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Lord Christopher Monckton Dear family & friends in Christ,


Following is the link to a very important interview with ‘Lord Monckton’ in addition to the latest E-News from Salt Shakers regarding the proposed ‘Carbon Tax’ by the Gillard government in Australia.


Please take time to listen to this interview and read the email below from Salt Shakers, as it gives very important information as to how this tax will affect the future of our nation.


5 Responses to “Lord Monckton Interview / Carbon tax and ‘effect’ on global temperature”

  1. 1 Philip Bruce Heywood

    Men of God have shown an interest in scientific and other matters and have employed questions of science for the purposes of the Kingdom. The following is a quote from the Reader’s Digest’s GREAT LIVES, GREAT DEEDS, 1966, an article by W.F. McDermott, titled, “He Brought Hope to Millions”. ‘He’ being John Wesley.
    “Once, in Staffordshire, J.W. was stoned by a mob and slugged with a club. Beaten to the ground, he prayed with such earnestness and calm that the mob grew quiet. Suddenly the leader put his hand on Wesley’s head and said dramatically, ‘Sir, I will spend my life for you. Not one soul shall harm a hair of your head.’ The man was George Clifton, prize-fighter and gang leader. Completely reformed, Clifton became an ardent preacher………………………………….. . Though slavery was protected by law and considered highly respectable, Wesley did not hesitate to fight it. ……….. . In 1761 he was able to commend the transformation of Newgate Prison from ‘filth, stench and wickedness’ ………. The key to that improvement lay in the fact that the keeper of the prison was a convert …………….. . His writings were prodigious … four volume history of England …….. his best seller was a primitive medical booklet …… . Years before Darwin he concluded that ‘there is a prodigious number of continued links between the most perfect man and the ape.’

    The previous post (below) investigates Sunni v Shia division in Islam. That final phrase in the above quote might seem designed to trigger a similar schism in ‘fundamental’ Christianity. ‘Continued links between ape”.

    Christianity is a religion of grace. ‘By grace ye are saved, through faith’. Luther rediscovered that at the Reformation and the spread of grace and forgiveness brought peace and unity in its train. Nevertheless, even Luther had difficulties co-operating with other men of God over points of doctrine.

    We need more grace. Only grace and forgiveness stop the church from going down the pathway of internal schism finally leading to open war.

    So, what? What’s new?

    This carbon imbroglio is new. The technical facts that disprove the need for it are new. (Those new facts nevertheless go hand- in – hand with the Bible and with the christian worldview of the sovereignity of God and the inability of Man to control the weather by human power.)

    Geologists are somewhat responsible for digging the stuff out of the ground in the first place and it’s the geologic evidence that technically lays to rest the carbon–global warming scare.
    And that technical evidence is pointed to by certain of the biblical types (especially, involving the sun. earth, and moon).

    But geologic science, is held to be anti-scriptural, by certain parts of the Body of Christ.

    In short: here we have an opportunity if not a crying need to speak with authority and reassurance to Australia; the authority is nothing less than the holy Scriptures and the Scriptures are one with the very latest developments in science. Those developments in science being highly suspect to a significant proportion of those wishing to speak with authority!

    It took the world a century to come to equilibrium with a sun – centred solar system. Luther opposed it on the basis that it contradicted a literal reading of Scripture. Kepler, who was (shock, horror) a lutheran or something suspiciously like one, calculated the planet’s motions and rejoiced in putting the sun — a type of Christ — at the centre of everything.
    They are still trying to decide whether Sir Isaac Newton was a christian or merely a deist or something similar, but he definitely was a strict 24-hour day creationist — like Luther, and unlike many of the church fathers. They are still trying to figure out whether Einstein was a creationist, an atheist, or simply a total enigma; but he was a son of Abraham by physical descent, and a man who did more to prove the biblical types than any scientist before him. The light of the world, the universal constant, that ‘changes not” — although the 24hr day people wish it would change, to satisfy the 24hr day of creation!

    Wherever Wesley comes in here, who knows? We can safely assume, perhaps, that that man of God did believe that Man is made in the image of God — whether he resembles the ape, or no.

    Here’s a quizz. If the sun is a type of God the Father; and if the Earth is a type of Man (Adam; ‘that red earth”): and if we visualize, say, a father and son walking along, hand-in-hand: do you think our climate is something the Earth controls; or is it something that the sun controls – but not without constant information feedback from the Earth?

    It happens partly through magnetic field interaction. Our climate actually modifies our magnetic field. Our field feeds back relevant information as it interacts with the sun’s field. The first clear lead pointing to the possibility that it happens (as far as I know) was published 2009. It’s embryonic information, but it’s definite. Only someone with a Bible and/or an understanding of the geologic record would be likely to see the significance. Since a majority of scientists now claim to be atheist, and quite a few Bible literalists claim the geologic record is suspect—— !

    Thirty years ago, I tried to teach Origins. Since there was confusion in that field, I was obliged to ask the Almighty to make the topic intelligible, so that I could explain it to students. He made it intelligible, and I have been thirty years trying to give it away to a christian body to publish so that when people out there see that the Bible is undeniably, technically correct, they have someone to introduce them personally to its Author.

    Someone is entitled to go up to the Parliament and to the people, and say, “Thus saith the Lord”. “And thus saith science”. “The two are one”. We might look like apes (nothing personal there!) but it’s not for the reasons Darwin suggested. If it’s for any reason, it’s the technical reason elucidated in holy Writ, and confirmed by the latest technology. That technology became known a decade or two past: the global temperatrure control technology is only just now being glimpsed.

