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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Kevin AndrewsHe also calls attention to the many cases in which halal meat has entered the market without consumers’ knowing — a phenomenon not at all limited to Australia, but also found in the United States and Britain, even in the House of Commons. Why the subterfuge? Why not respect consumers’ rights to make their own informed decisions, except to wear down resistance by forcing people to eat it and denying them a means of telling halal meat apart?

Of course, Kevin Andrews will be pilloried as an “Islamophobe” for this, and accused of fomenting “backlash,” for Islamic groups would have you believe that he who hath looked critically upon Islam hath committed hate crimes in his heart: it has become a standard practice to cast all criticism of Islam as incitement.

“Tackle ‘extreme Islam before it’s too late’, Liberal MPs warn,” by Steve Lewis for the Herald Sun, February 9:
Australia risks becoming a nation of “ethnic enclaves” that unknowingly buys livestock slaughtered “in the name of Allah”, senior Liberal MPs have warned.

Opening up a new political faultline, former immigration minister Kevin Andrews lashed out at political leaders who failed to speak out on the rise of extreme Islam, claiming the silence contributes to the rise of One Nation-type movements.

Another Liberal frontbencher, Mitch Fifield, warned of the danger of “parallel societies” developing as has occurred in Europe where hardline Muslim groups preached sharia law rather than Western values.

Amid a robust debate in Europe over failed “state multiculturalism”, Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi warned Australia must avoid the mistakes of nations that allowed religious fanatics to prosper “before it is too late”.
The Government and the Greens dismissed the fears, saying the nation should focus on the “positive” aspects of its diverse ethnic heritage.

“There is a risk (of enclaves) in Australia,” Mr Andrews told the Herald Sun. “What actually concerns me the most is that we can’t have a discussion about it.”

Senator Bernardi warned of a growing “cultural divide” in Australia as hardline followers of Islam turned their backs on mainstream values.

He cited the advent of Muslim-only toilets at a Melbourne university and the halal method of meat slaughter as cultural practices that must be opposed.

Wow: Islamic supremacist toilets. And not just the kind Sharia threatens to transform countries into.
“I, for one, don’t want to eat meat butchered in the name of an ideology that is mired in sixth century brutality and is anathema to my own values,” he said….

Seventh century, but the point stands.

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  1. 1 Michele Dory

    I recently learned that both Coles and to a lesser extent Woolworths sell unmarked halal meat in their supermarkets. All chicken from Steggles, Ingham and Baiada is halal. I would say that most people do not know that the meat they buy is ritually slaughtered to comply with Sharia law. The people I have spoken to about it don’t seem to care very much. I contacted Coles and they sent me a letter that says in part “Australian beef, chicken and lamb processors often prepare their product to halal specifications to ensure their product is available to a wide domestic customer base, as well as for the export market.

    I am advised that the halal approved process in meat processing plants is not significantly different to non-halal meat processing, and their is no change in the composition of the meat”

    I believe the method of slaughter is quite horrific.

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