Protests in Egypt By Pr Daniel

Dear family & friends in Christ in Australia and around the World,

I am sure you have been watching the unfolding of events in Egypt and across the Middle East over the past 2 weeks.

I do not claim to be an authority on issues in the Middle East. However, because I spent time working and ministering along with my family in Saudi Arabia, the heartland of Islam, I somewhat understand the mindset of much of the Muslim Arab world.

It seems that the media is all out to promote the change of government in Egypt. Now, if the media supports a particular side, you always need to understand that they almost always promote the negative and not the positive. That is simply the way of the secular left media.

Many governments in the Arab world are pro-West, such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abudhabi, Yemen, Turkey, Iraq, Doha, Lebanon, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Algeria, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, and others.

One of the main reasons for this is that the children of the government leaders and of other influential leaders in these countries have studied in the West. Additionally, many of these countries look to the West for security in an constantly unstable and terror threatened region. Many Middle Eastern governments are unsure of whether their own Muslim countrymen might turn their guns on them. They know that they can trust the people and governments in the West. However, they don’t know that this trust comes only because most of the countries in the West were founded on Judeo-Christian values based on the Bible as the only true Word of God.

At the same time, many of their religious leaders such as the Imams & Mullahs (Islamic Priest) and their supporters are totally anti-West and absolutely hate the thought of democracy. For the Quran the holy book of the Muslims only promotes theocracy, total Islamic rule or nothing.

So in such an environment these Middle Eastern government leaders have to be very careful, as they cannot displease their own Muslim countryman, while at the same time they want to be friends with the West.

While serving the Lord in Saudi Arabia, I learned that if the expatriate community (overseas foreign workers) pull out of the Middle East, the whole Middle East will come to a standstill. This is because a large part of the Arabs are very illiterate. So why is this a problem, these people can be very easily brain washed and led astray and be driven to do terrible things by their Islamic leaders in the name of Islam as most of them are very loyal to their Islamic faith.

This is where the Islamic terrorist groups are able to recruit many followers to fight jihad as it is a holy fight according to the Quran to extend and promote Islam to the world.

So how does this relate to Egypt?? I believe most Egyptians who are protesting are peace loving people who are genuinely wanting change, but the question needs to be asked, who are the real master minds behind the protest?? And what sort of change will they get?? It is very clear that the real players behind the scene in Egypt are the “Islamic Brotherhood movement”, who are listed as an organization linked with Islamic terrorism by most terrorist experts in the world and also spoken very freely by the media.

So are many innocent Egyptians being misled by calling for change?

There is a famous saying, “A known devil is better than an unknown angel” (I don’t approve of this statement by the way), but many people use this phrase to describe a situation.

President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt has been the president for 30 years and has been a friend of the West and in particular Israel. Under his rule the Christians of Egypt have seen some persecution, but overall he has protected the Christians to a great extent.  Although there has been some attacks on Christians in Egypt, it could be much worse if Mubarak is out, and the Islamic brotherhood take over government. I am sure the Christians will be the greatest victims if there is a government change.

A classic example of that is the fall of Sadam Hussein in Iraq. No question he was a dictator, but under his rule the Christians were far better off than now. They at least lived in peace, but now they are attacked all the time. Unfortunately, the Middle East needs dictators to run the countries as it doesn’t understand democracy.

So when the West tries to impose Western democracy on a people who have been brain washed with Islamic ideology, it does not strengthen the government in power. On the contrary it has the complete opposite effect in the Middle East.

I pray that we Christians will not simply take a side in this political upheaval, but will pray and ask God to protect all people in Egypt. I was speaking to some Coptic Christians from Egypt who live in Australia now. They are very worried as to what will happen to their families if Mubarak is gone, as they know that the Islamic brotherhood will definitely persecute the Christians and try to wipe them out.

Can you change the spots of a deer? No you cannot. You cannot change the mind set of those indoctrinated with Islamic ideology. It will take a miracle such as them coming to know Jesus as their Lord Savoir, for their blindness to be removed so that they could see the light!