  2. 2 Jean Patrick

    Jean Patrick

  3. 3 Alan Tattersall

    It is interesting to note that carbon has 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons making it the 666 atom!

    This makes the Carbon Tax the 666 Tax

    (NKJV) 1 Kings 10:14 The weight of gold that came to Solomon yearly was six hundred and sixty-six talents of gold, :15 besides [that] from the traveling merchants, from the income of traders, from all the kings of Arabia, and from the governors of the country.

    Here 666 talents of gold appears to be a tax to the common people – another 666 tax!

    Carbon in the air is a natural part of plant growth. Plants capture the carbon from the air and release the oxygen we breath
    Carbon is what plants are built on and when they burn it is released back into the atmosphere to repeat the process that they propose to tax us on.

    What an obvious con this is!

  4. 4 SwanSong

    Reply to Alan Tattersal RE: Carbon Tax = 666 Tax

    Alan, you have hit the nail right on the head with the comment above. 6 Protons 6 Neutrons and 6 Electrons. This is the element of ALL Plant life and Animal life on Earth. Without Carbon, Earth would look like the surface of Mars, but perhaps with water and ice; there would be no Green.

    The modern ‘Green Movement’ has been suckered into supporting a Tax and ETS trading based on a complete lie that human anthropogenic carbon emissions have any effect at all (leave alone a catastrophic effect) on the global climate.

    An ‘Elite’ class of scumbags will always use a perceived benevolent movement in order to get a capital advantage over large groups of gullible people. I love the environment and recycle and have solar panels etc… but paying a CO2 tax (666 Tax) wouldn’t solve a non-existent warming/cooling (what is it exactly?) problem anyway… it would just create another toxic financial instrument with which to manipulate ALL industrial and agricultural businesses on Earth (not to mention everything we humans do; as it is all linked to a Carbon transaction).

    The Anti-Christ uses a MARK related to the ‘Number Of A Man’ (ie, Carbon or 666) and forces this mark on all people so that they can then participate in buying or selling. So making Emissions Trading compulsory and not allowing anyone to opt out based on their belief in it being a lie (not to mention a complete blasphemy) is a global takeover by a Beast System that was conceived on a lie and will mandate living practices on ALL peoples of planet Earth in every aspect of life (ie, Carbon transactions which are at the very base of living).

    It is simply a Technocratic form of Marxism that is using environmentalism as an excuse to put a super crony elite in charge of every person on planet Earth. It is a new religion, a new economics, and a new totalitarianism that will crush the spirit of all men, women and children on planet Earth, and the Green Shirts are simply the new Brown Shirts; talent less people who will all line up and fight for the honour to wear a Brown Shirt for a blood sucking global government and to hunt and persecute any ilk of person who disagrees with ‘The System’ … which is based on a complete lie where there is no warming or cooling but simply a ‘humans are a disease’ mentality.

    Even if Carbon Trading was in fact required to solve a real problem (which it isn’t) why would it even work being that the governemnts on Earth have all displayed that they can’t keep banking practices honest and share trading (also futures markets) under any regulation and standardized auditing…. The same people who can’t stop a super minority of bankers from destroying masses of lives is going to save the Earth by setting up an honest Carbon Trading worldwide network are they ? Anyone who is supporting this idea is obviously severely deluded or hard-core mentally retarded…but this is what we get when 90% of planet Earth are consumed with watching mindless trash on TV and endless fascinations with Sport and the kicking and hitting of all different sizes of leather balls etc… across a field whilst world economics and democracy burn in a furnace and consume the hopes and dreams of their children and future generations.

    If the Bible wasn’t 100% correct and the only document in human history to warn of such a devastation then I am from the planet Mars. I mean, it even gave the number to look out for; 666 ….. Carbon!!! Given to you for free as a precious gift from the creator of the Universe and just about to be regulated by a Global Super Dictatorial Communist Machine that will literally crush everything in its path and destroy the spirit of humanity. Dark times ahead, but the good news is that the Bible tells us that it only gets power for a small amount of time and then crumbles under its own corrupt weight.

  5. 5 aamichael666

    These comments on 666 Carbon are spot on.

    It is so obvious now with the push for a Paris 2015 meeting, and the new Pope Francis pushing the UN Agenda on Global Warming as the only hope for mankind, that this IS the very 666 skeleton that a new Carbon Eugenics system will be built around. And the Pope has now lined up to sell Carbon Derivatives for the City of London and Wall Street that require this new franchise to finish off their United Nations Beast system. The Papacy is beholden to the banking criminals that run the offshore system, which is why the Holy See banks on Cayman Islands and relies on the British Crown to shelter its operations.
    Checkout Page 65 of the following document to read the agenda.

    I believe the Mecca Clock Tower will be targeted for a planned terror attack (maybe 11th Jan 2015) and that this chaos is all being fermented on purpose so that our ‘dear leaders’ can congregate in Rome to declare a New World Order, and that Carbon Trading will be our new ‘hope’, and the thing we can all work together on to solve all our problems. They will conflate all of the problems together to justify Global Management, but the Carbon 666 Eugenics is the main plan. Not even Himmler could have dreamed that prisoners would willingly walk into his camps and want to get themselves marked and numbered and calorie monitored in order to ‘save the planet’.
    More at this blog:

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