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The Hon Rev Fred Nile MLCDear friends and family in Christ,
1) Click the following two links to watch powerful testimonies of former homosexuals lobbying the US Government against legalising Same-Sex Marriage.
We must always remember that our Lord Jesus hates the sin, but loves the sinner, and so should we as followers of Christ!
2) We’re forwarding the email below from Rev Fred Nile and Christian Democratic Party in regard to the recent election victory in NSW.
3) Pastor Daniel and his wife Maryse wanted to convey their sincere appreciation for all the wonderful emails, text messages, and phone calls that they received over the last week, which were a great encouragement and blessing to them for their 24th wedding anniversary!

Fred Nile Thanks God And Supporters For CDP Election Victory

Wednesday, 30th March 2011

1. Coalition Tsunami!

The NSW State Election result has been compared with a tsunami as the ALP have been swept away by a tide of dissatisfied voters, especially in blue ribbon ALP Seats such as Campbelltown (21%), Strathfield 21%, Parramatta 21%, Bathurst 37% and Riverstone 31% swing.

We congratulate Barry O’Farrell (Liberal) and Andrew Stoner (NP) having won 67 Seats. The ALP has shrunk to 19 Seats with four Seats in doubt. The swing against the ALP has been 17% with 61% of total votes counted.
The Coalition received as the two-party preferred, including preferences, 63.9% compared to 36.1% ALP.
Three Independents were re-elected – Richard Torbay (Northern Tablelands); Greg Piper (Lake Macquarie) and Clover Moore (Sydney).

2. NSW Legislative Council (Upper House) Christian Democratic Party Victory!

We give thanks to Almighty God that we have won back our Upper House Seat with Mayor Paul Green who will now take up the CDP Seat in the NSW Upper House.

When there is such a massive swing to one Party it usually reduces the votes of minor party and causes Independents to be defeated as occurred in Dubbo, Tamworth and Port Macquarie.

However, the betrayal by the Federal Independents Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor who helped to elect the Federal ALP Government was also a major factor in the rejection of the three Independents.

3. NSW Lower House (Legislative Assembly)

We also give thanks to Almighty God for the wonderful achievements of our 86 Assembly candidates. Nearly 30 CDP candidates received over 4% and will receive Electoral funding.

We especially congratulate Dave Vincent (Mt Druitt) who received 2693 votes which was (8.9%); Manny Poularas (Smithfield) who received 2798 votes (8.0%), for a great effort, which proves the value of longer campaigning and repeat standing for election in one Seat.

4. Ethnic Candidates’ Success

We were greatly encouraged by the results of our Ethnic candidates who only agreed to stand at the last moment in difficult Seats and have achieved exceptional results. I list some of these achievements. Our Coptic Australian Candidates whose citizens are fighting for democracy in Egypt Matt Attia (Liverpool) 2189 votes = 6.5%; Peter Tadros (Cabramatta) 1010 = 3.5%; Zarif Abdulla (Bankstown) 1333 votes = 4.2%; Steven Marcos (Oatley) 1566 votes = 4.7%; Albert Fam (Canterbury) 1264 votes = 3.7%, and our Macedonian Candidate Anita Stezova (Rockdale) 1491 votes = 4.4%.

5. Family First Party (FFP)

Rev Moyes has failed to be elected as the Family First candidate for the Upper House. We were very disappointed that the Family First Party broke their verbal and written agreement to exchange preferences with the Christian Democratic Party for the Upper House.

The CDP kept its word and included preferences for the Family First Party on our one million “How to Votes”, however the FFP did not include CDP on their “How to Votes” which meant a large number of their votes would exhaust and not go to the CDP, which reduced our preferences and final vote.

The 15 FFP Lower House candidates received fewer than 1,000 votes. In all Seats except one, CDP exceeded the FFP candidates’ vote.

In spite of several other parties trying unsuccessfully to gain the Christian and conservative vote, the Lord and supporters remained faithful to CDP in stopping the Greens gaining the balance of power in the Upper House.