We are living in some very challenging but exciting times as I believe Jesus is coming back very soon!

Make sure that your lamp is a light, filled with oil,  and that you are awake!

Many Blessings and Much Love,

Your brother in Christ,

Pr Daniel Nalliah

13 Responses to “Protests in Egypt / Understanding the Middle East / Christian Persecution”

  1. 1 Personal Eyewitness in Egypt

    Dear Friends,

    Egypt is finding its way towards more freedom, but please don’t believe what the international media is saying!

    There is a plot to topple the president, and Egyptians do not want that. I have been on the streets with many hundreds of thousands, probably even millions, who want stability, dialogue, and change with Mubarak until the elections in September. There are forces taking advantage of the situation and twisting facts and figures to portray to the international community a distorted image to topple the government.

    The vast majority of people in the streets in peaceful demonstrations (I speak as an eyewitness because I took to the streets myself) are carrying banners saying things like:

    – yes to stability, yes to Mubarak
    – give change a chance
    – we are sorry Mr. president
    – we accept dialogue, we trust you
    – no to El-Baradei, no to the muslim brotherhood (many like this one)
    – we are the Egyptians, where is Al-Jazeera, let them come and see
    – no to corruption, no to vandalism
    – we got what we asked the president for, so why are people still in Tahrir? Who are they? What do they want? etc., etc., etc.

    We met with people who were in the original protest in Tahrir square who decided to join us saying: we got what we asked for, and now we accept Mubarak’s changes and proposals.

    I left the street with my wife around 4:15 pm, and the numbers in the neighbourhood of Mohandessin where the crowds were gathered had swelled to easily over a million. As we drove home we saw the same slogans on banners all over the city, on cars, on walls, on shop windows. We learned that similar demonstrations are taking place all over the country, in many different cities. This is the cry of the people of egypt that isbeing totally ignored by the international news media. Is this on purpose??!!! I am perplexed!!!
    I am wondering: How come CNN, the BBC, and others are reporting only the anti-government protests as the voice of the people? This is not justice, this is not the truth. There have been reports that these people are being paid by the government. Not true! I was there with many, many others. I saw the streets.

    Now to the situation in Tahrir square. Only a few people (hundreds?) are still there from the original protesters. They have been slowly replaced by other highly organized groups. They all have the same model of cell phones. They all have the same blankets (eye witnesses). THESE ARE NOT THE PEOPLE OF EGYPT.

    Some witnesses claim that they don’t look Egyptians, and don’t sound Egyptians (different accent, different dialect). This is a big organized coup to try to convince the world through the media that egypt wants mubarak to go, and the media is part of the deception.

    People in Tahrir square are escalating the situation on purpose to topple President Mubarak for their own hidden agendas. This is typical of the muslim brothers, and everybody in the streets of cairo knows this. We heard people on the streets saying that the plot to take over the country is now clear. The international media doesn’t want you to know this.

    The escalation of violence in Tahrir square is because of this. Egyptians who love Egypt, the millions that took to the streets yesterday, want this to end. They fully understand that president Mubarak is between a rock and a hard place, that he cannot quench the unrest in Tahrir through the army, so the people want to go to Tahrir to disperse the crowds there by themselves. People in Tahrir are vastly outnumbered. If Egyptians go the Tahrir square to take control of the situation, more chaos will erupt, giving a chance to the international media to blame the President even more.

    Don’t believe an opportunist like Mohammed El-Baradei who is deceiving the international community into putting pressure on president Mubarak to leave immediately so they can fulfill their own agendas. Franklin Roosevelt said, “Nothing happens by accident in politics. If it happened, somebody made it happen.” And this is NOT what Egyptians want! I am an Egyptian. My wife and I were on the streets on Tuesday and Wednesday in support of the current regime, and we saw millions on the streets. If Egypt falls, then neighbouring countries are going to fall one after the other. Someone is behind this!

  2. 2 Dot

    Thank you Danny for this wise word.

    It is as I suspected.


