Pr Daniel praying with peopleChildren touched by the LordDear family & friends in Christ,

1) What an amazing weekend this has been for the Glory of God!

Pr Daniel ministered at an AOG church in Brisbane and the presence of God fell powerfully in every single service with great manifestations of the Holy Spirit! 

The people freely entered into the intimate presence of the Lord in worship at every service. As Pr Daniel came up to preach in one of the services, he had to stand at the pulpit to worship for another hour as the power of God continued to fall in the place!

Even before the Word of God was preached, demons started screaming and a young lady was set free from a demonic presence in her life. As the congregation prayed in tongues people began receiving words of  prophecy and interpretation from heaven’s throne-room.

A number of people were filled with the Holy Ghost and prayed in tongues for the very first time, and some others were set free from depression. Many were mightily touched by the power of God, and some could not even walk as they were so drunk in the Holy Ghost.

Pr Daniel stated, “This is wonderful. At a time when Pentecostal churches are walking away from Pentecost and Pastors are stopping their congregations from praying in tongues at services, God has preserved a remnant who are willing to stand up against the tide and bring down His presence, so that the Holy Spirit can have His way.

I challenge every believer not to stop speaking in tongues and to stand up against the seeker friendly tide. We have to break this demonic spirit which is wrecking the church of today from within. We cannot let this trend continue. We must let the Holy Spirit have His way!

I thank God for the remnant who are willing to pay the price to see His glory. It was always the remnant who brought a breakthrough and caused mighty revivals in the past. All Glory to God!”

Also In Hallam at the CTFM base on Sunday, the presence of God was so strong that the worship went on for 2 1/2 hours as many were mightily touched and blessed by the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, all glory to His name!

2) Please pray for Pr Daniel as he will be having meetings this week with some of the most influential politicians in Federal Parliament in Canberra.

He will be discussing issues pertaining to the future of our nation as the Holy Spirit leads!

Love in Christ,

Elizabeth Ryan


11 Responses to “Demons scream, Depression broken, Praying in tongues – Holy Spirit fire falls in Brisbane”

  1. 1 Rueben

    Wonderful news Liz. God bless u.

  2. 2 Joyce

    Hi this is Joyce a Christian who receives emails from you, at the moment I am in the Philippines as a Missionary in Cebu, I have been sent here for the second time no to usher in the Holy Spirit, this week I started to preach, and the Holy Spirit came and the same thing happening people started crying and getting delivered, so I asked the people who haden\t received the Holy Spirit did they want to come up and receive and the people came children and all, churches today are not allowing The Holy Spirit to have freedom in the church because they have not been allowed to even pray in Tongues the Gifts are not being allowed Having Communion is once a month if anytime at all. Yes The Lord started to show mw before coming here from Australia, that He does not wipe us out because there is always a Remnant that belongs to Him and Him only they do not follow man but God. Able to hear His voice, and follow after Him. I join hands with you all today and prayed that Julia Gillard will receive the Lord Jesus Christ in her Heart, so our great south Land of the Holy Spirit will truly belong to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen God be with you all please pray for us here in Cebu Philippines. your sister in Christ Joyce

  3. 3 Celia

    Halleluliah! Glory to God! Thanks for your encouragement to stand, even when all around is going the way of the seeker friendly crowd. love and blessings to you all.

  4. 4 Pastor Peter


    I will pray right now for those meetings with pollys in the ACT.

    Pastor Peter

  5. 5 Bella W

    Dear Elizebeth

    Thankyou for such encouraging words and its so so good to hear what God is doing in Qld

    I am praying that the churches here in WA will invite Pr Daniel to come and minister here

    I am also praying for release of the gifts and for Pentecostal Churches to have more freedom here in WA!

    Praise the Lord God will have HIS WAY in the Whole of Australia the great South Land of the Holy Spirit!

    as it is happeing in the natural first it will happen in the spritural –

    thankyou again

    and I ask that could you pray for Western Australia especially ( in the natural it is dry).


    In Jesus Name

    Bella W

  6. 6 Dylan

    Dear friends,

    On my web page, I have dedicated a page to a little-known move of God that took place in northern New South Wales in the late 70’s / early 80’s. Photos, audio, and video footage available! A story of hundreds of lives transformed and delivered from drugs, occultism, and a devastating new age lifestyle. An inspiring look at what God accomplished with willing and obedient vessels, full of His Spirit…and it’s our own recent history!

    Go to and click on the “True Vine” page. You’ll be blessed.


  7. 7 Dylan

    Dear friends,

    Our world is being shaken, blessed is the man who strength is in the Lord (Ps 84:5). Let’s keep praying for our governments as they deal with the natural disasters facing Australia and New Zealand, that they will be supernaturally assisted in their efforts to save human life and rebuild devastated communities. And, of course, let’s keep praying and believing that the Church will rise up in these days, anointed and equipped with the mighty power of God, to bring in the end-time harvest! The days are coming where we once again will walk in both His love and compassion and His mighty power.

    I’ve loaded this evening a couple more messages to, including Joshua, Get Thee Up and The Glory of the Latter House. Also as a ‘blast from the past’, I have loaded a message I preached at St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Rockhampton in 2000 titled, Entering God’s Rest. You’ll be blessed.

    Keep moving!

  8. 8 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Elizabeth, We rejoice to hear what the Lord did there in Brisbane. Praise the Lord there is nothing too hard for Him. Blessings. Audrey & Maurice.

  9. 9 Kay

    Dear People of Christ our Lord,
    The Lord is with you, so when you meet the Politicians, I shall pray that you will allow the Holy Spirit to speak through you!
    Praise God! Praise God!

  10. 10 yoly stew

    we are indeed living in the last days and the church must awake from its sleep.Too many people are dying daily and going to hell,because the church refuse to get believers filled with the power of the HOLY SPIRIT.Believers need to seek after the gift of praying in tongues that is where the power lies.The devil has lied to the church for too long saying that tongues is not for today.I was healed from fibriods because i prayed in tongues for hours daily.PRAYING IN TONGUES IS THE ARSENAL WEAPON given to us from father GOD to defeat the enemy’s plans against us and our families.We who are called by the name of Jesus we need to take back our families,our homes, our nations and our health and the only way to do that is to pray in tongues for hours daily.

  11. 11 Naomi

    Hi I’m Naomi from Brisbane . I need help to find this church ,I’m really like to join with brother and sister who walking with Holy Spirit .thank you

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