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Pastor Daniel & wife MaryseDear family & friends in Christ,

Please join together with us to wish  Pr Daniel & his wife Maryse a very happy anniversary and God’s richest blessings, as they celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary today the 28th of march.

Yesterday at church we had the opportunity to Pray for and Honour this Man & Woman of God, who have endured much for the Kingdom of God  and come through many challenges in life. They have been such a role model to all of us and we thank God for sending them to Australia, to see our nation come back to Jesus.

It is very rare to see a family so committed to the Lord and Pr Daniel’s willingness to keep standing for the truth of the Word of God at a time when there is so much compromise for political correctness.

Pr Daniel stated, “I thank God for giving me a wonderful wife and a great family. They have been faithful in standing shoulder to shoulder with me through every battle to advance the Kingdom of God. First in Sri Lanka, then Saudi Arabia, and then the 5 year court battle in Australia for freedom of speech, when the Muslims took us to court.

We thank God for every battle, as  bigger the battle,  greater is the victory. I thank God for my wife and 3 children Nigel, Shannen & Brianna. I also thank God for our many spiritual children in the Lord. We thank God for such a great big family he has given us all across Australia. We love you guys heaps.

Thank you so much for standing with us to take back our nation for Jesus. We can certainly do it!  Please keep us in your prayers.”

We at Catch The Fire do appreciate your prayers and support for the Nalliah family as they continue to stand for justice and righteousness in our nation.

Love in Christ
Elizabeth Ryan
Catch The Fire Ministries Inc
PO Box 7427, Dandenong 3175, Vic, Australia
Ph: 61 – 3 – 9794 8211    Fax: 61 – 3 – 9794 9311
Mobile:  0438 215 540


47 Responses to “Pr Daniel & Wife Maryse celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary today”

  1. 1 Michael & Alison Goode

    Warmest congratulations for your 24th Wedding Anniversary Daniel & Maryse! You are a wonderful picture of the unity and power that God designed in Christian marriage and we pray you and your family will continue to shine His light bright and strong in your neighborhood and wherever he takes you in the yeras ahead!

  2. 2 Joy

    Hi Pastor Daniel,

    GOD BLESS u and Maryse as u celebrate your 24th wedding anniversary as 1 in JESUS CHRIST the 1 and only true and living GOD. Numbers 6:24-26.

    Love and many many blessings and may ALL your hearts desires be fulfilled 4 HIS glory :-D. Have a wonderful day.


  3. 3 Lilian

    Our best wishes and regards to Pastor Daniel and his wife Maryse

    May the Lord bless them and keep them safe to bring righteousness to this country.


  4. 4 Lil & Peter

    to dear Ps Daniel and Maryse – a great milestone, but you still have a long way to go to beat us, 50 years on 11 Feb 2011 (ha ha) but we wish you a very happy and joyous day with much love from the Lord above and many, many more happy years together. Richest blessings from Lil & Peter

  5. 5 Dishan

    CONGRATULATIONS! Pr Danny & Maryse,

    Hope you enjoy your special day with the great kids you have and we wish you many more years of wedded bliss.


  6. 6 Daniel


    In his service


  7. 7 Trevor

    Well done to both of you!!! A rare achievement now days. May God continue to richly bless your lives together as you serve Him!!!
    PS Incidently, you were married the same year Robyn and I were married too (Dec)

  8. 8 Bryce

    Thanks for the Email


  9. 9 Anne

    Happy Anniversary to you both what a blessing you both have been to Australia and how the Lord has used you both in advancing the Kingdom of God. I love it so much that you say how it is and there is no compromise in what you say. Sure would love to see more Leaders rise up and make a stand for our nation. I love hearing you preach so you have been such a blessing to me too. Praise God for how you have served Him and your nation bless you both and your family. Have a joyous time in Him today while your celebrating another year of marriage. I pray that you all will be fruitful and courageous in all you do and say

  10. 10 Shirley

    We continue to Praise God for you. Thankyou for being so wonderfully committed to everything you are doing.
    With Love, Shirley

  11. 11 Anslem Mudiappa

    Dear Pastor Daniel & Maryse,

    As the Lord brought you together 24 years ago He also also made you to work together toward His kingdom needs as a family for which we thank
    Him for the gift of such a committed and wonderful family unit that had served the Lord and man in spirutual need in a real sacrificial manner which
    we all appreciate and hold at high esteem and thank thew Almighty for this precious gift. I wish you many more years of dedicated and committed service
    to God and man toward the establishment of His kingdom upon this earth. Let you be blessed with good health and long service to continue with your
    good work.