  3. 3 Dorothy

    Thank you for the info as I was wondering about all this


  4. 4 Christina

    Dear Danny

    Thank you for your interesting thoughts on the situation in Egypt. I have been praying for it also. Another thought that you may consider is that if a large majority of a population desperately wish for a different leader, perhaps the BEST we Christians could do would to be to pray for the right leader to be established in Egypt, rather than praying against the will of the people. Persecution of Christians is not a reason to ask for a particular leader. Persecution is SOMETIMES God’s will.

    I’m afraid I disagree with a few of your statements, eg “Unfortunately, the Middle East needs dictators to run the countries as it doesn’t understand democracy.” and “You cannot change the mind set of those indoctrinated with Islamic ideology”. Certainly, it is difficult, but not impossible, and dictatorships are evil – they are founded upon demonic control of people. God always gives choice (even if that choice is not in someone’s best interest).

    God bless


  5. 5 Isaiah and Walid

    From Isaiah the Prophet

    19:1 The burden against Egypt. Behold, the LORD rides on a swift cloud, And will come into Egypt; The idols of Egypt will totter at His presence, And the heart of Egypt will melt in its midst. (when Messiah comes)


    19:2 “I will set Egyptians against Egyptians; Everyone will fight against his brother, And everyone against his neighbor, City against city, kingdom against kingdom.

    19:3 The spirit of Egypt will fail in its midst; I will destroy their counsel, And they will consult the idols and the charmers, The mediums and the sorcerers.

    19:4 And the Egyptians I will give Into the hand of a cruel master, And a fierce king will rule over them,” Says the Lord, the LORD of hosts.

    Through Walid’s study of the Bible all what we see is happening Just as G-d predicted.

    There is a G-d or the Prophets of Israel were perfect guessers.

    Over the next months and years look for the rise of Turkey as the major power in the Middle East and all other Sunni Muslim nations to “fall into submission” to the leadership of Turkey. Here are the verses of the Bible that show us this:

    Daniel 11:42 He (The Anti Christ) will extend his power over many countries; Egypt will not escape.

    Dan 11:43 He will gain control of the treasures of gold and silver and all the riches of Egypt, with the Libyans and Nubians in submission.

    Dan 11:44 But reports from the east and the north will alarm him, and he will set out in a great rage to destroy and annihilate many.

    Dan 11:45 He will pitch his royal tents between the seas at [fn] the beautiful holy mountain (Jerusalem). Yet he will come to his end, and no one will help him.

    Here is an article that will be published tomorrow on World Net Daily that explains much of what we are seeing in Egypt and the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood.


    By Walid Shoebat


    PREPARE, [Wa-a-iddou] is a single Arabic word which appears on the Egyptian based Muslim Brotherhood’s logo written under the sign of the two swords, the symbol of Islamic Jihad. “Prepare” actually comes from the Quranic verse:

    “Prepare against them as you are able of force and cavalry to terrorize Allah’s enemy and yours…” (Al-Anfal:60)

    Warfare and terror is their motto. It started when many Egyptians were angered at Arabia’s collaboration with the West in the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire, especially since the Caliphate fell with it. That dismantling was the primary reason the Muslim Brotherhood was created four years later in 1928; its sole purpose was the resurrection of the Caliphate. They made inroads, especially after the failure of Arab Nationalism; the Brotherhood gave birth to the slogan “Al-Islam-Huwa-Alhal” [Islam is The Solution] which became their main slogan.

    The Brotherhood even adapted and learned from the Al-Qaeda experience as well as the revolution in Iran, which contributed to a bad image of Islam in the West. Despite this, many Arabs envy Iran’s success, especially since it grew in influence, becoming a formidable power in the region after the fall of Iraq, influencing Syria, Lebanon and the Arab Gulf states, creating a Shiite horn that extended from Iran, west through Iraq and Syria into Lebanon with its tip pointing at Israel’s head. Iran wants to dominate the Middle East to emerge as a mini-super power in the region. What we now see forming as a result of the latest unrest in Tunisia and Egypt is the beginning pieces of another puzzle – another horn – the Sunni alliance.

