry team.


    I too, am an RE Teacher, and though we have rules on what words e can use, i do my best to allow God to reveal His truth to these children, i make sure they know why Jesus died, and why He rose again, and explain to them how to ask God for forgiveness, and ask Jesus into their hearts, etc. Of course, when you teach kids, you talk their language, this year i have the gift of teaching grade 3s. I thank you Jesus for such a privilege to teach kids the whole truth about you. I THANK YOU JESUS FOR EVERYTHING.

    Please Pastor, pray for my daughter who self harms, depressed, hates life, wants to die, etc, And please Pastor, pray for my son who has such a broken heart, he has been rejected all his life, tryed different drugs, drinking,etc, and i can clearly see the darkness on him. I always pray for them, but they need more prayer, PLEASE.


  6. 6 Vivie

    Has anyone thought about the idols set up to replace the cross at this time of the year. I was just reading about Ahaz and the moulded images. That’s what easter eggs are. Have a happy and safe Easter love viviexxxxxx

  7. 7 Karen

    To the Christians,
    Now! Why not do this in Australia?
    Why not all the churches in Caboolture & Morayfield areas get together and organise something like this in one of these places:
    Bunnings Carpark Morayfield carpark just outside Rivers shop or The Lakes for eg.
    Anywhere on the Sunshine Coast
    I would be park of this and know many more who would participate
    Love in Christ

  8. 8 Jenny

    Dear Daniel,

    I am sure I am not just writing this for myself, but for many others who have also read you book. I ask you, “please “can you write another book, there must be so many more stories about Jesus. Your book has touched me greatly, and I thank you and Jesus for your book. Waiting to hear back. Jesus bless you and your family. Love from Jenny

  9. 9 Dylan

    Dear friends,

    I was woken up this morning at 1:40am and felt the Lord’s gracious hand on me for the next hour or so while I penned this good news message straight from His heart.

    And what better time to be reminded of the pure Gospel and its power than on Easter Sunday? The truth is that God is not angry with mankind and has acquitted all of us – the whole world, in fact – from guilt and sin (2 Cor 5:19). And yet He remains a holy and just Judge! How can God offer everyone a full pardon and be righteous and just in doing so? How can this be possible?

    Read on and let the good news revive you and set you free today:


    Isn’t it great to receive good news? Like when you win a competition, or are rewarded for your efforts, or when one of your family succeeds in some endeavour. Good news gives us a breath of fresh air, a new lease on life. Did you know that the gospel message found in the Bible is the best news mankind can ever receive? In fact, the word gospel literally means good news and as we believe and receive the truth of the gospel, we are set free to hope and dream and face the future with confidence. The truth of the gospel is that God is not angry with you and I – no matter what we’ve done wrong. Think about that for a moment, let it sink in…How can this be when God is so holy and awesome and we’ve all blown it in some way – some of us on a bigger scale than others? How can God be right in releasing us from all our sins – past, present, and future – and yet remain a perfect and just judge?

    Click here to continue reading or to hear the Audio version:



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