    With love and blessing from my family

    Anslem Mudiappa (Member of Calvary Church- Colombo)

  12. 12 Dot

    Congratulations, Pr Daniel & Maryse. Have a wonderful day, week and year. Blessings from Dot

  13. 13 Bernard & Elisa

    Dear Pastor Daniel & Maryse,

    Both my wife Elisa and I would like to take this golden opportunity to wish the both of you a Most Blessed & Memorable 24th Wedding Anniversary. We pray God’s richest blessings and anointing upon your marriage and ministry. May you continue to grow in love for each other more and more. We thank the Lord for ministerial friends like the both of you. Looking forward to seeing you in Melbourne in April. God bless.

    Warm Regards,
    Bernard & Elisa

  14. 14 Murray

    Congratulations Danny and Maryse on your anniversary may God continue to bells you both and your family.
    Regards Murray

  15. 15 Michael

    Happy anniversary Daniel and Maryse!!!
    Blessings Michael

  16. 16 Karin

    May God bless them richly in the years that lie ahead.

  17. 17 Rog and Dawn

    Congratulations! And may the blessing of the Lord be upon you Pastor Daniel and Maryse as you celebrate today,
    24 wonderful years together in the Lord.
    It is indeed a privilege to be a part of God’s family and to rejoice with you on this special day. Our Love and prayers Rog and Dawn

  18. 18 phil (sydney)

    Dear Pastor Daniel and Maryse,

    Our best wishes and regards to you both

    May the Lord bless you and keep you as you both work to bring righteousness to this country.

    We live in the best and the worst of times but God is with us

    Have a joyous day and may the blessing of God overtake you

    Phil and Gillian

  19. 19 Bishops Peus & Esther Amukowa

    We salute you Pastors as you celebrate your wedding anniversary.We are a wonderful family which needs to be role model to us. God bless.

    Bishops Peus & Esther

  20. 20 Darilyn

    Hi Pastor Danny & Maryse

    Congratulations on your Wedding Anniversary & God Bless your family.

    from Darilyn

  21. 21 Paul & Margaret

    Ps. Danny and Maryse,

    Congratulations to you both on your milestone celebration. May God bless you and keep you strong as you continue to serve Him together,

    Paul & Margaret

  22. 22 Richard & family


    God bless you brother, and congratulation on your wedding anniversary. We miss you a lot, and often wish we were back in Aussie-land, for longer than two weeks.

    Take care,

    Richard & family

  23. 23 Howe & Susanna

    Good morning Daniel

    Howe & also celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary yesterday too!!! Ours is March 28!!!

    Lots of kingdom blessings come your way

    Howe & Susanna

  24. 24 Ian

    Dear Pr Daniel & Maryse,

    Every blessing in our Lord & Rock Jesus Christ on your 24 th Wedding Anniversary yesterday.

    You have persevered & kept the Faith & kept your marriage together & your children as a family despite the worst efforts of the Deceiver! Hallelujah!

    We cannot know what you have been exposed to as Christian leaders.

    But in the Name & blood of our Lord Jesus Messiah & through His Spirit indwelling you, you have come through victoriously, bringing glory to God’s Name ( ha shem) & healing & blessings to many & many more to come.

    We continue to pray for unity of the brethren in leadership across the Body of Christ (those who are truly His) to see even greater victories Psalm 133

    Blessings in Jesus


  25. 25 Nancy

    Dearest Danny and Maryse,

    I remember you as beloved ones .. I thank our MOST HIGH ONE for the oneness we can realize in Christ Jesus ….. There is no greater love than our connection in the Beloved One.

    I bless you as the grace of our heavenly Father unfolds to you the abundance, fullness and wonderful mercy …..such great love ……that extends….unlimited …to awaken us to WHAT we HAVE living within in us.

    I thank our Father for the treasure and gift unfolding from our MOST HIGH source through, by, with, in his likeness …….as a wellspring of living water that many can gather and drink of this great gift.

    It was a great pleasure to meet you in Australia on my visti.

    Love, Nancy

  26. 26 Audrey & Maurice

    Please wish Danny & his Wife congratulations on reaching their 24th wedding anniversary. Please note we will be out of touch from 6th April until the 8th May. Most of that time will be taken up ministering in Menado, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

    Love and prayers. Audrey & Maurice.

  27. 27 Shane

    Happy anniversary. God bless u n keep you.
    Luv Shane

  28. 28 Ricky/Maya

    Ps Danny wishing you happy anniversary… Give our love to your lovely wife and children….God bless

  29. 29 David

    Praise God Danny, keep standing up for the right things in this country, You are an inspiration to us, where the church won’t stand against wickedness the bride must, thank you for being you.


  30. 30 Vanessa

    Dear Ps Daniel and Maryse

    Congratulations on your 24th Wedding Wedding Anniversay and may God bless you both with another 24 years together.



  31. 31 Jeyaraj and Anne

    Dear Danny & Maryse,

    Happy Wedding Anniversary. May our Lord Bless you, your children and your children’s children. Our faithful Lord will Bless your faithfulness. May you both reap plentifully the joy and peace of God.