    But this one is different. Using new western-style slogans of democracy, freedom and social justice, it comes across as a lamb while its inner soul speaks like a dragon. Soon, it will emerge with the two horns of a Shia base in Iran and a Sunni one based temporarily in Egypt; it will find its resting place somewhere else the West never expected. This Sunni horn sparked by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is currently seeking a non-Arab axis to represent it. To the West, this red dragon will come as a shocking surprise.

    In order to find out which non-Arab nation they seek, we need to read the thoughts of the Arab-pro-Muslim-Brotherhood scholars in Arabic, not in English. Take the renowned Islamic scholar Louay Safi who served as the Executive Director of Research for the International Institute of Islamic Thought in the U.S. (IIIT), who recently wrote:

    “The model for reform and the alternative to the Shiite Iranian model will rise again from outside the Arab region, namely from Turkey. The Turkish model, represented by the ruling Justice and Development Party has Islamic roots. The AK Party seeks to restore the Republic of Turkey to its cultural context and cultural history, and represents the current phase of the advanced variety of the Islamic movement in Turkey.”1 (Arabic translation mine)

    Giving allegiance to the most powerful Sunni nation, Turkey will emerge from the Sunni alliance to supersede Iran’s Shiite horn. This Leopard attempting to cover its spots has its feet sprouting in Iran while speaking through the spirit of Wahhabism in Arabia; its goal since 1928 has been to restore the wounded Caliphate that fell in Turkey and revive its deadly wound.

    It is not a matter of if, but when the domino effect takes place, stemming from Tunisia throughout North Africa and Egypt; we will soon see the emergence of the Muslim Union. And the goal is clear via Safi’s words translated directly from Arabic:

    “The war against the apostates [non-believers of Islam] is carried out not to force them to accept Islam, but to enforce the Islamic law and maintain order.”

    Adapting Sharia is the agenda through aggressive Jihad:

    “It is up to the Muslim leadership to assess the situation and weigh the circumstances as well as the capacity of the Muslim community before deciding the appropriate type of jihad.”

    But Jihad comes in stages:

    “At one stage, Muslims may find that jihad, through persuasion or peaceful resistance, is the best and most effective method to achieve just peace.”

    On the one side you have “war” (Hamas, Al-Qaeda) and on the other you have a “peaceful resistance” (the uprising in Egypt and Tunisia) all going hand in hand, playing good-cop versus bad-cop. The plan is being executed and the West, which sees freedom slogans in Egypt’s streets is taking the bait – hook line and sinker

    The Muslim influence is immense. The U.S. Defense Department even brought Louay Safi to Fort Hood, right after the massacre; he was invited to work as an instructor lecturing on Islamic sensitivities. Safi held a top official status at the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a Muslim Brotherhood front. He also advocates direct talks between Washington and Iran’s leaders

    When one looks into Safi’s Arabic, it makes sense that he calls “peaceful resistance” as “the most effective method.” He calls for “change” to introduce modernization of thought by Muslims worldwide, not to adopt western style secularism but to use it in order to advance Sharia:

    “The application of Shariah needs to build a public consensus and develop awareness and commitment to Islam before moving to the imposition of Sharia law.”

    According to Safi which is in line with the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda “First: The relationships are made to gain a goal.” What goal? “the emergence of the nation into existence, in the sense that the establishment of an Islamic state requires the emergence of a society committed to the principle and Islamists standard, as it requires the actual stability of the nation’s founding of the state carrying the aspirations of the Muslim community.”

    In preparation for this Islamic nation, its proponents are demanding democratic elections and the introduction of their policies: “the invitation to establish an Islamic state in this era should proceed from the nations’ call to exercise their right to political management of their affairs and issues.”

