Mary Metcalfe cleaing up after the floodsSaturday, January 15, 2011 By Alan Metcalfe Special to ASSIST News Service

IRVINE, CA (ANS) — If you have been looking for Jesus this past week, He has been busy in Australia. For sure He has also been in Brazil, Peru, Germany, and wherever there has been need, but for sure, He has been in Australia this week; and He is staying on.

In Brisbane alone, a city of 2 million people, 50,000 people have officially registered as volunteers; and you can multiply this number by at least 10, when all the unofficial volunteers are counted. There has been an incredible outpouring of community spirit; and where that spirit is; there is Jesus Christ among the people.

All across the cities of Brisbane and Ipswich; and throughout the state, there has been an incredible outpouring of support from Queenslanders to help those in need at this time.

The flooded Metcalfe home at Goodna, Queensland, about 30 miles west of Brisbane. At the time this photo was taken, the water was starting to fall. “We believe the water covered the roof at the peak,’ said Alan Metcalfe
After the news spread that our home at Goodna, a suburb on the eastern edge of Ipswich in Queensland, had been submerged by flood waters and badly damaged, we have seen dozens of volunteers coming to help to us and our neighbors, and for this we are very thankful Thank you also for the ASSIST News readers who have emailed their prayers and support. Thank you. This is what Christianity is all about. This is Jesus Christ at work in the world.

Christian leaders from various churches and states have also joined together to call for a National Day of Prayer for those affected by floods in all states. The death toll in Queensland now stands at 15, with 61 missing and many of these feared dead. The water has left 26,000 homes affected with 11,900 homes completely underwater.

Warwick Marsh from The Australian Christian Values Institute said, “The people of Queensland have suffered a horrific disaster and it is time for concerned Christians to give as never before. That’s what this National Day of Prayer is all about.”

Brian Pickering, coordinator of The Australian Prayer Network, said “In a crisis such as we have witnessed this past week it is important for us to grieve with those who are grieving, to weep with those who are weeping, but also to give thanks that by God’s grace, that the final extent of the flooding was below predicted levels. The two things that we can all do no matter where we live is pray and give generously. I encourage all of us to commit to do both this Sunday.”

Ps. Matt Prater from the New Hope Church, Brisbane and also the History Maker radio program said, “This Sunday two churches that have been flooded are joining with our congregation because they have nowhere else to go this Sunday. We encourage people to pray and fast this Sunday and to keep giving towards the various church appeals.”

David McDonald, pastor of the Edge Church in Toowoomba, who knows whole families who have been swept away in the flood in Murphy Creek said, “As a Pastor at the coalface of this disaster I feel overwhelmed but grateful for the compassion of the many churches who are helping out. Please support this National Day of Prayer this Sunday, January 16, 2011.”

Pastor David Macdonald from Toowoomba who was helping the flood victims and counseling grief stricken families, told Warwick Marsh, that he had been working around the clock for the past 72 hours since the flash flood roared through the streets of Toowoomba sweeping away all in its path.

Warwick Marsh of The Australian Christian Values Institute is encouraging all Australians to participate in the National Day of Prayer. He says: “Consider fasting for either part or some of the day. “Make sure prayers for our flood ravaged friends are said in church services. This is a great time to take up a love offering; so pass the hat around.”

He added, “Find a list of church websites that are holding flood appeals. Please pass on the message.”

And as I file this report, I am sure that some are wondering if we are relishing this opportunity; basking in the glory of our 15 minutes of fame? You bet we are! Whenever we see Christ at work in the world; no matter how great the background noise or the natural disaster, it is a time for great joy! It is a time for rejoicing; because as long as we have this spirit; this precious Holy Spirit, we will survive and prosper against all odds.

This is the spirit that Australians call “mateship”, that the Bible calls “brotherly love”. This is the spirit that has placed our soldiers among the greatest warriors the world has known. This is the spirit that has carried our sporting teams to glory all over the world. It is what makes me proud to be an Australian!

Thank you my brothers; my sisters; and my friends. Be strong! Be of good cheer! God will not abandon us.


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  1. 1 raju

    praise lord in jesus name
    plz keep in your prays mu congrigation

  2. 2 joseph

    praise the lord in jesus name. my name is raju from India . i would like to make friendship with this ministry to learn word of God .

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