    Talk to you soon.

    Love and God Bless

    Jeyaraj and Anne

  32. 32 Leigh & Janet

    Hello, please pass on my congratulations and blessings to Pr Daniel and Maryse. Thank you for loving our country Danny. I know you carry have stood up to carry great responsibilty for our nation from God. I am strengthened in faith and love when I hear of your stance and boldness in Jesus so I honor you. May countless sons and daughters follow in the fire you carry. Richest love and blessing on you and Marsye and your marriage and all your children. Yes we will take back this nation for Jesus!! I believe it. Glorrryy! Thanks from Leigh and Janet in Geelong.

  33. 33 Sarah

    So happy for you and Maryse.

    Congratulations to you both,

    go and have FUN together in Jesus name too hehe


  34. 34 Kevin & Roshan

    Dear Danny & Maryse

    Wish you both a happy anniversary.

    The Lord bless & grant you many more years for Joy with each other.


    Kevin & Roshan

  35. 35 Jerry

    Shalom brother Daniel and family,

    I would like to take this opportunity and congratulate you on your 24th wedding anniversary. May our God Yah bless you and your wife and your children mightily for your faithfulness in doing the Lord’s work.
    I pray that you will fulfil God’s perfect will in your life.

    Baruch in the name of Yeshua haMeshiyach,

    (Gold Coast)

  36. 36 Rosanne

    Congradulations to Daniel & Maryse may you have a Blessed day and keep up the wonderful work you do for the Lord.



  37. 37 Joan

    Dear CTFM, Would you pass on my congratulations and blessings to Pst. Danny and Maryse on the occasion of their 24th wedding anniversary. They are indeed a great family of God. With love to them from an excited grandma, Joan: Danny knows me from Forest Lake AOG.

  38. 38 Emma

    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!

    God bless you both richly!

    What a precious family of God!

    I am so with you all on praying for the souls of Australia!!!

    Awesome things are about to happen and are happening!

    God is so awesome!

    love and blessings,


  39. 39 Brother Boas in PNG

    Happy 24th Wedding anniversary Pr Daniel & wife Maryse.

    May our heavenly Father continue to guide and bless you in this higher & holy calling, Amen.

    Best wishes & regards,

    Brother Boas – PNG

  40. 40 Diana

    Dear Pr Daniel and Maryse,

    Congratulations, celebrations, blessings and love to you both.

    You are a great example and more even than that to me.

    Thank you Lord for this couple

    Sincerely, Diana

  41. 41 Shevantha, Sharon, Victoria & baby in Sharon's womb

    Dear Pr Daniel & Maryse

    We warmly wish you two a Happy & a Blessed 24th Wedding Anniversary. We thank God for your lives and for using you in mighty way in his Kingdom. May our loving God bless you both & your family abundantly and protect you as he has always done and lead and guide you in his perfect will.

    God’s everlasting blessing

    Shevantha, Sharon, Victoria & baby in Sharon’s womb
    (from Sri Lanka)

    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm y

  42. 42 Nora

    Happy 24th Wedding Anniversary to Pr Daniel and Mrs Maryse.

    May The Lord Jesus always bless you and wife and family, and God use mightily the ministry of Pr Daniel.

    The love of Jesus be with us forever..


    God bless,

  43. 43 John

    I know the fightsthat Pastor Danny has to fight, I have coming up NSW supreme court cases on my outspokenness as well,

    The Devil is alive and well but Jesus Christ is far greater and able to protect you from Satins wiles if you have faith in Him

    I have to fight a man who took Johh Laws to court the radio anouncer for being outspoken. Now he is taking me on and this is a very hard fight but needed



  44. 44 Emmett

    Greetings to you Pastor Daniel,

    In support and in prayer of what you are doing.

    God bless your ministry for the glory of Jesus


  45. 45 Sandy and Lucy

    Congratulations on your 24th wedding anniversary. God Bless You both. May you look forward to many more happy and prosperous years as you help our nation continue to grow into spiritual maturity.
    God Bless and Love from Sandy and Lucy

  46. 46 Eunice

    Thank you for your email and here is to wish Pr Daniel and his wife Maryse a very happy anniversary and God’s richest blessings as they celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary since two days ago, 28 March.

    With love in the Lord Jesus Christ,

  47. 47 Ian

    Dear Pastor Daniel

    On Easter Day Ps Ian & Libby celebrated their 40 th Wedding Anniversary by taking a balloon trip in the Barossa Valley at dawn followed by Christian fellowship by visiting the Tanunda Baptist Church. We were welcomed by Pastor Richard who after the service shared with us about his work amongst Muslims in Eastern Europe. A truly wonderful day for which we thank our Saviour.

    Blessings to you and your wife.


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