    Through “peace” this rising dragon will deceive many by trumpeting non-violence. It is this moderate form of Islam that the West needs to fear. “Political,” not religious management is what the Muslim Brotherhood seeks through the establishment of a “state” in addition to religious worship. While all Islamists bow towards Arabia, the very nation that they hate for wounding the Caliphate in Turkey, the West bows to Arabia’s addictive and intoxicating oil, the wine that causes the West to fornicate with a dragon.

    [1] Middle East Online, 2/1/2011

  6. 6 COLLEEN

    Dear Pastor Danny, thankyou for the email informing me of matters concerning the situation currently in Egypt.

    Just recently I have moved to the Victorian state from sunny Queensland with my beautiful family and we are currently residing in the west side of it…the Sunshine area. We are amazed at the difference here in many ways, but are glad for the Lord’s leading. We are still seeking/waiting on Him for direction as to where exactly He would place us and ask if you and the team at ‘Catch the Fire Ministries’ do the same for us also. I am currently enrolled at La Trobe uni studying law subjects.

    I have been waiting to receive some ‘understanding’ and ‘insight’ into the issues surrounding Egypt and appreciate your input. The church we use to fellowship at was a blessing, always enabling us to further understand such matters and how they concern Israel, the church and the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ!

    God bless you guys and keep the info coming please.

    Kind regards

  7. 7 Ian

    I agree with your views on this issue as democracy is only as good as the values of the voters, I do worry about the future of Israel if the government changes on Egypt and I am concerned also that the word democracy is being used to court the favour of the west


  8. 8 Robyn

    thank you for this email…Robyn

  9. 9 Pr. Louise

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Blessings to you from sunny Kangaroo Island!

    Firstly, your visit over here was timely I believe, with many challenged and blessed, especially from your prophetic words.

    I had taken a new Christian along on Sunday night, and even though she had never experienced anything like this in her life before,

    and she hardly knew any of the people there, yet she knew without a doubt that your prophecies over each person were true.

    It was such a blessing to me that she had been given such discernment, and to see her moving on in God. So thankyou brother, for

    your obedient ministry, and your willingness to leave home for your wider family.

    And thankyou for these insights into the ME. situation. I agree with your sentiments, and appreciate your advice re prayer focus.

    It is so important to see the bigger picture and to pray into that, not limiting God to the biased media presentations.

    And personally, since the prophetic word you spoke into my life, God is moving me in a radical new direction, giving me a passion to

    preach in Africa. And another radical move is that he has asked me to write a Bible Course on Kingdom Living.

    This may be an everyday event for some, but for me it is right OUT THERE!

    Praise God, he is also right out there! Hallelujah!

    PS Daniel, I am trusting God for you and your family.

    In His Marvellous Grip,
    Pr. Louise

  10. 10 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Danny, Thanks for this. I believe there are 10 million Coptic Christians in Egypt. The nation certainly needs our prayers. Love and prayers. Audrey & Maurice.

  11. 11 Peter

    Dear Ps Daniel Nalliah,

    I have always been vivid reader of your comments you make with insights and wisdom regarding all issues of life happening in Australia and around the world. What you mentioned about what’s happening in Egypt was a confirmation of what many of us bible believing christians think might happen if President Mubarak steps down and Islamic brotherhood to dictate. Indeed that will become a sad day for Egyptians if there is transitional government. I thank God for what God is doing in your life and using you as agent of voice for His kingdom so that power of God is seen by many people of the time. We will stand together in faith with you and Catch the Fire Ministries.

    God bless

    Papua New Guinea

  12. 12 Zion

    Dear Ps Daniel

    I praise God for your heart.

    I didnt understand before about political riot in Egypt/ middle east and the impact it caused on our brothers and sisters in those country.

    But after reading your email tdy, I learn not to take in what the media/news release on TV without revelation of God to understand the underlying cause of political unrest.

    I thank God & grateful for the email you sent, it change my perspective & give understanding of politic in Egypt/middleast.

    Blessings to you and your blessed families Ps Daniel.


  13. 13 Michelle

    Greetings to you all at Catch the Fire Ministries. Could you please put me on the newsletter email list as I am always encouraged and informed of what is happening in Australia and around the world.

    In Christ,

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