6. Pagan Green Watermelon Party

Thankfully, the Green Party with their Ecological Marxist ideology at this stage has failed to win any Seats in the NSW Legislative Assembly in spite of their extensive boasting.

The Green Party was confident they would at least win the Seats of Balmain and Marrickville, but on the current counting it seems the ALP will retain these two inner city Seats, which have a large Green population. The Upper House counting is still proceeding and we pray that the Greens will not gain another Seat.

It also appears they will not hold the Balance of Power in the Upper House. Instead that “Balance of Prayer and Responsibility” will, by God’s gift, be in the hands of the Christian Democratic Party Members, Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC and the Hon Paul Green MLC.

Our CDP policy over the 30 years I have served in the Upper House is to respect the mandate of the elected Government to respect the choice of the NSW voters, to be positive, constructive and not obstructive (as are the Greens) but assist the elected Government as it seeks to carry out their policies on behalf of the people and families of NSW.

However, anti family, anti life, anti Christian legislation we will strongly oppose as we carry out the Will of God.

7. Islamic Influences in the NSW State Election

The NSW Council of Muslims Imams reported that it had held meetings with the ALP Premier Kristina Keneally and the Coalition Leader Barry O’Farrell prior to the Election where they sought their support for Muslim causes.

The Council Secretary Sheik Tarek El-Bikai said the Council was pleased with the commitments made by both leaders which it said included Mr O’Farrell’s commitment that he would not support any legislation that was anti Islam.

This commitment is very disappointing if it means the Coalition has already agreed to oppose the CDP Face Covering Bill, even before it is debated, especially as face covering is not required in the Muslim Koran.

The Muslim leaders also recommended a vote for Family First in the Upper House because FF has Muslim representatives on its State Council. Mr Moyes had publicly stated his support for Muslims and has opposed the CDP Face-Covering Bill. This State Election also saw an increase in the number of Muslim candidates nominated by the Liberal Party and the ALP as well as Independent Muslim candidates.

“I personally thank all our 106 CDP Candidates, our Electorate Coordinators, Polling Booth Workers, Prayer Partners, Donors and our hard working Campaign Office Team, particularly Graham Freemantle, Bernie Gesling, Leighton Thew, Ian Smith and others” said Rev Nile.
Telephone: 1300 667 975 / (02) 9746-5817 Facsimile: (02) 9746-6782
Postal Address: GPO Box 141, SYDNEY NSW 2001

8 Responses to “2 powerful video links against Same-Sex Marriage / Rev Nile Thanks God and Supporters for Election Victory”

  1. 1 Assad

    Homosexuality denounced, rejected, and exposed by former homsexuals.

    The videos are a Must watch.


  2. 2 Daniel

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for this.


  3. 3 Eunice

    Thank you for this news and update.


  4. 4 phil (sydney)

    Dear All
    Congratulations to Fred Nile and all CDP members for stand for righteousness.
    Some great results for only a tiny party with minimal support from Christians Churches.
    Which I find baffling. What is the matter with Ministers of the Church. Are they completely anti CDP?
    I heard some appalling stories from some CDP members about how they have been treated by so called Christian pastors

    Courageous and Bold effort


  5. 5 Julie


  6. 6 Noel

    Hi saints of God!

    Thank you for the two very good testimonies of the two previous homosexual men.

    Also, for Fred Nile’s notes of praise after the NSW elections. I didn’t like to read of the FFP breaking their commitment to the CDP and have gone ‘higher’ with my query on it. We want trust and integrity at least among Christian brethren.


    In agape,

  7. 7 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Jason, Thanks for all this. So sad to hear that the Family First Party did not keep there word. They certainly won’t have our vote. Love and prayers. Audrey & Maurice.

  8. 8 Rosanne

    Hi To All At Catch The Fire, Great news about the elections people are waking up to the bad policies of the greens at last.

    God bless,


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